My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 100

Just pretend!If it weren't for Mr. Hiratsuka's instigation, how could the one-to-one harmony between the two of you just now come together so tacitly, and when Mr. Hiratsuka appeared, it would be a matter of time for the Ministry of Service to agree?Although this teacher will not be a person who uses strong means to force the progress-well, someone who does not use strong means to persecute girls-but she is still a person who knows the decision makers in this club well and is preparing in advance Under the circumstances, people like Xuexia will only obediently jump into the pit you set up, right?

However, having said that, it seems that the student will be entrusted by us. The chairman of the city has never appeared before, and has always been let Isshiki relay them. There are some very important entrustments. Wouldn’t they seem a little contemptuous if they didn’t come to the club to request? ?

If it hadn't been for Yishi to always be very convinced when talking about the student council president, I would have doubted that the minister of the city had been emptied by the predecessors of Kitahara. He was just a marionette in the hands of Haruki Kitahara.

However, next, if the president of the city really wants to come over, then I can see what kind of person she is!

People like the president of the Student Union in my impression should always be a combination of prestige, popularity, and ability (if it’s set in comics, as well as beauty), but the Great Wall Tour of the Student Union of General Wu Gao does not seem to be like this. .Although the work has been done well from my observations so far, except for the speech when welcoming freshmen, she does not seem to be so well-known in the school, and her presence is so thin that she does not feel like a student union. President.

In such a school with a variety of top talents, the student council president is either the most high-profile person, or a low-profile person. Obviously, the president belongs to the latter.

It's just that, a low-key chairman, can really overwhelm the spirit of a proud person like Xuexia?


Well, in order to write this paragraph, the outline was slightly modified, but it should not affect the overall trend of the plot.


Chapter Thirty-Four: The Ministry of Service Fully Mastered

In fact, we met the legendary president of the city only after school the next day.

This is a very kind person, with black hair and double braids hanging down on her shoulders. The eyes are always sagging with a soft breath. In general, it feels not in line with the student union. A girl of the healing department in the style of the chairperson.

Of course, the student council president can be a low-key existence, but whether this low-key is deliberately lowering the status or whether the ability can only end here, it is worth pondering.Kind people may not be indecisive, and low-key people may not have enough ability. However, from the moment I met the president, apart from the kind of affinity and healing style, I did not feel this person. Have the kind of vigor and swiftness that a leader needs.

It’s not necessarily a good thing for leaders to have strong charisma. As I have always emphasized, people with strong charisma are often people with exceptional talents in certain areas. This kind of talent brings them. The kind of pride that comes is easy for these people to lead a collective into a misunderstanding.However, if the leader does not have decisive power, this is definitely not a good thing. What I hate is the leader’s arbitrariness and self-reliance, but this does not mean that the leader can be indecisive and decisive in the final decision. This is in response What a person in position must do is the so-called human obligation. It is one thing to overemphasize one's own rights and to act on its own way, and it is another thing to give up one's own obligations too much and avoid choice.

Of course I am not saying that President Cheng Ye is the kind of person who evades decision-making, but, unfortunately, the first impression she gave me is this feeling.

Reminiscent of the ease of entrusting the preparation of the school festival to the Ministry of Worship, or the arrangement of senior Kitahara’s involvement in the performance of the school festival, this style of constantly relying on the help of others to complete the work is not like This is what a decisive student president can do.

Of course, as a leader, people in the healing department have an incomparable advantage, that is, you can never refuse her kind of earnest expression.As the president of the student council, Shiro-senior, looking at you with that kind of sincere pleading expression, when making a request, even if it is a cold person like Xuexia, he can't refuse it!

"I’ve heard of the Ministry of Service before! Whether it’s Yukoshita, Higiya, or two Yuigahama, I’ve heard about it! Although I’ve been troubled by Saiha and you all. Contact, I haven’t had much contact with everyone myself, but I’ve worked hard for you.” As soon as I entered the door, the chairman showed a very sincere attitude, which made all those who were waiting for her request a little overwhelmed. .

"Eh, am I really that famous?" My sister pointed to herself a little embarrassedly, and said, "I always feel that I can't do anything in this club. I rely on Xiaoxue, small enterprises and Xiaohe. That's it! Hey!"

In fact, your self-positioning is correct. Of course, it is a bit exaggerated that you can't do anything, but according to my opinion, there is no problem at all for not being the backbone of the problem!

"Yuhihama Yui classmate? Sai Yu said, oh, it is a classmate who is gentle to others, caring about others, and willing to help others, right? I think the Ministry of Service is only because of your presence. Go and help others again, right?" President Cheng Ye replied to her sister very seriously.

"Hey hey, I seem to have only this aspect, hey!"

It's over, the idiot sister was deceived in the first place!Although the other party is the student council president, we are now negotiating with the student council. What does it mean to surrender so early!

"Also, this is Higiya Hachiman, right?" The president's eyes were directed at Higiya.

"Ah, oh, um, yes." Of course, Biqigu still continues his usual style of being extraordinarily restrained in front of strangers, which also makes me doubt whether his previous performance in the light music club has a personality. The state of division.

"Biqigu student is also a person who can think about problems in his own way! He is also a reliable junior who can solve problems very well!"

"Ah, oh, actually, it's not!" Biqigu's face is a bit hot, hey, Biqigu senior, your usual kind of not being moved by girls, you don't hesitate to try to figure out the attitude of girls with the most malicious eyes. where it goes?I know that the smiling face of the president of the city in front of you is a great priest with a thorough healing system, but she is still a girl, it is the kind of existence that you worry about and hate, hey , I told you not to blush!

It seems that Higiya Hachiman was also somehow killed in battle.

"Then it's Xuexia, the head of the Ministry of Service!"

Well, Xuexia must have no problem. She will not be fooled by word games as easily as her sister, nor will she be overwhelmed by a bright smile from the healing girl like Biqigu. She is a person who will always implement her own ideas.

"Well, Yukoshita is the most outstanding person. Whether in terms of grades or in the way of solving problems, how to say, it gives people an impeccable style, always feels, and that, um, So, please help me a lot!"

The words of President Shirui seemed nothing special, but I could see that when the President said the word "and that", Yuukishita's body trembled a little involuntarily, and his face was involuntarily exposed. This is a somewhat complicated, even disgusting expression. Although the president said this sentence is a bit unclear, it seems to be referring to the appearance of other people, but after that, the awe-inspiring aura of Xuexia suddenly suddenly Become a lot of flustered, and finally, the answer to the chairman of the city turned into one sentence:

"Well, I understand, I will do my best."

So why did you all fall under the circumstances when I couldn't figure out what the situation was!

Well, although I know that it is a necessary thing to accept this commission from the Student Union, as the last line of defense of the Ministry of Service, I should at least express the reservations that belong to our society, and being such a thing seems to be in addition to healing. The president who lacks any abilities can easily persuade you people too easily to be affected by emotion, right?

"Well, this is Yubihama's younger brother? Yuihama Kazuya, Caiyu's classmate?" The president's eyes finally looked at me. Of course, the one behind her blinked at me at this time. Blinking, I don't know if I want to watch the excitement or think something interesting will happen.

"Student Heye is actually a very capable person, right? Caiyu told me everything!"

Hey, Isshiki you fool, what did you say to President Cheng Ye?If you tell the president of the other information you know about me, even if you are working for the student union, I will not let you go back!

"In the previous football match with the Football Club, I was also there. If you can play evenly against Ye Shan, your level must be very superb!"

Well, if this is the case, I admit it. After that, even people who don’t understand football should recognize the role I played at that time. So, the talent in football is It can't hide it.

"Well, thank you, President."

Ah, it's over. I just felt too nervous because I was afraid that Ishiki might have told the guild leader a lot of other things. Now I find that the guild leader knows only the point that other people know, so I suddenly relax. As a result, I relax. Be vigilant, inexplicably speaking with the president in that very soft tone.

"There is also the previous meeting with Secretary Sugiura of Qingquan Middle School. In fact, Heye also played a big role! This is what Caiyu told me."

I can almost see the one-color raised eyebrows behind the president. Although she probably doesn’t know what role the Ministry of Service played in the process of persuading Xiaochun, it is based on the relationship between me and Xiaochun. Isn’t it easy to play up the story of “Secretary Sugiura’s unforgettable old feelings and open up to Zou Wu Gao.”

A color feather, I must make you look good afterwards!

However, everything is said to this level. Even if I express my objections, I will only be regarded as a humble attitude and not accepted by others, right?

"So, for the next commission, I can count on you, right?" The president's cordial eyes, coupled with the friendly atmosphere rushing over his face, are already the kind of easy healing that makes the whole classroom enveloped in her. The atmosphere in the state of being so difficult for me to say rejection.

"I understand, and I will work hard later!"

Ah, it's over, it's completely over, Yubihama Kazuya, what are you doing?You obviously want to be the last line of defense in the ministry, isn't it?

"So, although this task may be hard, I still hope that everyone can help the student union! Can it?"

"Oh, oh!" The four members of the Ministry of Service, inspired by such a city president, yelled out these words in unison.

---------------------------------split line---------------

After President Cheng Ye left, the whole ministry fell into an awkward atmosphere.

"Uh, if I'm not mistaken, the student union just came to ask us for a request, right?" I don't know what the others think, but it is the president of the city tour patrol. She seems to have other abilities except healing. Very general, I can even see that when she was talking to us, those words were not carefully prepared lines, but it was a little inexplicable. Everyone was persuaded by her words, and everyone was a little strange. Accepted her persuasion from the heart.

"This is the case for the time being." Xuexia took a sip of tea and replied-by the way, making tea in the ministry classroom was just a few days ago. The tea leaves Xuexia brought were burned. Water was provided to herself and Yui sister. It seems that the two boys and I don’t have this kind of preferential treatment.

"So, it's weird! Hey, everyone, don't you think it is weird?" I said a little annoyedly, "It is obviously that the students will ask us for entrustment. It is obvious that the students will ask us, why in the end, it became this This is the attitude that we are willing to go through fire and water for the student union!"

"But there is no difference? If you want to complete the commission, then do the best, so what's wrong with showing a good attitude?" My sister opened her eyes wide and shook the dumpling on her head, said.

At this time, I really want to grab her two balls and squeeze her head. In other words, if I were not in the classroom of the Ministry of Service, then I would really do it. I would really do it, Yubihama. Miss Yui.

"I understand what Yubihama schoolboy meant," Higiya interrupted. "It should have been the student union who asked for us. Although the Ministry of Service does not ask for rewards when helping others, the other party is the student union after all. The conditions that are beneficial to oneself are also good! After all, it is still difficult from the problem itself."

"That's right, that's it. Then everyone watched as President Cheng Ye smiled and talked to all of us, and then we also agreed to the President with a smile, without asking what goal we were going to achieve, and without asking the Student Union what it could give us. What help was provided, and it didn’t say what should we do if we couldn’t complete the request? It didn’t say anything, but the chairman gave us a very vague commission, and then we just agreed?"