My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 95

"If you want to commission, then Xiaohe come to commission? Does Xiaohe care about the society?"

"Sorry, I do care about the situation there, but this does not mean that I want to intervene in the situation there. The two are different."

"Hey, so are you people who are unwilling to help after seeing the problem?" My sister looked at us very wronged.

Of course, the responses we gave were surprisingly consistent.

"Woo, Xiaoxue Xiao and small enterprises are bullying people!"

In fact, bullying is not really considered a bullying. It's just that in this kind of place where some people don't know whether it is good or bad, the three of us, for different reasons, were amazingly matched in the result.


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Chapter 29: If the purpose is to save

Sometimes, I feel that my life state is like an RPG game. I see a fixed character in a fixed place, and then trigger events through different conversations with the fixed character in different situations.

In the classroom, I met Yoshiyuki, in the activity classroom of the Ministry of Service, I met Higiya and Yukoshita, I met Mrs. Xiaomu at karaoke, I met Yui sister at home, and different people talked about different topics with you. Then let you complete different tasks. Of course, you can ask them to help you complete the task according to the corresponding goodwill with them when you met before. Of course, it is also possible that the other person volunteered to help you.

For example, the former Yui sister was particularly enthusiastic about Xiaochun's situation and the events of the light music club. Another example is the current senior Xiaomushu, who volunteered when chatting.

Of course, the place for chatting with senior is not karaoke. Even senior Xiao Mushou, who is very familiar with other staff there, now dare not pull me out to chat for a long time when Aunt Inoue is working, so, and The coffee shop where the seniors reviewed together has become another routine chat place for us-of course, I should know that the purpose of coming here is not to chat, but to review, compared to the second The semester’s rich and varied sports festivals, cultural festivals and other activities, the first semester is the time for everyone to adapt to the new school or new class. Therefore, in a sense, the test at the end of the semester is instead used for this semester. People care about the most.

For a bitter hand in liberal arts, at this time, Senior Xiao Mu's help was definitely a help. Although the review progress was still very moving for two consecutive days.

By the way, if we still take the RPG game as an example, at least for Senior Xiao Mu, I seem to have unlocked a new meeting place!

However, it must be said at this time that the plots of many novels are very reasonable at least in this respect, that is, holding study sessions in places other than the library will eventually become meaningless gossip.

The so-called learning atmosphere is probably this kind of thing. When everyone around you is reading and studying carefully, you will feel that you should study hard. However, when other people in a coffee shop are enjoying themselves When you are enjoying life and chatting, your only wish to learn will basically come to nothing?

Of course, I still really want to study hard, but when I look at the weird things like "Jan of Arc lifted the Siege of Orleans in 1429" in the open book, I really feel a little bit Can't lift the energy.

To be honest, for a boy, he should be naturally sensitive to history, but the Hundred Years War between Britain and France, from the perspective of a posterity, does it mean that "the British came out of a powerful king and defeated France, and then He died inexplicably, France had a great king to counterattack Britain, and then died inexplicably, Britain came out of another great king to defeat France, and then died inexplicably, and then France produced a great heroine to defeat France. And then died somehow" story?So I really doubt whether these powerful characters have signed a contract with the devil or something, said something like "I give half of my life to you, and you give me great power." Well, if you put If this kind of plot is written as a tragic novel, it feels very emotional.

"Heya, I feel like you are thinking about something very bad!" Senior Xiao Muzhen looked at me with slanting eyes, um, it seems that the girls I have been in contact with recently have techniques like mind reading. Are those complaints in my heart exposed like this?

"I'm just wondering. At that time, France should be so ill to be able to allow a girl with no military command experience to take over the command of the army. Then all the adventurous plans proposed by this girl could be successful, although It is recognized that Joan is a saint, but in fact, from the result, signing a contract with the devil is also a very possible answer."

"Fortunately, you are not a Christian. Joan is the kind of saint in the true sense!" Senior Xiao Muzhen knocked on my head and said, "At least for the French, the existence of Joan is the hope of victory and Guarantee. Even if we do not consider the issue of so-called miracles, at least for the French who lost a streak at the time, a saint can boost morale to a great extent!"

"So, if I were King Charles VII, after the death of Joan, I emphasized that the judgment of the British against Joan of Arc caused God's wrath, and then I asked hundreds of other girls to say that they were the reincarnation of the saint. Isn't it possible to counterattack further? ?"

"So you can't be a Christian. These weird ideas are too dangerous. Also, the content of this aspect of world history is a very small aspect. Don't use this when reviewing. Weird brain hole, understand?"

"However, it is really difficult to judge saints or something? Isn't the devil the best at deceiving people? Maybe Joan was deceived by the devil, and all the holy sites she saw were the devil's tricks to induce her Act in the direction you are satisfied with, and then take her life at the most glorious time of Joan of Arc. Don't all demons like to do this kind of thing?"

"Kazuya-kun, you are reviewing world history, not making up your own original story." I admit that this brain is a little bit bigger, and the headache of predecessor Xiao Muzhen seems to prove this, but it is justified When I was about to apologize to the predecessor who was laughing and joking before, there seemed to be a complicated emotion on his face, not worrying about me, but feeling about things related to her.

Looking at the picture of Joan in my textbook, Senior Xiao Mu Shu said: "But even if Joan really signs a contract with the devil, if her purpose is to save, then in fact, I can understand a little bit! "

I used to feel that I already knew Xiaomushu's predecessor very well. At least, in front of me, she showed a different side from that in school, but I also understood that Xiaomushu Xuecai's truth, even now, I still Not fully understand.

She always listens empathetically when I encounter difficulties, and occasionally helps me to solve it, but I never know the troubles and confusion of Senior Xiao Muzhen.Even I used to think that seniors would be perfect enough to solve all problems by themselves, but more and more seniors’ expressions and states occasionally showed me that this is not true.

However, I should not ask, at least I think so. If Senior Xiao Muzhen believes that she can solve it, then she has already made the most correct choice.

When seniors occasionally show such expressions, I still hesitate. I still have strange feelings in my heart. It is a mood that I can't help but want to help and influence. This mood makes I feel a little guilty, but from the bottom of my heart.

Of course, the somewhat incomprehensible expressions of the predecessors Xiao Muzhen often lasted for a short period of time. Soon, she smiled and said to me as if she had never been emotional. It shouldn’t be in this area. What is the point of discovery in the later geography, you don’t have to think about who is a saint and who is a heresy there."

In fact, everyone has in their hearts the kind of things called principles that they want to adhere to, right?What are the principles and persistence of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen?

I really want to know this, but now, looking at such a senior, I can only look at her and promise: "Okay."

------------------------------split line------------------

"However, this coffee shop chosen by the predecessors is really an amazing place? Although it is far from the school, it doesn’t feel like an unpopular place, but after coming so many times, it’s really true. I haven't seen people from our school come here!" After that, I also somewhat eased from my distracted world history review, and when we were about to leave, the sky was already dark.

"Actually, I'm not very clear. When I first discovered this shop, I just came back from Karaoke and dropped by at my house. However, after a little observation, I found that the people who came here are mostly junior high school students. High school students probably think that going to the same cafe as a junior high school student would seem a bit naive, so basically they won’t show up!” Senior also closed the book in his hand and stretched his waist and said.

Although I have known seniors for a long time, although I also understand that the winner of the title of Miss Chief Wu Gao is definitely not a false name, although in most cases I pay attention to the kindness and understanding of senior Xiao Muzhen, but, like seniors This kind of amorous feelings that occasionally reveals when doing moves like stretching still makes me a little bit overwhelmed.

As a high school student, senior’s figure and temperament are really the top-notch people I have ever seen. Usually her charm is concealed by her usual style, but this kind of unintentional display is absolutely nothing A normal adolescent boy would be uninterested, right?

Boys are always fantasizing. Even if it is me, it is not unimaginable what it would be like to be with Senior Xiao Muzhen, but in most cases, such fantasies are just suppressed by myself, because In most cases, men’s love based on irrational thoughts at the bottom of their hearts will not have good results, right?

When I subconsciously put my hand on my face, Senior Xiao Muzhen also saw my practice, but he didn't molest me like taking care of my younger brother like in the past. Senior's face also blushed slightly. , Twisted the hair beside her ear, and said softly: "Ah, sorry, it was too casual just now!"

"Ah, no," To be honest, this kind of attitude of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen made me somewhat unexpected. Under normal circumstances, if she said "Kazuya, why should I feel embarrassed?" , I should just use the helpless "predecessor, pay attention to your own influence, okay" and so on, but for the first time like this, the predecessor who showed the embarrassed expression in front of me, kills The power will rise dramatically!

So, quickly change the subject!

"Well, so, won't the seniors' family worry? It was a little late to go back." I waved my hands in a panic and said.

"It's okay," However, Senior Xiao Muzhen is worthy of being Senior Xiao Muzhen. After the short adjustment, he immediately stabilized his mood and said to me with a calm expression, "I have explained to my family that I want to make peace. The classmates have studied together, and told my mother that I don’t need to prepare my portion for dinner!"

"So the seniors have held study meetings with classmates or something before?"

"I used to do this when I was in middle school." Senior raised his head and said with a somewhat nostalgic expression. "But after I went to high school, I really didn't feel it a few times, especially when I was in high school. My tutoring-oriented study session, the previous study session should be a group of friends reading together, right? Chatting is also painless, not as imaginative as it is today!"

"Although I think you are complimenting me, senior, please don't talk about my distraction so openly, I still have a basic sense of shame!"

"Eh-oh, what you are talking about is this, haha, it is really interesting!" It seems that Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't realize the phenomenon of "unusual chat" is not good for the study meeting. This is the phenomenon, so she laughed after reacting to it.

"Hey, Senior Xiao Muyan!"

"But when I was helping you review these things, I was revisiting these things for myself. After all, I am an examinee this year! In this sense, my review efficiency can be calculated twice, and it doesn’t take too much. I care about the time wasted because of this chat."

"It is precisely because of the candidates that I have to worry. There will be more activities in the next semester! The last year's activities are coming! So you won't have as much time in this semester next semester. "

"Eh, next semester, are you talking about the academy festivals?" Senior raised his head, thought about it carefully, and said, "However, except for class activities, I am no longer ready to participate. There should be no problem, right? There is still plenty of time!"

"Don't participate?" I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen with a little surprise. Although from the previous chat I could roughly feel that Senior wanted to quit, I didn't expect that she had already confirmed it, especially in the distance to create miss Now that the feat of Zou Wu Gao's three consecutive hegemonies is only the last step, this is indeed unpredictable.

"I mentioned these thoughts before? Was it surprising?" Seeing my expression like this, Senior Xiao Muzhen looked at me in surprise.

"Ah, no, I always feel that even though I expected it, I still feel it," I said with a wry smile. "However, you deserve to be Senior Xiao Muzhu. If you quit, you quit. This kind of decision is really thorough."

This is my true thought. Miss Zong Wu Gao’s election itself is not a simple popularity contest. It is more of a recognition of a girl’s high school career. The unprecedented phenomenon of triple dominance will definitely Becoming a legend in the school, but Senior Xiao Muzhen gave up without any burden, which made me have to look at seniors with admiration.


Although there are some surprises, this volume should actually be ending. The ending of this volume should not explode like the previous volume, it should be somewhat depressing.To be honest, I have been very satisfied with the recommendation of this book up to now, but the collection has not risen, and I feel that the audience will end here. Although the new book was expected when the new book was opened, it was still written too niche. Toward.Well, but since it is a niche trend, just follow my own set rhythm to the end!