My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 82

Little classmate, although I think you are still quite cute, since you have put me into such a dilemma, isn't it a big deal for me to be polite?

Sure enough, the expression in Biqigu's eyes was only angry at me from the beginning, and slowly turned into a panic and shock. This sister-in-law is still very concerned about his sister's affairs!

"Ah, that, no, that's Oshi-kun! Kawasaki Oshi-kun! The classmate who commissioned yesterday!" It seems that she felt the distrustful look from her brother, and the younger sister named Komachi jumped up immediately. , Explained hurriedly.

It seems that the existence of this male classmate was also known to Biqigu, so although he showed a very unhappy expression, Biqigu didn't do anything to his sister.

However, to say the least, the collective contempt for me has disappeared, and this is always a fortunate thing.Xuexia's face had changed from contempt at the beginning to boredom in the following, and it was obvious that the possible interpersonal relationship between Qigu brothers and sisters surrounding her sister was no longer interested in her.The sister's expression was relieved again.

"Well, all in all, I believe in Xiaohe. Sure enough, Xiaohe is just a caring kid!" My sister clapped her hands happily and said.

If you can say this before I explain the situation clearly, it will be more convincing-every time the sister who clarifies the misunderstanding and then shows her trust in the younger brother will really make the younger brother's heart broken!

"Well, in a nutshell, now we don’t have to pay attention to Yubihama’s accident. The so-called animal therapy-um, can you show me the cat first? Well, that, what’s the name? "Xuexia nodded, and made a summary of the same discovery, and shifted everyone's focus to the cat that should have been brought by sister Biqigu.

On the rare occasion, Xuexia showed a somewhat curious and hesitating expression. Obviously, Minister Xuexia had an unexpected obsession with cats.

"No problem! This is Kamakura!" Biqigu's sister seemed to have a high degree of affection for Xuexia, and she reached out and handed the box containing the cat to Xuexia.

It is a cat that looks a little arrogant, with a pair of big yellow eyes on the gray and black stripes. Although I am also a person who prefers cats, this does not seem to be able to meet people all at once. The cat in contact!


Um, this, did I hear it?


No, there is no auditory hallucination. Yes, Yukoshita Yukino, the Yukoshita Yukino who usually doesn't even want to reward others with a good face, used a particularly gentle voice to call that one named Kamaku Pulled cat.

Afterwards, it seemed that I could feel the weird sights of Biqigu and I. Yuukishita locked the hand that had stretched out to touch the cat’s fur, and made a cold expression: "Well, don’t you Think more, I'm just testing, testing, and if this Mao is very recognizable, then the attraction to the Kawasaki classmate will drop a lot, um, at least—"

"——Kamakula doesn't recognize the baby." Biqigu interrupted dryly.

"No, no, it's not like that," Xuexia clearly felt like a trapped animal in the face of Biqigu's complaints. She waved her finger at the cat vigorously and said, "Look at me, Kamakura His attitude is good, but for Yubihama, he seems to be a little indifferent! So, um, he still has the potential to recognize his birth."

"So at this time, I should complain about whether I am too scary and even the cat is reluctant to approach me. If he has the possibility of admitting birth, how do you judge whether you will be friendly to the Kawasaki classmate based on his attitude towards you? ?"

"Well, in short, if this cat is to be used as an animal therapy animal," Yukoshita forcibly ignored my complaints. This should be the first time she has not been so calm and calm since I met her. "If it is animal therapy If he is, he is still qualified, so we just need to put him on the road that Kawasaki-san will pass by."

While saying this, Yukoshita naturally stretched out his hand to stroke the back of the cat named Kamakula. Although the movement was very natural, it can be seen that she seemed to have planned for this moment for a long time. Looks like.

However, at this time, Biqigu seemed to have heard a heavy news from his sister: "Hey, Xuexia?"

"what's up?"

"Well, Komachi learned from the boy that Kawasaki-san seems to be allergic to cats, so he said—"

"Is it useless to leave it?"

Then what is your purpose for summoning your sister? It seems that the only achievement your sister Jun has achieved is to successfully make you almost build up a bad impression of me again!

"So, the plan is over!" Biqigu shook his head and said, looking a little helpless but a little grateful.

"Well, probably, it should be, that's it?" Xuexia said reluctantly while looking at the cat that was still "meowing" at her.

In various senses, Xuexia's regret should come from no way to continue contact with the cat, not because there is no way to solve the Kawasaki problem.

"Hey, Yui sister." Looking at that kind of Yukinoshita, I puffed up at my sister.

"Well, Xiaohe, what's the matter?"

"I said, if you want to have a better relationship with that guy-well, I mean a relationship like a good friend."

"--Eh, what did Xiao tell you? My relationship with Xiaoxue is always very good, it's a'good' friend!" My sister replied dissatisfied.

"Okay, okay, this is not the point, okay, let me put it another way. If you want to have an intimate relationship with that guy becoming a girlfriend, I think you can start by giving her a cat!"

"Xiaohe makes sense!" My sister nodded in surprise, and then flattened her mouth. "But if I only rely on my pocket money, I shouldn't be able to afford a cat? And, will Xiaoxue's family be? That kind of place with very strict management, or an apartment where cats are not allowed?"

"Well, that's a problem, so change to a cat doll. Do you know that guy's birthday?"

"It seems to have passed? Xiaoxue's birthday seems to be around the same time as Xiaohe?"

"Is it also in January? It seems to be a bit of reluctance! Well, you can check it out by yourself when the time comes?"

"However, Xiaohe, why do you suddenly want to make my relationship with Xiaoxue better?"

"I'm just thinking if your relationship with her can get better, then she will treat me better."

"But, you can give her a gift by yourself and make a good relationship, right?"

"Huh? Sure enough, Yui sister, you are an idiot, right? If I want to give her a gift, then with that guy's attitude towards me, it must be a kind of "Yuhihama-student, if you just want to give me a gift to attack me" Don’t you think of me too simple?’-Oh no, it’s more like Isshiki’s words, it should be, “You guys give me something, let’s say, what do you want from me, if reasonable If I do, I can think about something like'. In short, she will definitely understand it as uneasy and kind, even though I didn't want to give it away."

"Really? But I always think Xiaoxue doesn't look so scary. Maybe Xiaohe will give her a lovely gift and she will accept it too!"

"I think it’s easier to let Yukoshita Yukino accept my gift than it is to let Biqigu Hachiman not be a sister-in-chief—saying Biqigu’s sister, well, I remember the last time you went to Biqigu’s family to thank you, no I met Biqigu, but at least I met his sister, right?"

"Yeah, yeah!" My sister nodded with a blushing face.

"Then she didn't recognize you?"

"Well, this, haha, haha, luck is also better!"

"Oh, the people in their family seem to be very clever. I didn't expect to be so slow in this respect!"

"Well, that's not it. After all, I only met the little sister Komachi and said, so, um, in short, you don't have to worry about these things for me!"

Of course, I just asked casually, and I can tell that you have been recognized by Biqigu's sister!

Of course, compared to Yui and I who are chatting now, Yukoshita and Biqigu on the other side seem to be more enthusiastic about this matter.Although their enthusiasm seems to me, the result will not change much.

Although I don’t know the situation of the Kawasaki classmate very well, but when I didn’t intend to tell my family what I did, I still want to understand each other’s current situation by establishing a good relationship with the other party. Is this the setting of a romantic comedy? ——Why suddenly learned the shameful secret of the other party and then did not express surprise to the other party's secret, but expressed admiration and further agreed with the other party to keep this secret together and finally succeeded in planting a flag on this girl What.

It's no wonder that the standard of light novels on the market is generally lower now. This is a manuscript that I can think of for a high school student, right?

Besides, on the premise that the other party's possible work location is already known, is it okay to go directly to the door?Why do you want to let the other party take the initiative to disclose information so much?This is obviously an impossible task, right?

However, from my point of view, there must be a reason for the change of the Kawasaki classmate, and this reason, no matter what, is her own choice, if she is really what her brother said If she was a good student in the past, then I believe she will not do things that detract from her reason.

Therefore, in this matter, I do not approve of the involvement of the Ministry of Service, or it would be best if she can figure out what she is doing calmly. If you want to influence her own decision, just At this point, I don't think it is necessary.

Of course, the concept of absolute neutrality is basically what should be adopted in these matters, right?


Meow, water, too water, the focus of each volume of my current volume is to serve the final climax, so the previous branch plots are simply plagiarizing the original text-although I did mention the original text Advanced techniques to repeat in another way.


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