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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 78

"However, the accounts are clear, and they are above the student union. This is still not enough. Now the budget of the football department is twice that of other clubs. If it is asked to double this year, the opinions of other sports clubs will definitely be great. From the perspective of the Student Union, this kind of unfair treatment needs to be balanced." Biting his lip, Xiaochun looked at the account expenditures in his hand blankly.

"However, the key question is how to cut the budget without affecting the quality of this club. If it affects the quality of their training, then it is indeed not feasible to cut the budget!"

At this time, Xiaochun did not notice that her current idea is completely different from the idea of ​​trying to catch Heye’s pigtail by acting as the manager of the football department at the beginning, although she is still considering the budget arrangement of the student union. However, she has also substituted herself into the club of the football club, slowly considering some issues from the perspective of the football club.

"What's the matter?" Xiaochun, who was sitting under the tree next to the stadium and sorting out data, suddenly found that the sunlight in front of her eyes seemed to be blocked by something. When she looked up, the one who was arrogant to herself before, was also tit-for-tat to him. Minister, walking over with a soaked towel casually, his training suit was soaked with sweat and steam was emitting from his body, obviously he just finished training.

Generally speaking, the sweaty smell on boys after exercise will make girls feel a little awkward, but Xiaochun was surprised to find that she did not hate the state of this defiant senior who she should have hated. Or to put it a little differently, after checking the income and expenditure report of the rigorous society just now, and then looking at his serious attitude, Xiaochun could not feel that kind of hatred for this person.

Although this guy looks terrible, at least he is serious about what he is responsible for!Sure enough, I still can't hate serious, capable people!Xiaochun squinted at the boy who looked at him condescendingly, thinking so.

Just thinking about it, the original image of the "big devil" and "big bureaucrat" in his mind Yubihama Kazuo is not so unpleasant.Even his red hair, which looked a bit fierce, didn't make her feel so unpleasant.

"Miss manager, I think I need to remind you of the manager’s function. The manager’s function is not only to check the previous income and expenditure account statement here, but you should also know it. The manager should at least include The athletes trained on the field do a good job in logistics. Of course, now you don’t have to be responsible for arranging friendly matches with other schools, but you don’t even have a manager who does the basic logistics work. How do you think this is a reliable manager? "

Facing Heya’s reproach, Xiaochun suddenly felt that she had no ability to refute at all. As Heya said, she was too obsessed with finding and possibly existing "little pigtails" in the income and expenditure accounts. , And in terms of logistics management, it does not play the role that a manager should play.

"Well, I'm very sorry, Minister!" In the end, looking at her own Heya with a serious face, Xiaochun could only bit her lip and nodded, "I will pay attention next time."

"Well, I don't mind this, or if you are more irresponsible, I have a better reason to fire you! Sure enough, the feeling of the student union's eyes and ears in my club is still It's a bit bad!" He also squinted his eyes and looked at Xiaochun who was blushing and confessing his mistake.

"I'm not the eyes and ears of the student union, although before, um, although there were indeed some problems before, I have never considered myself as a member of the student union to serve as the manager of this association—"

"——I acted as the manager of the club for selfless dedication to the football department? Ah, I am still very moved. May I ask Manager Sugiura, how much do you know about football?"

"—Okay! I admit that my motivation at the beginning was really problematic, but once I take over this job, I will definitely be responsible for it!"

"I also said, Senior Sister Sugiura, I can let you join this club as a manager, but when you are in this club," Kazuya glanced at Xiaochun coldly, "You must obey the rules I set for this club. , If it doesn't work, it's very simple-leave me!"

"I see!" Seeing Heya who said such serious words to herself, Xiaochun's nose couldn't help but sore, and her eyes were a little red. Even though she did not have much contact with Heya, she also knew This is the character of the person in front of her, but this kind of unrelenting attitude even when facing girls makes her a little sad: Doesn't this person know how to pity Xiangxiyu?

"In addition, Manager Sugiura, let's talk about the financial aspect that you pay most attention to?" Before Xiaochun could respond, Kazuya immediately changed his face. "Under the verification of your efforts, the football team's Are there any problems with the accounts?"

"This one--"

"——I said it for you? Secretary Sugiura, there is no problem. Of course, I can be a bureaucrat, but my bureaucrat is only for this society. At the internal level of the society, you can not find any of my problems. La, sorry for letting you down!"

Xiaochun pursed her lips, looked at Heya who looked at her with a somewhat mocking look, and said nothing.

Sure enough, I still can't like this guy!Looking at Heye's very conceited face, Xiaochun shook her head a little irritably.

"All in all, that's it. The second half of the training is about to begin. I hope you can do the job a manager should do! You know, if one of my team members is so insecure, then what I want from him I just quit the department and come back after a new entry test. For you, a manager who doesn’t know my style, I can say that I’ve already opened the net!” Kazuya waved his hand, as if giving Xiaochun something. Said with grace.

And this kind of benevolence like charity, and the inattentive attitude that seems to be a small character that also treats himself, deeply stimulated Xiaochun's self-esteem.

"Director, Yubihama-senpai!" Looking at Kazuna who left, Xiaochun called out.

"What's the matter? If you are not clear about the manager's responsibilities, search on the Internet. If you are not clear, leave by yourself. Don't let me teach you how to do it?"

"I will do it! I will do it!" Xiaochun bit his lip and shouted earnestly.

"Well, I got it!" Heya waved his hand and agreed casually.

"There is one more thing," after hesitating, Xiaochun stopped Heya.

"Time is very tight, if not because you are a girl, I would have lost my temper with you!"

"The last thing, Yuhihama-senpai," putting the account book aside in his hand, Koharu stood up, grabbed a corner of Kazuki's soaked clothes, and said, "Yuhihama-senpai, I admit that you are very Capable, I admit that you are the well-deserved leader of this team. Judging from your accounting, I wonder if I can do this for you. But, are you a little too careless about others? Have you felt it? Maybe the rules you made are perfect, but people can't be perfect. You need to be considerate of the feelings of other people who are not perfect—"

"Yes, of course human beings are not perfect, and I am not perfect. I also have my own weaknesses. Then, where I am not good, I should be led by those who are good at it. I have my talents. , Then I have to maximize my talents. For other people who don’t have this ability, just listen to me, right? They don’t know how to do it, so I can give them a way forward. ,Is not it?"

"Well, but at least you should listen to other people's opinions and so on--"

"If you find that other people’s opinions are proposals that you have considered and rejected by you, you will feel that discussing with them is a waste of time, so instead of spending extra time to convince them, tell them Their opinion is not feasible. It is better to just let others obey my ideas. Just like last year in the football department, in the first year I took over, I could qualify in the county qualifiers. The previous minister of football Without this ability, this is the ability gap. In the face of an absolute ability gap, the opinions of the weak need not be considered."

"Well, so just do your job well." He gave Xiaochun a deep look and said, "Of course, if someone can make a real idea for me to consider, I will also accept it. But what Cannian is that everyone seems to think that obeying my orders is the best choice!"

He also ran back to the stadium with some conceit, leaving Xiaochun alone looking at the man’s back in a daze. She habitually felt that there was something wrong with the football minister’s words, but she couldn’t find the so-called wrong. Where is the place?

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Chapter 14: After being busy, I will look forward to peace even more

To be honest, if you want to put this piece of history in front of everyone in the Ministry of Service, then in addition to your sister, the other two people will probably think that Sugiura Koharu is definitely a good joke player, because such Yubihama Kazuya, and The Yubihama whom they knew were definitely two people.

But, in fact, two Yubihama and one person, one is the past me and the other is the changed me now-it's just that once people form a fixed impression of someone, then their perception It is difficult to shift.

Of course, Xiaochun did not make such an explanation. She just glanced at Yukoshita with some doubts, then tilted her head to look at me, and asked unclearly, "Well, what I mean is Yubihama. Senior, the tone of voice he usually talks to people?"

I understand. For Sugiura Koharu, she doesn’t know the changes that took place during my high school period. Therefore, in her cognition, the me in front of the people in the ministry is still the arrogant and ostentatious me in the middle school period. , The kind of retort that made Xiaochun under the snow just now, undoubtedly reminded her of my experience that made her a little embarrassing, right?Therefore, it is normal to substitute the previous impression of me and conclude that my current situation has not changed.

Not to mention, before that, her first impression of Yubihama Kazuya in Sotake Taka was exactly the same thing she did on the football field as she had impression of the man in junior high school. It’s very normal to derive this conclusion, right?

"Well, I don't quite understand what you mean. Under Yubihama's normal situation, do you mean the kind of image that is a little taciturn and unwilling to talk more?" Yukoshita frowned and pointed to the station. In front of the table, I looked at me with an anguished look at the conversation between the two.

"Ah, is this a normal situation for Yuhihama-senpai?" Xiaochun was visibly stunned, and raised his eyebrows. "Well, speaking of Yuhihama-senpai, isn't he that kind of particularly publicity and the feeling that no one admits defeat? Is it? Or, what kind of a particularly strong desire to control and dominate people?"

Well, it feels like Xiaochun said something bad!

"Well, if you want to say that," Yukoshita nodded, "I really have to emphasize the characteristics of this part of Yubihama, I still have some impressions, but it's just a flash in the pan."

Obviously, Xuexia was thinking of the quarrel between me and her when I first joined the department. If I recall from now on my state at that time, in fact, facing Xuexia at that time, I can be regarded as sharp and sharp. Let's not let it-although the goal that this kind of sharp situation wants to achieve is somewhat different from the goal that Xiaochun wants to achieve in his impression.

But this does not prevent Xuexia from using her excellent memory and logical analysis skills to connect these two points.

"Well, that's what it meant, that," Xiaochun looked at Yukoshita carefully and curiously, and asked in a low voice, "Eh, so, isn't the current Yubihama-senpai like that?"

Although Isshiki told me that Xiaochun was asking her for my information, it was obvious that this kind of information could not be inquired through Isshiki's general discussion, and with Isshiki's shrewd consciousness, she would definitely understand my information. As a bargaining chip in exchange for the compromise with Xiaochun, and this is something Xiaochun is unwilling to compromise, so the information she can get from Isseki is still somewhat limited.

"You can rest assured, the current Yubihama student, well, although it still seems to be a little restless," Xuexia nodded, as if describing a person who has been tamed by himself but occasionally It's like a pet who has a temper, "In general, it is not so sharp. After all, I told him about the gap in ability from the beginning!"

Although the conclusion is correct, what is the feeling that "Yuhihama Kazu has been tamed by Yukoshita Yukino", you have to remember, Yukoshita student, I'm just in the stage of restraining myself. , Did not accept your idea, which I once agreed with.Moreover, my current self-restraint is just a manifestation of my high school debut, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your so-called blow.

"Uh, that's it!" Xiaochun's eyes turned a little darker, from the hopeful and shiny look just now to the somewhat muddy situation at the beginning.

"Well, if it's okay, I'll leave first. I already know what happened to the senior Xuexia. Next, the Qingquan Middle School Student Union should discuss this matter with the Zongwu High School Student Union. The entrustment of senior Lai Xuexia is considered complete, right?" After that, some inexplicably fell into the silence of the classroom of the Ministry of Service, which was inexplicably fallen into the silence, but it was the guests who broke it first.

"So, if needed, we can help Xiaochunjiang find Xiao Caiyu, um, that is, you just said that it felt a little weird for someone to come to our school?" Looking at the mood overall, it is still somewhat Frustrated Xiaochun, her sister took the initiative to stand up, and said to Xiaochun in a tone that wanted to ease the atmosphere.

"No, um, Yuihama-senior--well, not the Yubihama-senior," Koharu grinned reluctantly, and said, "Yukishita-senpai just meant that you didn't want the student council to know that you were involved in this matter, right? If I were to lead me to find Senior Isshige, I would definitely involve you. So I just need to solve it by myself, and Senior Yukoshita can act as if I don't know the impact on me. "

"Ah, that's it, but Xiaoxue--" My sister still looked a little unwilling to give up, but the decision at this time should be made.

"——Let her go, Yui sister."

"Huh, Xiaohe?"