My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 86

"Well, does soda still need a taste?"

"Basically, it is soda water with a certain amount of fruit juice or vegetable juice ingredients, but if you want original water, it is also available." Although the other person's expression looks very cold, the service attitude is not OK. The place to blame.

"Ah, okay, let's have two cups of original flavor--ah, no, one of them has orange flavor--should have it?" Biqigu replied a little embarrassed.

Probably it was obvious that this well-dressed guy was still a little bit at odds with the environment here. The bartender opposite also took a closer look at Bi Qigu. However, she still did not recognize that this was allegedly this. It is the Biqigu of her classmate.

I suddenly felt a little bit pitiful than Qigu. After all, after looking at my classmates for so long, I still have no impression. This is really a pity!

However, to make matters worse, Biqigu silently took over the two drinks that Kawasaki handed over, and then went cold again.

According to our original plan, we should be able to chat with her by ordering a drink to the other party. However, this kind of difficult social skills still does not conform to Biqigu’s style, in his inherent rhythm. After being disrupted, then he fell silent.

So, communicative competence is still very important-at least when it comes to resolving commissions.

I finally stood up, walked to the side of Biqigu, patted him on the shoulder like a senior is encouraging a failed junior, and then said to the blue-haired Saki Kawasaki in a natural tone: "Miss you Okay, where did we meet?"

Afterwards, I could feel that my whole surroundings were quiet, and Biqigu looked at me with an unlovable attitude and absolutely didn't want to show the attitude of knowing me.

"With such a terrible way of chatting up, are you acting in a TV series 20 years ago?"

Nonsense, I also know that this kind of approach is terrible, but it's better than your guy who can't even open his mouth, right?

"As a current player, your level is still too low, right?"

When did I give you the illusion that I am a current account? Even a current account does not necessarily mean being good at chatting, right?Haven't I taken the initiative to strike up a girl in my life?80% of the conversations with girls are work and study conversations, okay?The ex-girlfriend is not chased, is it a long-term relationship?

"Hey! This kind of feeling that the junior teacher talks up to the girls and then the junior is embarrassed is still subtle!"

Did you throw the pot on me?Which senior was unable to speak even his classmates and finally rushed this poor junior to battle!

Don’t worry about how I understand the words that Biqigu’s wriggling lips spit out almost inaudible, or how Biqigu understands the dissatisfaction revealed in my eyes. In short, at this moment, Biqigu and I Achieved perfect communion.

On the other side, Kawasaki, who was stunned by such a bad start-up like me, came out of his mouth a somewhat helpless sentence after seeing me for a long time: "Sorry, you may have recognized the wrong person."

Great failure!

However, some seniors have taught us to give full play to the cheeky spirit and perseverance when rejected by girls: "But I still feel that I am familiar with your appearance. Do you have other jobs during the day? Maybe we Will you meet it in the same office building?"

"No, not really," Kawasaki showed a somewhat wary expression, and then took a closer look at me. "Guest, you look very young, um, it doesn’t feel like an office worker — um, I don’t Not to say--"

"——Ala, have you been seen through? Obviously think that you can pretend to be more mature like this, haha, there is no way, I am really just a student!"

"If it's just a student," Kawasaki sighed slightly, as if he was still worried that the remarks just now would offend me. It seemed that it was also because he realized that I was a student and not other potential big customers. The expression on her face has also become a little softer, "If you are a student, don't strike up casually with girls on this occasion. You can see that you are actually not good at this kind of thing, right? If it is offended to others Human words are dangerous. Don’t bet against your companions—"

Kawasaki glanced at Biqigu a little bit-poor Biqigu seemed to be the object of inexplicably instigating me to do this kind of action and was disgusted by the other party-continued, "Don't be strange just because you bet with your companions. Strange things!"

When Kawasaki said this, his face was obviously softer. It seems that what her brother said is reasonable. Although it looks a lot colder, it has become a little bad, but that kind of instinctive sisterhood. Still didn't lose it—especially when faced with this kind of clumsy little boy who wanted to strike up a conversation.

That's right, it's this kind of clumsy little boy who wants to strike up a conversation-this image is not played by me. To be honest, I really don't know how to strike up a girl, how to communicate with a strange girl, so I You can only use this somewhat awkward way to talk to Kawasaki.

However, my advantage is that for a younger brother who has an older sister, for a younger brother who has a lot of communication with a younger brother at home, I am relatively naive when facing the role of the older sister when he is younger than myself. The attitude that boys were accustomed to when they were boys couldn’t be more familiar, so when I said those accosting words, I behaved very clumsy, so clumsy that one could tell at a glance that this was an inexperienced, even Some immature boys who were forced to play just because of anger among their companions, and as long as Kawasaki Saki is a person with the attributes of a sister, then her attitude will definitely become soft.

Of course, for such a person who hides and works in such a place, the decline in vigilance and the softening of attitude are also temporary. The key problem is that, next, let her expose her own problems.

"It's not like that!" I continued to show the form of an awkward boy who was still clenching his teeth even though I was seen through, "Well, I really think you are familiar. Although I am still a student, we can I met in school!"

"But I don't remember having a junior like you!" Kawasaki frowned and looked at me with a headache, but then she covered her mouth in surprise.

And when I said the last words of inducement, Biqigu also realized my thoughts. While Kawasaki covered his mouth, he hummed softly: "Kawasaki?"

Kawasaki shook his shoulders nervously, and responded calmly: "Well, who do you look for?"

"Saki Kawasaki, we are looking for you!" This response from Kawasaki has proved that Biqigu did not admit the wrong person, and it is undoubtedly Kawasaki Saki himself, so I also said directly to the other party.

"What? It was acting just now. You want to trick me into revealing my identity?" Kawasaki glanced at me and obviously realized that the situation just now was abnormal. He curled his lips and said, "So, it's to check the minors. Illegal part-time job-no, the inspectors are not so young, so are they from Zongwu Gao?"

Although it is this time, I still allow me to spit out. Compared to senior Keiya Hachiman, how unwelcome you are? Even if the other party is aware of your identity, can she still not recognize you?You are not the kind of guy who basically can't make an impression?

Obviously, Higiya realized this somewhat embarrassingly, touched his nose, and introduced himself: "I am Higiya Hachiman in the same class as you."

"Oh, Biqigu?" Kawasaki frowned, as if searching for the name in his mind, and then nodded as if he finally found it in a corner. Gao’s student? But I really haven’t seen you before?”

"We haven't met, sorry, Kawasaki-senpai." So it's enough to keep cheating or something at this time, right?

"So, what is the purpose of Sou Takega's students looking for me?" Kawasaki showed a wary expression, "Isn't it because I want to use my part-time job here to blackmail me? I can tell you, this it's meaningless!"

Um, in every sense, the thinking circuit of the Kawasaki-senpai’s mind is a little bit different from her appearance of a cold and arrogant attitude. In this case, I always feel that she should be a soft girl, holding herself. With the wine bottle in his hand, Ewha said with rain, "It's wrong for you to do this!" Is it normal?

As for why we should understand the two of us as blackmailers-that is obviously Higiya Hachiman's pot. Just now, I showed the impression of a kind of cute little brother in front of Kawasaki students, such a cute elementary school. If my younger brother did such a damaging thing, he felt that he was forced by the vicious senior next to him, absolutely!

Therefore, in order to get rid of his suspicion, the vicious senior anxiously defended himself: "No, we are not that kind of person, but you came home too late recently, and your brother is worried about you."

"Dazhi? Why did you find you?" It was confirmed that the two of us were not blackmailers. Kawasaki didn't seem to be shaken as before, and returned to the frosty expression before. She responded indifferently to this matter. Said, "But it doesn't matter, thank you for telling me, I also know his care, but do you think I will give up just because you strangers remind me?"

It doesn't seem to be, so if you want her to stop, it's better to let yourself be a blackmailer and threaten her to stop--from the perspective of consequence.Although it is more likely that Kawasaki was fired and Biqigu and I were arrested by the police.

"By the way," Kawasaki continued calmly, "Even if you expose this matter, I won't give up! The big deal is the problem of working in another place."

This seems to have blocked the path of the threat. So far, except for the way Biqigu’s approach is similar to our expectations at the beginning, other situations have emerged, in all senses, It's completely different from what we expected!The threat to the trump card no longer exists, and there seems to be no better way to convince Kawasaki.

"However, do you really think there will be so many places willing to accept minors to work?"

"Are you an idiot?" Kawasaki glanced at me with disdain. The expression of caring for his brother just now disappeared. "It's not difficult to conceal age, right?"

Indeed, if it is to conceal the age, it is hard to say, and we have no time to chase Kawasaki to every place where she works.

"But why do you want to work so hard? Do you want money so much?" Biqigu, who had not spoken, looked at Kawasaki and said.

"Nothing... Money is necessary."

Money is necessary-this sentence suddenly made me feel a little familiar. It seems that at some point I have said something similar.

But when is it?

"In this case, I still understand!" Biqigu nodded with approval.

"It's impossible to know... the guy who wrote such a nonsense approach won't know it!"

It seems that Kawasaki and Higiya still have an unknown history of communication, but this matter is not very important anymore.I seem to understand why Kawasaki Saki desperately needs money.

This reason is the same as the reason Yubihama Kazuya decided to work part-time, but it is foreseeable that the situation in Kawasaki should be more severe than mine, right?

So, if this is the case, I, doing the same thing as Kawasaki Saki, seems to have no reason to stop her!

I stood up and prepared to show my withdrawal from Qigu, but it was a step faster than Qigu's actions.

"Well, it's okay, I know, let's stop here today!" He cleanly lifted the glass of soda in his hand and drank it, which was beyond my expectation in every sense, Biqigu Say so.