My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 91

"But I was surprised that you could comment on me like that, hehe, I originally thought you would think that I was just the kind of girl who likes to think carefully and then you have a prejudice against me!"

"That, no, personally, I still admire a girl like you!"

Ah, that's it!I feel like I'm going to fall. If Yishi says she likes me at this time, I will definitely agree to it 100%!

"Well, the test is complete!" Isshiki's voice suddenly returned to normal, "Kazami, you are right!"

"Well, what test? Oh, that, this—haha, you see, what I said still makes sense! That, that is what I said before."

Ah, it's so risky. If Isshi isn't the card owner at that key point, I will really be led by her!Yubihama Kazuya, you are still an idiot who is not good at dealing with such girls!

"But, having said that, what did you just ask me about the school festival for?" Yishi put her hair together, and retracted her head a little bit about me, her face was also a little red, eh, So is it really difficult to control your emotions and say these things?

"Yes, that, about the school festival, the light music club, are you clear about the light music club?"

"Is the light music club? I remember Heye, you joined this club before you went to the ministry, didn't you?"

"Well, that's it. This morning, um, that. In short, I passed some channels. It seems that there is no light music club in the performance list of the school festival. Is that true?" I thought about it, but I didn’t even put Xiaochun’s. The situation tells Isshiki.

"What kind of magic information is this? In fact, there is only a list of roughly estimated school festivals! Also, because the preparations for this year's school festivals are a while earlier than usual, many of them were not available at the beginning. The clubs that are sure whether to participate in the school festival or are not sure whether they can prepare their own programs before the school festival are still hesitating!" Isshiki asked with some confusion, "So, although I don’t know you are from Where did you get the expected list of clubs, but it shouldn’t make sense to entangle this? Maybe the Light Music Club hasn’t decided whether to participate in the school festival, or their preparations can’t keep up with the preparations for the school festival. Isn't it normal?"

“It’s definitely not that I’m not sure if I want to participate in the school festival. If it’s this kind of joint school festival, it’s more in line with Mr. Iizuka’s idea of ​​wanting to give myself a grand farewell.” I was very serious, and I hesitated, "So, I feel that I am not sure about participating in the performance? But this is not right. They have been preparing since the beginning of school, and they also found Peng Liu Yuan as the singer. The question of preparing two or three songs, although there are still five months to go before the school festival, it is too cautious, right?"

"I don't know exactly what your club is," Isshiki took out a piece of paper from nowhere, glanced at the long list of clubs listed above, and said, "However, I can help you Surely, there is no problem with your information, at least there is no registration for light music clubs on this preliminary list."

"That's right, but this is really incredible, right?"

"There is no way," said Isshi spread his hands, "I think if you really care about this matter, you can talk to the director Iizuka, or I can go to the inspector and ask about it. ——But Kazuya, you are no longer a member of that club——"

"—Yes, it’s just a member of the Ghost Crew—"

"——The ghost clerk is not about the same —"

"——A formal application for retirement is very important. For example, if this club is dissolved and I want to rebuild the club, my membership status is very useful."

"Well, I won't stand up to you anymore," Yishi tilted his head and looked at me with a cute and suspicious look. "But you really don't care much about that club anymore. You are there too. I don't have much right to say, why should I care about them?"

Yes, why should we care about their survival?

It's obvious that some are nosy, right?Is it because Mr. Iizuka has taken care of me before, or is it because Tomomi Yanagihara is a competitor of Ogisaki's predecessor, which attracts attention?

"However, I did listen to some news from the seniors, saying that Liu Yuanpeng was a little too anxious, you know, it is the second grader, and it seems that there will be cooperation with Light Music. "

"That girl is too self-centered, I don't like it."

"Well, of course, so although her popularity is very high, but it always feels like a flash in the pan!"

"So, Isshiki, what do you care about these things?"

"Well, I remember I told you something?" Isshiki fiddled with his hair, twisted the hair around his ears into a circle and grabbed it, and said, "Although it is somewhat risky to do this in the first grade. , But I also want to compete for miss. Chief Wu Gao!"


"Yeah, so at least I still have to care about my competitors!" Yishi smiled softly, and said, "Of course, the biggest competitor is naturally your senior Xiao Mu Xiao, I am here. Let’s not inquire about your relationship with Xiaomu Yuxuna! In the second grade, Tomo Yanagihara is sure to participate in the competition, but to be honest, I am not optimistic about her competitiveness. Of course, Miura-senpai’s appeal is great, but her This kind of personality is destined to allow only some people to support her. If Yui-senpai is willing to work against her, I would prefer Yui-senpai, um, Yukoshita-senpai need not mention it, but she has never been interested in this kind of activity. I also refused, so I said—"

"——Stop! I'm asking you about the light music club, not helping you discuss your miss. Zongwu Gao's competitors!"

"I know it too, but Kazuya, I suddenly found a problem!" Isshiki suddenly turned his head and looked at me with a very interesting expression, "It seems, by such a count, my miss is the best Competitors, you have something to do with you!"

"Hey, let's be honest, do you really think you can compete with Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"I can't compete, but the seniors will graduate tomorrow? It's good to make preparations for next year and promote the popularity in advance!"

"Can you guys not think so far!"

"Well, if you want to do this kind of thing, of course you should be fully prepared from the beginning!"


Well, so take a leave first, which means that the pressure at the end of the preparation period is still a bit heavy, so it is expected to be off for two to three weeks. Of course, the possibility of corpse fraud is not ruled out, and the winter vacation will completely return to normal.


Chapter Twenty-Five: Annoying Younger Generations and Destroyed Seniors

In all fairness, if Isshiki wants to compete with Miss Chief Wu Gao, she actually has a certain amount of capital. After all, she has a certain popularity among the first-year students. She has been working in the student union and the football manager for a long time. The activities also gave her a certain reputation among the second and third grade students.

Of course, although I am not very clear about the situation last year, I feel that Tomo Ryuhara, who was confidently participating in the selection last year and ended in a disastrous defeat, should have thought the same.However, it seems that Isshiki did not take this matter too seriously. After all, besides the high profile on the surface, what the girl is thinking in her heart is still not very clear to me, so about Miss Chief Takeshi’s return There is a long period of things, I think I don't have to worry about the success or failure of the next.

However, Senior Xiao Muzhen seems to be unsure about running for the election so far. If she doesn't participate, it might be a chance for Isshiki?

Of course, the focus on this topic can stop here. At least from the information provided by Isseki, the information that Xiaochun said in the morning is not wrong, and the light music club has indeed disappeared from the list of the school festival.

It stands to reason that this should not be something I care about. This kind of accident has been repeated and staged continuously in my sixteen years of life without regard to me. As I did before, I did not interfere. Other people, and other people, will achieve the best results under the requirements of their own rationality.So, in a sense, not participating in the academy festival should be the result of rational thinking by everyone in the community, including Director Iizuka and Senior Kitahara!

However, what is going on with the subtle violation in my heart?I always feel that the club should not encounter a crisis, because there is that guy!

Although I don’t like Kitahara Haruno, I have to admit that Senior Kitahara’s ability is second to none that I have ever seen. If there is him, I always feel that light music enthusiasts would not easily fall into this situation. what!

-----------------------------------split line-------------

This kind of inexplicable irritability was brought to the activities of the Ministry of Service. I don’t know where this irritability comes from. Even if it’s Senior Kitahara, it’s not an almighty superman, it will eventually appear. He can't solve the situation.However, this feeling that my judgment under non-interventionism is denied is like an error in the operation of a rigorous machine, which makes me feel frustrated.

Of course, this kind of emotion will be noticed by other people, this kind of state of sitting in the seat but always squeezing and wanting to move, such as not reading or playing on the phone when there is no one talking in the classroom, but just dumb. Sitting on the chair and biting his fingers in a daze, if this kind of anomaly appeared on Yubihama Kazuya's body, then it should have been noticed by others.

Obviously Yukoshita was able to see my situation, so, with the usual cold tone and the usual helpless expression, Yukoshita looked at me and said, "Yuhihama, if you have anything else today If so, just ask for leave. I don’t know when I formed the image of a ruthless minister in your heart. If so, please be sure to eliminate this prejudice."

"Ah, Minister, I don't have anything to do!"

"No, Xiaohe, everyone should know what happened after you came in?" My sister interrupted. I think she has been thinking about talking for a long time, probably because of the conversation in the morning. She didn't dare to take the initiative to bring up this aspect, and after Xuexia took the initiative to break the deadlock, her sister took advantage of the situation to say this.

"I'm worried about the results, I'm going to have summer vacation soon. Before the summer vacation is the final exam, I don't know how to prepare!"

"Definitely not, Xiaohe, don't lie to me," my sister raised her head high and said, "It must be because of the news from the club in the morning!"

"What's the news?" Xuexia's eyes rolled slightly and looked at me.This really surprised me. She didn't look like the kind of person who would be interested in such things.

"Ah," apparently noticing my skeptical look, Yukoshita quickly turned his head back and said, "I just asked casually. If my team member is going to be cornered by the football club in the end, it still needs It got my approval."

"Don't worry, it's not the football department's business. Ye Shan has already settled down a lot. He probably won't come to me again in a short time, right? After all, something like the last time happened—"

"--So, it should be related to the club before Yubihama, right?" Higiya, who hadn't spoken all the time, inserted into the conversation with great precision at this time.

Senior Biqigu, shouldn't your role be the silent head of the Cannian Department?Why do I feel that what you say is a bit too sharp recently?For example, the previous criticism of my personality, and the current one that pointed out the problem sharply.

"Well, speaking of clubs--" Xuexia glanced at the guitar box that had been placed in the corner of the classroom for a long time, with a layer of dust accumulating on the guitar box, revealing a somewhat regretful look.

"——Don’t look at me and my guitar with that kind of eyes, isn’t there a lot of commissions from the Ministry during this time?"