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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 92

Even though I argued this way, I also know that this kind of defense is very unreasonable. Although the ministry’s commissions have increased a lot, as long as the time I usually spend reading books or playing with my mobile phone is used for practice, is the time more than enough? There is nothing more than a belief in self-discipline.

However, laziness is the nature of human beings. Without the general environment for collective training in the community, it is difficult to persevere in training something that one is not good at just by relying on this pure self-oppression?

"Ah, I'm not criticizing you for anything. I always think this kind of thing belongs to Yubihama's personal choice, so I return to the topic just now." Yukoshita closed the library book in his hand, revealing With a slightly interesting expression, he said, "The club before Yubihama, let's light the music club-what happened now?"

"That is to say, Xiaoxue, the Light Music Club originally signed up for the school festival, but now it seems that it is not on the list of the school festival!" My sister said with some excitement, "Xiaowa seems to be a little bit worried about this matter. Yu Huai!"

"But this kind of thing is still normal, right?" Biqigu interrupted, "The quality of the club's program was not high enough and it was rejected by the student union!"

"It is also possible that although it has been decided before, it is possible to give up because of the minister's personal factors? After all, the minister of the club is already a third-grade student according to your statement?" Xuexia was also a little bored. He shook his head, seemingly disappointed in me because of this problem.

"Well, if you say this, it seems that both Xiaoxue and the small business are right!" My sister nodded suddenly, "The club does not participate in the school festival, there will be many situations, for example, our ministry did not participate. Well, so what exactly is Xiaohe suspecting?"

So you should be the one who said that if you don’t understand the situation, it’s up to you to throw up the problem. I’m not entangled with that group or what’s wrong. I’m entangled with that person, Haruki Kitahara who can solve all problems. What role does it play under the current problem?

For example, the last time I went to the music classroom, the club had clearly shown a split. At this time, Iizuka-sen as the minister may not realize the crisis of the two parties, but this time it should be Kitahara-senpai. When it worked, and judging from the current results, he and I still looked at all of this lightly as he and I saw that day. This makes me feel incomprehensible.

"However, if you really care about the existence of that club, you can go and see for yourself!" Xuexia didn't seem to have much interest in this issue, but she also gave me to leave the club to open. A green light.

"Yes, yes, if Xiaohe is really worried, then ask about the specific situation? If possible, I think we can help. After all, this club is still called the Ministry of Service!" And still greeted me vigorously and said to me

Only Higiya Hachiman looked at me with his lifeless, but sharp eyes. In a sense, the person in the Ministry of Service has the clearest grasp of my character. It’s better than Keiya Hachiman, and he should know that I’m not the kind of person who would show strange sympathy to a group before him, so he will be very curious about what I’m going to do there.

"Okay, thank you Minister." However, don't worry about which step Biqigu understands about me. I really want to go to the Light Music Club to see the situation. If Kitahara Haruki is still there, Then why didn't he do anything? If Haruki Kitahara wasn't there, then why did he suddenly disappear at this critical point.

"Oh, can I go and take a look?" To my surprise, Biqigu stood up at this moment and said to me somewhat casually.

"Hey, there is nothing worthy of your interest in that club!"

"Well, I just don't think there is much to do!" Biqigu smiled softly, but his smile coupled with his candid eyes always has a special sense of disobedience .

However, what's the matter with your prophetic protagonist's attitude, who seems to know everything!It looks really unpleasant!

"Very good," my sister nodded, "I'm stupid, I don't know how to help Xiaohe to see the situation there, but if it is a small business, then it must be okay?"

"Are you sure this guy can talk? In his way, when he wants to talk to other people kindly, other people are already scared away by him?" I squinted at Biqigu and said, honestly, I don't want to let him Biqigu and I went there together. I think from the perspective of not being nosy, Biqigu should be more obvious than me. So why is he going to check the situation of the light music club with me? That is a Very complicated answer!

"No, I can't speak. I just followed Yubihama to have a look. After all, it’s good to stay in this club for a long time to experience the feeling of other clubs." Higiya tried his best to make a pair. The appearance of harmless humans and animals, although in most cases he is indeed harmless to humans and animals, but at this time it seems that he is not very trustworthy.

"I can't stop your actions, right? It seems that there should be no entrustment today." Xuexia helped his forehead, frowned, and finally waved his hand and said, "If Biqigu wants to go there. I don’t seem to have any objections to it. Of course, if something goes wrong in the end, please remember that Higiya-kun and Yuihama-kun are in the same group. Your approach did not get the support of the Minister, so please If you two offend someone, please be sure not to explain the identity of the Ministry!"

"Hey, why do you think we are going to cause some trouble!" Biqigu and I spit out in unison. This seems to be not the first time for the two of us. There is a tacit understanding in this strange place. It is a subtle dissatisfaction.

"Just just in case. Although Yubihama and Higiya students generally do not cause any harm, but if there is to be the last time that there is a public challenge with the football department, let me, the minister, take care of the follow-up. The matter is still very troublesome."

Well, although I know that the last time I provoked Ye Shan directly, Xuexia did indeed do a little bit of guidance in public opinion, but I also know the mistakes that time, so I will not make this Kind of things, please give me more trust?

Of course, when Biqigu and I walked out of the classroom together, I still couldn’t help but ask the rare second-year senior who was next to me, "Can you tell me why you want to keep up?" This matter should have nothing to do with you at all? It doesn’t suit your style to keep up like this!"

Then, I saw Biqigu put his hands around the back of his head and said, "If it's something you care about, maybe you will meet some different characters!"

Interesting characters should be encountered, but, Senior Biqigu, don't you think your image is broken at this moment?


Sure enough, it was harder to write here than there. In the end, a chapter in which the character collapsed came out, and it really needed to adjust the TAT.


Chapter Twenty-Six: The Light Music Club in a Deteriorating Situation

Although I am still a ghost member of the Light Music Club in theory, the activities of the Ministry during this period have been much richer than before. This also makes me have almost no concept of the Light Music Club. Of course, the last time When I came to the first music room, I still remember the sights I saw.

Let’s not talk about the habitual preaching of the predecessor Kitahara, and the girl who messed up the interpersonal relationship of the club, the second grade Tomori Yanagi, although later Haruhira Kitahara told me that "everything is within my control" , But obviously, the current situation seems to be a bit far behind his so-called "within the scope".

Biqigu followed me behind me with a lifeless look, as if his current actions were forced by others. It is hard to imagine that this person just proposed to see a little "interesting person".

However, whether Biqigu is too bored in the club classroom like me, I want to find something else to do-personally think this is impossible. Biqigu should be the easiest to fall into self-satisfaction and People who are in the realm of self-investment-or, as he said, want to see what is going on with the person I am interested in-although I think this is unlikely, because Biqigu has never been that kind I'll be a nosy person for other people who have nothing to do with him. Of course, I don't care what he actually thinks. Let him look at Tomo Ryuhara, Haruki Kitahara, and listen to what he said to these two people. The evaluation is also quite interesting.

However, from the time I opened the door of the first music room, I discovered that the situation of the light music club is surging in a direction far beyond my expectations.

Of course, to be precise, I did not "push" the door of the first music room, but when I walked into the classroom door, I took the initiative to open it. What came out of the classroom was a second I vaguely remembered. When the senior of the grade opened the door, he glanced at me outside the door, obviously stunned, but then he walked away like an okay person.

"That person, it feels like I've seen it somewhere." Behind me, Biqigu looked at the member who had left, and said smoothly.

"Could it be your classmate? You didn't know the Kawasaki before?"

If this is the case, then Biqigu is really pitiful. You know that the senior who just saw me was obviously shocked, and he probably still treated me as a maverick first-year member. So clear impression!However, he completely ignored the other Biqigu behind me. If he is really a classmate, it means that the same classmate’s impression of Biqigu has been weak to the extent that he does not know him at all. It has become like this in the school society. Existence has to be said to be a kind of sadness!

"Probably from the class next door, maybe I saw it when we were in PE class together."

Of course, Biqigu's subsequent reply gave me a little more confidence in his high school life.

"But no matter who it is, the management of this club looks a bit bad!" Biqigu looked at the unknown second-year senior who was slowly leaving from a distance, and said, "What can I leave the classroom with my schoolbag at this time? Yes, this minister is too generous with his own staff, right?"

"No, I don't think so."

Yes, it shouldn’t be like this. In my impression, although Minister Iizuka is a good talker, he would never let people go in and out of the classroom so easily during club activities, if not If you want to leave early for special reasons, it means that this member has chosen to retire.

And if some members leave the department, then the situation of this club looks much worse than I thought.I originally thought that the Light Music Club did not appear at the Academy Festival because Minister Iizuka was somewhat arrogant. As a result, the club’s program was not completed on time, so it was temporarily impossible to declare, but this is clearly not the case now.

And the situation after I walked into the classroom clearly proved this.

When I walked into the classroom, Director Iizuka looked at the creaking classroom door in the first incident, his eyes were full of hope, but when he saw me, his hope turned into disappointment. Of course, he quickly adjusted his mentality and walked up to me: "Well, Yubihama? Is there anything wrong with coming to the club? Are there any problems with guitar learning?"

At least in this respect, Minister Iizuka is still a good minister. For a member who has been a ghost member for so long, and most people should have forgotten about it, he could still react in the first incident. What? At least compared to the snow under the other side, this aspect is a win!

Of course, I didn’t come here to accept the director’s guitar guidance. Compared to the last time I came to the first music room, although the dispute between the two factions was formed, it was still very lively. Now the light music is the same. Yes, the number of people has obviously dropped a lot.Of course, there is one situation that has not changed, that is, the members of the two factions because of Liu Yuanpeng are still arguing.

I don't know why, Liu Yuanpeng did not appear in the club's classroom, but obviously, the influence of this girl here is deeply ingrained.This is because the current "Fighting Liuyuan faction" and "Anti-Yiuyuan faction" are fighting fiercely.

"Why do we have to choose that guy as a singer, as a lead singer, I admit that her popularity is high enough to increase our popularity, but it is obvious that she is using us? First of all, we are a light music club. We must first It shows our dedication and our ability. Now all the songs are modified according to her own intentions. Our Light Music Club has become a backing band after the girl sings. Do you think this is a very reasonable behavior?"

"Because of guys like you, I can always distrust Liu Yuan, who just got angry and left! If it's just an internal performance in the light music club, then what is our ability to surpass professional wind clubs and other clubs to gain popularity? Our advantage lies in the combination of singing and playing, isn’t it?"

"I admit this, but don't things like independence and autonomy be needed? One person pays attention to the meaning of the so-called collective popularity. Instead, you have forgotten our original purpose?"

"Isn’t the original purpose that the minister wanted a grand curtain call? By the way, to accumulate chips for the recruitment of new clubs next year, you see there will be only one newcomer this year, and he ran away halfway, so now if you really have If you have a sense of worry about this society, you should increase the influence of this society at all costs, and the best way to increase the influence of the society is to cooperate with classmate Liu Yuan!"

"Are you making music just for influence? Don't think that you can do whatever you want with the survival of the club as a threat. After all, Tomohiro Liu is just an outsider. Do you still want this club to become Tomohiro Liu's private club? You see Looking at the songs she chose, many of the songs only need a separate piano or guitar accompaniment. Then, other people who can participate in the performance are abandoned by her? I know that Fujii, your guitar is the highest level in the club, so You will definitely be able to play, but you have considered whether the rest of us feel. If it is not because of not enough level but because of the selection of music that other people can’t play, then we will never accept it!"

"There is no way! For the future of the community, we need to be patient for the time being."

"Are you kidnapping individuals with collectivism? Fujii!"

"Fukuda, I know what you are thinking. You suggested your girlfriend to be the singer with the minister at the beginning? Now that classmate Yanuyuan has taken her place, you are very unwilling, right?"

"Although she is not reconciled, if Yanagihara is really a person who can cooperate with the club, then I will definitely not complain, but she is now preventing the club from participating in the school festival. The first time she expected Our name is no longer on the list, and the finalized list is probably not there anymore, right?"

"So, at the beginning, we only need to cooperate with classmate Liu Yuan, can we solve the problem?"