My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 88

"To be honest, today's Yubihama's behavior surprised me a bit!"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you always unwilling to get too involved in these things? According to your usual, somewhat ridiculous way of thinking—"

"——I didn't think that was a ridiculous idea!"

"Of course, that kind of thinking is not ridiculous and not the point. The point is that even you often do things that make us feel unexpected-such as the previous football match, and this time the attention to Kawasaki. This kind of inconsistent behavior will make people feel very strange."

"I made a mistake in the match, but this time," I glanced at Biqiya who asked me with a serious attitude, and said, "It's nothing, but the situation in Kawasaki reminds me of Yui sister. No matter, although the two people's practices are completely different, the kind of sister's concern for the younger brother is the same!"

"So, the question is, would you change the way you behave because of this concern for your family?"

"It's very simple. Family is a special case! Family affection cannot be analyzed rationally, right? So my principle based on rational judgment is contradictory to family affection."

"Is that so? So do you think your current behavior of changing yourself is normal? I think you are using this kind of excuse to relax for the real thoughts you have been doing that suppress yourself. !"

"Senior Biqigu?"

"From what I don’t know much about you, every thing you take the initiative to do, execution and judgment are so strong that it’s not like a high school student, but you are born with this This ability is suppressed. I don’t know your reason. If you really have a reason to convince yourself, then you won’t show up in the so-called “exposure of nature” from time to time. Up."

"I'm not called nature, or that nature is the sins and mistakes I realize, it's what I need to modify—"

"Only in front of the family, there is no need to modify it? Or, in the face of family relationships and similar situations, there is no need to worry about this kind of personality problem." Hichigu squinted at me.

"Yes!" I replied subconsciously.

"So, Yubihama, why do you want to show your nature, which is called'guilt and error,' in front of your most precious family?" Higiya asked with a hint of irony.


The last 1,000 words were held for a long time. The previous content was stuck at 3,000 words, and then I didn’t know how to fill it with 4,000, so I added this dialogue that shouldn’t have appeared here. I was unhappy.


Chapter 22: Unexpected Meeting and Unexpected News

It’s actually very simple to answer the question of Biqigu. For me, the impact on my family caused by my reasons can be remedied. In other words, this is a controllable process, just like what I had done a few days ago. As complained, if my sister is still willing to let me help her review, I will be willing to help, because no matter what, I can control my behavior while observing the changes in my family.

Of course, this approach is naturally a bit arrogant, and as Biqigu said, for me, the relaxation of self-restraint in front of my family is just a way to find a place to relax after suppressing my own nature. .But we must say something willfully. Family is actually such a existence, because family and affection are called family affection because of its infinite tolerance for you.

If your family members are asking for repayment for your dedication, then this kind of feeling called family affection is not family affection.

Therefore, many times people will habitually regard the family as their last bastion and habitually show their relaxed side in front of the family.

From this perspective, in the process of gradual transformation of oneself, it is understandable to indulge in front of family members and deal with family members’ requests and attitudes for help.

However, after all, as Yi Qigu said, this different attitude is itself strange.If I insist on believing in my own ideas, then I won’t find it difficult to choose the path I want to choose. I can have another form in front of my family, but I can’t explain it. The true inner thoughts behind the shape.

If I want to stick to my own path, then it is undoubtedly correct to maintain the consistency of my behavior in all situations, but if I deny this path, in fact, many of my inner thinking is inconsistent with my apparent behavior. The situation can be explained.

I remembered the sentence Isshiki once said to me not long ago, "Are you avoiding the use of talents or demeaning yourself". Although Isshiki may not be able to know my true inner thoughts, she and Biqigu, no doubt I have already found the contradictions in my behavior. In order to achieve my goal, what I did was not to restrain the threat, but to suppress my heart.

If Kazuyuki Yubihama had that kind of blind self-confidence before, then, for the first time, I had doubts about my practice since high school.

However, I still can't forget the failure of middle school.

I didn't sleep this night, so when my sister got up in a daze and ran out at five in the morning, I also got up and followed her.

Of course, I didn’t mean to go with her. What I’m going to see next is how Higiya Hachiman uses his deep insight into the human heart to solve problems. The day before, I will still I sneered at this approach, but now I am not so sure about my position and my persistence.

I slowly followed my sister, watching her embarrassedly greet Biqigu and Yukoshita who got up early in the morning, and looked at the impatient Kawasaki Saki curiously.

Of course, I have also seen a bunch of middle school students I have seen before. Girls with short hair have a clever and weird look. They seem to have reduced their sharpness a little because of their brother's side. The flat-headed boys look confused and unclear. So the expression, but the eyes looking at Kawasaki are very determined.It must be the younger brother of Kawasaki who made the request.

Of course, looking at the sister who makes everyone feel a little helpless, I have a little envy in my heart.In the past, when I helped my sister prepare for the review before the final exam, my sister always complained, "The Yubihama generation should pass down 10 points of talents, but mom and dad didn’t know how to distribute them fairly. They gave them all the talents. At this time, I can only smile and ignore these broken thoughts.

However, it seems that the older sister who does not have special talents is actually very lucky. Because she does not have special talents, she can’t guide others in the field she is good at. If she can’t guide, she can’t make mistakes. Very mediocre form, but at least you don't have to think about your mistakes.Of course, my sister is not without problems. Her problem is that she is too susceptible to being influenced by others and questioning her own judgment. However, at least in terms of not inadvertently affecting other people, she is frightened to avoid all kinds of things. Compared to me with this kind of problem, she is much easier.

Although she didn't realize it herself.

On the other side, Biqigu looked at Kawasaki with a confident look, and seemed to be explaining something to her. Although Kawasaki's expression was a bit embarrassed at first, it was clear that the idea of ​​not wanting to add burden to the family defeated her to her family. He felt guilty for the time being, but, obviously, when Biqigu proposed the killer trick of "scholarship", Kawasaki Saki's resistance also seemed a little weak.

Well, that's it, right?In front of their families, all people cannot maintain a rational and calm attitude. If you consider the problem purely from a rational point of view, it is a good choice to continue working for the purpose of further avoiding burdens on the family. But Kawasaki Obviously, she just needs an excuse to let herself give up working, and after the proposal of using scholarships to solve the money problem, her emotional inclinations immediately deviated.

Therefore, no one can analyze gains and losses with that cold reason in front of his family, and Kawasaki Shahi did not do it.Yubihama also failed to do so.

The gathered Biqigu and others began to disperse, and when I was about to go home before my sister, I heard a voice that seemed a little surprising.

"Well, Yubihama——Senior?"

---------------------------------split line---------------

Of course, to be honest, I don’t understand why Xiaoharu Sugiura was able to appear in this place at this time. The time now is just less than six o'clock. Even if it is to participate in club activities, it may not be too early, right?

However, since the other party also took the initiative to greet me, then I can only respond.

"Ah, Sugiura, good morning!" I remember that I should have expressed emotion. When you greet your ex-girlfriend, the most tangled part is the address. When you are used to calling the other person, you are forced to use it. This feeling of the other party's surname always gives people a subtle sense of violation.

But, obviously, Xiaochun’s adaptability is much better than me. Although I don’t know what she is thinking in her mind, obviously from the attitude of dealing with me, she looks very natural. Is the resilience in this area amazing?Obviously it was not like this when we met a few days ago.

"So, what is Yubihama-san doing at this time?"

I am now in a small alley on the corner of the street opposite McDonald’s. As long as I stick out my head, I can see the real situation in the brightly lit McDonald’s. Of course it’s the opposite. As long as I hide myself in the shadow of the alley, the opposite People from can't see me anymore. If you want to follow or peep, this is definitely a good place.

However, the key problem lies here. If it is discovered, it seems that it is difficult for me to explain exactly what I am doing now.

"Don't talk about me, what are you doing in school uniform so early?" Of course, at this time, you still have to ask back. If you don't ask back, the other party has always been dominating the speech, then the problem is a bit big. Article.This is the experience I have been with Xiaochun in the previous two years, and I am also very good at doing this kind of things.

Sure enough, Xiaochun's first reaction was to answer my question, although her answer surprised me a bit.

"About the student union, isn't our school not having experience in cooperating with middle schools other than Qingquan University High School in organizing cultural festivals? So there have been a lot of various things recently!" Xiaochun rubbed his eyes and said.

Indeed, recently, Isshiki’s expression has always been heavier, and it seems that the time to go to the football club has also decreased, probably because of these things in the student union?

"Even so, the problem of going to school at this time is a bit too big? The school is locked now, right?"

"It's okay," Xiaochun pressed her temple, and said, "The members of the student union now have the key to the school gate. Because this time the cooperative school with your general affairs high school also pays more attention to it, it includes the joint cultural festival. Planning plans, the approval of the budget of each club, or the linkage planning between similar clubs in two schools, need to be re-arranged, so the members of our student union basically take turns to go to school early and can handle more A little thing, right? Because there is no experience, so the efficiency is a bit low."

I understand Xiaochun's character. This girl has a kind of stubborn character who must solve the problem according to her own ideas, and will ignore the opinions of other people in a certain sense.When I was in the first grade, I ignored the warning from the student council president at the time and prepared to come to my football department to "undercover". After becoming the manager of the football department, I arranged a friendly match for the team for the first time. This was the case when I asked for my help but I tried to convince each other over and over again. I used to think that the complete defeat by Yukoshita would change her character a little bit, but now it seems that I still change She changed a little too easily.

So, at this time, I can’t say anything else to comfort her, but Xiaochun himself doesn’t seem to care too much about these things, and casually said: "But, to be honest, your general Wu Gao’s community seems to have achieved Isn’t his achievement pretty mediocre? Sure enough, it’s because students from schools with high deviation values ​​cannot devote too much energy to other things?"

"Well, I don't know it well!"

"However, I am still very optimistic about this year's football club. After all, with Yubihama-senpai you, the blond captain who played with you last time is also pretty good!"

"That, Xiaochun—"

"Don't doubt my ability to evaluate football. I am no longer the girl who knew nothing about football when I first entered school. After watching you for two years, I think I know football better than most girls—— "