My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 70

Therefore, I nodded solemnly and said, "Okay, I will take care of it, about Xiaochun."

"Well, that's it! Xiaohe is a good boy!" I don't know if it is because I listened to her, or because I finally showed off as a reliable sister once, and Yui sister's expression looked special. I am happy. Although there is no way to touch my hair like I usually touch her hair, she still pinched my face, showing a very kind attitude.

Ah, yeah, it's better for Yui sister like this to want to molest her?

"Well, Yui sister, there is actually one thing I can tell you!"

"Well, what's the matter?"

"As for Xiaochun’s question, I can’t say at all. As long as you can remember when I was particularly depressed this year, that time was the last time I and her were separated, and then you should think about what happened at the time. understood."

"Eh, Xiaohe, are you testing my memory?"

"No, this is just a test of how much older sister cares about younger brother!"

"But Xiao and you always have an expression when they are sad and when they think, just a blank expression in a daze, how can I distinguish it!"

"If it's a sibling, this kind of tacit understanding should be easy! I can tell when you are unhappy and when you are in a daze-because you basically don't daze."

"Unfair, too unfair!"

"If it wasn't for you to be a sister, I wouldn't have said anything about it, okay?"

"Well, is this a challenge you gave me? This challenge is my next step!"

"Come on-oil-oh!"

"It's not necessary to cheer for such an obvious great reading!"

----------------------------------split line--------------

Although there are still some annoying things, in general, molesting my sister is always a thing that can make me feel happy, especially when my sister thinks that she has killed me and I will kill me again. Is fully loaded.

Of course, if the person you meet next is not a color feather.

To be honest, if you give me an option for the person I don’t want to meet at this time, Isshiki will definitely be the first on the list. To be honest, I pay more attention to the Ministry of Service for Yukoshita and Biqigu. As far as people in the activities are concerned, as long as they have given a conclusion that the relationship between me and Xiaochun will not affect the execution of the task, they will not care too much about the past between me and Xiaochun. Although my sister is very interested, She still respects my ideas.

It is estimated that only Isshiki, who was preparing to make a "Yubihama Kazuyoshi History Manual" since he became interested in me, would break the casserole of this little-known thing, right?

Although Yishishi just now restrained his eagerness due to work needs, but now that I was hit face to face like this, I think I can say that I am in a disaster-how can it be repaired, even if it is tomorrow morning. , I can discuss the countermeasures against Yi Huoyu with Senior Xiao Muzhen later-As for whether Senior Xiao Muzhen will appear, I think she will still appear. I haven't met with me after the incident yesterday, senior She will definitely find me today when I work part-time. After all, she is someone who has never let me down, so kind-hearted senior Xiao Mu Xiao!

However, this cannot change the fact that Yubihama also faces a major crisis.

A color feather was caught at the school gate, and a color feather seemed to have just sent Sugiura Koharu out of the school. Now he is walking towards the teaching building while holding his head. It is estimated that he is going to the student union office to return to life-then, Yubihama He also fell into Ishiki's sight.

"Heya, big news, big news!" When Ishiki saw me, as if he had discovered a new world, he jumped over and almost fell on me.

"Where do you come from a member of the Press Department? As a member of the Student Union, it is okay to keep the students' self-consciousness as a member of the Student Union, and not always be as unethical as some members of the Press Department?"

"It's okay! I'm only interested in things I am interested in. Moreover, the most important point is that I don't catch a little news like members of the news department and publish it in the school newspaper. A big news or something." Isshiki said with a smile.

"Then, classmate Isshiki, can you please spare me, a harmless little friend of humans and animals, and concentrate on looking for the news of your senior Ye Shan! I think there is a lot of black history in the Ye Shan Hayato!"

"Senior Ye Shan!" Yishi blinked and said, "Does Senior Ye Shan have any dark history?"

"I'm beginning to believe that the personal attributes of you and the News Department are different."


"Because a guy like Yeshan should be the focus of the press department's attention. The so-called black history behind the school prince is a very hot topic, isn't it — in the animation, the press department often digs. The dark history of the top students and beautiful girls in the academy, why is no one going to dig the dark history of the handsome and top students in the academy? This setting is quite unscientific, and boys have more dark sides, okay?"

"I don't watch the animation very much, it's not very clear, but Kazuya, listen to me! It's really big news!" Isshiki rarely ignored my complaints, and continued to say enthusiastically.

"Well, of course I have to say first, if you want to find out what happened between me and Xiaochun, it is absolutely impossible—"

"--That's not the point. Secretary Sugiura has promised that I will talk to me about this slowly in the future."


I almost suspected that there was a problem with my hearing. From my point of view, Xiaochun had so easily agreed to tell Isshiki about an event that I wanted to hide. What happened to this girl?It used to be the kind of impolite confrontation with Yukoshita, and now he looks like a good girlfriend with Isshiki. It has only been less than half a year. I feel that my impression of Sugiura Koharu’s past is completely unfamiliar. Up.

"It's easy to understand!" Yishi smiled, making an unfathomable and confident expression, and said, "That's because the Secretary of your family Suiura still has nostalgia for you. !"

"Haha, this joke is not funny at all."


"If you want to say why, the original breakup, but she proposed it first, and then I felt that I was hurting each other with her, so I agreed."

"Okay, get information. First Secretary Sugiura proposed to break up, and then He also agreed to stop hurting the people he likes—"

"Yihuayu, were you talking about me just now?"

"Ah, no, absolutely no, I just mention it casually. Besides, if Secretary Sugiura talks to me about everything slowly, I will definitely get this information in the end, right?"

"I wonder now if Xiaochun has reached a so-called agreement with you."

"Okay, okay, no kidding! But, I think Secretary Sugiura's feelings towards you are very complicated, this is true!" Looking at my twitching expression, Isshiki probably thinks he has already played. I am more happy. I put away her deliberately silly expression, and said with a serious face, "Although she certainly didn't tell me the complicated things with you, but I You can feel her emotional problems!"

"Feel it?"

"Don't underestimate the feeling of a girl who is usually good at observing words and colors-anyway, you usually complain about me like this, don't think I can't see it!"

Although I feel that my inner judgment about Isse will one day be known by her, but I have never thought that Yihishu has a deeper understanding of me than I thought.

"If you want to say why, you don't actually need to watch your words and colors. Heya, do you know what Secretary Sugiura said to me before leaving?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Um, this, Senior Isshi," Isshiki's expression suddenly changed, frowning, hesitating, a little nervous, and it seems that some are dissatisfied with himself because of the enemy's compromise, and finally he took a breath, his tone I stepped up a notch faster than usual, and asked, "Um, it's about and--no, Yuihama-senpai, what's going on with him after he joined Sou Wu Gao, do you know--ah, that's not for him? I care, that is, I just feel a little curious, after all, he was still very dazzling when he was in middle school!"

"Here, that's what I said." His eyes rolled, Isshiki said.

And I can only look at Isshi who mimics Xiaochun's speech, and I don't know what to say.


Chapter 5: Yubihama Kazuya also doesn't understand the psychology of girls

"An Xin is good!" Isshiki came over and patted my shoulder with peace of mind-I still have a sense of superiority from the standpoint of height. Two consecutive people who seem to want to touch my head are because of height. Not being able to reach me is a very fulfilling thing-of course it can’t change the way she squinted and said the following things, “I won’t say these things, after all, I still want to talk to Secretary Sugiura builds up the relationship and gets some information about your middle school from her. Do you think fair exchange is a desirable way? I will provide Secretary Sugiura with information about your high school in exchange for you. The situation of the guy in middle school."

So squinting eyes are all monsters, a color feather is not squinting, but it is also a monster when it enters the squinting state!

"You old man can do it, don't keep holding on to these things, okay? I'm going to be a man again in high school! You won't hurt someone who wants to change his mind, Isshiki classmate, you There should be more things in your life worthy of your in-depth exploration, right?"

"So, Kazuya, you still don't understand!" Isshiki gave me a meaningful look, "If you choose not to'change your mind', I won't be so interested in you!"

"Uh, what do you mean--" Although I have a general grasp of Isshi's idea, this attitude of denying my high school debut plan still makes me a little unhappy.