My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 87


Chapter 21: The paradox caused by the logic of self-satisfaction

"By the way, Biqigu knows why your classmates have to work part-time, right?" When I walked out of the high-end hotel, I asked Qigu.

I don’t know why, Higiya Hachiman doesn’t look like a senior in my eyes. Even though he himself has a predecessor’s aura when he talks to me, it’s just like that. It's generally a bit boring to fight with childish reluctance, so although I occasionally call him "senior", I often call him by his name. The two titles are constantly being replaced. This should be said to be one thing It's a rare thing.Of course, Biqigu doesn't seem to care much about this.

"Of course I do!" Biqigu put his hands behind his forehead, raised his head, and looked at the sky outside the window.

It's a pity that although it's almost eleven o'clock, the lights in the city do not seem to be diminished at all, so we can't see the starry scene-the night lights in the animation are full. The appearance of the stars in the sky is deceptive, and the faint light of the stars is obscured by the light of modern industrial production. This is the cruel reality.

"Senior is short of money at home?"

"Hey, hey, how can anyone ask this kind of question directly? Generally speaking, it hurts one's self-esteem to ask this kind of question?"

"But considering that the self-esteem of the predecessors of Biqigu should have been so low that it will never be affected by my questioning, so I don’t consider asking questions in a more polite way. After all, thinking about this kind of thing is still wasteful. It's time!"

"Hey," Biqigu touched the dull hair on his head, showing a look of disdain, "You don't seem to learn your sister's friendly side to people, but instead take the kind of Yukino under Xuexia Did you learn this attitude well?"

"Isn't it the same for seniors? If you can learn the sister's way of dealing with people, then you will still be reduced to the level of not knowing you even with your classmates?"

"But at least I won't learn the cold attitude towards people under Xuexia!"

"It's almost there, you have no chance to show this attitude, because other people generally ignore you!"

"So you junior! Is there any basic respect for seniors!"

"The premise is that this senior needs my respect!"

Arah, how do you feel that after the Kawasaki Sashi battle tonight, the relationship with Biqigu suddenly became better?How does this kind of mocking dialogue feel like a dialogue between two friends who have a better relationship and like to devalue each other?

Obviously, Biqigu also realized this, and turned his head. He brought the topic back to the direction we started with: "In this world, there are always more people who lack money than those who don't."

"I agree with this point." I nodded in response.

"So you have to go to work after school."

"So, I have no way to blame Kawasaki Saki’s classmates who are in the same position as mine. Although she is more urgent than me, from the starting point, I and her are the same, so I think I can’t Go and convince her."

"I also guessed your thoughts," Biqigu gave me a look like it was troublesome, and said, "So to what extent is your family so weird that you can cultivate you and your sister. A completely different character! Your obsession is really a bit—well, let’s talk about Kawasaki first."

Of course I am very curious about Biqigu’s evaluation of me. I still remember that he once disdainfully made an evaluation of “I’m playing a game” on me. Of course I was not familiar with him at that time. Now Biqigu, This answer should not be given.However, the current Biqigu, for unknown reasons, still retracted the evaluation that was about to come to his lips.Of course I can also understand his thoughts, because if I say an answer that denies my goal that I cannot accept, then I can argue with him all night.

"Kawasaki's problem is a financial problem, but it's not a financial problem," Higiya waved his hand pretentiously, and said, "Just like Yuhihama, you are working, but your sister is worried about you. ?"

"No worries. After all, I don't work long hours every day. I can still rush home to finish my meal at night!"

"So this is the key. You and your family have enough time to communicate with each other! Just like me and Komachi!"

"Is it my illusion to feel a terrible squat at home or the terrible breath of sister control inexplicably?"

"So, Kawasaki’s problem lies here. The part-time job was supposed to not cause trouble to the family, but because I was too concerned about the feelings of the family, I ignored the feelings of the family. If Yuihama has similar ideas, you Your sister will be worried about you too, right?"

"Well, although it feels like you said something very reasonable, I always feel that it shouldn't be what someone like you said!"

"Then you don't understand. For someone who is determined to squat at home," Biqigu said with a cocky face, "It is absolutely necessary to understand the mood of the family. Oh thing! Otherwise, how can I meet my own survival needs while living a life out of society in the future? Yes, for example, when I can’t work and Komachi can’t work, I don’t have to give up the hope of survival even at this time. The reason is because we still have the backing of our parents as surveillance!"

"Please don't regard nibbling the old as such a thing to show off. This will completely destroy the perfect impression that your previous talks brought to people! Another thing is-we are all aware of Kawasaki's part-time job. The reason is that she has to save her own tuition and she does not want to cause trouble to her family. But even if she knows this, she also knows that the reason for her overdoing is that she has caused the concern and anxiety of her family. The core part of the problem is also the financial problem. Still not resolved!"

"Yuhihama? Have you never been nervous about your pocket money?"



"Why look at me like this?"

"No, I just think that your school girl looked pitiful with you before."

"Obviously you even complained about my poisonous tongue just now, aren't you also a poisonous tongue now? Also, I haven't encountered a situation where my pocket money is tight and can't be understood as my money planning is good?"

"No, no, it's nothing, I'm just thinking that you, who have never experienced pocket money tensions, don't understand the true meaning of money for people like us."

"If you don't go out to work and make money, don't seem to put money so noble!"

"Anyway, if Kawasaki is saving tuition," As usual, Biqigu didn't seem to care about my complaints. He just waved his index finger and said, "The more effective way is university scholarships. Right?"

Indeed, if it is a scholarship, then there is no need to work hard for private university tuition.However, this still cannot solve the logic of Biqigu's inadequate introduction.

"So, what is the connection between scholarships and pocket money?"

Biqigu looked at me with a very pitiful look, but he never gave me an answer. According to my understanding of his character, this answer should be a little tricky or even a mean answer, but he is watching Long after I got his face that was more handsome but obviously leaked an expression of beating, I still couldn't grasp what Biqigu wanted to express.And he didn't want to answer my thoughts, he must be enjoying the complacency that he has one more skill than the other party?

Facing this kind of guy, ignoring him and letting his sense of accomplishment disappear is really the best choice!

"So, if that's the case, why didn't you tell Kawasaki in person just now?"

"Ah, this thing," Biqigu's ass expression disappeared, obviously because I didn't take over his rhetorical question and anger with good intentions, he said in a daunting tone, "Isn't this very simple? Although? We know that Kawasaki has caused misunderstandings in the family, but Kawasaki does not know it, so the current approach should be to let Kawasaki understand her brother’s concerns and clarify this point. If we simply talk about the scholarship, there will be no cause and effect. , The other party can't accept it, right?"

"But you don't want to bring her brother to such a place?"

"Don't worry," Biqigu took out a sticky note from her pocket like a magic trick, and said, "I just pressed a note under the cup after drinking that glass of soda and told her Tomorrow morning when I get off work, go to the McDonald's on the street and wait for me. At that time, just call her brother up and let the family clarify the misunderstanding. Are you interested in watching it?"

"Let’s not say whether I’m interested in observing or not, but your approach, senior, is too much like—"

"What is too much like?"

"I suddenly feel that I can't seem to express it in more elegant words?"

"Huh?" Biqigu understood what I meant at that moment, but he quickly shook his head and said, "Your understanding problem is really too big? Isn't this kind of thing all in TV dramas? Is the way of exchanging information? This is just exchanging information, exchanging information!"

"Okay, there's one more thing," I asked, looking at Biqigu who was hurriedly defending, "Do you know when that Kawasaki classmate will leave work in the morning?"


"I don't know when to leave work, are you going to wait for her at McDonald's all night? Where are you a model boyfriend?"


"Then you are going to let her brother stay on the ground for the whole night and cause too much trouble for others, right?"

"Stop talking!"

------------------------------split line------------------

Of course, in the end, Biqigu, who was lucky in the end, said that through the younger brother of Kawasaki classmates, he learned about the approximate time when Kawasaki was off work every day, and also made an appointment with other people.After explaining the situation to my sister and Yukoshita, my sister and Yukoshita also seemed to express a keen interest in the meeting tomorrow morning. At least my sister's phrase "I feel like I can take advantage of the news when I heard the news. This opportunity has a good relationship with Kawasaki classmates." The excitement of the moment is not fake.

Of course, for me, getting up at five o’clock in the morning to meet someone who has nothing to do with me, I will not do such a thing, I have been hesitating, after that, I and Another conversation with Biqigu.This conversation happened a bit abruptly, but it clearly told me what Biqigu thinks about me.