My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 74

Isseki is still very serious and responsible at work. This is true of her work in the Student Union, as is the work of the manager of the football department.If only because of Yi Huishu's super strong ability to win people's hearts and use people and ignore her own talents, then it would be a big mistake.

It's a pity that when people evaluate an individual, they always fall into the "black or white" misunderstanding. Isshiki's ability to work and analytical skills of things have become attached to her in the eyes of most people. It has to be said that this is a sad thing under the relationship between people.

Of course, Isshiki is also somewhat powerless to deal with the current problems. This kind of intelligence imbalance formed from the beginning has led to a negotiation that was supposed to be evenly matched, or that Zong Wu Gao's slightly dominant side became one-sided. Situation.This is not something that one color can control.

"Hey, Kazuya, can you talk to Secretary Sugiura for help?" After the rare and serious analysis time, Isshiki's routine time to sell cute, "If it's you, let the other party reveal something. Isn't it impossible?"

"Well, Xuexia and you have made a completely different evaluation of my role!"

"Eh, how did Yukoshita-senpai comment?"

"Do everything possible to ask me not to appear in front of Xiaochun, to avoid the other party's emotional play, and to make that irrational decision when the other party has no chance of winning. This is undoubtedly a shame in the issue of negotiation."

"Uh, so, haha, this is also an angle, um, hum." Seeing me repeating the words of Yukoshita solemnly, Isshiki probably understood what I meant, "Well, forget it, then I hope that Senior Xuexia can turn the tide! I always feel that Xuexia Xuena is on the move, and there is nothing that cannot be solved!"

"So you are planning to quit?"

"Hey, it's actually not like that, but you know, isn't I really helpless here? The county qualifiers on the football department's side are about to start. As a manager, I'm also a little busy, and Isn’t Yukoshita upright on this matter now? So, I think it’s enough to hand over to that kind of genius. The so-called people make the best use of, everyone’s energy is limited and can only be chosen at special times. Isn't it better to do a special thing like this?"

"Do you know that if you compare a person in the ministry with you just now, who do you think it will be?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your sophistry just now is exactly the same as when Higiya Hachiman was defending his own crooked theory about squatting at home, that is justice! They both use words that seem to make sense for themselves. Make excuses for meaningful behavior."

"This, it's a bit too much. Although the predecessor of Biqigu, although he looks very smart, he always feels a little strange to say." Isshishi narrowed his mouth and said.

Of course, I know that this expression on her is not her true thoughts in her heart, and Yishi didn’t mean to continue acting, but she stretched out indifferently and said, “Okay, okay, I can’t help it. Ah, isn’t this matter still going to be resolved by the president? If Yukoshita-san can’t help, the president seems to think about trouble with a third-year senior who often helps people. Well, it’s called Kitahara. Beiyuan——"

"——Kitahara Haruno!"

"Ah, yes, that's the name. How did you know this?"

"If you can, it's better not to bother him, although I firmly believe that he can solve this matter."

"Well, how did your face sink in Kazuya."

Yes, if Yukoshita Yukino can’t solve this problem in the end, Haruki Kitahara, who is at the same level as the current student council president, must be a name that will be remembered. After all, it is said that behind the school’s cultural festival, it has always been with Kitahara. Chunxi's manipulation is related, and it is definitely a joke to say that the student council members do not know about this person.

Moreover, Xuexiaxue is not good at this kind of communicative information gathering ability, which is precisely the strongest point of Kitahara Haruki. His ability to organize and analyze data is definitely second to none among people I have met.Even I suspect that the difficulties the Student Union is facing now have been mastered by him.

When everyone felt that they were unable to do anything, they finally came out to save the world by themselves, so as to gain other people’s praise and recognition. Although I don’t know much about Kitahara Haruno, when everyone had contact with him and received his help When people mentioned him and showed gratitude for the same reason, they had to make people wonder if it was some of his evil tastes.

I suddenly understood that some fragmented light music club before, and if this is also something in his calculations, it is really a bit too creepy!

"What's the matter, that senior Kitahara looks like a terrible person?"

"No, it must be said that he is a very bad person, at least all the states he shows are positive."

Indeed, this judgment of Kitahara Haruki is just a simple speculation from my worst standpoint.Although the detective will "coincidentally" appear on the scene when the murder occurs, this setting seems to only exist in the comics, but it cannot be ruled out that "Haruki Kitahara always appears in a place that needs to be rescued" in reality. "Coincidence" exists.

"So there should be no problem, right? If that senior has a problem, do I have to talk to the patrol sister, after all, she seems to be ready to trouble the Kitahara senior." Isshiki's expression became a little serious and worried. .

"It shouldn't be necessary! Maybe it's just my personal prejudice!" I shook my head and stopped Yishi, "Although I really don't like him, but when there is no other way, it is not a bad choice to ask him. "

"I always feel that Heye's words are getting more and more vague now! It seems that you told me before that we girls are like this, which makes you very upset, isn't it?"

"Well, anyway, now, I think my mentality seems to be the same as yours, and it should be stronger. For me, it is better to let Yukoshita solve the problem instead of leaving the problem to the Kitahara Haruki."

But the question is, Yukino under Xuexia, can she solve this problem?


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"A lot of times, Kazuo is thinking: Sugiura Koharu and Yukino Yukoshita, who are fighting endlessly afterwards, are their states determined from the first confrontation?"


Chapter 9: Ministers who have gained nothing and ministers who have won

Of course, in fact, Yukoshita Yukino discovered the problem much faster than I thought. On the second day of the conversation between I and Isshiki, Yukoshita Yukino held a strategy in the Ministry of Service. This meeting was only held two days after the Yeshan incident that the community was working hard to resolve.

"Well, although I have probably learned some information about the thoughts of the student union of Qingquan Middle School, in order to make our previous information collation more complete, so everyone has to publish it first and collect it after that. What information!"

Obviously, Yukino Yukoshita came prepared this time. From her folded hands and looking at the faces of everyone in the classroom with interest, you can know that she is going to deal with all the problems today. All solved.

"I haven't asked Komachi anymore. I think this is a matter of course! How can I trouble my sister to interfere with my brother's affairs? Especially those who have just entered the third grade of junior high school are in the first important part of life. The loveliest sister in the world in the middle of the year, um—this Yubihama—do you have any opinion on the younger brother?"

By the way, the name "Yuhihama Junior" derived by Yukoshita has become the accepted way of addressing me in the Ministry of Service-although it is accepted, there are only two people.

However, if you count the teacher of unknown age who occasionally visits here, it is more than half, plus a sister Yui who wants to show her majesty to me more than usual in front of the other two people, this little The small four-person plus one-teacher club shows a more obvious atmosphere of oppression by the predecessors on the younger generations than other clubs.

Other clubs usually call the younger generation by the surname, and will use the first name when they are familiar with it, but no club will add the word "student" to the only first-year junior every time like in the Ministry of Service!

Of course, this is a formal method of distinguishing the predecessors from the younger generations. In the actual operation process, such as "Yuhihama Kazuya patted Yuihama Yui's head and complained that this head has no special features except for the beautiful dumplings." It’s not uncommon for Yubihama Kazuya to sneer while Higiya Hachiman rolled the dead fisheye. Of course, “Yuhihama Kazuya looks at Yukoshita Yukino’s nasty eyes and refutes loudly” will be avoided.This is because Xuexia, the minister, has adopted a high-pressure policy in this regard.

——From another point of view, it can be understood that Yubihama Kazuya is a scumbag who is bullying and fearing hardship.

——Of course it sounds good once it is called that we should selectively retain our own vitality in the revolutionary struggle.So after Higiya Hachiman just said his sister-in-law declaration, my merciless eyes made this senior very uncomfortable.

"Well, Biqigu——Senior, I certainly appreciate your lofty feeling as a brother who loves his sister and doesn't want to trouble her sister, but if I can, I want to ask you, you probably haven't done it after that. Have you investigated? Although I think it's probably because the seniors don't have other channels, but because of this kind of reason, I can justify my last nothing. It's better to admit that I can't do anything from the beginning!"

"It's not like that," Biqigu squinted his eyes, raised his hand, and replied triumphantly, "You have an obvious problem when you say this, that is,'I am subjectively doing my own My sister reluctantly gave up the possibility of collecting information and'objectively this person has no ability to collect information' are two completely different things. The former is self-sacrifice in desperation, and the latter is a person’s. A manifestation of insufficient capacity."

"But there is no difference in the result. After all, what the minister wants is the final result, not your noble personality and sincere love for your family. By the way, what you did just now seems to be It's a wasteful speech that says, "There is no way to gather information through communicating with people except relying on my sister."

By the way, although there is not much need for opportunities when suppressing my sister, when suppressing Higiya Hachiman, we need to take advantage of it cleverly. For example, at this time, I combined my goals with those of Yukinoshita. I got up, which allowed me to successfully borrow the deterrence of Xuexia which made Biqigu very difficult to deal with, so that Biqigu was unable to use his senior identity to reversely suppress me.

"What's wrong with this? Anyway, my goal in the future is also the housekeeper. Isn't it enough to communicate well with the family at home? Although it is not necessary to have a sister to do everything, every successful woman There is a man who gives silently behind. If Komachi can become such an outstanding woman in the future, then I can only give up my career. Before Komachi gets married—well, it is the same after marriage, to be the one behind her. This elder brother who paid silently is fine!"

"Well, a very great ideal! I'll cheer for you, better than senior Qigu!"

Well, perfect pronunciation, I think I have expressed the emotion in my heart perfectly through this tone.

"The value of human life is not high or low. I don't think you are allowed to look down upon us men who sacrificed themselves for the success of their families. Moreover, as for the question just now, I think you should have more say. After all, you graduated from Qingquan Middle School, so your connections there are even broader, aren’t you?"

"The task given to me by Minister Yukoshita is to make me try not to irritate Xiaochun, so as to make her act irrationally, so from my current judgment, it is better for me to be cautious not to do anything, and Xiaochun Can let me know the existence of this kind of negotiation, it must have blocked my possible ways to inquire about the news, right? With her prepared aura, I think she can do this kind of thing ."

"So Yubihama, did you try it in the end?"

"Of course not. Since the pathway has been blocked, why bother to provoke me?"

"Isn't this the same as me?"

"No, for me, not making any attempts is the greatest contribution to the community. It is completely different from your situation where you have no contribution if you don't collect relevant information."