My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 96

Chapter Thirty: Applicable to others but not to yourself

"In fact, it's nothing. After all, I was dragged by my friends when I participated in this competition from the very beginning! I always felt that I shouldn't refuse friends or something, so I just participated in this confusion for two years!" Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled bitterly. He said, "But it's the third year after all. Let me choose once, right?"

"Senior, you need to know that your full "Although I am very unwilling, but winning the championship is not something I can control" will hurt many people, especially for those who pay attention to you. , For anyone who wants to pull you off from any throne."

For example, Tomo Yanagihara, um, maybe you have to be prepared.

"Well, if this is the case, isn't it just right this time? If they really want this position, I really don't care!"

"Ah, here again, this is the so-called'confidence of the king'! What is it that I don't want to participate this time, so you scumbags compete, as long as I change my mind, this position is mine after all What kind of words—"

"——I said it, Heya," Senior Xiao Muzhen interrupted my speech with a helpless look, and said, "I really don't have such an idea. I just feel that I don't want to participate again this year. In the end, I could have withdrawn from the situation last year. If this happens again this year, it would be very annoying!"

"Last year, I did hear that there was a slight disturbance in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao in the past year."

"Well, these things are trivial things that are not worth mentioning after all. The things have passed, but it is really embarrassing to happen like that. I originally wanted to withdraw from the election, but if I withdrew like this, it would be like admitting some taint. Yeah, um, so I don’t want to participate this year!" Senior Xiao Muyan said lightly, and then, he glanced at me, squinted his eyes and revealed a mischievous smile, "Ah, I know, and you want peace again. Say, okay, then your Xiao Muzhen is such an arrogant person, with such a bad personality, in fact, my real thought is, "This game is really boring. Why should I quit and see you? What tricks can these guys do?', hum!"


"What's the matter, are you speechless?"

"Uh, I always feel like I lost when I spit out!"

"Heya, you bother me so much. When I say'lie,' you don't believe me, and when I'm telling the'truth,' you can't react." Senior Xiao Mu Shu I emphatically emphasized the two words "lie" and "truth". I don't know if it is because of dissatisfaction with my distrust of her just now, or simply think this stalk is funny-of course I think it's both. .

"Okay, okay, I have surrendered, senior, after all, it's your true thoughts, I shouldn't interfere too much and say too many unfriendly things!"

"Hey, it's actually quite boring to surrender so quickly! Hold on for a while!"

"Don't expose your nature so thoroughly! Hey! You just want to play with this stalk on purpose!"

"However, if this is really the end," after dealing with the occasional playful behavior of senior Xiao Muzhen, I remembered another thing, and I told senior about it smoothly, "So two For the one in the grade, those things that Liu Yuan Peng did before seem particularly meaningless, right?"

"Is it the second place last year?" Senior asked, tilting his head.

"Generally speaking, if you refer to the image of you just now, your most correct response should be the natural dull culture of'Eh, who is this person?' and it will cause a ridiculous response, right?"

"But I have really heard of Yanagahara, and she is also the type of girl who works very hard?"

"Well, in fact, this kind of reaction is natural enough, and the ridicule is strong enough. "Although Liu Yuan has worked very hard, it is still better than me, who has not worked hard." It makes people feel as a heroine. It just has to have this kind of torture and kill dogs."

"I always feel that Heya is full of your Tucao skills today!"

"The main reason is that your taunting skills are also full today, Senior!"

"So, but what did Kazuya just want to talk about about Liu Yuan?" Senior Xiao Mu Shu was a little curious about Liu Yuan's situation, so he still cared about some of his competitors?Or is it just a simple mention of this matter?

"It's not a big deal to talk about it? Senior, do you know that the club I was in before was a light music club? Our minister said that he would commemorate his high school life before graduation, so let the light music club There was a grand program at the Academy Festival. For this, he still worked hard to practice, and then invited Senior Yanagahara to be a singer."

"The phrase'practice very hard' always feels like you are secretly making a mockery!"

"Of course, Senior Yanagihara's goal is obvious." Well, at this time, just ignore the small complaints of Senior, ignore, ignore, "That is to use the performance at the school festival to get enough The popularity of, and then this sentence overwhelming Xiao Muzhen’s predecessors, from my point of view, this is indeed a very wise approach, after all, people at this time are very emotional animals, if you just enjoy the stage If you put on a radiant singer's performance, then you will be involuntarily biased towards that person in the next voting, right?"

"Well, if that's the case, it is indeed possible to get first!"

"Please, as her biggest competitor, don't speak in a tone that is irrelevant to you!"

——Although the current senior Xiao Muzhen seems to be able to say so.

"So, the problem is, if Xiao Mushu-senpai gives up, Liu Yuanpeng's biggest competitor will be gone. According to that girl's confidence, it is estimated that she will not be very concerned about this matter, right? There have been various contradictions when discussing songs with the Light Music Club. When the list of Miss Chief Military High Election of the Academy Festival is announced, or she has inquired about the news that you are going to quit, the Light Music Club She probably won’t be able to do anything about it, right?"

"There is really no loss to Liu Yuan. After all, it seems that the main reason is the unhappy cooperation between the two parties. After all, there is no contract signed, so it is normal to break up because of the lack of agreement!" The senior nodded and agreed. Tao, she didn't seem to be surprised by what I imagined Liu Yuanpeng might do.

"But, in this way, Minister Iizuka is the most influential person. The singer who took pains to pull over ran away. What is more serious is that before, because Liu Yuan’s character is really unlikable , She messed up the atmosphere of the originally united light music club. If Yanagihara announced his withdrawal at this time, even if the minister can find the alternate singer in time, it is estimated that he will not be able to prevent the disillusionment of his dream, right?"

"Well, Heya, let's put it this way," Senior Xiao Muzhen frowned, tilted his head, and said, "I also feel that I really have some serious sins, because my personal withdrawal has affected another person's What is the dream of high school? By the way, a few days ago, the student union seemed to be particularly concerned about whether or not I should participate in the miss Zong Wu Gao. I was even more concerned than before. I thought it was just because they didn’t want to lose the competition. Resources or something, but now it seems, is it related to the light music club meeting?"

"Can a light music club go to the school festival? I don’t need the student union to be so attentive-- right?" I wanted to answer so easily, but suddenly I discovered a particularly important connection between the light music club and the student union. .

"And you don't know Yuihama, Haruki was the actual executive committee member of the school festival in the previous two years, and he should also be of great help to the student union in this year's school festival." Director Iizuka The previous words came back in my mind.

Yes, Kitahara Haruki, as the source of the confidence of Minister Iizuka, he is the most important link between the light music club and the student union. He also paid attention to the miss of So Takeshi. Kitahara persuaded Yukoshita last year. Although the event that was not possible to participate in the election was unsuccessful, it at least proved one point. For this event, the degree of involvement of Kitahara Haruki is definitely not as simple as the surface.

Therefore, although it is unlikely that the Beiben natives persuaded in advance, it would be a matter of course to hint at the importance of the student council member Xiao Muzhen's senior to the election, and then urge them to confirm whether Xiao Mu's senior will participate as soon as possible?

Generally speaking, as long as Xiao Muzhen's senior is still participating in the election, then Liu Yuan should not give up the opportunity to cooperate with the light music club. After all, this is the best opportunity for her to surpass her predecessors before the election.

However, it is a bit scary to be able to predict this level in advance?Even Haru Kitahara, who seems to never disappoint, shouldn't have predicted this step, right?

I smiled secretly, feeling that I was still too deeply influenced by the conspiracy theory. Although I have always believed in human rationality more, the reason why human rationality is called human rationality is because most people can The two things of the big relationship are connected.

The relationship between Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai's participation in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao and the participation in the school festival with the Light Music Club is still too shallow.

But what if he really thought of it?

"Well, but even if I think about it, if he can persuade Senior Xiao Muzhen, it doesn't have much effect, right? From the situation just now, Senior's attitude is not so determined. Although he said he didn't like that kind of activity, he won in the end. My sense of accomplishment is more or less inevitable!" I said to myself.

"Heya, did you think of something?" Senior looked at me with a strange expression. Of course, I guess my current expression should also be very strange, mixed with various expressions of worry, happiness, and doubt. Look like you?

"Ah, no, the student union probably thinks it would be very eye-catching if the seniors can create the feat of three in a row! After all, this time the school festival must be handled together with the Qingquan Middle School, the more it can be reflected The characteristics and abilities of Zong Wu Gao are more conducive to the success of this event! And the three consecutive hegemonies of senior Xiao Muzhen, this kind of legendary summit experience, is definitely a great book!"

In the end, I still did not tell my seniors about my suspicion of Beiyuan. This is indeed too pretentious. I cannot let my prejudice against Beiyuan’s behavior affect my judgment and cognition of things-although I know people are evaluating any one. I can't get rid of prejudice and my own position in any matter, but I still hope that I can be absolutely neutral, whether it is in the process of looking at the problem or in the process of solving the problem.

"Eh, is that right?"

"By the way, if I were a member of the student union, if Yanagihara-sen was unwilling to cooperate with the light music club, I would let the seniors be the singers of the light music club! The increase in popularity that Yanagihara-senpai can predict, and Xiaomu Shou Compared with the predecessors, it is probably not worth mentioning!"

"However, there is a basic premise for this sentence of yours, that is, the members of the student union know that Xiaomu Yu Xuecai likes to sing—"

"——Still a wheat tyrant."

"——This is not the point, and this secret of mine is known to no one except you! So your hypothesis is meaningless!"

"I'm just a hypothesis!"

"But," Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed to hesitate, but he took a deep breath and twisted his hair and said to me, "If Yanagihara-san really withdrew because of me, if there is real harmony. This kind of thinking can be replaced by me—well, as my own atonement."

"Ah, that, no need, atonement or something, Senior Xiao Muzhen just made a choice by himself, and maybe it will eventually lead to this result, but the process in the middle has nothing to do with seniors. If people have to worry about each of their own If the choice will affect other people and be fearful, then what else can we do, even if it is our own decision, we can’t do it, isn’t it too hard?"

"That's it, I know." Senior smiled and replied, but she didn't seem to be relieved or showed other special expressions, and she was very indifferent to my answer.

Then, after not knowing how long it took, Senior Xiao Muzhen asked me gently, "Heya, what you said makes sense, but I always feel that this statement is also suitable for yourself, right? "


Chapter 31: Different styles of older sisters

The things that create a person's worldview are largely derived from the environment he is in and his cognition of this environment, and the way to recognize the environment comes from his contact with other people and his own reading and experience.Of course, once people have determined their own worldview, they must resolutely implement and implement this worldview.If a person has doubts about his own worldview, he can only hesitate no matter what he does.