My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 77

Of course, as always, he knocked his opponent from the peak of confidence to the bottom of disappointment.

I will not pay attention to the thoughts of Yoshiki Miura or Yumiko Miura. In other words, I may be interested in the influence of their attitudes on Yuuki. I will not pay attention to their own after facing such a blow. State, but I have to worry about the state of the person in front of me. In our previous interactions, her stubbornness was sometimes right and sometimes proved to be wrong, but this stubbornness itself, this one is for My own paranoid trust itself has not changed, this time, I think it should be the same.

Xiaochun's attitude is roughly the same as I expected. Although she knew her defeat, she still showed a gesture of reluctance. She patted her somewhat pale face and said, "Well, Xuezhi Senior, I understand, Qingquan Middle School will start discussions with Chief Wu Gao, and we will not propose conditions that your school cannot accept. As you said, we are also under great pressure. And according to your statement, the attention of other students to this matter is also something to be concerned about."

"Well, that's it. You can contact the Student Union directly for the rest?" Xuexia nodded and replied, "From my own point of view, I'm very close to Chief Wu Gao and Qingquan. There is no prejudice against any party in the cooperation of the middle school. After all, whether the school can get more and better students is something that the school needs to pay attention to. I think it may take some time before I have a sense of identity with this school. "

"That is to say, if Senior Isshiki didn't ask you to help this in the name of'entrust', Senior Xuexia would not help the student union, would it?" Xiaochun blinked and asked curiously. .

"Yes, even this commission itself makes me feel that it is not so justified, because it is the responsibility of the student union."

"So, did my provocation at that time make Senpai go on this mission?" Xiaochun smiled bitterly and said, "If I hadn't provoked Senpai Yukoshita at the time, then this would not happen. Is it the result?"

"For this kind of thing that didn't happen, I won't make predictions. In other words, when I hesitate to accept the commission of the Student Union, for whatever reason-whether it's because you were a little overwhelmed at the time, or for Regardless of some people, Secretary Sugiura, what you said at that time made me determined. In this sense, your first half of the inference is correct."

"Then, the last question," Xiaochun raised her head and adjusted the sideburns in front of her forehead. "Senior Xuexia, how did you get the information from Qingquan Middle School? Although our attitude is indeed a bit overconfident, but As far as Zong Wu Gao’s information blockade is concerned, I think we are still very successful. At least our expectation is that you will not be able to know the situation of our school in a short time. If it must be possible—"

Only I noticed that Xiaochun cast an unnoticeable suspicion towards me. Indeed, even if she is confident to block my intelligence source completely, she cannot fully understand all of me who was a man of Qingquan Middle School a year ago. Network of relationships.From this point of view, Xiaochun's actions at the time were indeed not very cautious. He still made such a choice when he knew that I might be involved in this matter.

However, this is also due to the character of that guy. She is not an absolutely cautious girl. Perhaps, this nominally her duel with Xuexia is actually hidden in Xiaochun’s own heart. Continue to compete with mine.

However, the current Yubihama Kazuya was completely different from the Yubihama Kazu she knew, and although I was a little surprised to learn about this situation from Senior Ogisaki, I did not tell Yukinoshita the situation.

But Xuexia obviously didn't care about this situation. In other words, when Xiaochun asked this question, her reaction was the same as the reaction when her sister asked her this question before. She obviously frowned and turned her head. , Said: "Sorry, I think I have the right not to answer this question, right?"

However, in the eyes of Xiaochun, this is clearly what the intelligence source cannot let herself know, and the intelligence source that cannot be known to herself, from the perspective of the uninformed, there is no doubt that there is only Yubi Hama.Incidentally, this can also solve another problem in her mind, which is why Xuexia chose to negotiate with herself privately, instead of giving the news to the students, the student union will regain the initiative in the negotiation-this should be the reason for my plea.

If a person has an idea in his mind in advance, and the various facts are consistent with the logic derived from the idea, then he will easily believe his own inference-although if strictly viewed, maybe any There is no sufficient evidence to prove this inference.

This is obviously the case for Xiaochun now. She took a deep look at me and didn't continue to question. She respectfully said to Yuukishita herself: "Then I'm sorry, Senior, I'll leave."

However, I don't want to be misunderstood!

"Well, Xiao-er, Secretary Sugiura," I stood up and stopped Xiaochun who was about to leave.

"Is there anything wrong with Yubihama-senpai?"

"Uh, this." Although I really want to defend myself, just like Xiaochun's inference in my inference, my inference is only a judgment based on my idea without any evidence, so I have to It is still a bit ridiculous to justify this unproven judgment.

In the end, I can only suffocate one sentence awkwardly: "Uh, in short, things are not what you think."

"What is called is not what I think--" Xiaochun was stunned for a moment, but then realized what I was talking about. She bit her lip and said, "It's okay, Yuihama-senpai, or even if it is That way, isn’t that normal? The past predecessors treated me in the same way, didn’t they?"

No, it's not normal. Xiaochun still doesn't know the change in my principle of dealing with things. If that kind of thing is done, it will become a complete misunderstanding of me.

Moreover, the key to the current problem is no longer here. Xiaochun’s words "to me in the same way" is really a bit too ambiguous, coupled with her being a loser after being defeated by Xuexia Chu Chu's pitiful look was a bit too foul.

Let’s not mention that the conversation between Yukoshita and Koharu was interrupted for a long time. My sister, who had been disconnected for a long time, once again looked at me with that cannibalistic look, and even Higiya Hachiman, who has never been very concerned about such things. The strange look at him, the kind of "I used to think you were just an incumbent who felt that life was too boring and wanted to find a new goal for your life. Now it turns out that you are still a terrible irresponsible person to girls. The scumbags who wanted to scumbags at that time's eyes really made people want to cry without tears.

And Yukoshita’s face, who treated Xiaochun in the “same way” as me, turned red. Obviously, she, who had no psychological burden on her previous actions, felt that she and I had fallen to the same level. After that, he had to seriously consider whether his own approach was a bit excessive.

"Xiaohe, how do I remember that you told me that you were in a depressed mood at the time? But according to Xiaochunjiang's meaning, my sister used to think you were a good boy, or that Xiaohe gave me My impression has always been that of a very responsible child!"

"Well, Secretary Sugiura, first of all I want to apologize to you. What I just said is indeed a bit heavy, but if you must compare my words with this situation, although I have no emotional experience, I Personally, it is not very suitable either."

"I'm waiting for the decline in evaluation. I can't handle my current messy relationship between men and women. Tsk tsk."

Suddenly, the other three people in the Ministry of Service filled the entire classroom with their raps.

If what I said just now is the same, then I will be 100% sure that when she said this, she was trying to make other people’s emotions happen in this direction, but if it was Xiaochun, I would also It is 100% sure that her ambiguity when she said that sentence was absolutely unintentional.

Facts also proved that when she realized the result of what she just said, she was also a little caught off guard.

"Eh, that's not the case. I'm not saying that Yubihama-senpai is not good. This is just before. Yes, this is a normal way of getting along. So I am not criticizing Yukoshita-senpai just now. So what you care about, in short, is—"

But Xiaochun, where did your wisdom at other times go? What is going on like this kind of love comedy? What is going on with this more and more chaotic situation?

Obviously, for those who have already formed a certain impression of me, Xiaochun’s excuses have become a "scum man deceived the innocent little girl, and then the little girl did not even know that he still devoted himself to the scum man." A typical case of defense.

My elder sister stood up bravely, opened her hands and stood in front of Xiaochun, looking at me firmly: "Don't worry, Yui sister will not let Xiaohe hurt Xiaochun-chan in the future, although I like Xiaohe very much. , But if Xiaohe made such a big mistake, as a sister, I should educate him!"

"Sister Yui, stop making trouble!"

"Xiaohe, aren't you unwilling to tell us about the matter between you and Xiaochunjiang? That means you are also unwilling to mention this aspect. In other words, you actually realized that you committed the crime at the time. Isn’t it wrong? If you realize that you made a mistake at that time, you have to admit it. Xiaochunjiang is here, my sister is here, and Xiaoxue and Xiaoqi are watching you, so Xiaohe and you only have to admit the mistake. Everything can pass, okay?"

My sister’s words are sonorous and powerful, and every sentence is directed at my heart, so I have to have an idea of ​​wanting to admit that I am wrong-but I am completely wrong, okay, even if I have a mistake, the mistake is not such a mistake what!You can try a murderer, but you can't put the crime of robbery on him, can you?

"Yuhihama, although it is not very convenient for me to say these things in my capacity, you still exist as a member of the Ministry of Service. Considering that the members of the Ministry of Service cannot have problems with basic moral qualities, I personally Still feel that you should at least admit your mistakes."

"Even if it is a cash, there must be internal rules to follow, right?"

"Yeah, you see that Xiaoxue and Xiaoqi have also spoken." After Xuexia and Biqigu expressed their opinions, the sister stood up triumphantly, but then looked at me worriedly, "Xiaohe, I Knowing that this kind of thing is very embarrassing for you, but you can only make progress if you admit your mistakes. If you keep going this way, then you will be stagnant!"

"Please, sister, when you are saying this, just see if you follow this principle when you usually study. Also, Xiaochun, it's better for you to speak clearly, right?"

I slammed back at Xiaochun who seemed to be stunned by the farce of the ministry behind my sister. Sure enough, at this time, I still need to convince myself to explain!

Wait a minute, I seemed to want to say something to Xiaochun before my festival?Seems to have forgotten.

Forget it, it shouldn't be an important thing, right?



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Chapter 13: Humans habitually hover between two extremes

The first days as the manager of the football department of Kiyizumi Middle School was not a pleasant thing for the newly enrolled Sugiura Koharu. Compared with the work in the student union, although the job of the football manager is not too much. Too busy, but the faint distrust of her outsider in the football department made her difficult.

In the student union, whether it is the president or the vice president, she has a great affection for the energetic accountant who has just enrolled. Therefore, even as a newborn calf, she has become a "country in a country". When he was the minister of the football department, the chairman was only trying to reconcile the contradiction between her and the "tyrant", instead of blaming her too much. After all, in this era, the more people are willing to do things. The less come, although this girl is a little taken for granted and a little idealistic, but overall she is still a talent that can be cultivated.

In the maintenance of the predecessors of the student union, Xiaochun did not encounter much setbacks, but the cold reception she received in the football department was unexpected.

Although she is unwilling to use her appearance as her promotion capital, Xiaochun still has confidence in her appearance. Just two months after enrolling in school, she received two love letters. She has always felt that this male hormone secretion in the football department Too many places are managers, even if the members of the football club can't fall in love with her at first sight, at least they must be friendly to her in attitude.

Therefore, the "cold violence" of the football department's collective arrival on her caught her off guard.

She still remembers the damn disobedient football minister. When introducing the new manager to her players, the players still showed interest in Xixisuosuo, but in Heya After mentioning her status as a "student council member", those voices disappeared and replaced by indifference and distrust.

"A simple membership of the student union can make these people's attitudes toward me change so much," Koharu complained a little bitterly, sorting out the table of income and expenditure of the football department at hand. "That guy, really Is it to run this club into its own country? Although it is normal for the club to have opinions on the students due to budgetary reasons, how can a club still have opinions on the student union after the student union has met all their budget requirements? Such a big one? In any case, at least the student union should be responsible for their support?"

However, despite this complaint, in the process of Xiaochun gradually sorting out the income and expenditure of the society, she still got the unconditional authorization of Heya. At that time, Heya's attitude towards her was deeply indifferent. It hurts Xiaochun's somewhat arrogant self-esteem, which also makes her look very serious in sorting out her income and expenditure.

However, as she sorted it out, she found more and more that the accountant of the football department was said to have squeezed out the revenue and expenditure records made by the former minister as the minister in the first grade, which made her unable to find. Where breakthroughs can be made, let alone that every expenditure is recorded very clearly, even under the influence of different sports drinks, the changes in the performance of the players have been recorded, which makes Xiaochun, who has always been serious, a bit self-sigh Furu, this even gave her a kind of doubt that her "full-time" manager can surpass the "part-time" team captain and minister in performance.