My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 83

Of course, the reason for emphasizing the attitude of non-interference and neutrality is based on the fact that people can make rational judgments about their future success and gains and losses. At least in this respect, for the student Kawasaki Saki who has never met before, I have an inexplicable self-confidence. Generally speaking, people who play the role of brother or sister in a multi-child family always seem more rational.There are always more things to consider. This is the conclusion drawn from my observations of senior Xiao Muzhen, Biqigu and my own family.

By the way, don't be surprised, because Yubihama Kazuya plays the role of the older brother.

Therefore, the Kawasaki classmate who has a younger brother is no exception.

"So, instead of staying here all day thinking about having a good relationship with the Kawasaki classmate, why can't you take the initiative? According to your statement, you know the name of the place where the Kawasaki senior works?" But, watching Xuexia and others, who have fallen into a somewhat eccentric rhythm about how to build a good relationship with Kawasaki-I have heard that they seem to propose "*** or similar measures using Hayama Hayato. Fortunately at this time, the competition Gu's sister has been sent back by him, otherwise she must have ruined the good image of her brother in her heart-although I think it doesn't seem to be bad to ruin it once.

Who came up with this typical girly manga where the school-year prince fell in love with the bad girl? If it is Yukino Yukino, your rating will drop!

"Well, this is indeed a method that sounds worthwhile!" Xuexia looked at me in surprise, "But it doesn't seem to fit your personality?"

"What is my character?"

"Using all kinds of conspiracies to frame the opponent, or at least let the opponent step into the trap that he has set up and then declare war directly."

"So what did you get such an impression from!"

"Last time the person named Yoshiki Zamuza was entrusted by you, did you secretly plan to watch my jokes?"


"The previous challenge with Ye Shan, although we looked very difficult at the time, but you were fully prepared to defeat him before stimulating him!"

"This is definitely not!"

"And that Secretary Sugiura, from the vaguely mentioned history of the junior high school, she seems to have been humiliated by you too--"

"So how can you use vague words when you make this speculation? Shall we talk about facts and evidence? You are totally unreasonable speculation!"

"Well, this opinion itself is not bad anyway." Xuexia turned his head altogether.

Xuexia Xuena changed the subject, she wanted to pass this matter to a fool!

"Well, since Xiaohe made sense, but we also considered this approach!" My sister stopped me, who was about to chase after victory. What? For the first time in my life, I want to catch Xuexia. The loopholes, you don’t want to be on her side at this time, okay?

"Well, that is to say, the name of the place where Kawasaki works is "Angel", and there should be only two restaurants named "Angel" that open until the morning." Biqigu interrupted and said, this guy actually and his sister at this time Have you maintained a tacit understanding, don't you realize that your comrades in the Anti-Snow Alliance are in a good situation now?

"So, after school, I only need to go to these two stores to observe the situation, right?" But in the collective silence of the other three, I can only succumb to their change of topic. The proposal itself was made by me, "But I did hear the name'Angel', um, ahem."

"Xiaohe, unhealthy Lenovo is forbidden!"

"Then why don't you ban that guy over there! You see, the expression on Biqigu's face also changed for a moment!"

"There is no way, you are my brother, a small business, um, I can't manage it!"

So this is the sorrow of being in the same club as my sister!In this inexplicable situation, you will encounter the situation of being overwhelmed by the opponent.

"I hope you can solve the internal affairs of Yubihama's house by yourself later," Yukoshita glanced at me coldly and said, "If we really want to go to these stores to investigate, the question is how we should go, or In what form?"

"Couldn't it be enough to go directly?" Biqigu asked strangely.

"No, no, of course I didn't mean that," Yukoshita frowned and continued, "I mean, do we use collective action or separate action? After all, we are now four. Individuals, if they act collectively, the goals are really big."

"Eh, but isn't it a common thing for four people to eat together? Hayato often has-uh, okay!" My sister's subconscious retort stopped under my Cannian eyes.Know that the other two people you are facing are both famous lonely stars, people who have no friends, they will be very sad to show their faces like this!

"Well, all in all, I also agree to split the plan into two batches, after all, this plan is more efficient." I raised my hand and helped my sister round the scene.

"So, the key to the next question is, how should we group them?" Biqigu's somewhat gloomy and suspicious eyes swept at the others.

"Well, at this time, it should be a free team-then I and sister -"

"——Well, let's go with Xiaoxue!"

Just when I was about to move closer to my sister, seeking to form a family group called Yuihama, Yui once again gave me a sap. How much do you like Yukoshita now and how ignorant of your brother who always cares about you, hey!

Therefore, we must resolutely stop this from happening at this time!

"Minister, at this time you have to get closer to the matching of the characters? For example, the character fit (for example, the fit between sister and brother is always the highest), such as the familiarity with the characters we are going to face (such as Yui sister I don’t know that Kawasaki), and the degree of mutual trust between the matching combinations (for example, I and Yui sister must trust each other), well, in short, considering various factors, I think I still Sister Yui——"

"Yuhihama's recent comments are very constructive!" Yukoshita nodded calmly and said, "Referring to your grouping logic, I think I also understand what you mean."

"Well, so?"

"Me and Yubihama are in a team, and you are better off with Higiya."

"That's good-eh, no, what's the matter?"

"According to your opinion, in terms of the degree of character fit, I and you, as well as Biqigu over there, are very cruel. I don't think I can stand alone with any of you for a long time—"

"Hey, you can just mention Yubihama, why should you mention me!" Biqigu protested quietly, and of course was decisively ignored by Xuexia.

"--But Yubihama, you and Higiya's personality fit together well, after all, you two are the kind of bored people, so you shouldn't quarrel--"

"——Minister, thank you for your compliment!"

"The second point, I don’t know the Kawasaki classmate. Although I think I can guess, it’s always a good match for someone who knows Kawasaki classmates to match me. So Yuihama can help me here. Of course, your combination Over there, Biqigu knew Kawasaki, so there is no need to worry about not being able to recognize people."

"--But in fact, as long as Biqigu and sister are separated, no matter how they match it, right?"

"Finally, there is the issue of mutual trust. Although Yubihama is an idiot--but as long as I am there, even an idiot will not care about it, or it is better to say that an idiot will be more convenient to manage—"

"——Xiaoxue, you said that too much!"

"--But if it's you or Biqigu, I still have to suspect that you are creating some stumbling behind me when you match me. I don't want this to happen. Of course, if you are pairing with Biqigu, Even if you stumbling on each other, you can prevent it through your own rich defensive experience, so the negative effects in this area can basically be ignored—"

"——How terrible are Senior Biqigu and I are actually considered to be such people by you!"

"So, the conclusion is," Although she received complaints from unknown people during the analysis, Yukoshita determined the answer with her usual subtle and calm attitude, "I and Yubihama. Group, the combination of Yubihama and Biqigu is the most efficient. Do you have any comments?"

"Xuexia, I have an opinion." Biqigu raised his hand.

"Say it please!"

"At this time, doesn't it generally require a program called'male and female' to be more efficient? Now this group of girls and girls team, boys and boys team, always make people unable to motivate Yeah!"

--------------------------split line----------------------

At 8:30 in the evening, in front of the monument at the entrance of the Okura Hotel, I met Higiya Hachiman, and the bar "angel·ladder" on the top floor of the Okura Hotel was the destination where we were about to leave.

As for the last question raised by Higiya Hachiman four hours ago against Yukoshita Yukino, Yukoshita's answer was "There is no evidence that teaming up between boys will reduce efficiency, and the scheme of matching men and women will Higher efficiency is due to the fact that women’s ability to think rationally is relatively weak, so they need men’s talents to make up for it. But for me, this problem does not exist, so your refutation is invalid."

"Now, Higiya-senpai," I looked at Higiya Hachiman, who was dressed in a certain way, with a sense of dismay.

The lack of interest is not only the problem of not successfully teaming up with my sister, but also part of the reason is that after determining the grouping, in this one-half chance, the place that Biqigu and I drew is this high-end bar, and Xuezhi The bottom/Yuiyi group got a maid cafe.

This is obviously turning the cart before the horse, okay?For boys, the maid cafe is the object worth observing, right? For girls or something, coming to this high-end bar will look more in line with the more elegant temperament of people like Xuexia, right?Wouldn’t it be a shame to let two boys who usually have no upper class temperament come to this place?At this time, Prince Yeshan should be called!

"Well, what's the matter?" But, to be honest, he seems to know that he is coming to such a high-class place tonight, and Biqigu's dress is also alike, especially after he changed his eyes to a little normal. Suddenly became a lot more handsome.From my personal judgment, Higiya does not have the ability to dress himself up. This must be the credit of his sister Komachi.