My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 76

"Needless to say, you will know when you come over, it's very important."

"I still have work in the Student Union this afternoon—"

"——You will regret it if you don't come!"

"Okay," I don't know what kind of emotion I expressed in the sentence just now, but Xiaochun obviously felt my emotions, so she quickly changed her words, "If senior If it must be emphasized this way, I also understand."

"Well, so, we are waiting for you in the classroom."

"Okay, thank you senior for your reminder."

When I hung up the phone, I suddenly felt that my whole person was flushed and sweaty as after a debate with others, and everyone else in the classroom was watching with different eyes. I.

"Thank you," this is Xuexia's rare compliment to me, "at least from the point of view of the task itself, you have completed it, although there are indeed a lot of times that worry me."

"Xiaohe, are you okay?" This is my sister's constant concern.

However, what concerns me the most is the evaluation of Higiya Hachiman. He first looked at me for a long time, then lowered his head, and said with the lightest voice that I can hear: "Currently self-righteous game. , How long will it last, stupid!"


Chapter Eleven: Reversed Meeting Again

Of course, now let me explore whether Biqigu has "seeed through" me this kind of thing during this period of time. It doesn't make much sense, because everyone's attention is focused on the upcoming conversation between Xuexia and Xiaochun. Up.

As one of the core figures of the incident, Xuexia was obviously not as anxious as the other three people in the classroom. After confirming that the other party was about to come, she took up the library book in her hand in a leisurely manner. The next thing is like a trivial thing.

Although Biqigu showed off his sense of existence when he settled the request of the Hazan Hayato before, but most of the time he was more cautious and did not want to do anything extraordinary. After speaking, he also silently took out a book from his schoolbag.

Only my sister and I looked at each other. Although she obviously wanted to say something from her expression, she was still a little embarrassed after losing a few words with her mobile phone and then deleting them. He smiled at me and shook his head.

It was in this kind of quiet atmosphere that did not resemble the daily life of the ministry, Sugiura Koharu came to the classroom of the ministry.

Although Zong Wu Gao is not a closed school, students from other schools can also enter. However, Xiaochun wearing the uniform of Qingquan Middle School will always be more conspicuous among the students of Zong Wu Gao, so When Xiaochun entered the classroom, I could also hear the rustling voice behind her, which seemed to be talking about the girl.

"Well, although I've been here many times," Xiaochun said with a somewhat complaining tone as soon as he entered the classroom of the Ministry of Service, shaking the ponytail behind him, "but I think you should at least tell the guests Let’s be a basic courtesy. It’s really embarrassing to let a junior high school student walk into the high school gate alone, isn’t it?"

If this is a negotiation, I can understand it as a situation where the opponent is putting pressure on the other party first. Although the lack of etiquette will not have much impact on the content of the negotiation, but in this way Pointing out the other party’s etiquette problem is a way to give oneself a certain advantage from the beginning. In any case, it is always good for oneself to let the other party have a moral loophole in the negotiation.

However, Yukoshita did not give Yui to this attitude of Xiaochun. She just closed the library book in her hand a little coldly, and said, "Well, but I think that with Secretary Sugiura's ability, you can do it. I found this classroom without any guidance, so no one needs to lead it, right?"

"The crux of the problem is not here, right?" Obviously Yukino's attitude caught Xiaochun a little bit by surprise. In other words, Yukino's attitude that was not very polite at the beginning made her a little at a loss, after all. , The person who communicated with her more before was still from the student union. In the student union, basic politeness is still needed. However, this kind of polite response is not necessary for Xuexia who does not have a student union membership.What's more, she should also be aware that the emotional change brought to the proud Xuexia by her previous provocative behavior is very obvious.

"So, what is the matter with you guys looking for me?" After understanding Xuexia's attitude, Xiaochun also adjusted her emotions and realized some of the problems in this space, "Well, wait a minute, so What about the members of the student union of Sobu High School?

"Ah, we did not invite you in the capacity of the student union, I am in the capacity of the Ministry of Service, or in other words, I invited you in my personal capacity." Yukoshita smiled gently, He pointed to the chair near the door that was usually reserved for the client of the task, and said.

Yukoshita was very relaxed when he said this, but at the same time it gave people an obvious sense of oppression. As a mere spectator, I can feel this. Now, the one that opposes her. Girls, it should be more obvious!

"What is a personal identity, Yukoshita-senpai, I think from my personal point of view, I don’t have too much intersection with you. If Yuihama-senpai talked about the "very important things", if it’s just personal I don’t think there is much need to talk about it.” Although Xiaochun sat down following Xuexia’s words, her verbal rebuttal did not weaken at all.

"Secretary Sugiura--well, please note that I still call you Secretary Sugiura--which means I still treat you as the head of the student union of Qingquan Middle School," Xuexia nodded, as if In response to Xiaochun's words, he continued as if he didn't mind the other person's words, "Of course I have nothing to talk about with you, but I think we can still have something to say about things related to your work. "

In fact, since Xiaochun entered this classroom, or when Yukoshita asked me to call her that phone, the rhythm of the conversation has fallen into Yukoshita's grasp. This kind of grasp is a kind of letting people. I feel that I want to get rid of, but I feel that getting rid of is meaningless.In other words, this topic is what I want to talk about, but in which direction this topic is going, it belongs to a situation that I cannot predict but is completely controlled by the other party.

"I've been thinking about what the last time Isshiki's classmate gave me is the commission," realized Xiaochun's silence, Yukoshita continued, "If it is to help the students of our school as I said before, they will solve the problem. Regarding the negotiation of Qingquan Middle School, it is somewhat too complicated. Regarding the specific terms of the negotiation, our Ministry of Service has no right to make decisions on behalf of the Student Union. Do you think this is the case, Secretary Sugiura?"

"Well, that's why I think you should let your school's student union staff appear here. If there are no student union members, there is no way to discuss specific matters." Xiaochun bit her lip and replied.

"However, I don't think this is a problem they want us to solve. If Qingquan Middle School expresses the willingness to negotiate, then our student union can negotiate with you without our intervention. After all, at least In terms of their experience in arranging activities in this area, they are much better than my theoretical school."

"So, what do you think the previous seniors, including the city president of your school, want you to help?"

"This is the problem," said Yukoshita, squinting his eyes, looking at Xiaochun as if looking at the prey he had already obtained, "The key issue is to let you'accept the negotiation with us'. A matter. In other words, it is not a question of how to negotiate, but a question of whether to negotiate."

"Senior Yukoshita, can you stop playing word games?"

"Ahhhhhh, this is not playing a word game!" Xuexia raised his head and glanced at Xiaochun somewhat arrogantly. "I remember Secretary Sugiura mentioned before that your school does not have to engage with us. The reason for the joint activity is precisely because there is no such necessity that the student union on our side has almost no chance to sit down and negotiate with you! Because we can only exchange for your compromise with constant concessions. However, because it is not necessary, no one knows the extent of your compromise."

Xiaochun frowned. If it were her, she should already be able to feel what Xuexia had to say next.

"Yes, that's it. Qingquan Middle School didn't have the need for a joint project with Zongwu Gao, but why did you choose to follow up with us after we proposed this project? Why at this point in time when you can clearly exit Has Shanghai kept a glimmer of hope in the Student Union? The answer is simple-because you also have a reason for joint activities."

"The next thing is even simpler. As long as we know this, we can find it out. Then, clever Secretary Sugiura, you should know, please come over and talk with us, which means we have Have you grasped the key point of that question?"

Yukoshita’s remarks are different from her usual style. Her usual style is the kind of very decisive way to solve the problem, a feeling of slashing the mess, but this time, she put her own The thinking process and the logical way of thinking were brought up step by step, like the kind of cutting people with a blunt knife, to enjoy the feeling that the opposite side slowly fell into his own trap and unable to return to the sky.

This snow under the snow is not a normal snow under, or in other words, compared to the somewhat overly calm snow under the snow before, I dislike this snow under the snow even more.

"But, Senior Xuexia, although your inferences are wonderful, as mentioned in the detective film, the above are all your inferences. If there is no decisive evidence, I would not be stupid enough to be like you. Threaten to compromise, right?"

"So, you want me to show the reason why you can't give up this project, right?"

"Yes, even if I really lose, I have to make sure that I am not defeated by myself. If you take the initiative to admit it without saying anything, isn't our previous efforts meaningless?"

"So, let's do it!" Xuexia sighed and said to the pale but still composure Xiaochun, "The crux of the problem is that Qingquan University High School just cancelled the contact with Qingquan Middle School and canceled the internal transportation. Right? As for what will happen next, it’s easier to guess. In addition to the total number of high schools, look for a nearby school with deviations, subject settings, and student training programs similar to those of Qingquan University High School. Isn’t it a bit difficult? At this time, it’s normal to use Zong Wu Gao’s idea of ​​expanding the source of students at the same time, at least to reach some tacit understanding with Zong Wu Gao in enrollment for the candidates of Qingquan Middle School. ?"

"Although this matter itself is not the responsibility of the student union, it is normal to try this under the strong request of the students? Even if the school did not actively propose it, the student union has won this opportunity. They will not deny cooperation so easily."

"Of course, if this is the case, you have not reached the point of being irresistible, because even if you can't reach an agreement, this is not your problem. But the problem is that now the students in Qingquan Middle School already know the news, right? Although they may be temporarily silent about this agreement for various reasons, they all have anticipation. While having anticipation, the negotiation between the two parties failed due to the problems of the student union. In the end, the students' anger will Leaning on you!"

Yukoshita almost copied what she said during the discussions in the Ministry of Service to Xiaochun, but with her overwhelming aura and slow tone, it can give people a stronger sense of oppression, especially when When she said that "Qingquan Middle School is now also nowhere to retire", Xiaochun's expression, who has been reluctantly maintaining a calm attitude, also obviously changed.

"It seems that I was right? Or I even said something that you didn't think of?" Xuexia looked at Xiaochun who had been leaning her back tightly on the chair since she spoke. , Perhaps it was still cherishing the previous Xiaochun's provocation, perhaps because of other reasons, looking at Xiaochun like this, she seemed to show a long sigh of relief.

This is not a pleasure after getting revenge, nor should it be the feelings that Xuexiaxue should have. It is more like a sense of relaxation after self-judgment and victory after competing with an unknown person.

At this time, I unexpectedly felt a glare that shouldn't have been directed at me.Only in that moment, I could see that Xiaochun's help-seeking eyes were cast on me.

But there is nothing I can do. This is a struggle between Yukoshita Yukino and Sugiura Koharu. I cannot intervene, nor can I intervene.

And the gaze itself was fleeting. It seemed that after one second was certain that I would not help, she lowered her head gently.

From beginning to end, Yukoshita perfectly controlled the situation of the whole scene, but Sugiura Koharu could only follow her rhythm and eventually failed according to her wishes.And she is aware of this. If this is a personal matter, with Xiaochun’s character, she may still make the last stubborn fight, but when it comes to the collective affairs of the student union, this cannot allow her. Self-righteous situation.

"Okay, Senior Xuexia, so what do you want me to do?" Xiaochun shook his head and asked in the bitter voice that I rarely hear.

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Well, I said in the article. At least I think Yukino’s personality is not so bad under normal circumstances. Of course, I don’t think it will be so bad even if it is abnormal. Now this situation is left as the author is forced to be a little tight. Give her a new setting. Anyway, I changed the hair color setting of Danzi to be born with red hair. I don’t care about these things anymore. 233333 (though it seems different)


Chapter 12: Pre-determined cognition is the beginning of the problem

In terms of results, Xuexia’s victory over Xiaochun was another unsuspecting crush. Although the opponent showed an aggressive attitude at first, it was just like the normal “villain character”. "Similarly, the final outcome of people who have been making trouble for too long is always not so good.

Of course, we can’t simply use decency and villain to define Xuexia and Xiaochun respectively. Even from the result, Xuexia’s somewhat strange source of information and her somewhat awkward attitude of unwillingness to involve the student union are somewhat different. With doubt, Qingquan Middle School still has room for maneuver in the final negotiation.However, as far as the confrontation between Xuexia and Xiaochun is concerned, Xuexia still shows her crushing state in dealing with other problems.

Just like the crushing state of Miura Yuko, a national player in the previous tennis match.Or maybe it's the same as the relentless denial of Yoshiki Yoshiki, who was suffering from the second illness.Yukino Yukino, as always, showed her own awe-inspiring and perfection, and as always, beautifully completed every task she took.