My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 71

"—Well, I also know that the negotiations will definitely break down. Although we have not experienced any specific negotiations, you still need to pay more attention to your Xiaochun classmates and Heya! That girl, each In this sense, you shouldn't abandon her!"

This is the second person in a row that has taught me this kind of "teaching" in a short period of time. Although my sister and Isshiki are the kind of people who have a good grasp of the team atmosphere and are very good at understanding other people's ideas, they are both The love experience is zero, why do you have so much sympathy for Xiaochun-or it is the innate emotion of mutual care between girls.

"Okay, I will take care of it, and tell you something that can relax you! As far as the work of the student union is concerned, I will deal with it from a neutral perspective, so you don't have to worry about it. I ended up being partial to Xiaochun because I wanted to solve Xiaochun's problem."

"Hey, I've never said that before, and from my personal point of view, you will be ruthless when you say this. Many times, standing on the neutral side is actually a bias! To the strong. ."

"You are so sure that the Student Union and Yukoshita can solve the problem raised by Isshiki-from the perspective of a strong person, but on the other hand, if you want to interfere, take a stronger existence under certain circumstances as the precedent The weak of ”defeated the strong. This is just the crush of the new strong over the old strong. For the weak, there is no benefit other than winning. What's the point of this?"

"I don't understand this kind of complicated problem!" Yishi rolled his eyes, and decisively chose pass, "I know your strange set of theories, but Senior Ye Shan has suffered. To be honest, I am not stupid to start a debate with you on this issue at this time. I just say these things from the perspective of a very simple girl. For some things, it is better not to let my own analysis be too thorough. !"

"However, if you don't analyze it thoroughly, the consequences will be unpredictable! Unforeseen, this is a more terrifying thing than the predictable disaster consequences."

"Well, let's not say it!" Yishi shook his head and looked at me with a headache, as if a teacher faced a student who was very assertive but this assertion was a bit off the normal track-of course, if you follow the society Judging from the perspective, my thinking is indeed deviating from the track of mainstream society, "I still have to report the situation with Patron Sister! If Senior Xuexia solves this problem, I always feel a lot of peace of mind. Humph !"

---------------------------------split line---------------

The conversation with Isshiki was easier than I thought. This is mainly because Isshiki didn't want to exhaust my thoughts about my past black history. This is probably because she has already received a message that is more valuable.

As for Xiaochun's thoughts, I can actually understand that it is a situation where sensibility and rationality cannot be separated in all girls.Although in that situation, she was the first to propose separation, but this was only a choice based on rationality, but people cannot always be rational, so she will make some decisions when she meets me Something different.

However, this does not change the fact that she accepts the premise of rational thinking-if she does not accept it, I will not have no contact with her in the past six months-as for Lai Zong Wu Gao's personal appearance I don’t believe it has nothing to do with me, but if the purpose is purely for me, then I’m too arrogant. It’s more of a kind of thinking more or less because of meeting familiar people. Seek a nostalgic attitude. If I was in the past and encountered a similar situation, I should take the initiative to ask for it.

From this perspective, Xiaochun still followed some of my style of doing things!

So, I just need to talk to her once more. I believe Xiaochun can understand the current situation-but I need to wait until everything is settled. Before that, all I need to do is to talk to Xiaoharu Sugiura Yukoshita Yukino remained neutral in this confrontation.

When I rushed to the karaoke room where I was working and changed into my uniform, I already saw Senior Xiao Muzhen with an expression of inquisitiveness.

Before I could stand firm at the counter, the senior knocked on the table and said to me "violently": "Well, Mr. waiter, I think I have to complain to you. I am late at work. , I have neglected the guests, how do you think I should be compensated for the expenses I lost due to the waste of time?"

"Well, I'm sorry, this customer, I think it should be judged by my boss whether you are late at work. Although I feel sorry for wasting your time, you can go to other staff to apply for a room instead of Waiting for me so patiently.” I glanced at the aunt who worked with me next door, and suddenly realized that she usually treats me and Xiao Muzhen’s conversations no matter how respectable it is. It seems that I need to change her treatment. The kind of prejudiced view before.

"Don't you know that I am obsessed with cleanliness, so I can only be guided by a regular clerk to find the room?" Senior Xiao Muzhen held back his smile and continued to say seriously, "For your fixed The customer’s habitual memory is inaccurate. Although this is not something a waiter must do, how much is one of the good qualities of a waiter? You don’t have a bit of motivation!"

"Uh, you will make me feel very embarrassed!" Looking at Senior Xiao Muzhen today, I seemed to be very interested. If I want to say this to the end, I will continue to follow the predecessor's thinking. "After all, I am just a temporary part-time clerk. Even if I do this, my part-time job will eventually end one day. At that time, if you cannot find a clerk to receive you because of your cleanliness, it will waste your time. If you do, I will feel very guilty."

"At that time, I'll just drag you over from home!" It seems that I can't bear this kind of serious atmosphere. Senior Xiao Muzhen finally laughed out of it. Of course, although he said it was not imagery, this It's just relative to the serious Xiao Mu Yu Xue Cai in school, at least the current Xiao Mu Yu Xue Cai who covers her mouth and chuckles has already stunned the admirers of her school!

Sure enough, there is a sense of accomplishment at this time. Senior will only show these expressions in front of me. I am still a person who has a particularly good relationship with Senior!

"But the problem is that you don't have my contact information, so if you don't have an appointment, you still won't see me!"

"Well, this is a problem, so exchange the phone number and mailbox number!" The senior took out the phone casually and shook it at me.

However, this kind of decisive action by seniors shocked me. Before, seniors and I only talked during part-time work, and occasionally went home after work, and talked in school, if not the previous ones. The incident at Ciyeshan was so noisy, it is estimated that the meeting at the school will be delayed for a long time.Although I always feel that Senpa Xiaomu will be more relaxed in front of me, although I also know that Senpai can always replace Yui sister as a real and reliable sister to me, but I always feel that there is no exchange of mobile phones. Number, this means that there is still an invisible barrier between the two of us.

Therefore, although I have thought about this situation of exchanging mobile phone numbers many times, I always feel that an opportunity is needed. However, I did not expect that the seniors took the initiative to request the exchange of mobile phone numbers in such a very casual way. Somehow I think I am a little too timid.

"Speaking of this, it suddenly feels funny! Obviously we are already so familiar, but in the end we don't even have the other party's mobile phone number and email number, so you usually don't want to email me?"

Of course there are. Many times I want to send it eagerly, but I am trapped by myself!

"In fact, I do, too. Sometimes there are some upsetting things that can’t be said by anyone, but at that time I found out that I didn’t have your phone number, and then I forgot when I saw you again. Sure enough, karaoke environment Isn't it a place suitable for exchanging mobile phone numbers?" Senior lowered his head in frustration.

Well, it seems that the reason why Senior Xiao Muzhen did not exchange mobile phone numbers with me is much simpler than I thought. It is purely forgotten. It should be said that this kind of practice of such a reliable senior can be said to be one of hers. A more realistic performance?This kind of mistake that seems to be made only by the stupid Yui sister, appears to be a bit unreal in the appearance of Xiaomu Shou-senior-er, no, Yui sister, who seems to be good at teamwork, should never forget to write down anything. A person's email address came.

All in all, after I exchanged email addresses with my predecessors, finally, the aunt on the other end who worked with me finally became a little impatient. Although my working time is usually when everyone is eating, the traffic volume is generally relatively good. Little, although the relationship between Xiao Muzhen and basically all the karaoke employees is very good, but this does not mean that she can let the seniors drag me as a staff member to say boring things.

It was after her coughing that Senior and I also realized that there was something wrong, and then the two of them ran to Room 21, which Senior would normally go to, just like thieves.

Of course, after arriving in the box, the kind of laughter between the two is inevitable.

"Although we are the one who did the wrong thing, looking at Obasan's expression is still very funny!"

"You are funny, but I have to be criticized by her again when I go back!"

"This is not a big problem, but you have attracted such a stable customer as me!"

"However, no matter how stable the seniors are, they are only a stable customer of one person. Compared with the passenger flow here, it is basically negligible!"

"Suddenly I feel that my status seems to be very low. You must know that I am the candidate for the two consecutive miss chief martial arts! Public opinion is rumored to be the candidate for the third consecutive session, hum!"

"It won't be three consecutive terms, because you are no longer ready to participate in your election this time! Besides, this title does make you famous in the school, but you are too low-key. If you let me put a message on Xiao Mu Xiao Xuecai often appears in this karaoke shop. Let your suitors stay here regularly. In this way, attract a large number of guests. Obasan will definitely praise me."

"Well, you can do this!"

"Eh, is it really possible?"

"Then I switched to Karaoke at that time."

"Isn't that inaccessible?"

"Would Heya go to the Karaoke over there to work part-time?"

"The purpose of my part-time job is not to meet Senior Xiao Muzhen!"

——Although half of the reason for persisting now is because of this.

"Then don't go out, Yubihama-san. By the way," Senior Xiao Mu Shu suddenly interjected in this kind of casual conversation atmosphere, making the atmosphere of the whole room seem to freeze, "The day before yesterday. In that game, how did you miss the last ball?"

Although it is very casual, I know that this should be the sentence that seniors want to ask most after gagging for so long before.

Although Xiao Muzhen was not the only one who supported me in winning the game, in a sense, she was the one who knew my belief in winning the best at that time, so she did not consider whether I might deliberately He missed the ball, but asked directly: Yubihama Kazuya, why did he make a mistake at that time.


Zhang Wei will give me a notice about illness. It has been five working days since the application for lifting the ban on Wednesday last week, but Dianniang still does not reply to me. I guess I will wait until the end of this week if I don’t reply to me. I didn’t wait, and I changed the place to write. Of course, the location was still uncertain.

Of course, this book is the only place I can notify people besides the book group. Although the reading volume and collection gap between the two books is still quite large, and the people who read it do not necessarily overlap, I can only notify. One is one.


Chapter 6: Some information always arrives unexpectedly

Facing a problem, when a person feels that he only needs to answer "yes" or "no", it is very easy, because you only need to make your own judgment.However, if you want to explain why you are doing this, sometimes it is not difficult, sometimes it is also very difficult.

For example, the explanation I gave now should be "a certain ex-girlfriend who shouldn't have appeared in front of me caused my mind to be upset and missed the ball." Then, there is a further question. Why did the experience and psychological quality of many games lose his calmness just because of such a person? How should this unreasonable phenomenon itself be explained?

Then we need to give a deeper answer to this question.But generally speaking, because everyone will stagnate after getting the first answer, because although this answer makes people feel that the other party is a little bad, it can be regarded as an acceptable explanation-thus ignoring the answer of the answer itself. Kind of irrationality.

When Senior Xiao Muzhen raised this question to me solemnly, it meant that she was destined to ask me the source of this irrationality.

Therefore, my answer to this further questioning is a momentary silence and silence. Discussing further reasons will necessarily mean that we need to discuss the history of my past interactions with Sugiura Koharu, and this past has always been It is a past that I want to hide in my heart, and even let myself deliberately forget.

"Let's put it this way, Kazuya," Senior Xiaomushu looked at me, who was silent, and continued to ask, "Why don't you want to mention the past with that Sugura classmate? I don't think you are like that. People who have adopted a self-enclosed attitude because of excessive emotional investment in the past!"

Of course, my reaction to this problem is still silent.I am not the kind of person who will self-enclose because of being too deeply invested in a relationship. Obviously, the kind of thing that appears in comics or novels where the temperament changes due to the failure of the relationship, and becomes withdrawn and extreme due to self-blame. Won't show up to me.

"Then, or let me ask you one more question!" Senior sighed and continued to ask, "Or, your concealment of your past relationship with Sugiura classmates, and other things you did to the middle school period Is there any difference in concealing things?"