My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 85

"Well, it's really bad, this feeling—"

"——It feels like a regular wife came to a place like this to catch a mistress!" I made up for the scene when Yukoshita went straight into the restaurant and talked with Kawasaki, although Yukoshita would certainly be elegant enough. But it is true that the feeling of catching the rape seems to be difficult to escape.

"So at this time, we have to solve it by ourselves?" Biqigu glanced at Kawasaki on the other side and whispered.

"It's probably like this, right? I always feel that if I just leave like this, I will be ridiculed by Yukoshita!"

"So, shall we go?"

"Yes, go on!"

-------------------------------split line-----------------

Ten minutes later.

"Hey, Senior Biqigu, it's good to play! You don't even order a cup now! You don't even have this kind of communication. How do you think about saying other things to her?" I looked at myself and held myself tightly. Biqigu with both hands complained.

"At this time, at least you have to think about your lines? Just say,'Kawasaki-san, your brother is worried about you when you work in a place like this.' You will only be regarded as a fool by the other party?"

"Just say,'Kawasaki-san, you work in a place like this and your brother is no one to take care of and eventually get entangled with my sister, so I am very dissatisfied, so I can trouble you to discipline your brother, is it okay?' !"

"Why do you mean that Komachi has been entangled by a bad boy? But what you said, Yubihama, seems to make sense. The guy named Kawasaki Taishi, at first glance, is very disgusting with Komachi! Sister came out! The part-time job neglected to discipline his younger brother, which caused that guy to entangle Komachi--ahhhh, why does it feel so uncomfortable? What should I do if my attitude toward this guy suddenly changes from passersby to hate!"

"No problem, so come on! Senior Biqigu, adhering to this kind of mentality that broke out for his dearest sister, go ahead, ask Senior Kawasaki!"

"Okay, that's it—you ghost! Don't think that you will be fooled by this!"

"Eh, I thought this would be all right?"

"Because even if you say something like this, you will be rebutted,'If it wasn't for your sister's own problems, how could I be bothered by my brother?' Is that the case?"

"No way. Generally speaking, the older sister is very anxious when the younger brother becomes bad, right?"

By the way, the reference objects are Yui sister and Ogisao senior.

"But what we are facing now is a sister who has already become bad? Your role as a sister growing up in a greenhouse has no reference value!"

Now, Yui sister, did you hear that?This is what Higiya Hachiman said about you, so I told you not to leave your mobile phone number to such people who are not grateful for your favor. You will not get a good return in the end!

"But since she can work out, it means that she hasn't completely degraded! In any case, I believe that a person who can earn his own reward with his own hands is worthy of respect!"

"Don't suddenly say this kind of labor-colored words, are you from the Labor Federation?"

"I'm not from the Federation of Labor. Although I am working as a part-timer, I have not yet reached the age of eighteen-uh, this, wait a minute -"

I suddenly realized something. Although the law does not completely prohibit minors from working, there is one clause that I am very clear about-that is, the clause prohibiting minors from working after ten o'clock.

And Biqigu's suddenly comprehensive eyes also realized this.

"Well, just in case, this senior Kawasaki Saki, hasn't been repetitive before?"

"Sorry, I'm not familiar with her. But if her brother has said that she has both good character and learning in the past, it shouldn't be possible to repeat a grade or something?"

"So just grab this handle of her and drive her home, even if the task is completed, right?"

"Well, there should be no problem, right?" Biqigu thought for a while, "After all, even the Kawasaki Saki can't violate the law, right?"

"So, come on! Seniors than Qigu!"

"Well, but before that, we still have a problem to solve." Biqigu's face showed a very subtle expression.

"What's the problem?"

"That is, how do I get on with her?"

"Don’t just say, “Kawasaki-san, you’re working in a place like this and your brother is no one to take care of and eventually entangles my sister, so I’m very dissatisfied, so please take care of your brother, is it okay?” ?"

"It's fine to spit out this kind of thing in your heart. If you say it directly, won't you just cut off the opportunity to continue the conversation with the other party?"

"Well, I actually know it too, is it just a joke?"

Of course, in fact, I also know that this kind of direct and hurtful words is not impossible to say, but you must say when you feel that you have a chance to win, or when the other party’s character is like fighting, if the other party is a disdain for you Gu's person, at this time she will only ignore you as a mental illness, even if you think what you say is really serious, she doesn't bother to argue with you.

"For the bartender, just order a glass of wine, and then you can catch the conversation, right? By the way, Senior Biqigu can continue to compliment, "Ah, miss, you are really beautiful. If you can, I need me to buy you a drink." ?'"

"Where are you from the playboy style? Even in TV series or comics, this approach is the favorite thing that the villainous character likes to do, arbitrarily and girls, uh, what do you say? "

But you seem to understand this well, it's not a simple squat at home!

"Furthermore, the key question is, haven't we just emphasized this issue? You and I are all underages, and drinking is not allowed!"

"That’s fine to report the age? Didn’t the Kawasaki classmate over there also falsely report the age? And if things like providing alcohol to minors are discovered, there is no need to force Kawasaki to resign, she will definitely be caught Dismiss it directly!"

"I suddenly think that you guy is really good at playing tricks. Are you sure you don't have similar experience in this area before?" Biqigu asked me, slanting his eyes.

"Well, this? Let's see what happens next."

Well, I just molested it a bit too much compared to Qigu, and exposed some emotions that need to be restrained, and I have been involved too deeply in this matter, and also broke my principle of neutrality. It does seem to be a failure!

However, I have been acting as a Tucao squad when I can have another guy to complete the spitting job for me, should I indulge a little bit?

But this should not be my reason to break absolute neutrality.

All in all, I should go back and reflect on this aspect. The primary purpose now is to enable Biqigu to talk to the guy over there.

"If it doesn't work, just order a glass of soda? It always feels like soda should be a universal commodity in this place?" I tried to suggest.

"Finally, there is a slightly reliable proposal," the dull hair on Biqigu's head that was smoothed out because of careful dressing suddenly rose up, but then he returned to the half-dead look he had at the beginning. "Now, Yubihama, I thought about it suddenly."


"You have said so much, why don't you just deal with Kawasaki? I think you can do it perfectly!"


The interaction between these two guys is actually quite interesting, although it has not yet risen to the height of critical thinking, it should be more interesting when you are critical of thinking, eh.


Chapter 20: Lost Moral Superiority from the Same Position

In the end, Higiya still failed to persuade me. After looking at the very shallow shadow of himself that was vaguely reflected on the glass window for a long time, Higiya still walked towards Kawasaki Saki a little angrily.

For our final approach, I express my deep apologies to the senior executives of Qigu, but even me, there is something untouchable. I don’t need to mention it in the second sentence of this sentence. If I adhered to the principle of neutrality at the beginning, then I said this sentence seems to be justified, but in the current situation of such a deep involvement, the reason why I did not want to talk to the Kawasaki senior is not very simple— That predecessor was too cold just by looking at his expression!

However, the facts have proved that it is still a bit difficult for Biqigu to talk to someone with a colder personality, because now he is in a very embarrassing situation to look at each other.

"Two cups of soda, thank you!" The initial approach taken by Biqigu was not much different from what we agreed, but the response from the other party was a little off from the beginning.

"Excuse me, what flavor do I need?"