My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 98

"Yes, thanks to my anxious elder sister, I was ready to run back halfway along the way—and, you were so worried about me just now. When you received my call, your first reaction was not Should it be this? Why do you have to finish talking about your chat with Senior Ye Shan before you can react."

"It just feels like I was talking about this with Xiaohe just now, so it will be more coherent to continue."

"This time I'm so nervous again!"

"Hey, but in short, Xiaohe is still okay?" I can imagine the elder sister on the phone constantly rubbing the dough on my head.

Well, forget it, after all, she cares about me. After all, sister Yui is sometimes that hopeless idiot and needs to be guarded by my brother.

"Well, so don't worry, I'll go back right away. By the way, I don't really care about dinner!"

"Understood, then I'll go prepare it, or it would be better to cook dinner again—"

"——No need for it! Eh, wait a minute, is Yui sister going to do it yourself?"

"Don't worry, I have made a lot of progress compared to before—"

"Please don't do this! I'll bring takeaways home from outside!~"


There are two points buried in this chapter, one is the contradictory flag of the protagonist, and the hole in the snow vegetable is also dug, and the other is stuck on 3000 words and then the content of the next chapter is forcibly pulled up tat.


Chapter 32: Propaganda Methods of Uncharacteristic Associations

The academy festival co-organized with Qingquan Middle School is no longer a secret for the vast majority of students in Zongwu High School. As the preparatory work for the student union continues, it is the first time in the history of Zongwu High School. The specific plan for the joint school festival has become the focus of discussion among students for a period of time.

When facing junior high school students, the superiority of senior high school students is exposed. Human nature is like this. A difference in basic identity can bring an absolute sense of superiority. You can steadily look down on the third grade students of junior high school, and the level of college students completely crushes the existence of any high school student, not to mention that kind of daunting social person status.

In fact, if we only look at the age of a person, there is not much difference between 15 and 16 years old, and there is not much difference between 18 and 19 years old. However, it is the subtle change in identity that creates a superiority. Sense gap.Of course, in the preparation for the school festival, it is reflected in the whole school being caught in a more subtle atmosphere.

Of course, the school festival itself is also to show the school’s style and the results of club activities, but the previous school festivals did not have a clear display object after all. Many times they became the product of the school’s internal carnival, but this time The school festival has a clear display object, especially when it is a "junior" who feels completely dominant in all aspects, the desire for performance becomes stronger.

This is the most obvious manifestation of this point. The performance time of the school festival, which was originally expected to be only three hours, has been extended to four hours. This extended arrangement is undoubtedly due to a bunch of new clubs after learning the news. Do you want to make adjustments to join the show?

Generally speaking, there are more programs that can be arranged, which will increase the space for Beiyuan to leave opportunities for light music friends when arranging the performance list, but when we consider the clubs that only add a third of their time When the performance time increases significantly, when the clubs signing up for performances, this will become the pressure of Kitahara-san?

Of course, I will only think of this when I am bored, because, at least for the Ministry of Service, the performance of the cultural festival has little to do with us.

My sister once expressed interest in signing up for the show when the student union stated that she would increase the performance time, but she was quickly refuted by Biqigu and Yukoshita so hard to speak.

However, considering that the performances of other clubs signing up for the Academy Festival are all related to their own clubs, the Ministry of Service's activity method with no content of its own, should four people take turns to perform Rakugo on stage?

However, having said that, let's not talk about Yukoshita and her sister, let Biqigu wear a kimono to speak rakugo, with his expression, maybe there will be a magical contrast effect!

"What are you doing? Don't look at me with that kind of eyes, I'm still a man of normal sexual orientation for the time being!" He seemed to have noticed my interesting gaze, and Biqigu replied mercilessly.

"Although it is not very clear, I know your usual relationship with Senior Totsuka. You went with him during the last corporate visit!"

"Also Ye Shan, Ye Shan!" Biqigu's face won't turn red easily, but his slightly lowered head expression at this time is a manifestation of his guilty conscience!

"Hey, what's the matter with your unexpected gentle tone when you saw Totsuka-senpai?"

"Hey, that is, friend."

"En? Senior Higiya just considers Senior Totsuka friends?"

"Yuhihama, pay attention to the attitude of the younger generation to the older generation!"

"Ahhhhh, escaped."

Generally, when Biqigu is in such a state of embarrassment, Xuexia will definitely follow up to make a knife to prove that her poisonous tongue is effective. However, some unexpectedly, Xuexia is only facing us. Take a look, then continue to look down at her library book.

It is said that every girl has a plot of a rotten girl in her heart, so from Yukoshita's point of view, the situation of Higiya and Totsuka-senpai is happy to see, right?

Probably not?I looked up at my sister.

Then, Yui sister looked at me with her eyes that were so pure that she could no longer be pure, and said, "Eh, are Xiaoqi and Xiaocai? The two of them have a very good relationship, isn't it normal?"

Ah, I understand, if this group of people is not a latent sexist in their hearts, then they would regard Totsuka as a girl!

This club is not saved!

-------------------------------split line-----------------

"But, having said that, doesn't our club really need to prepare something for the school festival?" Today's sister seems to be particularly obsessed with the school festival. If it was before, the other three had put out something. She should retreat when she doesn't care about herself.

"The key question is not whether we are willing to prepare something for the school festival, but that we can't prepare it? And even if we prepare, because of the lack of professionalism, we will be denied by the group of students in the student union, right? ?"

"But the goal of the school festival is not to be selected in the end, but to work hard together before, right? If everyone works hard together, then the final result doesn't matter, right?"

Well, don't say this kind of lines like hot-blooded comics at this time. You have to know that the other three people in this classroom are strictly speaking people of the Disability System, and they won't be inspired by you.

Sure enough, after the elder sister's preaching, Xuexia made a move that she had the highest repeat rate today, raised her head to look at her elder sister, and then lowered her head.Biqigu on the other side looked even more excessive, and didn't even lift his head.

Well, although I think it is necessary for me to be the only person who responds to my sister's words at this time, all the words in my head seem to be related to complaints. It would be better not to speak at this time?

"Also," our silent performance did not silence my sister, but made her more energetic, "Even our club should have something that we are good at? If we look for it, we can find it. Good place!"

"What I'm good at," Surprisingly, Xuexia interrupted at this time, "This is a topic worth considering!"

"Is that right? If the performances of other clubs at the Academy Festival are the characteristics of our own club, we only need to find out what our club is good at!"

"Indeed, as a society, our foundation seems to be too shallow." The topic seemed to develop in a strange direction, and Xuexia seemed to become more interested.

"Isn't the foundation of this club based on the various troubles of the students?" Biqigu also joined the dialogue at this time. "If the students in this school are all genius teenagers and all problems can be solved by themselves, then this The community has no meaning to exist."

"No, the meaning of existence is to correct the remaining problematic children." Xuexia raised his head and glanced at Biqigu and me.

No, should the problem child be you?Self-righteous classmate Xuexia.

"So what we should do is to expand this foundation!" My sister said excitedly, "Think about it, in fact, we should have been a very powerful organization, and it feels like Doraemon. , Dedicated to solving other people’s problems, and solving problems is not limited to one classmate. In such a club, only some of our second-year classmates and Xiao Caiyu know that it is a shame!"

"Hey, Yubihama, do you want us to become a market? I prefer a quieter environment!" Higiya then relentlessly pulled her sister from the edge of excitement.

"Moreover, compared to the so-called Doraemon, I still think that the devil’s discussion room is more suitable for this place. It will always remind people of Faust to satisfy people's wishes and ideas?"

"Well, Xiaohe, who is Faust?"

"The protagonist in the works of the German poet Goethe, the man who exchanged with the demon Sephiroth," Yukoshita squinted at me and said, "but you didn't expect you to know this."

"At any rate, I am also a person who wants to go to liberal arts. Do you feel so surprised after reading a few more books?"

Well, why both Biqigu and Xuexia look at me with this kind of eyes, I just don't understand your Chiba Stem, okay?Why do you feel that the child in front of you is a humanities scum - well, although it is indeed a liberal arts scum - but the scum can also have room for improvement?

"However, let's not say whether to expand the reputation of the Ministry of Service—"