My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 84

Look at me again. Although I can be considered a little more formal, compared to Biqigu, I suddenly look a lot worse. My sister who knows how to dress up is busy preparing for a date with Yukoshita So I ignored my brother alive.

Sister Yui, you are my elder sister. As a elder sister, how can you not care about your younger brother at all in this respect!

However, it is necessary to continue to vomit.

"So Senior Biqigu, I have been thinking about the question you asked at the last time. Minister Yukoshita's response is that she is very rational, so she can act as a male role in a male and female match."

"Yes, then?"

"But in the same way, the perceptual advantage of women is also the advantage of women over men? But between the two of us, who has stronger perceptual ability?"

"It doesn't seem to be?"

"Which of us looks more like a woman?"

"I don't think I am like it."

"Yeah, I also don't think I'm the same, then the problem is coming, Senior Competitive Valley,"


"Why didn't the predecessors use this method to refute at the time!"

"Sorry, I didn't think about it at the time."

I rolled my eyes and stopped talking.Afterwards, Senior Biqigu behind me also spoke with a little dissatisfaction.

"So, I didn't think of it at the time, why didn't you think of it at the time!"

"Please, this is the rebuttal you want, how could I think about the problem for you at that time!"

"But haven't you figured it out now? If you can work harder then, I can or can date a girl now!"

"Ha, is it possible that as a solitaryist, Higiya Hachiman-senpai would also want to have a cash treatment? By the way, I don't care about Yukoshita Yuki. If you dare to shoot your sister, I will never spare you. !"

"What's not going to do? The key is that the feeling of going out with a girl is completely different from the feeling of dating with a boy? Shouldn't it be for this reason that you always wanted to date your sister?"

"I'm not because of your bad reasons! I'm responsible for his obligation to take care of her sister!"

"But your dear elder sister was snatched away by Xuexia, hum!"

"Senior Biqigu, please allow me to call you senior now--"

"Well, I am proud of who I am!"

"But you guys who don't have the image of seniors at all are really bad! Because they can't date girls or anything, they say bad things to their younger brothers. This is really--"

"--Obviously you blame me for not thinking of the rebuttal to Xuexia!"

"That's just a general complaint."

"That's not like a normal complaint!"

Well, let's stop, Yukino Yukoshita, don't you think your judgment is wrong when you see this situation?Is the relationship between Yubihama Kazuya and Higiya Hachiman really good?


So I hate the plot of the original book that has no room for development, and I have to follow it completely and cannot be original, and then I feel guilty about plagiarizing the original.


Chapter Nineteen: It's very pleasant to spit out the role

Although I have been wondering what caused this Biqigu, who keeps shouting long live at home, always takes part in the ministry's activities very seriously, but now as his partner, I still have to follow this and seem to be right about this matter. A very responsible guy walked into this high-end restaurant.

However, all in all, although my dress is not as different as Qigu’s, my first reaction when I first saw him was, to be fair, "Where does this strange handsome guy come from?" At least it meets the criteria for entering a high-end restaurant, so after we had a quarrel, we still had to walk into the restaurant together.

"By the way, Senior Biqigu, don't you think it's awkward for two men to walk in like this?"

"I know what you mean but there is no need to say it."

"So seniors, you really think it's a shame for two people to go in together? Generally speaking, this kind of place is more suitable for couples to date. If two men go in together, will they be considered gay?"


"Well, since you are the only one of the two of us who know the Kawasaki classmate, so I decided to delegate this glorious task to you, senior—"



"If you want to retreat at this time, I will call your sister directly!"

Although the image of Higiya Hachiman doesn't quite meet expectations, the guy who can be molested is still full of sense of accomplishment-of course, it's not sensitive to call my sister.

However, idiot sister, it is too easy to give the phone number to a strange man, right?It's not good to be taken advantage of by Biqigu. This kind of gloomy and harmless guy is actually the hidden big boss. This setting is also very common!

"Yuhihama, dispel the delusions in your mind!"

Uh, I don’t know why, the current Hachiman Hachiman has the feeling that Yukoshita is possessed by Yukoshita. Is it really because of the predecessor’s appearance in front of the younger generation?

------------------------------split line------------------

All in all, in this kind of spitting atmosphere, Biqigu and I walked into the restaurant.

It should be said that it is a high-end restaurant. When we entered the door, there was a polite waiter who led us to the corresponding position. After a few questions such as "How many people are there?" "Are there any reservations?" Biqigu and I were led to a bar near the glass window.

"Wait a minute, senpai, have you brought enough money?" At this time, I had to consider a serious question. Although the Yubihama house is basically insulated from this kind of place, only look at the decoration and the center of the bar. If you go up to a bottle of wine that looks very expensive, you know that if you want to consume it in this place, it will definitely be a bloody act.I didn't think about this before going out and there was no difference in peace. At this time, I definitely felt a little stressed.

However, Biqigu did not respond to me. Instead, he turned his attention to the beautiful bartender standing in the middle of the bar, with a tall stature and some special blue hair.The bartenders seem to be relatively young, but the people who work in such places are obviously more mature, so does Biqigu like this mature type of girls?

"Hey, senior, is it possible to reimburse the club’s expenses for visiting this kind of place?" However, the key point should not be to appreciate the appearance of the female bartender. Even if you don’t consider the financial issue, at least you can’t forget it. The purpose of coming here, right?However, in places like restaurants, the presence of waiters and chefs is not so fixed, so it is better to ask people?

However, Biqigu still ignored me. After staring at the bartender for a while, his face showed a clear expression, and at this time, the bartender’s sight was also over his. After staring at Biqigu for a while, although she showed a somewhat confused expression, she finally turned her head away. Presumably, the high-value girls who work in this kind of place were looked at in a daze. Isn't it a normal thing?

However, although it is normal, it is not very polite to watch for too long. Just when I was about to remind Biqigu, he turned his head and made a silent gesture towards me, showing a seriousness. 'S expression: "It's that person, what should I do next?"

"That person, who?"

"That's the bartender! The blue-haired one, I've been looking at her just now, it's Kawasaki Saki!" Biqigu nodded and explained to me.

"Ah, this, isn't it right? Didn't my sister say that you and that Kawasaki are classmates? Why didn't she recognize you when she saw you too?"

"Ahem," Biqigu showed an awkward look, but quickly changed the subject, "All in all, the person is that right, so should I contact Yukinoshita next?"

I understand the embarrassment of Biqigu. This guy really seems to be practicing the concept of "no friends" that my sister said-but I didn't expect his no friends to be completely recognized by his classmates. Although he didn't seem to have any impression of the Totsuka Saika who was a classmate before, from this point of view, Higiya still fits the definition of a lone star!

"Not so good? Call in a place like this, then let Yukoshita and her sister change clothes and then rush in to communicate with the Kawasaki classmate?"