My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 94

Tomomi Yanagihara, the second winner of last year’s Miss Zou Gotaka, was also the trump card of Iizuka's eagerly awaited light music club at this school festival, and appeared in the first music room in a crisp footstep. Doorway.

Of course, what followed was her kind of crisp, but also some deliberately created charming and arrogant voice: "So, can the song be finalized?"

"Well, classmate Yanagihara, if possible, Fukuda's opinion is also reasonable!" Director Iizuka hurriedly greeted him.

"I'm not saying that Fukuda's opinion is not good, but from my personal point of view--"

"--But Fukuda-san also gave in somewhat, Liu Yuan, this time--"

The negotiations between Director Iizuka and Yanagahara are still going on. Except for Higiya and I, the entire first music room has focused on both of them. It seems that the existence of Higiya and I is not so necessary.

"Biqigu——Senior? Let's go? The things I want to understand are almost the same, you should also understand who I am paying attention to?"

Without attracting the attention of others, I took the lead to leave the first music room, and Higiya Hachiman also followed me and left the classroom without saying a word.

Therefore, in a certain sense, the visit and departure of the two people from the Ministry of Service to the First Music Room did not attract anyone's attention, and it should not have a new impact on this society.


To be honest, I’m a little scared when I write here. Regarding the opposition between the values ​​of the teacher and Chunxi, the opposition between the protagonist and their values, and even the opposition between the values ​​of other bosses like Yang Nao, let’s not discuss everyone. It’s really hard to write about the right or wrong question of this kind of collision of different people’s ideas.Even though I basically have a rough setting, I am scared when I really want to write a dialogue.

This period of contact between the teacher and Haru was not in the outline, so I wrote it very carefully, and I didn’t stop it. Even so, I felt that the image of Yawata was broken. This made me even more worried about the future problems, if it was just Harumono. If you explain the ideas of the people in the book as inherent settings such as Shana’s Tsundere, then you can write the gourd in the same way, but this book didn’t want to write that way from the beginning, but now it’s said To be honest, I didn't dare to write a bit anymore, I really pit myself into it.


Chapter 28: Absolute Neutrality

In fact, most people are self-righteous. Regarding this, we can cite countless examples from history and reality to prove that no one can escape this attitude.

Some people may think that I’m nonsense. I’m not a self-righteous person. Then I only need to ask you one question. In your life, have you ever done even a risky thing, such as cheating in an exam? I have the ability to escape the teacher's supervision, such as going to bed early when I have not finished my homework at night and telling myself that I can finish it tomorrow morning, or confessing to the other person when I am not sure whether the girl likes you.

That’s right, no matter whether the matter itself is right or wrong, it’s all about trying with an uncertain mentality when we can’t get a definite result. Of course, we may be able to deceive ourselves and tell ourselves "These Even if the attempt fails, I won’t care", but is your purpose of doing this attempt just to fail?No, you have the smallest desire for success in your heart.

And this thirst for success comes from your self-righteousness. You still made this decision when all the conditions indicated that it was not good for you. The only reason is that you have such a deep feeling for yourself. The idea of ​​expecting oneself to make a miracle beyond one's ability is self-righteous.

Of course I will not deny this self-righteousness that has created countless real miracles, but I still hate this self-righteousness, especially the cognition of "if I do something, I can change something".

This perception has always been a slogan for those who are powerless to change anything and want to incite others to become their cannon fodder.If people evaluate their own abilities while listening to this kind of incitement, and avoid this kind of madness, I think we can at least restrain many fanatic situations that should not belong to a mature civilized society.

Of course, the most basic condition for implementing this method of self-righteousness is not to tell others "Let me help you, I can save you" when they have not made a request.

Because you don't even know what the other party wants to achieve, and you think you can help the other party meet a requirement you don't know. At this time, your performance will only be a clown.

Of course, this is my attitude towards the current light music club.

The contact with Director Iizuka all the time gave me the impression that the most important purpose of the light music club in this school year is to complete a grand performance at the school festival, but this impression is really true. Is it real?Is this impression really his real purpose?I have never been clear about this. So, if I want to join, if I want to influence, then whether the final result will conflict with Minister Iizuka's ultimate goal.

Indeed, everything is moving in a strange direction that I cannot foresee. For example, the atmosphere of the club is getting worse and worse. For example, a pound of pre-booked programs has quietly disappeared on the schedule.However, Takeshi Iizuka was not in a hurry, nor was his best friend Haruhira Kitahara in a hurry. So, is my anxiety different from what I understand they should show?

If you try to figure it out with a malicious attitude, perhaps the entire performance arrangement is a farce by Iizuka Minister to get close to that Yanagihara Tomomi. It is not impossible to judge from the peachy news on the weekdays of the minister classmate-Fan Director Tsuka approached Yanagahara triumphantly, and didn't care much about what happened next.

If you try to figure it out with a good attitude, the current split is a bitter trick set up by Minister Iizuka and Kitahara-seniors. As shown in countless novels, only by bringing the society to the brink of collapse can people be truly aware. It is the preciousness of this community that will make everyone unite again. Therefore, the connivance of this phenomenon is the result of their careful design. Now it should be the time for this trap to close the net.

I believe in my rationality, and I also believe in the rationality of other people. The value and meaning of absolute neutrality lies in the fact that everyone’s rationality can be upheld, and that everyone’s rationality will not be destroyed by other people’s unauthorized misunderstandings and will not interfere. It is the best result that can be achieved in theory.

So, when Higiya and I walked out of the first music room, when Higiya asked "Yuhihama, what are you going to do with this light music club", my answer was,

"Absolutely neutral."

--------------------------------split line----------------

It seems more or less surprised than Qigu’s answer to me. After all, in my previous state, everyone would think that I was very concerned about this society, and now I am throwing a "non-intervention" answer. , This will surprise them somewhat, right?

"The reason for this community is that their current practice does not match what they should achieve in my perception, that is, there is a contradiction between the so-called reality and cognition. For example, if my mind has always thought '1+1=3', and then one day, I saw a math book telling me '1+1=2', then I would be very concerned, because this is the same as the '1+1=' that I have always formed before. The impression of 3'is contradictory. However, when I confirmed that the phenomenon of '1+1=2' is generally recognized by everyone, what I want to do is definitely not to correct other people's '1+1=2' 'The impression is waiting, because in this case, my cognition and the cognition of others must be wrong. When we are all rational, then we can only use the final result. Verify who is wrong. Before that, any interference with the result of this calculation is an act of overconfidence in oneself."

"Similarly, for the light music club, in my perception, their goal, or at least Iizuka's goal, is to participate in the performance of the school festival and work hard for it, but in reality, is their goal this? One point, or whether they have adopted a different method in the process of achieving this goal, or even whether they have made mistakes in the process of achieving the goal, I am not very clear. For things that are not clear, I use non-interference There should be no problem with his attitude, right?"

Biqigu should have understood my answer, but he didn’t want to give me a serious retort as I expected. He just tilted his head and his eyes showed With that indifferent expression, he said lightly: "Those people's affairs have nothing to do with me."

Of course, I really want to ask Biqigu about his views on Kitahara-seniors, but think about it, Biqigu is not the kind of magician who can see a person’s true character through a conversation of one or two sentences. He can Knowing the existence of Haru Kitahara in the third grade, and having a little awareness of him is already very difficult, so I don't seem to expect him to give me an amazing answer for the time being.

The self-righteous girl in the Ministry of Service still holds Wen Kuben sitting in her exclusive window position. Compared to when I saw her two months ago, except for the seasonal changes. The reason is that there is plenty of light in the classroom. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much change, as if time has stagnated on the whole.

Of course, I should be thankful that although Yukino Yukino is a staunch egocentric superstition, she is also a sufficiently arrogant and indifferent person, which makes her only wait in this classroom Invited by others, instead of actively looking for people and events that you want to intervene.

Compared to Xuexia’s indifferent to the return of the two of us, Yui sister is still the most active person. She seems to feel that she can’t expect to find out what news from my mouth. Gu stopped.

"So, is the atmosphere in the club called Light Music Club, which Xiaohe was in before, really bad?"

"In a sense, it can be called bad, right?" Biqigu frowned and explained specifically, "After all, the society has shown signs of division."

"That's bad! So is there anything worse than the division of everyone in the club?"

"In fact, I feel that our community is also divided." Although this sentence is very untimely, but I think this sentence is the truth. I don't know whether the current Biqigu thinking has changed, at least The contradiction between me and Xuexia has never been eased. Of course, if you want to say that we are still very united when we are together to complete the external commission, it does not have any meaning, because even that level of light music club , If you really face the existence of student associations, you should be able to maintain harmony, right?It's just that this division of the Ministry of Service is hidden. I don't know when it will break out, and the contradiction over there is open.

"What are you talking about? Even if you and Xiaoxue have some disagreements, but you haven't quarreled? You are trying to understand each other, right? How can you say that you have split? This kind of thing is very serious. Don't talk nonsense about the matter!"

"But in this way, there are indeed things that are even more sad than the division of the community you said just now!" This time it's Yukinoshita's turn to interrupt, "That is to know that the contradiction between the two is very big, but Because some necessary face and gambling cannot be completely broken, but face harmony must be maintained—"

"——Xiaoxue, why do you even say that!"

"Or that’s good, Yubihama, let’s continue with the previous topic, which means that as long as you honestly acknowledge my ideas and obey me in all affairs of this club, then the club will split. It doesn’t exist anymore, and the situation just mentioned where two people are unable to argue for their own ideas and are finally forced to embark on a path of mutual hostility will not exist—"

"--It's a pity that negotiations broke down."

"So you see, Yubihama, it’s not that I don’t want to take the responsibility of maintaining the unity of this society, but you have to see that your brother is such a stubborn person, although I know this is for you. It's really difficult, but you still have to believe that I can transform him successfully!" Xuexia looked at me with her usual compassionate expression. It should be said that this expression has not been adopted by Xuexia for a long time. This time, after a long absence, the lethality is still not small, and this time she has extended the effect to her sister, which is really a pioneering move!So, Minister Xuexia, during this period of relaxation between us, are you accumulating any big moves?

"Xiaoxue, and Xiaohe——Can you two get along normally?" Although I feel a little sorry to entrust my sister to be the regulator of this atmosphere, there are some things that cannot be compromised. Besides, this time I just I just talked about the objective facts that exist in a society. It was Xuexia, Xuexia that caused the war!

So, unfortunately, my answer is:


"It's not up to me, it's up to him."

Xuexia and I glanced at each other. It is estimated that our tacit understanding can reach the highest value at this time, right?Both are overly stubborn in their opinions and both have strong expressions of desire.

Of course, I always think that my approach is correct.

"Well, so, let's go back to the beginning!" It was probably because I realized that the contradiction of this routine quarrel was structural and could not be reconciled, so my sister had to change the subject. I don't hate this method. After all, I don't want to get into endless arguments with Xuexia.

Of course, this topic has changed badly enough.

"Let's think about how to help the light music club? If the club has a split problem, isn't it the same as the relationship between the four of them before Hayato? If we catch the split In terms of the core, then this problem can be easily solved, right?"

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess the reaction to her proposal.

"If it is the core of the problem, it is not difficult to catch it," Biqigu said in a deep voice, "but, this matter has nothing to do with us or the Ministry of Service, right?"

"Yes, Yubihama, please don't treat the Ministry of Service as a proactive team. There are too many things we can't do in this world. All we can face is our commission. Understand?" Xuexia also nodded, agreeing with Biqigu's point of view.