My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 93

"The key question is does she want to work with us?"

Probably because the heroine of the matter was not present, the quarrel between the two factions was even more inconsistent.And Director Iizuka beside me can only look at them with a wry smile.

"Uh, that, Yubihama, look at the current situation." Minister Iizuka shook his head, looked at me with a little embarrassment, and explained, "In fact, everyone doesn't quarrel so badly, but this time, classmate Yanagihara There is a problem with the song selection, as long as it is resolved, it will be fine."

"But seniors, you don't want to communicate with them now to calm the atmosphere, is this really good?"

"At this time, I can't show a clear tendency. Fujii is the best guitarist in our club. Fukuda is also a friend of mine who has been active in the club for three years. Now if I speak for any party or make a round If they do, they will all leave! By the way, because they have not submitted the performance schedule of the show to the student council president, several third-grade members have already left the department in dismay. If they both leave again, they will bring others with them. If you leave, it really won't work."

"At this time, I should be more decisive. Only choose one side!" Biqigu behind me suddenly interrupted, "The current situation of the two factions will only make everyone more and more confused. Anyway, you are also the last year. If I had become a minister, I would not consider offending anyone, either leaving Fujii or leaving Fukuda. Choose one of the two, and hurry up and prepare for the show before attending the school festival performance."

"But it's really difficult to make a decision!" Director Iizuka shook his head and said, "After all, Yanagihara-kun is a singer I have spent such a great effort to invite. It would be really difficult to give up her, but Fukuda I have really been working with me for three years, and I can see how much he attaches importance to the club—"

"--But it was because of this hesitation that it finally failed, right? If you drag on like this, the next school festival program schedule of the student union will not be able to keep up!"

"That's okay. With Chunxi, you can let him fix it-uh, are you?" Minister Iizuka realized that the person who was talking to him just now was Higiya who had been following me.

"Well, Minister, this is my senior in another club, Higiya Hachiman in Group F of the second grade."

So why do I seem to be covering for a proud senior? This is really annoying!In addition, isn't it that Biqigu will slowly be embarrassed when talking in front of strangers?What is going on with such fluent speech just now? Could it be said that the long-term activities of the Ministry of Service have changed Biqigu?Then I think Mr. Hiratsuka who caught him in this club must be very news.

Of course, Director Iizuka didn’t care too much about Biqigu’s interruption. He continued to patiently say to me: “In fact, the situation in our club is not that bad now. Everyone’s usual training level is also very stable, so just wait until It’s too late to practice after the song is confirmed, and Yuihama, you don’t know, Haruki was the actual executive committee member of the school festival in the previous two years. This year’s school festival will also have a big impact on the student union. It helps, so as long as you can catch up in the end, you can catch up!"

"But it is too careless to pin time on this kind of thing?"

I took a look at the window of the classroom, holding the guitar in my hand, but looked at Haru Kitahara outside the window in a daze. I remembered that Isshiki had mentioned that the student union would ask him for help, but I really didn’t expect it, the so-called The actual executive committee member of the Gakuen Festival is really him. If this is the case, although I am very reluctant to admit it, it is true that, as Director Iizuka said, his ability, coupled with this status, does require It is not very difficult to solve this problem. Kitahara Haruki’s strength has been proved by his superhuman deeds one after another.

This is also the source of Iizuka's confidence, right?

At this moment, Senior Kitahara by the window also seemed to notice the look I cast at him. He seemed to glance at my finger subconsciously, then squinted his eyes unconsciously, and then walked towards us with his guitar on his back. .

"Oh, Takeya," Kitahara-senior waved to Director Iizuka. I felt that the wound on his hand seemed to be a little bit more than before. He was a hard worker, Haruhira Kitahara, from this point of view, it was really nothing. No blame.

Of course, I can feel that Biqigu's realization has also been transferred to Kitahara-senpai, presumably his kind of motor that is extremely sensitive to judging people's character has been activated!


Chapter 27: A brief intersection and an unchanging reality

I once thought that if Hayama Hayato and Kitahara Haruki were placed in the same grade, the popularity between the two would be like.Of course, I think the answer is beyond doubt, at least in terms of popularity, the perfect-looking Yeshan will still crush Beiyuan.

In fact, this can be seen from the popularity of the two people in their respective grades. Ye Shan has always been the radiant King of His Highness, and Beiyuan’s impressive image seems to stop at those who have been deeply affected by him. Helping people’s hearts.

However, this does not mean that if there is such a contest, then Ye Shan will be the one to win the overwhelming victory, because the existence of Ye Shan is unreal, because it is unreal, so some people admire and some look forward to it, but it is also Because it is not real, people will doubt his true side even more. Even people who believe in Yeshan’s perfection will involuntarily produce a kind of "Does this kind of person really exist in this world?" "Such thoughts, and then abandon him without hesitation when his dark or fragile side is exposed.

Therefore, the strength and high popularity of Yeshan Hayato is based on his perfect image. Once his image collapses, his intention to satisfy everyone's expectations at all times will be lost.As reflected in the previous dialogue, if there were no accidents at the last moment, would the current situation of Yeshan still be the kind of responsive situation?Even if it exists, it is a false grand occasion barely maintained, right?

But in this respect, Beiyuan is completely different. His image is more real and he works harder.Although in terms of his achievements, he can almost be called a perfect miraculous existence, impeccable achievements, impeccable job execution ability, impeccable handling of interpersonal relations.However, people will not be jealous of him, nor will they doubt him, because the prerequisite for achieving all this is that Kitahara Haruki is an out-and-out hard worker.People who don't work hard enough have no corresponding moral high ground when they are jealous of him.

Therefore, if Kitahara Haruki fails, it is just an ordinary person who has worked hard and fell into the mortal world. No one will question him. Of course, his success after time will also give rise to a kind of omnipotence. However, this person is just an "ordinary person" who has worked hard enough.

If we want to make a popular vote, Yashan Hayato is the kind of "friendship vote" that can attract many passers-by, and Kitahara is the kind of person who has a group of appraisal and faithful faith, except those who are vacillating. , To let people evaluate who is more trustworthy, it is really a less certain situation.

However, the problem is that a person's image is more real and closer to the people. Does this mean that he is really more real and closer to the people?Can a so-called "real" image be the image that the person wants to create?Although I don’t want myself to be a supporter of conspiracy theories to guess the minds of others with malicious intent—this seems to be Biqigu’s way of thinking—but if you consider from a purely rational point of view, if someone can judge themselves by reason If this kind of image can get the highest benefit for himself in interpersonal communication, then it is possible for him to create such an image?

Of course, if one speculates from the perspective of consequentialism, if someone sees through his disguise, he may be hit even harder. Will he not do it because he is worried about it?

It should not be because it will make this mutual game fall into endless mutual guessing.Just like when we watched the story of the empty city plan in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, everyone admired Zhuge Liang for seeing through Sima Yi's caution and thought that this empty city plan was the ultimate grasp of human psychology.However, has Zhuge Liang ever considered the situation in which Sima Yi saw through his strategy?If Sima Yi sees through this strategy, has he ever considered Zhuge Liang and then foreseen the consequences of seeing through this point and continuing to do the opposite?This will fall into an endless loop, so the author of that story let the story stay on the original paragraph, cutting off the reader's endless discussion of the logic of this loop.

In reality, it is not necessary to consider the "see through" point of considering the reaction of the vast majority of people, because as long as you make the vast majority of people have the impression of "this is the way I am", then only a few A malicious person who doubts your existence will only be considered as using conspiracy theories to speculate on other people's ideas, and this view will be covered up in people's opinions.

Of course, this does not prevent me from using this logic to view Beiyuan's image.Of course, I think that if Biqigu can contact Beiyuan, his judgment on the other party should be consistent with mine.

Many times, people are actually very real just because they are too unreal, while some people are actually unreal because they look too real.

The former can be used to describe Yeshan, the latter can be used to describe Beiyuan-although this is my very subjective and irresponsible speculation.

-------------------------------split line-----------------

"Don't worry, the two factions won’t quarrel so fiercely when Yanagihara comes back later," Minister Kitahara Chao Iizuka walked over, seeming to watch Iizuka as a basic outsider. When I explained the situation with Biqigu, it was a bit difficult. We made a gesture of peace of mind and said to us, "In addition, I have explained to her the chairman of the city. At least the school festival should still give us the club. Those who reserve a program will never worry about it."

"Chunxi! I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving it to you at this time!" Minister Iizuka wrapped his arms around Kitahara's shoulders without image, and said with some excitement, "My dream, my third grade graduation carnival, I really trust it all on you!"

"Alright, sir," Kitahara relentlessly knocked on the head of Iizuka, "but the singer you got is indeed a little bit big! Although it is a mutually beneficial relationship , But it’s time to tell her not to be too restless!"

"I know, I know, this time as long as I can discuss the music on the academy festival, then everything will be solved? So if it is done in these two days, everything will be done! I will also show the next thing. It needs to be tougher!"

"You are a minister, of course I can't interfere with your opinion, so I can only help you as much as possible behind me. Don't worry about the program on the student union. I can help you here. But I did my best, and it’s up to you next, Iizuka!” Kitahara looked at Minister Iizuka with slanting eyes, with an expression of "I really can’t help you" Hold him.

"No problem, no problem, let's take a look at the ability of the current minister first! After all, I am an old qualification who has been in this club for so long. Isn't it shameful that you can solve everything?" Fan Minister Tsukah stood up in high spirits and said, "Hey, everyone, don't quarrel for now. When Yanagahara comes back, you will discuss Fukuda with her again. Now I am arguing with Fujii. It is better to practice a few more songs. The tune is ready for emergencies!"

Afterwards, he glanced at Higiya and I, blinked, and said, "Well, so, I'm sorry, Yubihama, and this one--"


"Well, Higiya, the current club is indeed a little messy, I should deal with it, but if Yuihama wants to return to the light music club, I would also welcome it, although now you can only serve as Chunxi I’m on the bench. I don’t know how Yuihama, your minister in another club, guided you, so I think I still need to evaluate your level to make a decision."

"Well, thank you Minister Iizuka. I suddenly wanted to come back today. I shouldn't be able to perform the performance of the school festival."

"Ah, the task of serving Yubihama will be given to you first? Chunxi?"

"Okay, okay, I knew that I was doing some kind of care for you!"

"All in all, thank you very much!"

--------------------------------split line----------------

After Director Iizuka left, the only people left were me, Kitahara and Higiya.Higiya Hachiman, who just interrupted in front of Minister Iizuka, now looks very quiet, just like his previous sentence "I'm interested in the person I want to meet" and decisively suggested that Minister Iizuka solve the problem quickly. The performance is not the same.Whether it is Biqigu to me and Beiyuan, or Beiyuan to me and Biqigu, they are completely strangers, and topics are difficult to generate. Let me find a topic for these two people to communicate?Sorry, Yubihama Kazuya's ability should have been sealed.

In the end, it was Kitahara's somewhat awkward remark that broke the deadlock on the court: "So Yuhihama is actually an undercover agent sent by the light music club to another club? Now, this Higiya student is instigated to our side?"

"If you can pass the formal transfer procedure to stop that woman from making irresponsible remarks to me and then you can tolerate a ghost clerk who actually participates in the homecoming department every day, I don't mind coming to this club." Biqigu His response is quite his style.However, compared to the conversation between him and Director Iizuka just now, these words seem to be more aggressive and somewhat aggressive.

"Well, if this is the case, I don't think Wu would be willing to take such a big risk, right? In addition, is it really impolite for Biqigu to call the instructor of the club in this way?" Obviously, Kitahara didn't expect Biqigu to have such a reaction, but he quickly made a reasonable answer.

"Well, so do you think Yuihama will turn my mind to this kind of person who is troublesome and can't bring any benefit? I think you can think of Yuihama as if you want to come back and use the light music club. With such a good club atmosphere, members of the anti-light music club will be invited to spies in our club!"

"I think Yubihama is not such a person, right?"

"So naturally I couldn't have been instigated by him." Biqigu spread his hands, and with his not-so-friendly eyes, he made a mockery that looked like a mockery but actually didn't know it was. It's not a mocking smile—the reason I say this is because when Biqigu laughs in that way, it actually seems to be mocking his opponent, or at least it doesn't feel so friendly.

If it is a kingly script under normal circumstances, at this time, the opposing villain Harunaki Kitahara chokes a little bit and doesn’t know what to say. The protagonist student of Biqigu, this time should add the sentence "Okay, Yubihama, we Let’s go, there doesn’t seem to be much to stay here." Then turn around and leave coolly. The next taunting effect will definitely reach full value, but the next Biqigu, I don’t know how in Kitahara for a while In response, no further action was taken.

In this way, it turned the scene into a sluggish situation again.Kitahara and Higiya, who have just spoken, seem to have no reason to take the initiative to speak. If the task of restarting the topic is handed over to me, it would be a bit difficult!

Having said that, Higiya Hachiman, although I think we may unconsciously agree on the evaluation of Kitahara-senpai unconsciously, it will undoubtedly be difficult for me to expose the dislike state like you are now. !Wouldn’t it be better if we had any comments on our private conversations?Why has it become such an embarrassing situation now!

And this embarrassing situation was saved by the entry of a girl.