My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 81

Therefore, all people who are born with different hairs are united. We should build a party of our own, occupy the county council, occupy the parliament, and occupy the whole world-uh, it seems that something very strange has been said?

"But even though the vast majority of people are a bit scared of the impression of Heya, they will definitely not deliberately isolate you. Just like my relationship with you, as long as other people come into contact with you, they will know about you. It’s a daily behavior, so you don’t have to worry about this, right?” My face should be obviously crazy now, and Senior Xiao Muzhen shouldn’t have expected that what he said casually would hit me so much. Da, now seems to be comforting me with that kind of funny but helpless expression.

Okay, although it is difficult to accept, today I have confirmed a fact more or less-although I am willing to blame Yukoshita for the formation of the mean impression that red hair equals bad, Yukiya Kazuya is still the same People who recognize the reality of society, if this is a universal concept of society, then I am powerless.

Although it is indeed uncomfortable.

In fact, let's be honest, the middle school girl who stared at me is also a little cute. Being hated by cute girls is always a bit uncomfortable as a boy.

-----------------------------split line-------------------

Then, on the second day, I still met the girl. Of course, while meeting her, I still had to sigh with emotion that this world is still smaller than I thought.

However, to be honest, I was only attracted by the predecessor Xiao Muzhen. If I can give me time to calm down and think, I will not be stared at by the people in the classroom of the community with the kind of "scum" eyes. Look at it.

Although this look seems to have only appeared not long ago, and the person who caused this look is also a third-year middle school student.

I have never believed in concepts such as gods and Buddhas, but I think I need to go to the shrines to pray for blessings. Recently, the third-year girl in junior high school's expression of the qualifier for people is a bit offensive to me. !

Of course, I’m discussing how I should deal with Yukino’s "Sure enough" expression, Yui sister’s "Okato, why did you make a mistake again", and the last and most terrifying Higiya Hachiman’s Before the rare expression that wants to swallow me, we still need to trace the whole thing.

When I walked into the classroom of the Ministry of Service again, from the expressions of other people, I realized that the Ministry of Service, which had been calm for a while, had gotten a commission.

So this should solve the sequelae of Ye Shan’s commission. As I expected, because of the unconscious propaganda of Ye Shan Hayato, at least the reputation of the Ministry of Service in the second-year F group where his sister is, and even the entire second-year. Has risen quietly.In fact, although the recent period has been very peaceful, all kinds of weird commissions to the Ministry of Service have not been interrupted-just these such as "Can you help me find a cat?", "I can't do homework Do it, can you help me with my homework?" Such as usual but not in line with the Ministry’s mission of "helping people to complete rather than replacing them" were all rejected by Yukoshita with a cold face. Up.

Of course, the scary thing about Xuexia is that those who were rejected by her were not angry because of the refusal of the Ministry of Service. Instead, they truly believed Xuexia's rebuttal and "persuasion." He confessed his mistake of trying to "get something for nothing" with trepidation and quit the classroom.

Therefore, although I am harassed by one or two people every day, there are no real things that can be called entrusted. This is why I think the Ministry of Service has been relatively calm in recent times. After all, those rejected things are due to Xuexia I don't have to worry about those guys even if Yukino manages it all by himself.

Of course, this time, there seemed to be something that Yukino Yukoshita felt was worth asking the Ministry of Service to help.

To put it simply, this is a commission from my sister and Higiya’s classmate, a person named Kawasaki Saki.

According to my sister, this student Shahi, at least in the first grade, was a very cute girl. She studied hard, cared about her family, and interacted with her classmates kindly. To be honest, I am sure about what my sister said. My elder sister always likes to exaggerate when describing people, and when I heard that my sister’s description of the Kawasaki classmate was a retelling of Kawasaki’s younger brother, I was even more convinced.

Of course, like many strange stories, this Kawasaki student who "studied seriously, cared about his family, and had a friendly relationship with his classmates", after he was in the second year of high school, he seemed to be a different person. They are indifferent and don’t go home until the early hours of the morning. They are also habitually late for class in the morning. What’s more, the manager of a shop whose name doesn’t sound so good will call this Kawasaki classmate-all in all , Is the former classmate Shaxi, a good girl, completely degraded.

But is this the standard for badness?Maybe this is the performance of that Kawasaki student realized something?Not talking to people, being indifferent to everyone, means not wanting to harm others with your own words and deeds. Going home late at night is because you have to be alone in the library to explore the true meaning of knowledge, and being late for class in the morning is Because-uh, well, I can't make it up.It seems impossible to refute, this is indeed bad performance.

Although this performance is subtle and similar to me-mainly because I am not late.

All in all, in order to restore the degenerate, obedient girl Kawasaki-san, the Ministry of Service accepted the commission from Kawasaki's younger brother.

According to Xuexia's point of view, to solve this kind of problem girl's psychological problems, we must first establish a relatively close relationship with her.

"By the way, isn't this just talking about war on paper? If Xuexia can establish a good relationship with that kind of person, then it's really - well, no, if Xuexia is that kind of indifferent person. Opportunity." Of course, almost without brain thinking, my words came out.

Afterwards, I saw the sharp eyes under Xuexia.

Is it better to talk less at this time?

"Do you know animal therapy?" After shocking me, Xuexia seriously proposed a seemingly effective method.

Animal therapy, in simple terms, is a kind of mental therapy that is good for the emotional side by reducing the person's mental pressure through contact with animals.

It should be quite effective in theory.

"In that case, it's okay to use Sabre?" I asked my sister without a word.

"Well, ah, this, is it possible for Sabre? Haha?" My sister's eyes rolled, looking at Biqigu with embarrassment.

Well, it seems that the idiot sister hasn't told Biqigu about it yet?Have you been in the same class with him for a long time?

"Well, for Sabre, it seems that I am going to the pet hospital today, so I am sorry that I made a mistake." Seeing this picture of my sister, I had to help her out. "The recent infectious disease for dogs is still It's dangerous!"

"Dogs?" Xuexia opened his eyes wide, and then swallowed, "Ah, that, dogs can't work, it's better to be cats, do you have any cats?"

What is called "dogs are no good", although I also prefer cats, but I apologize to everyone who likes dogs!

"I have a cat at home. Is it okay?" Unexpectedly, Biqigu agreed at this time. With that guy's laziness, it really doesn't seem like he can raise cats, which are very demanding animals like life. People.

Of course, Biqigu's subsequent phone call told us: At least in terms of raising cats, the person in charge should be his sister.

And the name of Tobiki Valley is Komachi—yes, it is Komachi, the name is exactly the same as the one I heard yesterday.

I was a little worried when I called in Biqigu.And when his sister officially appeared in front of us, I felt that for Yubihama Kazuya, the hell mode was about to begin again.

"Well, hello everyone, Komachi will be here soon—"

It seems that Higiya's younger sister named Komachi had met with several other people in the Ministry before. When the girl carrying the cage walked into the classroom, she still greeted everyone very familiarly.

However, before the greeting was over, her gaze fell on me.

Afterwards, showing a somewhat surprised and somewhat panic expression, Komachi subconsciously jumped behind Higiya, and greeted me with some uncertainty: "Well, brother, that, there is another person in the Ministry of Service. Didn't you see it yesterday!"

"Oh, that guy, the younger brother of Yubihama over there-um, Komachi, what's the matter?" Hiketani, who was about to introduce me to my sister, also realized the energetic girl just now The change, and then, his eyes turned to me.

This is a look that I have never seen with a stronger desire to protect than Qigu. That kind of gaze, coupled with Biqigu's somewhat gloomy look, definitely doubles the horror effect.

Later, my sister and Xuexia, who had just watched the interaction of the siblings, also realized the problem and turned their attention to me.

Uh, but is this my problem?No, this is not my problem, this is obviously a pot of social cognition!Who says red hair is bad!


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Chapter 17: A Trial Solution Without Any Meaning

Biqigu’s sister looked at me like a big bad wolf. Please, show me the courage that you and I met yesterday. Although I look bad, I’ve been forced to admit it. Wouldn't it be a problem if you could show the courage of looking at me like yesterday?

However, after looking at Higiya Hachiman, who has been standing upright for a long time, I can understand the thoughts of this sister classmate. After all, as a younger sister, you will always look a little weaker next to your brother, even if you are. Is that kind of tougher character, and hopes that his brother can protect himself?It is obvious that Biqigu, at least in terms of maintaining his sister, is still very responsible.

This kind of reminds me of Yui sister. Although Yui sister is very stupid, she always does a lot of things that make me feel ridiculous, but she wants to protect my mood, and I can always experience it.

Moreover, it is also a rare thing to see Biqigu cheering up. If it weren’t for him to target me, I would really appreciate this Biqigu’s sister, who always looks like it’s been used up. Chai’s development in the direction of Zongwu High School's second-year students to get back on track.

That's right, if it's not me.

"Ahem, don't you all look at me with that kind of social scum. Anyway, what can I do to a girl who only has third grade in middle school?"

"Stare—" What answered me was the three people's Cannian eyes. It seems that the previous Xiaochun incident had too much influence on them. Obviously, I didn't do anything to Xiaochun. Anyway, the previous Xiaomushu senior It also seems to think that I will have an idea compared to Qigu's sister-so when did I give these people the impression of being under control every year!

"All in all, in order to prevent you from misunderstanding, I will tell you what happened. When I was studying yesterday afternoon, I saw this Biqigu's sister and classmate and a boy talking sneakily, out of concern for this age. Duan’s junior high school student needs to be particularly sneaky curiosity about what kind of things will happen, so I just listened to the conversation between these two people for a while, and because the listening was more engrossed, the Komachi classmate looked at me and said To be honest, I think it’s better to worry about the classmate who chats with your sister instead of worrying about what I will do to your sister."

Niceball!After saying this, my mood was as refreshing as I had cut off a very threatening attack on the court and then sent a 50-meter long pass to counterattack. It not only removed the suspicion of the problem from me. , And retaliated slightly for the little sister of Biqigu.