My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 99

"——Biqigu, please wait until I finish talking before you interrupt, otherwise I can’t guarantee what will happen to you next. In short, the expansion of the ministry’s reputation will cause trouble, and Biqigu’s words have certain truths. It is very small, and if there are too many commissions, it is very troublesome to not be able to bear that kind of pressure. However, from the perspective of the club itself, the object of discussion for the Ministry of Service should be the whole school’s students, but most people do not Knowing this, this creates a kind of unfairness. What we need to do is how to eliminate this kind of unfairness and at the same time be able to accept a more decent commission-if we can find the cat in my house When it's time to eliminate boring commissions like'or'how should I pursue the girl I like', the situation that Higiya worried about will not happen. At this time, what Yuhihama said, find our good place, and It was shown in the school festival that this situation is very good."

Xuexia made some concluding remarks.

"How about taking the initiative to help?" My sister suggested, "Our previous commissions were all other people's initiative to come to us, so if other organizations have difficulties, if we take the initiative to find out and help solve it, it's not a good thing. Is it a good thing? Well, for example, I heard a few days ago that there seemed to be a few actors in the acting department that have not been in place—"

"——Don’t worry, idiot sister, you will definitely not be able to play a role other than natural, when you grow up to hide your thoughts in your heart, then talk to me about the acting department. !"

"It's too much, Xiaohe, and Xiaohe is not like you. If we take the initiative, the problem of light music clubs can be solved? Although I don't know what the situation is, if it is Xiaoxue, there must be a solution. Right!"

So sometimes Yui's words are really uncomfortable. Fundamentally speaking, the approach of taking the initiative is the most contrary approach to my philosophy. I originally intended to blow your self-confidence. Then I asked you to abandon this proposal, but your current practice of becoming more and more courageous is what should be done by people who want to stop it.

"The proposal is rejected!" Fortunately, Yukinoshita answered this question for me at this time. Otherwise, facing this situation, I really don't know how to talk to Yui sister.

"Eh, why?"

"Obvious?" Xuexia shook his head and said, "Without having sufficient information, we cannot confirm whether the person is in the so-called difficulties, and the other person does not necessarily need our help. Although I have Confidence to help them solve their problems after intervening-but I am not bored enough to do these things with the unhappy faces of other people."

"Eh, I just think it's a pity. If we take the initiative to help one or two clubs solve problems, especially the more influential clubs like the drama department, then more people will know about us soon. Right?"

"So, Yubihama, the key issue is not to increase visibility, but a more appropriate way of performance."

"So, how about cooperating with the acting department and promoting the club through their dramatic performances? How about this method, it has enough influence, but it will not appear too ostentatious." Biqigu raised his hand and said.

"That said, but the acting department has no reason to cooperate with us at all, okay? They just lack a few actors. Do they have to re-adjust the script to promote our society. Is this good for them?"

Well, having said that, if you don’t consider other people’s issues at all, from the perspective of conspiracy theory, you can use the student union to pressure the acting department to complete the rehearsal within a time limit, and then make suggestions for cooperation when the other party is helpless The way the other party's savior appears, this is a method that can be used by the ministry with connections in this area.

Although everyone will hate this approach.

Among the people I know, there should be only Peng Liu Yuan who can do these things, right?Or is there another one?Isn't it right, Isshiki is not so bad as yet.

Hmm, wait a minute, is this a one-color voice?

"How about the ministry if it cooperates with the student union?"

I looked up, Yi Huyu, pushed the door into the classroom of the Ministry of Service, and stood in front of us generously, saying so.

"Classmate Isshi, please knock before entering." Xuexia frowned and said, "Also, what did you just say?"

"I think the Ministry of Service can cooperate with the Student Union!" Yishi smiled and threw out such a proposal.

Ah, classmate Isshiki, I thought you could be more kind, but I really didn't expect your demon nature to be so thoroughly exposed!


Well, the second half of this chapter seems to be getting better, but unfortunately the first half is not written.


Chapter Thirty-Three: Entrusted with Complete Control

"Well, Heya, what you said about me just now, I can't assume that I didn't hear it!"

Uh, should it be said that Isshiki's statement coincides with my idea?So the complaint just now came out without thinking. It's really a misstep. I didn't control my thoughts!

"Although I know that Kazuya usually evaluates me a bit strange," Isshishi sighed and said, "But I still don't want you to directly judge me as'devil nature' in front of the seniors in the ministry. of."

——No, no, I think as long as you have more contact with them, at least Xuexia and Biqigu will be able to see your harsh nature!

"By the way, this time my proposal is to help your ministry! Are you supposed to be discussing what your club can show at the school festival?"

"For the time being," Yukoshita raised his head and said, "So, does Isshiki want to entrust the Ministry of Service to help prepare for the school festival? Although this is indeed a good way to showcase the community, no matter what angle it looks like, In other words, this is just a commission that will help reduce the pressure on the student union and will help the student union more?"

After Yukoshita finished speaking, I realized that the so-called cooperation between the Student Union and the Ministry of Service, no matter from which point of view it is considered, it is more appropriate for the Student Union to ask the Ministry of Service for help. The attitude of one's own association should be completely meaningless to the student union except for adding a bureaucratic infamy.

Well, if you think so, it seems a bit misunderstood.

"It's almost like this, but it doesn't matter, Xuexia!" At this time, the other person who opened the door hadn't seen each other for a long time, and put me in this club. Except for the first few days, he cared about me. , And then Hiratsuka-sensei who didn't show up in my sight very much after that also opened the door and walked in.

"Teacher, please knock before entering the door!" Xuexia raised her eyebrows. Two consecutive people who entered the classroom without permission obviously caused her a headache.

"Ah, sorry," Mr. Hiratsuka raised his hand in a perfunctory manner, and then continued, "Going back to the topic just now, isn't it good? The role of the Ministry of Service is to use your abilities to give other students Helping hand, I can’t treat Isshiki differently because she is a member of the Student Union! After all, the Student Union also belongs to the category of students!"

"That's true. So I just considered the imbalance between the benefits of this entrustment to the Ministry of Service and the benefits to the Student Union, but if the identity of the principal is taken into account, then I really cannot simply refuse. Because in fact, the activities of the Ministry of Service should not consider the income of the society itself. However," Xuexia nodded, but retorted mercilessly with her elegant expression as always, "The problem is that the academic It’s hard to say to what extent the Ministry of Service can intervene in the preparation of important school affairs such as the Garden Festival. If we can’t provide us with the corresponding authority, then we will not be able to help the student union at all, but if we are given enough The authority of the preparatory work should be borne by us or by the student union. When there is a disagreement on the same matter, should we consider from the perspective of the cooperator and the organizer and submit to the highest leadership of the student council? Considering from the perspective of helpers and helpers, obeying our opinions, this is also a very difficult topic? Therefore, considering that these problems involve too many contradictions, I still tend not to accept it until the division of labor between the two parties is clarified. This commission."

As expected of Xuexia, she has taken this step into consideration when others are still struggling with the cooperation with the Student Union. Indeed, the commissions undertaken by the Ministry of Service before this have extremely high autonomy, even It can be said that we can do whatever we can to achieve our goals, but obviously this approach will not be recognized by the student union, and we cannot solve the problem of the student union through our methods, which means that everyone in the ministry may end up being reduced to Dealing with the chores of the student union, this situation is unacceptable to everyone.

However, facing Yukoshita's words, Isshiki's expression looked very calm, which made me feel that she was practicing digging holes in the teacher Hiraizuka and let us drill in.

Sure enough, afterwards, Yoshiki smiled and said, "About this, Senior Yukoshita doesn't have to worry about it. Senior Xun said that he can grant the highest authority to the Ministry of Service in this regard!"

"The student council president agreed to let us be the core to prepare for the school festival? Even if we agreed, isn't she dereliction of duty as the president?" Higiya interjected.

——In addition to the performance of the school festival, Kitahara-senpai still exerts a great influence, so how can it be possible to give us the authority without authorization?

"Ah, I forgot to add it. Of course, it is not the authority for all affairs. What we need the assistance of the Ministry of Service is only the contact and negotiation with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. After all, you have helped in the previous negotiation!" Isshi Sticking out her tongue, she said with a chuckle. This expression made us feel that she had deliberately said half of the words just now to dazzle our appetite. "The members of the student union are only responsible for negotiating with the large increase in the heads of the various clubs. I have spare time, and because the time of the joint plan this time has to be discussed with the other party, activities such as football skill competitions and sports festivals may have to change from previous years. In this regard, contact teachers and related clubs also need to follow up at any time. In."

"In other words, the existing student council members are already too busy with the school's affairs," Mr. Hiratsuka added, "so the task of liaison with Kiyizumi Middle School must be delegated. Of course, the chairman is People who don’t trust this kind of thing to inexperienced people, you who have rich experience in contacting Qingquan Middle School should be the best choice for this commission!"

"From this perspective, there is really no room for refutation!" Xuexia nodded and said.

"Moreover, from the president's side, she has given you full trust. It is precisely because you have shown good negotiation skills with each other during the negotiation with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. ——"

"—Uh, Hiratsuka-teacher, I want to point out that although I am very reluctant to admit it, the resolution of the problem of the Secretary of the Student Union of Kiyizumi Middle School before seems to have nothing to do with our club! We are just talking to her, just as we do When we didn't know how to persuade her and couldn't do anything, we suddenly learned the news that the two sides reached a compromise."

I said this to confirm that according to the plan adopted by Xuexia and I at the time, we have played down our role in that matter. Therefore, at this time, we clearly proposed that we help. Is this what we played? Was the role of the exposed?Xiaochun is not generous enough to expose his bottom line easily, right?

"In fact, what the senior inspector values ​​is your experience of interacting with each other, right?" Isshiki's words dispelled my doubts to a certain extent, "Although we still don't know why the other party suddenly agreed to cooperate at the time. Attitude, but you have also played an important role in the process of constant dialogue with Secretary Sugiura and softening her attitude! Therefore, compared with other inexperienced people, it is better to have the same group of people to communicate with Secretary Sugiura. OK!"

"So, are there any questions?" Hiratsuka-sensei said as if making a summary.

I don’t know when it started. The question has changed from whether we should accept the commission from the Student Union to the question about its specific implementation process under the premise of accepting the commission. I have to say Mr. Hiratsuka and Isshiki this time. The cooperation is a bit too clever.

I think, it is very possible that the idea of ​​the student union was inspired by the teacher who is usually a little careless?

"If you can help the Student Union, it is also a way to make the Ministry of Service known to everyone?" At this time, the most energetic, and seemingly the most confident, is the sister, although sometimes it is really for her. These thoughts are nerve-wracking, but she wants to communicate and understand. Under the guidance of this kind of mood, sister Yui, who is constantly moving forward, sometimes really can't blame!

"Although it will definitely not be large-scale publicity! But if the two parties cooperate, then the exchange and communication between the Ministry of Service and the Student Union will be indispensable! At that time, anyone who is related to the Student Union will notice Does the Ministry of Service exist? This should be the so-called use of an unassuming way to increase influence!" Isshiki replied with a smile.

"Oh, this is the so-called first to open up the high-level channel of the food chain, and then expand from top to bottom? Even the simple student union and the club of a school are full of this kind of evil chain! Sure enough, the society is Isn’t it the worst existence?"

Of course, the typical Biqigu style at this time, although it is a bit unpleasant, it also summarizes this model well.

But speaking of it, this is not a big problem. If the Ministry of Service is understood as a new thing, it will always be those who are close to this thing that first obtain information, and then it forms an exponential expansion.In fact, the somewhat self-entertaining atmosphere before the Ministry is not only recommended by the small circle of members and teachers in the Ministry?This is like the expansion of a social network, which must have arisen among people in related fields at the beginning.From this perspective, the members of the Student Union are just a circle closer to us.

"No matter from any aspect, it seems that there is no reason to refuse." Xuexia nodded, looked at Isshi, and said, "If I can, I still hope to meet with President Chengyou and clarify our Work, and the highest authority that our community can use."

"Okay, I can talk to Senior Xun later. Senior Xun has been worried that you are unwilling to accept this commission, so I am a little hesitant! He also said that I must convince you to use the relationship with Heye. ——As a result, as soon as I walked into the club classroom, it was really uncomfortable to be spit out by Heye!" Isshiki said with a sigh of relief.