My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 73

Then, my so-called "absolute neutrality" has become the same "false neutrality" as Americans after the promulgation of the "Neutrality Act" in 1935.

So, what I need is the neutrality of the mentality in self-knowledge, or the neutrality of the state in the eyes of others?What I want to do is the self-satisfaction of the former state or the construction of others in the latter state?

If it’s me in the past, I want to choose the former, and my actions should not be affected by the judgment of others.But the problem is that what I am adhering to the principle of absolute neutrality is that I do not want other people's decisions to be influenced by me, and when they form a perception that "Yuhihama also has a preference for a certain aspect" , Their decision-making has been affected by me.

Then, merely satisfying the absolute neutrality of self-satisfaction is meaningless.

However, to construct an impression of "neutrality" in the eyes of others is influencing other people's cognition itself, which is contrary to the non-interference approach that "neutrality" should uphold.

Therefore, absolute neutrality is a false proposition.

-------------------------------split line-----------------

"Heya, Heya?"

"Uh-ah, sorry, senior, this, this-"

Too bad, bad, too bad, in theory, it should be the first long conversation and long time getting along after getting rid of the awkward atmosphere with Senior Xiao Muzhen, I was in a daze again.

"Okay, no need to explain," Senior's eyes narrowed, which is a sign of her unhappy mood, "I know you better, you guys are thinking about what looks so strange. It makes sense, but it's actually hard to put into practice, right?"

"How come? I'm thinking about things, thinking about things, thinking about things, um—"

After thinking about it, it seems that there is no problem with this definition of the predecessors. Although it seems to have compiled a set of own statements, it does not have any effect from the perspective of practical applications-because generally no one wants to set an absolute The shackles of neutrality.

"Sometimes think about it and if your second state is the same simple self-righteous fantasy as a normal middle school boy, just a situation where you add a hidden superpower setting, you My family and I will be much more relaxed!" Senior Xiao Muzhen glanced at me sympathetically, although her sympathy didn't seem to be on me.

"Uh, it's the first grade of high school anyway, if you commit the second grade and commit it as simple as the second grade of junior high school, does your growth in the past two years still make sense? I am also someone who wants to make a debut in high school anyway!"

"But discussing the high-level and low-level states of S2 is actually meaningless." Senior Xiao Muzhen sighed and said vaguely.

"Huh? Senior Xiao Muzhen, what are you talking about?"

"Ah, what I think now is that from this point of view, Takahiro is still a good child and has not cultivated a character like yours, so it seems that the older sister cannot be too close to the younger brother's age. You are your Yui. Sister, the victim who was unable to properly guide you during the formation of the worldview!"

"Please don't make comments on other people's worldviews without authorization! Even seniors are not allowed!"

"Okay, okay, don't be so angry!" Senior Xiao Muzhen held his hat slightly, blinked, took a step back, and made an apologetic gesture.

Most of the time when getting along with seniors, because of her more approachable and lively atmosphere that is different from the school, people will always ignore her appearance or that who has been the Miss Chief Wu Gao for two consecutive years. , If necessary, it can be held for the third time as the peak of the school's beauty.However, this kind of temperament of the predecessors that occasionally exudes inadvertently when a little naughty is enough to make people feel a little trembling.

"What's wrong? Obviously my husband was angry before! So soon you turned into a situation as if you were tantrums with me, you are really good at turning a situation that is not good for you into a situation that benefits you!" Senior revealed A dumbfounding expression.

"Uh, it’s not like that. I’m just thinking about people like seniors who can be benchmarks in various senses. It’s a bit too rare. Although I don’t always feel that it can be defined as perfect, I always feel that it’s not perfect. Perfection is not far away!"

For me, this is a truthful statement, probably because at the beginning, Mr. Xiao Muyan gave me too good impression. I have always had a longing for Mr. Xiao Muyan, not a longing of boys admiring girls, but a certain meaning. The longing of being able to exist as his own idol, being close to everyone without affecting other people, having his own talents, but even if he exerts his talents, he will not interfere with others.

This state seems to occur naturally, just like a high-end one color feather state, with the same comfortable attitude of interpersonal communication as Isshiki, but there is no sense of disobedience.

Maybe this is an arbitrary judgment of mine, but so far, my impression of the predecessors is such an excellent impression.

"Is it perfect?" Senior shook his head and immediately denied my words. "You can't use the word perfect for me! From many angles, I am a very dangerous person. where!"


"--By the way, Kazuya, do you think it is a good thing to figure out everything?" Senior Xiao Muzhen asked quickly as if he didn't want me to refute.

"Uh, if I think it is—"

"--You would think it's a good thing! I roughly know that the principle of your practice is to analyze things clearly!" Then the senior replied self-consciously.

"It's true that we have to distinguish the situation, but I think it should be clear, but it's still not sure, this kind of thing is not sure..." Feeling that I have been seen through the mentality by the seniors, I feel a little awkward to refute something.

"But, Kazuya, I feel that if you don't think about it so clearly on many things, or at least make yourself confused, stop yourself from working hard, really, it will be much easier!"

Senior Xiao Muzhen, as if he was feeling emotional when he remembered something, and as if he didn't know anything but just said casually, he took off his hat, let his long hair dance behind him, opened his hands and looked at the sky. I moved the street light that had just turned on in the evening and was not so clear. I used a harder than usual, but not very loud voice, and said so.


Uh, in the first half of this chapter, I really didn’t intend to write such a long one. I also said that there will be no such monologues except for the beginning and end of the volume. As a result, I still wrote it. I need to review myself and I will never commit it in the future. ).I just think that this idea should be written clearly-although I think it is still not clear after writing.

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Chapter 8: Ambiguity is a common problem of people all over the world

Girls have always had a bad problem, that is, they like to speak very vaguely, making people feel that they have expressed their own direction, but they are still in the cloud in the end. This problem is unavoidable even for Xiao Muzhen.Because when I looked at her with a puzzled expression, she just smiled and said "I think you will understand this soon!"

But if you know what this is, then when you encounter this situation in the future, you can make predictions early to prevent yourself or others from being hurt, right?This is the same as the Zen master who often appears in the story. Although it seems to show a suggestion to let the other party understand Zen and the truth, it seems that the asker "gets it for himself", but the actual effect is not necessarily as direct. Tell the other person the truth is clear.

From this point of view, it’s pretty good for Yui to complain about the complicated things at various schools at home, even if it’s a vague complaint, who can be perceived and understood by me—though I doubt it She might also say these cryptic words in front of other people.

All in all, until I sent Senior Xiao Muzhen home, I didn't figure out what the senior was trying to say. On the contrary, I didn't pay attention to hiding my figure and was seen by senior's brother, which caused a flurry of defamation. After all, in the evening. If Shifen went home with his sister, I would be very concerned if such a conversation appears next to Yui sister.

Of course, seniors' explanations such as "It's just a younger generation who has a better relationship. He happened to sing in the karaoke where he was working and he sent me off by the way." I also heard very clearly.

If in this context, the kind of seniors in the comics appear to be questioned by the family or the people in the school, and then say "Kazuya, you can be my fake boyfriend!", and then further develop I would be happy to accept any other plots that I love to hear, but if Senior Xiao Muzhen really made such a decision, she would not be the senior I admire!

---------------------------------split line---------------

The following days were a bit too normal, except that after going home every day, Yui sister would routinely use her kind of sudden but not sudden "sudden attack" to spy on me for information-want to inquire When was the period of depression that I told her before, but these practices no longer cause harm to me who is already familiar with Ishiki's abrupt questioning.

Therefore, every time I look at my sister with a flat mouth grinning, rubbing the two balls on her head depressedly, and complaining about "little and bully" with an unwilling expression, I still feel better. of.

In the face of Koharu's provocation, the Ministry of Service led by Yukoshita Yukino—except for Yubihama Kazuya—has been collecting information methodically.However, for intelligence gathering, especially for things like intelligence gathering that has nothing to do with people around you, it is really difficult for Xuexia and Biqigu, whose interpersonal networks are relatively weak.I originally thought that, like Saki Ogi, a family member who is preparing for the entrance exam for high school, Hikiya Hachiman would easily get the news, but the younger sister of Hikiya, named Komachi, seems to be following in the footsteps of his brother and she just thought. The brother of Kao Chief Wu Gao, so her information about high school admissions is very scarce.

Sister is a candidate, but the older sister seems to be immersed in the setting of "the negotiator on the opposite side is closely related to Xiaohe" recently. During the first small spring day in the process of routine visits to the ministry classroom after school, She has repeatedly held a particularly curious and caring gaze towards Xiaochun. This gaze seems to have led to a variety of undesirable effects for the Ministry of Service: First of all, Xiaochun’s visits are getting shorter and shorter each time. As a result, Xuexiaxuena has fewer and fewer opportunities to collect information through dialogue with her. Secondly, her sister completely ignores the relationship between her younger generations during the middle school period, and carries a kind of "predecessor to her younger brother." The sympathy of "girlfriend" came to a position that seemed to not interfere.

At the same time, during this period of time, the Ministry of Service also received another commission-a commission from the Hayan Hayato.Roughly, the three boys who have the best relationship with Ye Shan have received various rumors. Ye Shan hopes to find the spreader of the rumor and promote justice.In the carnival of the second-year students in the Ministry of Service, Biqigu pointed out through his wise observation that the core of the problem lies in the upcoming second-year "workplace apprenticeship" for the second-year students. Everyone wants to team up with Hayama , But the "workplace apprenticeship" of a group of three will inevitably lead to one person being separated, which also makes them use malicious slander methods to force any person to withdraw from Yeshan's core circle.Biqigu's approach is to strip Yeshan out of the three-person group to cut off the concept from the source.

Of course, I still remember Higiya Hachiman’s excited expression at the time. It was a demon-like confident expression. Although from the situation of the next day, the situation was somewhat unexpected-but at least The problem is solved.

The practice of Yassan Hayabusa may be a landmark event for the Ministry of Service. By helping Yeshan solve problems, the Ministry of Service can further expand its popularity among Yeshan’s circle of friends, and further business development in the future will be much more convenient. .

But for me, I didn't intervene from start to finish, and of course I couldn't intervene. The incident that I didn't want to intervene was not the point, but this incident delayed the further confrontation between Yukoshita and Xiaochun.

The attitude adopted by the Student Union of Sobu High School is to try to find other middle schools that are interested in co-organizing joint activities, but as usual, other middle schools still have few responses.Therefore, they can only hope that Isse, who has been dealing with Xiaochun here, can find a breakthrough.

However, as the representative of Qingquan Middle School, Xiaochun obviously showed a dripping condition. Even the color feather who invited her to eat two desserts had to sigh in front of me: "Heya, your little girlfriend ——"

"——Not a little girlfriend! Pay attention to your words!"

"Well, in short, it's your Sugiura school girl, she also said her own thoughts too strictly! Yuukishita-senpai has analyzed it very clearly, and Qingquan Middle School must have something for us, but Don’t expose your own intelligence at all, and cover your own thoughts too tightly, right? You have to reveal your own thoughts during negotiations. This kind of uncompromising use of our intelligence advantage makes us very It's difficult!"

"This is also a normal thing! It means that no one except them will cooperate with you!"

"That’s it, no one besides them will cooperate with us, but no middle school besides us is doing these activities. From this point of view, we are also unique. So, as long as you understand what is behind them We can sit down and talk about the ideas we are asking for!"