My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 89

"It's not like that, Xiaochun—"

"--However, there is another question. How is Yubihama-senpai and the blond captain getting along right now? I don't feel like Senpai is not like the kind of player who will be inferior to his own level--"

"——So, listen to me!" Girls with excessive self-consciousness can't stop when they talk, so I should cherish this rare opportunity to interrupt me. "I am not a member of the football club."

"However, if the other party-uh, what did you say, senior?"

"I said, now my club is the Ministry of Service that you have been visiting before, not the football club, so I didn't join the football club!"

"Why?" Xiaochun's voice suddenly increased, and the calmness just now completely disappeared. "If it is because of this year's finals, it is completely unnecessary. If the finals are lost, seniors cannot just give up football. Ah, not to mention, this year’s finals, the reason for losing—"

"--what is the reason?"

"Isn't the reason for the loss because of me?" Xiaochun's voice became quieter, and she murmured.

"Really, do you think so now?" I laughed somewhat self-deprecatingly. Five months ago, when facing the same question, the two of us gave a completely opposite answer. Of course, now Our answer is also completely opposite, it's just that our views have been exchanged.

"Yes, if it wasn't because of me—"

"—No need to say it," I stopped Xiaochun from wanting to blame himself. "No need. In short, you just need to know that I am not in the football club now. The club I belong to is the Ministry of Service. , Of course, if you have to ask, I seem to be the ghost member of the Light Music Club who obeyed their guitar, right?"

"Light music club?"

"Yeah, you probably should know, I remember they were preparing to sing at the school festival before I became a member of the ghost club? Organized a band and found someone or something."

"Well, Yubihama-senior, although I say that is a bit weird," Xiaochun grabbed the shoulder strap of his schoolbag and asked with some doubts, "But, what kind of light music club, I did not take it from the president of the city. You can see it on the forecast program of the school festival of Sou Takega!"


The light music club event happened before the school festival in WA2. The time is very tight. However, for the need to adjust the time when the conflict broke out, of course, the time of many other related events will also be revised, which will be discussed later. of.


Chapter Twenty-Three: Everyday is often black history

"Are you kidding? I know how persistent my senior who can be called a minister for the time being for the performance at the academy festival! Just to solicit that popular second-year idol, Tomomi Yanagihara, he too A lot of thought has been spent!"

"I'm not very interested in this information from Sobu Takao, but please don't question my mastery of information as the person in charge of the cooperative academy festival between the two schools. Of course, I also know that the City Council The list given to me is not a finalized list, but at least from the news in my hand, I don’t know that there is such a society!” Xiaochun raised his voice and said to me, “Also, please don’t treat me casually. I am angry."

"I didn't get angry with you either! I was obviously surprised by this matter, so I asked it subconsciously, right?"

"Isn't your excited attitude misunderstanding that it was my problem that caused the predecessor's club to cancel the performance at the school festival?"

"Hey, I don't think so! You fellow, you really are—"

I don't know why, I always feel that today's Xiaochun looks particularly irritable in front of me, but looking at the other's flushed face, I think maybe she is treating me in the same way.

"Forget it, that's it!" Xiaochun turned around cleanly, "In short, if the senior is really curious about what is going on, then you should go to your minister to ask about the situation, as far as I can With the information I told you, I can tell Senior Yubihama clearly that I did not make a mistake!"

"Sugura Koharu! What the hell is going on with you today!" For the first time in a long time, my emotions are a bit out of control. Of course I don’t know why, I only know the attitude towards this guy facing me. , I am very unhappy.

However, Xiaochun, who turned his head, suddenly stopped after walking for a while. After a while, two iconic dumpling heads appeared, and my sister, who happened to be standing there a little embarrassed.

"Uh, that, Xiaohe, and Xiaochunjiang, how do you say it?" My sister bit her lip in a panic, "I definitely didn't intend to eavesdrop on your conversation! That's just because of yours. The dialogue is a little loud, after all, at this time, making such a loud voice, that--"

Until the end, the sound is not loud, if the sound is really loud, then why only attract your attention but not others, and if the sound is really loud, then the nearby residents will soon open the windows to express Dissatisfied?Your excuse is a bit crappy!

However, this is also my own problem. I talked to Xiaochun like this on the only way my sister went home. Although it was in a small alley, it was normal to be found. My previous sister probably didn't walk into the alley. Come, and just hide in the passageway and listen to our conversation.It's just that now that Xiaochun is about to leave, he ran out in a hurry to stop her.

Really, is there a sister who is more nosy than you?It's best to leave some things to the younger brother to handle by himself!

"Well, that, Yubihama-senpai, I'm sorry, I have something to do now, so I have to go one step ahead." Xiaochun, who was taken aback for a while, quickly lowered her head and held the schoolbag in her hand tightly, wanting to be soon Walked past my sister.

"Well, wait a minute, Xiaochunjiang!" My sister stretched out her hands to stop Xiaochun.

"Well, Yubihama-senpai?" Although the sun rises earlier in the summer morning, the brightness outside is not very strong. Therefore, in the shadow, the figure of Xiaochun who was stopped by her sister trembled. It looked like he was frightened by some monster.

If it was Yuukishita, she would probably come up with countless excuses to stop Xiaochun in a short period of time. However, for her sister, what she is good at is to build relationships with other people, not this kind of rascal Interfere with other people.Therefore, after hesitating for a long time, my sister spit out something that made people feel dumbfounded:

"Well, did Xiaochun-chan just talk about the performance of the school festival? So if I and Xiaohe's club want to sign up, is it still too late?"

Please, my sister, are you really stupid to say this?If Xiaochun still respected you because of your predecessor status, then even this only respect will disappear now!

However, Xiaochun finally expressed the basic respect for her senior. She smiled reluctantly and said: "If it is about this aspect, I think Yuihama-senpai should be in contact with the director of your school. Right, then your minister will make a formal application or something."

"Ha, yes, haha, Xiaochunjiang still knows a lot about this matter!" My sister scratched her head and said a little sorry.

"So, can you let me go now? Yubihama-senpai?"

"Go? Oh, that, no, so say—"

"——So, Yubihama-senpai," Xiaochun turned his head back, showing a somewhat sad expression, "If I can, I really don't want to talk to Senpai like this!"

Although I couldn't see the specific appearance of Xiaochun under the cover of darkness, I could only vaguely feel that her expression was not very satisfactory, but that tone of voice was not deceiving.

"So, that's it!" After speaking, Xiaochun trot a little quickly and disappeared into the corner of the intersection.

----------------------------split line--------------------

"That, Xiaohe, I'm sorry!" I looked at my sister with a reluctant expression, and she also looked at me with a guilty expression, "I didn't stop Xiaochunchan and said."

"This is where you don't need to apologize, right?"

"Hey, that, I thought Xiaohe and Xiaochunjiang had a quarrel. In that case, I should help you stop her, and then you can reconcile -"

"——Tell me how the couple who have broken up quarreled, even if the quarrel is reconciled, what direction can be reconciled to?"

"But I always feel that this kind of misunderstanding and the like will be resolved if it is resolved?" My sister's eyes turned quickly, waving her hands.

"Okay, okay, I know. Actually, you were listening to our words, and then you saw that Xiaochun was about to leave. When he was in a hurry, he stopped her without thinking. There was nothing to think about. I want to stop her, and I don’t know what I should do, right? I just feel like I should do something as a sister, right?"

"Sure enough, Xiaohe could see through it!" My sister stuck out her tongue and rubbed her hands.

"I don't want to be taught by a sister who has never been in a relationship how to love a hobby?"

"Well-Xiao and you don't say anything!"

"Why don't you put on your sister's airs at this time?"

"Isn't Xiaohe you all to blame for this kind of thing? About I'm already a sophomore in high school and I haven't been in a relationship yet?"

"Ha, are you kidding me? I threatened your boyfriend with a gun and said not to touch my sister for the slightest hair, or Xuancheng Yuihama Yui is a younger brother who needs all day long in your class Take care of the idiot?"

"You didn't say that," my sister said grimly. "During the two years in middle school, several boys seemed to have a good impression of me—"

"——How did you know?"

"——Your sister is not an idiot. You can still feel it when boys approach me because they like me!"