My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 79

There is no way, that guy, that’s it. Although she has suffered a big failure, although her previous self-confidence may have been destroyed by others, at this time, she still wants to bear it alone, although it is obvious It would be better to have someone else help her, but she will still work hard alone.

Maybe this kind of being too strong, in the end, has some fragile qualities, which is the reason why she was able to attract me at that time?

However, the irony is that it should be me who caused the biggest failure in Sugiura Koharu's life.

I don’t want to pretend to say something like "I don’t have any other means of atonement now", because I am correcting my mistakes, because wanting to make up for the greatest harm to the other party, but what she’s doing to me To be very familiar, I was able to provide help for a time, but now I can’t do anything, but it still makes me feel a little bit unbearable.

If the biggest feature that distinguishes humans from beasts is his rationality, then the most important feature that distinguishes humans from machines is his sensibility, right?While pursuing rationality and pursuing neutrality, I will try to restrain my feelings as much as possible. However, if feelings are restrained, the meaning of human pursuit of rationality will not exist. In the final analysis, the purpose of this kind of rationality is for Give yourself self-satisfaction, and self-satisfaction itself is an emotion.

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The next thing is actually irrelevant to the Ministry of Service.Although he received a big blow, Xiaochun did the job meticulously.Just one week after the conversation with us, the Zongwu High School Student Union and the Qingquan Middle School Student Union reached an agreement to jointly organize the event.

Although this agreement does not directly stipulate the so-called preferential conditions for entering a higher school, or in other words, this agreement is only a so-called "encourage Qingquan Middle School students to participate in the school festival of Sou Wu Gao, and give Qingquan Middle School those who want to watch the total Wu Gao’s academy offers a “convenience” agreement that seems useless.

However, considering that the previous cooperation project between Qingquan Middle School and Qingquan University High School on the school festival was similar, people with intentions had to have some ideas about further cooperation between the two schools.After all, when the question of entering a higher education is really involved, it is not a simple matter that the student councils of the two schools can decide, and further coordination by the board of directors and the school is needed.

However, the initial connection between a junior high school and a high school has been established, and the conclusion of various other cooperation terms based on strengthening the exchanges between the students of the two schools has become a predictable thing. .

On the day the agreement was reached, Xiaochuntuo brought me a letter.

The content of the letter is very simple: "Yuhihama-senpai, if I can do the same as Yukoshita-senpai, then our previous problems can be avoided, right?"

It seems that Xuexia's remarks have had a great impact on Xiaochun. She seems to have regarded Xuexia as her goal. Perhaps, in her opinion, Xuexia has solved all problems. Her "absolutely correct" attitude can deter me, and it can also allow us to continue the relationship that was caused by my mistakes and her accommodation to me, right?

But, Xiaochun, your direction is completely wrong!The road of Yukino under Yukino, the road of Yubihama Kazuya in the past, will only end in destruction!

More importantly, the message that was conveyed along with this letter was also the message that Xiaochun dragged forward: "I will continue to work hard before I reach that level. Therefore, Yuihama-senpai does not have to try to convince me, I It's no longer the person who blindly trusted seniors before!"

So, it’s good to have your own thoughts, but what is going on with this attitude?This kind of completely imitating Yukino's feeling is really crazy!Not to mention whether Xuexia's ability can be learned, this attitude is absolutely undesirable.

However, such a road to the dark Xiaochun, at least for a short time, can not be shaken, so I can only vent the resentment in my heart to Yukino Yukoshita-uh, it seems that I can't vent it. , Because from the beginning to the end, Xuexia has never told Xiaochun what she should do. Xiaochun’s choice is entirely self-interpretation and self-regulation. It is a bit too much to blame her for this idea. Too much.

Of course, it's definitely not because I can't beat Yukoshita on this issue for the time being.

On the other hand, although the Soutake High Student Union reached an agreement with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union without knowing it, the role of the Ministry of Service is almost ignored, as Yuukishita expected, even though it is Isshiki. It was the city president who had some doubts about the possible role of Yukoshita Yukino, but everyone in the Ministry of Service did not talk about this suspicion, and even showed some expressions about it. After completely ignorant of the attitude, this suspicion disappeared.

However, when I occasionally passed by the door of the light music club, I was pulled by the still more enthusiastic Minister Iizuka to talk about the Ministry of Service and the Football Club. I could see that the staff were already busy supporting Yanagahara. Tomo is still opposed to Tomo Yanagihara’s tormenting society. The neighbor Haruki Kitahara, who seems to be completely indifferent to this kind of thing while holding a guitar, still looks at me carefully, and occasionally takes out a pen to write on paper. What a thoughtful look.

I remembered the situation where Isshi once mentioned that the student association was going to ask Haruki Kitahara for help. I somehow came up with the idea that Haruki Kitahara might know something. After all, the person who is particularly good at detecting abnormal situations in the surrounding environment. , In most cases, you should be sensitive to the areas around you that need help.

Of course, I am not a detective, nor do I need to pay too much attention to these trivial and complicated things. I am telling the enthusiastic Minister Iizuka that "Hayama is a generous person and did not try to be provoked by me in football. After such half-truth and half-truth, I also left the light music club.

Of course, at that time, I just thought that the situation of the light music club would be very chaotic, but I never doubted the existence of this association itself and their ability to achieve the third grade carnival of the Minister at the Academy Festival.

And the subsequent changes and the speed at which it happened, it is really a bit shocking.

Although this is all afterwards, because, at least for now, when I walk into the classroom of the Ministry of Service and look at three people with completely different personalities and have good and bad attitudes towards me, my mood is still very relaxed and calm. .

After experiencing so many things, I actually feel that the situation where no one cares about the ministry at the beginning is the best situation.


Chapter 15: The role of sister control exists because of resistance to sisters

The recent Yubihama Kazuya was in a depressed mood. This sadness was not because of an accident around him. If he had to say it, after the previous Sugiura Koharu incident, he has ushered in a relatively stable campus life.Therefore, the source of this low mood is naturally his relatives.

——What the hell are you doing!Are you so depressed that you have to use the third person to "objectively" explain this reality?Or is it that my concept of neutrality is about to detach from the flesh and become something more surreal?

Okay, that's the end of this bad self-spitting, but there is indeed a reason for the depression.

The reason for the depression is because of my sister's recent performance.

Yuihama Yui went to study!

Again, Yuihama Yui went to study, Yuihama Yui, whether active or passive, went to the after-school study meeting.

It is Yuihama Yui, who is always handed over to cellphone emails and shopping and chatting after school, only to hold the Buddha's feet temporarily before the final exam, with a nose and tears, begging me to tutor her with math. She went to attend after school. The study session is over.

Of course, participating in the study session itself is a good thing, especially for my older sister who is always worried about the possibility of being repeated or dropped out of school-well, it doesn’t matter if I repeat a grade. After all, if I’m in the same grade as me, I will be counseling after class. The aspect can also be convenient.

Therefore, the main thing that makes me feel depressed is not the study meeting itself, but the object of the study meeting with my sister.

That damn Yukino Yukino, with that awe-inspiring posture, outperformed me in all aspects, prying my sister away from me in the name of the study meeting.How can it be repaired!Yui sister's expression when she begged me for tuition two days before the final exam, but it can keep me aftertaste for a long time, but Yuihama Kazuya's little fun was also taken away by Yukino Yukoshita, that guy, she Is it a devil?

I think if Higiya Hachiman was present, he would be nodding heavily beside me. Judging from the information so far, the number of people in my sister’s study meeting is not large. In addition to her and Yukoshita, it also includes The "boy" Totsuka Ayaka, who made Bikkiya fascinated, and Bikkiya, who was in the same class as Totsuka and his sister, was tragically excluded. This somewhat relieved my mind.

There is always someone who will accompany me to suffer. Bigiya’s disappointment that I can’t study with Totsuka should be the same as my disappointment that I can’t help my sister. Considering this, I feel better. ——Although it feels like going to another extreme angle!

However, there is no other way. When my sister showed embarrassed eyes and looked at me at a loss, she said: "Well, that, Xiaohe, I know you can help me, but, Xiaoxue's Liberal arts are really good, first grade, so say, so say—"

So, only science and liberal arts can't help you no matter how hard I work, I can only do nothing at this time, right?

I know, I know, when my sister was preparing for the entrance exam for Soo Wu Gao, and the final exam last year, I knew this question.

However, this cannot change the fact that I am very unhappy because my sister was taken away by Yukoshita Yukino!

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"Hey, Senior Xiao Muzhen, if it's you, can you help my sister with tuition? Senior's grades seem to be pretty good?" Sitting at the coffee shop that Senior Xiao Muzhen chose, I don’t know what its name is, it’s some distance from the school. Here, while biting the straw, I looked at the notebook in my hand with a sense of aura.

If I understand it well, I should also be reviewing before the final exam, and it is a one-on-one review with Senior Xiao Muzhu.

Thinking about it afterwards, I felt that I seemed to have done a very remarkable thing. Studying with Gaolingzhihua in school is what a dream for most boys in school. what!But now I don’t have any energy. Well, in addition to the fact that Senior Xiao Muzhen is too good at guiding the atmosphere when we are familiar with the situation, I can’t get nervous, but it’s mainly because of my sister’s incident. It's really big.

Don’t think it’s an expression of being in the blessing and not knowing the blessings. I have been with you for seventeen years, of which ten years have relied on you to learn from the older sister who was taken away by someone she had only known for two months, normal people. Will you feel the same as me?

"Well, it should be possible? If, as you said, your sister's grades are really so unsatisfactory—"

"--It's that bad. I linger on the edge of the passing line every year, but fortunately there is no one who has failed."

"--Well, from this point of view, your sister is still quite good. If you continue, since your sister's grades are not so ideal, I think it is not impossible for me to help and tutor, but if her grades are better Some are not necessarily!"

Today’s Xiao Muzhen is wearing her usual pink top. In fact, the clothes of the seniors I have seen are relatively cute but not fancy and unobtrusive. I don’t know if this is because of the seniors themselves. Habit is the reason why you don’t want to be noticeable in school.Of course, today’s senior Xiao Muzhen did not wrap herself up like she did when she went to karaoke to sing—according to her own statement, she rarely sees people from the same school appearing in this coffee shop. So there is no need to cover up too much.

"So, if my sister and I say that I can find a senior with good grades in third grade to help her with tuition, and if the three of us hold a study meeting, then we can pull my sister from Xuexia. Right? Now, senior will agree?"

"I think Kazuya, you are really dizzy now!" The senior helped his forehead, tapped the Chinese textbook in front of me with his fingers, and said, "You really feel that your Yui Sister, would you be willing to have a study meeting with someone who has only met you once?"

"This is not a problem. I can still tell her for the sake of helping her so many times before."

"Moreover, if the person holding the study meeting with your sister is the Xuexia classmate, as you said, then I really don't have the confidence to surpass her! After all, she is a rare master Wu Gao for so many years. There is a character who can be called a genius in all aspects! The third grade is also very famous here!"

"But, it's very unhappy!" Of course, I also know that my current performance is purely childish and arrogant. Of course, in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, this kind of "brother" approach is actually not enough. How it hurts.

"Rather than thinking about how to convince your Yui sister now, it is better to study hard. In this test, your Chinese score can improve significantly. If your liberal arts score has improved significantly, it means that, um, I taught Yes, you also have the capital to persuade your sister."

"How do I feel that this is what you meant to boast, Senior?"