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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 75

"Okay, that's it," Yukoshita "slapped" closed the library book in his hand, stroked the hair behind his head casually, and said, "This is not the time for you to argue about who deserves the most credit, although From my personal judgment, both of them are doing nothing right now. Of course, Yubihama’s statement makes sense. Your contribution is a little bit more, and only a little bit. As for Yubihama's words—"

"Well, Xiaoxue, I think it's better to communicate with Xiaochunjiang directly. If our attitude can be better, I think Xiaochunjiang will be willing to communicate with us, um, that is to say—"

"——Then Yubihama meant that there was no further source of intelligence, right?

"No, Xiaoxue, Xiaohe and I think so. Xiaochun-chan is a good boy, and Xiaohe is also very familiar with her." My sister is still trying hard to promote her "influence each other" with Xuexia "Theory, but I think she herself should know that this statement is invalid for Xuexia and Xiaochun, who have made up their minds to compete with each other.

Therefore, Yukoshita also decisively ignored her sister's hard work. Of course, in terms of her attitude, her attitude towards her sister was milder than that towards me and Biqigu. She pressed her hands down. , Signaled her sister to stop first, and then said softly: "Although it is indeed a better way to have some conversations with Secretary Sugiura, but in this regard, the student union, um, I have been doing it, but In the end, it didn't help. This fully proves that this approach is not feasible."

"Of course," Yukoshita stood up, glanced at the people around him, and said, "Although I also hope that everyone can provide me with more information, I just hope to confirm some things for me. After all, although I Although the information source at hand is very'reliable'——"

When he said the word "reliable", Yukoshita paused, revealing a subtle look of disgust and dissatisfaction, and then continued: "Well, although it is very reliable, I still hope that there are other things to confirm. , But now it seems that this can only be the case. What I can tell you is that one of the key points of this matter is: Qingquan Dazhong High School, which has always reserved internal recommended places for Qingquan Middle School, cancelled this connection this year. I think everyone should understand what this means, right?"

I suddenly nodded with some rejoicing. In fact, in the conversation with Biqigu just now, I played a small word game, which just affirmed the fact that "I didn't deliberately ask or inquire about the news". But the fact that "I don't know anything" is not affirmed, so there is no need for me to tell others that I have learned about the new changes that Qingquan Middle School has encountered this year.

Although some people will think that I am deliberately understanding the meaning of the question and ignoring the meaning of the deep level of self-deception, but for me, At least in the course of this round of word games, I did not violate the principle of neutrality, and to the greatest extent I avoided the misunderstanding of other people's "bias" to either side.

Of course, now that Xuexia did not rely on me to find the problem behind Xiaochun by myself, I have acted even more impartially between the two, although my emotions suddenly have a feeling that I will meet next Sugura Koharu’s tendency to be sad for Yukino Yukino, but at least from my rational point of view, my position has made this duel between the two of them the most fair.

What exactly this news of Yukoshita means, everyone can quickly react, even Yui sister who I think may be a little dull, after all, as a student who graduated from Qingquan Middle School, many people around him She is still familiar with the situation where all friends go directly to higher education through the recommended places.

"In other words, there are a large number of students in Qingquan who originally aimed to be sent. Now suddenly they don't know what their direction should be?" My sister nodded and replied.

"Well, yes, if it is a good student who usually scores well, they can pass the exam, or other recommended places to get the opportunity to enter other good schools, but for those special students, such as music class students, for example, some comparisons For ordinary students, the disappearance of recommended places is definitely an irrelevant choice." Biqigu continued to analyze with his head down.

"That's right." Xuexia nodded confidently, showing a confident smile, and said, "Moreover, the most critical issue is that the student union is responsible to the students. The student union of Qingquan Middle School has to deal with a large number of students. Pressure, and for us, to a certain extent, we are only further expanding the scope of the source of students. Although this should be directly responsible to the school’s management, the school’s expectations of the student union will not be too high, that is In terms of the worst outcome, if the two sides collapsed, although our side suffered a heavy loss, it just failed to meet expectations, and the Qingquan Middle School Student Union—"

"What needs to be faced is the anger of the students who originally thought there was hope but the hope was dashed?" My sister shivered and said.

"Tsk tusk, you see, this is human beings. When they fall into a desperate situation, they will not necessarily collapse, they are just lost, but when you give him a life-saving straw, and finally take the straw away , They don’t realize that they just haven’t gotten better, not worse, and they will further scold you, who gave them hope, as if their desperate situation is all The other side caused the same!"

"So, in the previous negotiations, we didn't have a back hand, but in fact, the other party could not accept failure!" Xuexia made a summary, "Now that we understand this, the problem can be solved very easily, according to This is enough to keep pressing step by step. General or something, it is a matter of course, right?"

"If this is the case, will you treat Xiaochunjiang, hey, okay," Although I don't know where my sister's affection for Xiaochun comes from, she still wants to make the last effort for Xiaochun, but she also realizes that now The situation cannot be changed, so in the end, she just asked casually, "But Xiaoxue is so good. Although this news doesn’t feel too difficult to inquire, it’s still amazing to grasp this direction. How did Xiaoxue know This news?"

Then, for the first time in my memory, Yukoshita Yukino lowered his head, showing a mixed expression of unwillingness, dissatisfaction, and reluctance, then frowned, turned his head, and said: " No need to ask, that's just a trivial source of information."


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Chapter 10: Unfriendly contact again

Generally speaking, when Yukoshita shows this expression, if someone wants to continue to ask her about this aspect, then the next thing to bear is her coldest eyes and the most ruthless rebuttal, so At this time, even the elder sister didn't want to touch the angry point under Xuexia, but just smiled and slapped Hahamun to confuse it.

"Well, yes, since I know the problem, I have to tell Xiao Caiyu and the student union there, right?"

"Not for the time being," Yukoshita turned his head awkwardly, and said, "It's better not to tell the Student Union about this matter. Yuihama, you have the contact information of Secretary Sugiura! Let's privately Just talk to her and let her compromise."

"But it's not good! After all, that Isshiki made a request for assistance to us as the student union. Now bypassing the student union and talking to the other person, our position here will be very embarrassing! After all, we are just a club. , Is not qualified to negotiate with the opposite party on behalf of the Student Union.” Biqigu frowned and raised an objection.

"There is no need for this. We just need to tell the chairman Sugiura. We already know what her problem is. What we want to do is that she can actively compromise. If she does not actively compromise, we will take this matter. Tell the student union that Chief Wu Gao has suffered so much in previous negotiations. Under the premise that this situation is reversed, even the usually very pleasant city tour chairman will want to find something back. Right? At that time, how much the Qingquan Middle School has gained and lost, and the judgment on the other side should be very clear." Xuexia pressed his head, revealing a somewhat reluctant expression, but still said so. With.

"What is it! Isn't Xiaoxue's plan to make Xiaochunjiang less passive? So Xiaoxue still cares about Xiaochunjiang!" My sister waved her hand happily, jumped in front of Xuexia, and hugged her. She touched Xuexia's waist and kept rubbing her face against Xuexia's body, and said excitedly, "I just wanted Xiaoxue not to be too much to Xiaochunchan. Xiaoxue is really gentle! I like Xiaoxue the most. !"

"Yuhihama, please don’t do it like this. I’ll be a little bit troubled. Besides, I’m definitely not doing this for the President Sugiura. Strictly speaking, it’s still the same. In a state of war." Although Yui sister suddenly hugged Yukoshita, it is normal in the Ministry of Service, but it is obvious that Yukoshita still can't accept this kind of over-intimacy. The moment her sister hugged her. , Her face immediately turned red, and then she pushed her sister's head hard, struggling to get rid of her hug.

"Okay, okay, I see, Xiaoxue is not helping Xiaochunjiang, or she wants to do it, hum!" My sister showed a clear and caring expression, and continued to hug Xuexiaxia firmly. The waist was not released, which also made Xuexia, who had broken free for a long time without success, had to watch her movements at will.

"Okay, okay, Yuihama-san, whatever you think!" This was the last word Yukoshita spit out helplessly.

Like my sister, many people think that Xuexia’s performance just now is a kind of "arrogant" unwillingness to admit their true inner thoughts, but I don’t think so, because Xuexiaxue is totally absent. The reason to do so, and, as she herself has always emphasized, Xuexiaxuena will not lie, so she will never use such a large language to cover up her arrogant behavior.

Although from the result, Yukoshita’s choice is the student union of Sugiura Koharu and Kiyizumi Middle School, but we cannot always infer the reason from the result when we judge the reason for someone to take a course.At least this should not be the case, because Yukino Yukino and Sugiura Koharu had no intersection before this happened, and she did not have any possibility of compromising Koharu because of other people's emotional problems.

On the other hand, the state of tension between the two in the first confrontation already means that the two have stood on the opposite side of each other. With Yukino's character, just as she was facing her. For all other opponents, what she will do is to completely defeat the opponent under the premise of respecting each other-that is to say, the situation that Yui Shita thinks that Yukoshita has softened to Koharu is impossible. of.

Therefore, Xiaochun himself is not the problem of Xuexia's adopting this method, so the only explanation is the student union.Although Xuexia’s approach will not cause too much damage to the students of the Zongwu High School, or that the commission of the Zongwu High Student Union can be completed by itself, the Zongwu High Student Union has lost something after all.Judging from the previous situation, Xuexia didn't have any prejudice against Yi Hueiyu himself or the city tour president of the student union. Under this circumstance, a sense of rejection of the student union suddenly appeared.

I think the only reason is the source of information that Xuexia didn't want to mention.Maybe the other party has a very close relationship with the student union of Sobu Gao, or what Xuexia wants to do is to conceal his role in this matter as much as possible, so that the person behind her can be exposed to the least possible .

So, the most interesting question is that the person behind Yukino Yukino is the person behind Yukino who wants to protect and wants to hide him, or Yukinoshita hates it and does not want to face it, so he tries his best What about the one who weakens the role of the other party?

Of course, there is no time for me to think about this complicated issue.

"Xiaohe, call! Xiaoxue said the matter will be resolved today!" My sister patted my shoulder and said to me.Afterwards, I also saw Xuexia nodded slightly and motioned to me.

I sighed and dialed the number I haven't dialed for a long time.

It’s normal for a couple to break up under normal circumstances, and it’s normal for both parties to cut off contact with each other, but Xuexia and sister obviously don’t think that the relationship between me and Xiaochun will be like this. What’s even more terrifying is that even my own judgment is with them The judgments of the two were in agreement.That is to say, when I took out my mobile phone and dialed the phone number that was a little familiar and strange to me, I never suspected that the number might not be able to connect.

Of course, on the other end of the phone, Xiaochun's voice came over as I expected.

"Well, hello, may you be?"

"Uh, so, did you delete my number?" This unexpected response to a stranger made me somewhat injured. Although I thought that this kind of thing should be normal, I always feel that there is a kind of myself. The feeling of not being taken seriously.Thinking of the so-called "Secretary Sugiura still has a good impression on you" mentioned by Isshiki, I thought that the other party's attitude should be better, but now this attitude of treating me purely as a stranger makes me That little vanity has received some small blows.

"Ah, sorry, is it by Hihama-senpai?" Xiaochun's surprised voice came over, making my mood a little more depressed, of course, the next sentence made me feel even more awkward. Up.

"Well, sorry, I did delete the phone number of the predecessor before, you know, after all, the storage space of the phone is limited, and then I don’t know if I can contact the predecessor in the future, so in order to save storage space."

"Haha, this, understand, understand!"

But this lie of yours is too false, right?Just one of my mobile phone numbers and email addresses will make your phone's storage space run out? What era of antique phones are you? Even if it is an antique phone, there is no problem with storing such a small amount of things!

"But I still want to apologize. I was joking with seniors just now!" Xiaochun continued softly, "because, even if the mobile phone number is deleted, I can still pass the numbers, and the first time I realized it was seniors calling Here comes the call! So the attitude just now was just a joke!"

"Uh, all right!"

If Xiaochun’s words are seen by others, there will be many interpretations, but for me, the response I can make is very limited, although she seems to use a "joking" to put her behind The attitudes and emotions of the past are covered up in a trivial way, but I can still know the meaning behind "remember a person's phone number by numbers"-it's like I am now deleting Koharu Sugiura's information , I can still get in touch with her-this is a terrible tacit habit that has been cultivated for a long time.

"So, Yubihama-senpai, what can I do with me? If it's about the exchanges between the student unions of the two schools, I think seniors don't need to ask me! Senior classmates, Isshishi, these few You should know the ending of the day I’ve been chatting with, don’t you know the ending?” Although he “made a joke” just now, Xiaochun still said this in a polite manner but refused me thousands of miles away. Nothing. In a joking posture, this makes me wonder what the girl is thinking.

"If you can, I still hope you don't show such a serious look. Even if you are a friend, you can speak more easily!"

"Well, I think so, but now we are in a sensitive period in our two schools after all, so I can't rule out the possibility that seniors want to build a good relationship with me and then inquire about information."

"But doesn't it feel like you talked well with Isshiki?"

"The way of getting along between girls and between men and women is different. Besides, if the attitude with the predecessors becomes too good--" Xiaochun's voice sank, and her obvious voice came from the other end of the phone. The sound of exhalation and inhalation, "Well, let's not talk about this, so if you just want to inquire about information from me, as I said before, it is not necessary."

"Okay," although I did think about improving the relationship between the two parties through this phone call before, but now, everything has clearly developed in a less good direction. Looking at the other side waving his hands, my eyes are shining. Looked at my sister, and then with her squinted eyes, she seemed to want to find out whether there is a warning to the other side behind my words, and looked at the book in her hand boredly, using it occasionally. Some contemptuous eyes looked at my Higiya Hachiman, and I finally said the most important purpose of this call, "It’s not that I am looking for you, but our Minister Yukoshita is looking for you. ."

"So you didn't take the initiative to find me-uh, the minister of your club?" I noticed that Xiaochun, who has been calling me "senior" with restraint, has experienced emotional fluctuations at this time. Replace this more formal name with "you" that is generally only said to people who are more intimate.However, what happened next was irreversible, because she quickly adjusted her emotions, as if the fluctuation just now did not exist at all.

"Senior meant that Senior Xuexia had something to do with me? So what exactly is it?"