My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 90

"This pair of I'm very popular, you definitely don't doubt what it feels like?"

"But at that time, those boys who seemed to have a good impression of me, after hearing that my younger brother was Yubihama Kazuya, they understood to stay away from me!"

"What's the truth about this, can't girls with younger brothers be dating? For boys who hold such strange views, I think you don't want older sisters!"

"No," Yui sister said, closing her ears to her temples.

To be honest, there are usually childish sisters who are particularly attractive when doing this kind of action that is somewhat adult female, especially when the sister is actually a beautiful girl.However, if I want to throw the pot that I can't find my boyfriend on me, I won't do this kind of thing!


"So, they all think that Yuihama Yui turned out to be the sister of the very powerful Yuihama Kazuya in the first grade! To make that younger brother have such a good attitude towards her, this girl must be a girl with a strong desire for control. Oh! Then I felt that I must be hiding other trembling character or something and then avoided me."

To be honest, if you really give up your sister because of this kind of far-fetched guess, then that kind of boy will definitely not have deep feelings for his sister. If the feelings are not very good, then there is no need to let your sister go with that kind of guy. I agree with it.

However, there is no boy who likes his sister so much, and there is no boy who likes his sister so much that he can overcome the difficulties of the younger brother. As expected, it is still the sister's own pot!

"Why, Xiaohe, look at me with that look!"

"Actually, it's nothing," I said in a more pitiful tone, "that is, I think it is very difficult for you to find such a fresh and refined reason for not being able to find a boyfriend!"

"So, that's true! Other girls have heard the information and told me that they had already graduated when I wanted to clarify the misunderstanding!" My sister flattened her mouth and said, "If that time If Xiaohe and Xiaochunjiang’s relationship can be high-profile, so that people feel that Xiaohe is not such a terrifying devil, then this kind of problem will not arise, right?"

Nicejob!Sister, the ability to dump the pot is superb!But the premise is, is it really okay for you to dump this pot on your brother?Obviously, I just wanted to be a reliable sister to help my younger brother!

"Finally, even if I haven't been in love," my sister stomped her feet vigorously, and said, "Even if I haven't been in love, I know the mood of girls better than you, right? Xiaochunchan's expression at that time, including with you If you say it, it means you still like you, right?"

"I know it too!" I shouted a little loudly to my sister.

Yes, I know it too, am I not a fool?Isshiki mentioned it before, and now you also mentioned it. I know it myself. I know that Xiaochun still has feelings for me, but what about?Even me, when I dream of that guy occasionally, I think about what would happen if I could get back together.

But it can't be done!Now Yubihama Kazuya and Sugiura Koharu, when they face each other, they are like water and fire. Although both of them will try their best to restrain their emotions and not let themselves become irritable, even in many cases we will choose to blame and demean ourselves. Restrain ourselves, but we just can't help but get angry at each other.This kind of thing has happened continuously for a month since January, during which we have run-in and endured, but that kind of volcanic eruption does not require any reason.

"As long as people can talk and sit down and communicate well, then it's understandable, right? At least, feelings can be experienced?" My sister still persuaded me indomitable.

"It’s just because you can experience feelings that it’s more complicated! Because of feelings, you have to be entangled, but also because of feelings, many things that can be solved rationally cannot be solved. We all know why we should treat each other Get angry, but if we can clarify these things one by one with reason and find the source, we don't have to get angry, but at that time, this damn feeling will be gone."

I said this to my sister, this should be the time when I told someone the complicated situation between myself and Xiaochun most clearly.

"So, Yui sister, it is because of feelings that she will continue to fight. If you want to solve this problem, you can make it completely rational. The rational solution is to not want to meet!"

"I don't understand what Xiao and you said. I haven't been in a relationship before, and I don't know any emotional and rational issues, but I think something clear is—"

"Let's stop here! Sister Yui!" I interrupted my sister.

I know that my sister’s very simple idea, the so-called communication can solve the problem.However, it is a pity that people cannot communicate calmly at this time.

This can only be achieved when the feelings are gradually forgotten and try to solve the problem with reason.

This is the same as the logic that absolute neutrality will fail in front of the family, because the feelings between family members will always create exceptions, and will always create the lack of neutrality caused by emotional bias.


Chapter 24: A color feather is always ready

In the end, it seemed that I was shocked by my aura. My sister put the topic down after taking a look at me.The two of us returned home in a dull atmosphere.

Of course, this situation between Yubihama and brothers is not very rare. Although they are in a somewhat depressed state now, they will become like okay people later. It should be said that there is still such a tacit understanding between the two of us. of.

However, today’s elder sister seems to be a little worried, I don’t know if it’s because I just witnessed the moving understanding between Kawasaki siblings and brothers. My elder sister also seems to want to show more of my sister’s concern for my younger brother. situation.

Therefore, when we walked into the house and prepared to make up a little bit of regaining consciousness, although we used that kind of careless expression, my sister still asked in a deliberate voice that I could hear: "Well, there is more , Xiaohe's previous club or something, is that okay?"

"Hey, this shouldn't be your concern, right?"

Of course, the best way to deal with the awkward problem of this stupid sister at this time is to directly refute it like this.

"Oh, Xiao and I care about you!"

"You can learn from the silent care of your classmate Kawasaki is the best!"

"I can't learn that kind of thing! It's sad not to communicate between the two, and not to speak clearly!"

"Then there is no way! Sometimes it is easier to solve the problem without speaking than speaking!"

"It's hard to understand what you say or not, Xiao and what you have said recently."

"Then don't understand, just know that your brother will not do anything bad to you!"

--------------------------------split line----------------

Of course, it's okay to use this way of speaking to confuse this matter from my sister, but indeed, I am also very concerned about the fact that the light music club did not sign up for the school festival.

Especially today, I have confirmed the news through Isshiki, who has been busy recently.

Generally speaking, at any time, a color feather will be the center of the crowd and the focus of everyone’s eyes. She also likes to deliberately create that kind of impression. However, it seems that during this period of time, the group of people around Isshi The number and frequency of appearances have been drastically reduced, which shows that her recent pressure is still a bit heavy.

So, when I tried to ask her about this, she seemed to have found a vent and complained to me endlessly.

"This time the joint school festival of the two schools, our side actually has more pressure than the Qingquan Middle School. They have at least the previous experience of holding the joint school festival with the high school affiliated to Qingquan University. We Nothing like this has ever been done here! Moreover, our side is a high school after all, so we have to dominate the school festival, and we must also consider the feelings of Qingquan Middle School. This is not a simple matter. Question! Recently, the members of the Student Union have also been reeling!"

"That said, you really haven't been to the football club much lately!" Thinking of the news of the football club that my sister exposed to me in casual chat, I just took it casually.

"Yeah, there is no way to see Senior Ye Shan!"

"So your goal is still at him! I was surprised that you supported me in the last match! Your goal is not Hashan Hayato or something—"

"——If you are willing to go to the football club to be the core and get a lot of limelight, it is okay for me to target you!" Although there was a tired look on his face, Isshiki still fiddled with the bangs on his forehead. , Blinked at me.

Of course, I have become accustomed to her form:

"Well, if you hadn't exposed your fickle nature so obviously, then I guess I would really fall into your trap!"

"Hey, I'm serious. You must know that the competitive pressure on the side of Mr. Yeshan is too great, but you are a potential stock! When I was in contact with Secretary Sugiura, I was probably able to grasp her character. Yes, you can make her arrogant people like it. You still have a glorious history in the middle school stage! Now, Kazuya," Isshiki blinked, "You have to know your tablemates, popularity or Very tall! Don’t you really think about it?"

"Um, classmate Yi Hueiyu," I held my forehead and couldn't laugh or cry. "Can you create the same'cute' image in front of me as in front of other boys? I knew it was a bad acting image at a glance. My mood is very uncomfortable!"

"Well, you know that all images are made anyway!" Isshiki retracted his head, took out a small mirror from his drawer, straightened his hair, and said, "Since you know it, I Why bother to create that kind of attractive image! It won't work for you anyway."

"No, it works! Faced with the pitiful request of a cute girl, even if it is a trap, the boy will jump into it!"

"Well, that, so, what does Kazunori mean?" Isshiki's tone changed suddenly, and her voice became a little sharp and trembling. Her brown eyes were swollen and flashed like a girl was a little shy. With an embarrassing brilliance, the whole person showed a lovely temperament that made people unable to help but want to take care of, "Kazuya means, am I a cute girl?"

"Ah, this, that, Isshiki, back to normal!"

This, it is really bad, although I know this is the acting of that guy, but, as expected, it is really cute!

Although I have seen a lot of girls who can be called beautiful girls, it is really uncommon for girls like Yi Huei Yu to give a very sweet feeling. Yukoshita Yukin is kind of cold. Let's not talk about it, whether it is my sister or Xiao Muzhen's seniors, because they are older than me, although occasionally they may be stupid, they still maintain a more serious image as a senior.As for Xiaochun, that guy's stubbornness should be deeply rooted, and it is absolutely impossible for her to act so sweet.

Therefore, Yubihama Kazuya actually has very poor resistance to this state of Yoshiba Yu!