My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 97

Therefore, when I first entered school, I argued with Yeshan, and the debate between me and Xuexia has been going on until now. I have always insisted on my own point of view. Before the other party could not completely refute my worldview, I have always believed that I am correct.

However, over the past period of time, I have also realized that in the process of my self-convincing logic, my self-logic is imperfect. At the same time, for this set of theories, I did not believe it from the bottom of my heart. It is just constantly reminding oneself by strengthening self-awareness.

My family, this kind of existence that seems to be often exceptional in the process of rational thinking, is naturally excluded from my goal of self-restraint-but as Biqigu told me that evening, if this set of theory If it is the theory that I really believe and implement, then I am undoubtedly presenting the most dangerous side to my family.

And today, in the process of persuading the predecessors of Xiao Muzhen, the words that I just blurted out emphasized that the unexpected results created by a person's behavior should not be borne by the actor himself. This undoubtedly contradicts the absolute neutral theory. ——Under this theory, a person should try to avoid the impact of his actions on others, and when a person can foresee the dangers caused by his own consequences, he should naturally choose to give up or remedial measures.

In other words, now Yubihama’s problem has been exposed. It is an absolute inconsistency in logic. I think my approach is correct, but my subconscious makes me make many decisions that are inconsistent with what I think. The correct approach is inconsistent, does that mean that my subconscious is not convinced by the logic I believe in.

In other words, I am evading, I am just using this set of logic to evade what I should, or avoid taking the responsibility that I should bear!

——What a joke!

People should take responsibility for the results caused by their actions as they should, but before the results appear, can it not be enough to avoid the causes of the results?Isn't the so-called neutral attitude just for this?

Is there anything wrong with this?

Of course nothing is wrong.I believe this. People cannot have doubts about the world view they are adhering to. It would be too abnormal to lose their attitude because of a few simple paradoxes.

Paradox or something, under perfect logic, as long as you wait, it will be explained through a process of self-repair, right?

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"What applies to me? Isn't it the same?" Therefore, I carefully replied to Senior Xiao Muzhen, "Look, my goal is to stop the occurrence of such things as Senior from the source? So, it is equivalent to saying, for I will make decisions about everything after rigorous analysis and derivation, and can only proceed when there are no accidents. Therefore, if I face the situation of the predecessors, it must be an inevitable phenomenon!"

"Heya, if it were you before, your head will be raised higher at this time, and your speech will be smoother?" Senior shook his head complicatedly, "However, I just feel a little like it! Actually, I am not very clear about the differences in specific issues. In short, sometimes, it is better not to live too self-satisfied!"

"Self-satisfaction or something, isn't it something I did, right?"

"It's like something I did!" Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded seriously and replied, "For example, it is strange to go to karaoke to sing and sing for a long time, and for example, in a weird and named younger brother but lacks sister's care. Play the role of sister in front of the younger generation."

"I'm going to raise an objection to the latter sentence! Although I now call Senior Senior Senior, Senior Senior is not very similar to Sister!"

"Heya, you have to know that a nagging sister who cares about his younger brother and knows how to care about his younger brother is very troublesome!" Senior Xiaomu Shu's eyes were narrowed, as if he was thinking of something interesting. Look like, and say, "You should be thankful that I have a relatively equal relationship in front of you, but still have the majesty of my sister. The two are soft together. If it is the former, I think you can go to my house. Xiaohong discuss it more!"

"Okay, okay, in other words, I have to thank Sister Xiao Muzhen for being generous with me, right?"

"Isn't that the case? Also, are you sure there is no problem with the term'sister sir'?"

"Don't care about these details!"

The atmosphere of the chat quickly changed from the somewhat confusing atmosphere to a more relaxed atmosphere. This is of course the result I want. Although I have convinced myself in my heart just now, it is probably still For subconscious reasons, I am still a little afraid of the next development and the next thinking.

Whenever this happens, Senior Xiao Muzhen seems to know what I think, and brings the atmosphere of the dialogue to a more harmonious level. If it is the beginning, I would think this is senior An empathetic performance, but sometimes I still think, in this regard, is the senior too empathetic?Even Yui sister, who is also good at taking care of the collective atmosphere, sometimes makes mistakes in adjusting the atmosphere, but the perfect control of this situation by the senior Ogisao is just like she wanted to do at the beginning of the conversation.

This feeling makes me feel very familiar.

That's right, this feeling is my kind of self-restraint feeling. Like my self-restraint, I feel that Senior Xiao Muzhen is actually paying attention to something and protecting something carefully.

——This is also a joke, right?

If that's the case, seniors are really too tired to live!

But I still can’t help thinking about such things, because in front of students in other schools and in front of me, seniors have almost two different coping modes, although she should behave more in front of me. It's true, but will this truth be a reserved truth in another sense?

"Alright, Kazuya, that's it." Senior Xiao Muzhen's sudden voice made me react from my own thinking.

"What's the matter, why did you say'end here'? If I remember correctly, there should be some way from senior's home here, right?"

"Although there is still some way, do you think I am the kind of person who gets lost so easily?"

"Of course not, but at night there will still be some insecurity in this situation—"

"——You have imagined how bad the law and order in Japan are, or even if you think the law and order is bad, you should think about it. Before I met you, I often sang late at karaoke and stayed alone. Nothing happened when you came home, right?"

"However, it's already sent here anyway—"

"——One more thing!" Senior Xiao Muzhen pointed my pocket with my finger, and then I realized that, I don’t know since when, my pocket has been buzzing, "Your call, In the beginning it was just an e-mail alert, but it has been ringing since just now! What are you thinking about so engrossedly and then ignore this state!"

"Ah, sorry!" I hurriedly took out the phone, but the moment I took out the phone, the ringing stopped unexpectedly.

Of course, besides the two missed calls, there are still several unread messages displayed on my screen.

The sender, without exception, was Yui Hihama.

"Xiaohe, I know that you are going to have a study meeting with Senior Xiao Muzhen, but you should tell me when you come back in the evening!"

"I mean dinner, you can't let your sister and mom and dad keep waiting for you for dinner!"

"Really, Xiaohe is an idiot? I know you can have dinner with Senior Xiao Muzhen, but you should still let us know!"

"Hey, Xiaohe, we have finished eating, if you never come again, no one will help you get hot dishes!"

"Does Xiaohe study so seriously? Don't reply?"

"Xiaohe, please reply when you receive it."

"Xiaohe, are you joking with your sister on purpose? I know it was a bit wrong to tell about the light music club, but I am also concerned about you, can you see it?"

"Xiaohe, I was wrong! I won't talk more in the future."

"Xiaohe, are you okay?"

"Xiaohe, I have called, although it may interfere with your study, but there is no way. You will forgive my sister?"

Wow, what is going on with this bunch of emails?I do know that I have always been a little too obedient, so I go home for dinner every day, and I always talk to my family when there are club activities.But so many emails from my sister are overly concerned, right?

In this case, if you add an e-mail like "If I know Senior Xiao Muzhen's phone number, I will find her and ask her!" It would be a complete declaration of illness!

"Xiaohe, I am going to find Hayato to contact the seniors in the third grade. I will find the phone number of senior Xiaomuzhu and find you soon!" Then, I received an email like this.

——Ah, I feel that this dangerous momentum has to be stopped.

"It should be my family who cares a lot, right?" Senior tilted his head and looked at me, craned his neck and seemed to want to take a peek at my phone screen. At this time, he did not care about the image of girls and seniors at all!Sure enough, is gossip all the nature of girls?

"Well, it feels a little bit beyond expectation." I leaned my phone a little bit to my side to prevent Senior from seeing this pile of emails from my sister. Sister Yui, in this place, I was surprised by my brother. Some are overly concerned!

"That's why I told you, it would be better to go back quickly, right?" It seemed that after feeling my kind of cover-up, Senior's outstretched head retracted again, and the ponytail that had been scattered behind his head was restored. He tightened a bit and said, "Also don't worry about me, I can go back by myself!"

"Well, seniors be careful all the way!" In this case, I also think that the top priority should be to reply to my sister's call. Therefore, at this time, it is better to trust Senior Xiao Muzhen. After all, it has always been so reliable. Senior said.

--------------------------split line----------------------

After Senior Xiao Muzhen disappeared into the night, my first action was naturally to turn on the phone, dial the number of my sister, and then extend my most sincere comfort to her:

"Sister Yui, have you made a mistake, sending so many emails, how do you want me to evaporate from the world!"

"Ah, Xiaohe, I just finished the phone call with Hayato. He said he would contact the other seniors in the football department. However, few people seem to know the contact information of Senior Xiaomushu. After all, it is Gaoling from that school. As for Zhihua, if someone knows the phone number easily, then there will be more harassing calls—well, Xiaohe has called me back, and you’re all right!"