My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 80

"Please, I'm sincerely giving you ideas, and now you have to rely on me for your liberal arts tutoring. This is my sincerity to seniors who don't hesitate to sacrifice their time for review and exams to help you review? You know, I But you have to prepare for university entrance exams, unlike your juniors who don't have to think about anything in the first year!"

"Hi, great senior Xiao Muzhen, I will study hard."

"So you boys, sometimes you are too careless, sometimes Xiaohong will be like you."

"Hey, stop, stop, I will show you the style of the Showa era anymore-oh no, I seem to have been in the Showa period and haven't come back?"

"Yuhihama Kazuya!"

"Well, I was wrong, senior!"

All in all, it is not a big problem to ridicule the predecessors. Of course, we must pay attention to the degree of that ridicule. For example, in the situation just now, the finishing touch is a better choice. Sure enough, Yuihama is well versed in the way of getting along with Ogisaki!

---------------------------------split line---------------

Of course, on the whole, I felt pretty good about myself during the study session. Compared with my sister’s often inconsistent situation, I feel that at least I am very serious when I am studying.

Of course, I have to have some fun when I’m serious. Although it’s a shame to take out my mobile phone to play games in front of the predecessors, it doesn’t prevent me from holding a pencil and stunned while listening. The voice of the pair of middle school students talking.

It was a pair of boys and girls. To tell the truth, the young men and women who came to the coffee shop alone after school have some special relationships—well, except for the one between me and Xiao Mujun—not the men and women who are already ambiguous. Classmates are boy and girl friends who have already established a relationship, tusk, now middle school students!

Well, it seems that I have had a relationship experience in junior high school, I am not qualified to look down on them?

But if you listen carefully, it seems that the relationship between this pair of boys and girls is not as simple as that of a simple couple. Or should they not be a couple, but an ordinary friend?

Of course, it makes sense to look at it this way. The girl with short black hair looks like that kind of smarter type. Over time, she has the potential to become Isshiki's type of girl-of course the optimized version or the degraded version of Isshiki. It still depends on the character of the girl herself.

On the other side, the boy looks like the kind of guy from the passerby series that can be seen everywhere, with his usual hair style and usual clothes style, and he doesn't show any special aura— —Even Biqigu’s aura that rejects people thousands of miles away — in short, he is the most ordinary boy that can be caught everywhere.

If such a relationship between a man and a woman is a couple, then I really doubt whether this boy is capable of resisting the other's domination-countless experience tells us that a unilaterally dominated relationship cannot last.

Of course, the two seem to be arguing, at least arguing about a certain issue. For me, who just finished my junior high school career, it seems that I can listen to it?

"Dazhijun, there is no one else who can help, right? Then please ask my brother! My brother is very powerful!"

"But, Komachi-classmate's brother, I haven't met him before. Isn't it a bit too hasty to make a request like this?"

"No problem, no problem. I asked my brother about this question last night! At that time, his response was, "If you ask me for help, there is absolutely no problem." He joined a club that is about giving people. It's helpful, so it's okay."

"Even so—"

"Also, as long as it is Komachi's request, my brother has never refused to agree. My brother loves Komachi very much!"

Obviously, the girl named Komachi trusts her brother. This type of girl is rare. Shouldn't the role of the younger sister in this era be disregarded or even annoying to her brother? ?Because I have to take care of my elder brother who has no ability to take care of himself, and when I can go out with my classmates, I am restricted by this strict sibling relationship, so I can’t play freely. My younger sister should hate her brother. what!

Therefore, the role of the sister is better. Even if it is necessary to change the role and let the younger brother take care of the sister, there is a sense of accomplishment from the heart. There will be no such kind of sister who is a little exhausted because of taking care of the elder brother. I was totally unaware of my sister’s painstaking efforts and even talked about love with other girls, and finally offended my sister and went into a situation of no return-uh, it seems that my brain was a little wrong. I can always sigh with emotion. Komachi’s girl’s brother is so lucky, although I always think the name Komachi is familiar.

Hey, wait a minute, she seems to have said the name of the ministry just now?

"Then, can I really go to classmate Komachi's brother for help?" The boy named Dazhi finally seemed a little moved under the constant persuasion of the other party.

"That's it! It's okay, it's okay, I should know where my brother is, let's hurry up!"

"Uh, this, Komachi-san, wait a minute!"

If you have to think about it carefully, it is unlikely that such a weird society of the Ministry of Service will exist in other schools, but if it is true, it would be a coincidence. The boys in the Ministry of Service are except me. Only Biqigu, and Biqigu, does often mention his sister, what is the name of that sister?

"Heya, it's rude to keep looking at other people, right?"

"Eh, Senior Xiao Muzhen? What does it mean to look at other people, um, okay—" As Senior reminded me, I also realized that the boys and girls who had been staring at me over there seemed to be aware of my sight, some He looked at me hesitantly.

"Are those two kids people you know?"

"Uh, strictly speaking, it should not be." I withdrew my gaze from staring at them, and then I could feel that the other side also retracted his gaze looking at me with a sigh of relief.

"Then don't always look at others impolitely! Or, you are interested in that girl, that girl is really cute, and then I remember that Sugura classmate is also this age and so on—"

"--Absolutely not, senior, don't gossip, I'm just in a daze!"

For the first time, I realized that Senior Xiao Muzhen is also a person with terrible brain supplement ability. Sure enough, is this a common problem for girls?

However, I don't care about the pair of junior high school students. It is possible that other schools have ministerial departments. This world should not be that small.

Probably not— right?


Regarding the early events of the original Chunwu, I personally feel that it is difficult to solve them by means other than the original, but if the protagonist’s approach is only to replace anyone in the original to come up with the same solution, it would be too boring, so for these events What I took in the first volume was a bystander attitude, and in the second volume, only some events could be deleted.

Actually, when I chose the Yeshan incident or the Shahi incident, I also considered it, but in the end I was going to write about Shahi. As for the Yeshan incident, I also thought about it, and I will have the opportunity to write it as a side story in the future. But it looks like)


Chapter 16: Certain default perceptions will cause undesirable consequences

After I retracted my gaze, the male and female classmates who looked at me with some alertness also retracted their suspicion of me with a sigh of relief. After I judged that they were not a romantic relationship, the two What's so scary about this guy, or do I look scary?

——Uh, an intuitive judgment based on the color of the hair is indeed like this. To be honest, I have never remembered the concept that red hair equals badness before, but after Yukoshita Yukino repeatedly emphasized this point, I seem to be Also accepted this view.

Therefore, red hair is equal to bad. This pot is all under Yukishita. It is the fault of that nasty arrogant woman. It has nothing to do with Yubihama’s red hair or Yubihama’s behavior. You see, the most obvious representative is Senior Xiao Muzhen over there. Seniors were very kind to me from the beginning, and didn't regard me as a bad person-this proves that Xuexia's judgment is not tenable. .

Yukoshita Yukino used this untenable judgment to poison Yubihama Kazuya, and even Yubihama Kazuya also subconsciously think that he is bad when other people stare at him curiously, and produce this kind of self-depreciation. Concept, this is one of the evils that Xuexiaxuena brought to this world!

"Heya, have been looking at me since just now, is there any problem?"

"Well, no, I just thought, when I first saw me, Senior Xiao Muzhen's attitude towards me was a bit too friendly?"

"Ah, at that time?" Senior gave a nostalgic smile, "Is there a problem with that attitude?"

"Mainly from the perception of some people, red hair seems to represent badness, and then everyone is afraid of talking to a bad person?" I shook my head and said, "Well, But how can a person like Xiao Muyan-sen simply judge a person based on the color of his hair, right? Haha!"

"Hey, that's what you said," Senior nodded seriously, then took the pencil in his hand and turned it around a few times, and said in a very serious and serious tone, "The situation at the time was actually I forcibly corrected it!"

"Well, what do you mean?"

"That's right," the senior closed his hair on his forehead, showing an embarrassed expression, "Actually, my first reaction was to think that this boy is a little scary. Now, after all, the red-haired boy is in reality. It’s not a foreigner, and the possibility of badness is still very high. It’s not a comic, eh."

"But at that time, the seniors defined me as'such a young student'!"

"It's inevitable. It would be rude to say that you look bad or something at the beginning? But the interjection at that time was a little involuntarily popped out, and it was temporarily changed to that sentence. Yes, it is like that."

"I don't believe it. It was obviously natural when I went to the senior to say that sentence at that time, and there was no embellishment at all!"

"Well, this and you can also understand that I reacted relatively quickly at that time, and I immediately thought that I could express my emotions in another way--"

"——So Senior Xiao Muzhen also subconsciously thinks I am a bad person because he sees his red hair?"

"Strictly speaking, well, but you see Heya, after chatting with you for a few words, I know you are a good junior, and I will take care of you in the future, right?"

However, this is not the point, because even such a gentle-senior Xiao Muzhu would have such an impression, then it is no surprise that the two middle school students just now regarded me as bad.Damn, why the same treatment, my sister has never encountered it, why do girls have the privilege of having this kind of hair that can be colorful and can be easily integrated into the group without being worried.This is gender discrimination. Is this society's tolerance for male abnormal behavior so low?Isn't it a problem that this kind of social cognition is just left unchecked?