My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 101

Hey, Biqigu, don't look away. The guy who was blushing and poisoned just looking at the chairman's expression just now is you.

"Ahem," Xuexia coughed, and said, "This is something we can't do, but we can discuss these issues with the president later, so they are not important things, so the key issue is that we should How to negotiate with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union."

Hmm, Minister Yukoshita, although what you said seems reasonable, you are obviously changing the subject, okay?If it weren't to change the subject, what happened to your erratic sight?

"Well, Xiaohe, don't be so excited! Xiaoxue's words make sense. Anyway, the president has been at school, and we can also go to her at any time. We can ask for some follow-up things at that time! Haha! "

Oh, elder sister, you are so good in this aspect. If many problems are not solved in the first time during the negotiation, it will be very detrimental to us!

However, at that time, I was a little foolish in agreeing to the chairman's commission, and I was not qualified to say this. Next, let's act by ear!


Chapter 35: Inexplicable sympathy and the inherent impression of disgust

In fact, people like President Chengyou are very difficult to deal with for rational supremacists. This is not only because the other party does not always play cards according to the most rational pattern when doing things, but always in There are some romantic behaviors in some strange places.More importantly, many of her unnatural words will give people a feeling of difficulty, because you can't tell whether she did this kind of thing, whether it came from her casual play or a deliberate plan. the result of.

If it is Isshiki, then although it may be a bit impolite at times, it is enough to understand all of her actions as her heart-warming behavior. In other words, as long as Isshiki's behavior is understood as her careful thinking And the embodiment of small means, then basically there will be no mistakes.If it’s Yui sister, you don’t have to worry about it for a long time. What she says is generally the kind of unintentional exposure of nature. It is said that only girls in love are the most scheming. Then wait until Yui sisters. When there is that kind of deliberate thought, maybe it is time for her to fall in love?

——By the way, this kind of behavior is unforgivable. It’s hard to imagine what kind of situation it would be like for my sister to have a boyfriend. She will definitely find it difficult for her to cope with it. Although she is a little reluctant, I still have sister Yui. Give me the most peace of mind.

However, the situation of President Chengyou belongs to another situation, that is, although most of her words are made in a natural image of healing from the heart, she seems to be also Aware of this, that is to say, in the process of becoming the president of the student council and leading and persuading everyone, she has been exerting her own strengths, and this ability is not deliberately created by her, but a kind of talent of her General skills, that is, she cleverly used this most natural talent to persuade others and lead others.

You can think of this as an expression of strategy. The abstract to the whole is true, but in every concrete matter, her thoughts are as sincere and convincing as she has shown. This contradictory existence constitutes The chairman of the city tour.And, at least in terms of results, this time the Ministry of Service was persuaded by her, which proved the success of this approach.

The so-called talent is like this in many cases. Unless restraint is often exercised, involuntary exposure is enough to put a person in the position of a leader.Of course, fortunately, the president of the city just seems to use this atmosphere to better solve the affairs of the student union, and does not produce a feeling of self-righteous leadership-of course, if she has this idea, her Ability shouldn't exist, right?

However, no matter what issues are discussed, now after the president leaves, it seems that we should discuss the delegation of the student union even more.

--------------------------split line----------------------

"First of all, judging from the content of this commission, this is a long-term liaison matter, which means that at least until the end of the school festival, our contact with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union will continue." The minister of the Ministry of Service, Yukiyuki, who held the summary meeting Snow is the first to speak.

"If you don't count the summer vacation, you still have four months to go to the school festival! Have you been doing these things for a while? It feels so troublesome!" Biqigu frowned and said.

"But, in turn, this is actually a good place for this commission," Xuexia continued. "This commission is a long-term commission. It does not have a clear goal to achieve-of course we also This goal can be understood as the student union wants to organize a perfect school festival, but this goal is very general after all, and we are only responsible for part of the content, so personally, the goal of completing the liaison work, As long as it is completed smoothly, the task is considered complete."

"Indeed, and considering that although the school festivals of the two sides will be jointly held, there are still very few directions that can be combined. Depending on the schedule, it is mainly due to the exchange of students between the two schools and the community. The introduction is more like a high school's feeling that the enrollment of junior high schools attracts campus open days, and the joint actions are still relatively limited." I looked at the scheduled itinerary that I just left.

"So, did the student union actually give us a relatively easy task?" My sister asked in surprise, "I thought it would be more troublesome."

"It's not so reassuring to leave more troublesome things to other organizations, right?" Yukinoshita glanced at Yui sister and said, "If it were me, I would do it, the most important things, It should be handled by the student union alone, and the more complicated tasks should be done by the executive members of the executive committee of the student union. It should be a comparison to hand over the external liaison work to the Ministry of Service who has some experience in this job. Is the safer and more wise choice?"

"Hey, Xiaoxue is amazing! It feels like the president and the others think so!"

In other words, although I don’t think that President Shiro is a simple character, he feels that he is not very good at this aspect. I always feel that this proposal is proposed after careful consideration by someone like Mr. Hiratsuka. The chairman felt "Well, it's pretty good!" Then he agreed.

"That's true. From the timeline, I feel that this commission is still very generous!" Biqigu, who was still complaining a little bit earlier, also got by my side at this time and glanced roughly at the timetable. I feel that the whole person has relaxed a lot. This guy is indeed a person who is very afraid of trouble. Therefore, I found that I didn't need to do as many things as I thought, so don't you worry?

"So, the most important thing at the moment is to establish a more formal channel of contact with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. Even the more personal and casual contact methods before, this time we can also be regarded as the General Wugao Student Union. I need to explain to the other party officially.” During the previous conversation, Xuexia had been holding a pen to write down things in her notes. Obviously, although she said it was not difficult verbally for this commission, But it is still very important.

Having said that, Xuexia always feels that she has a particularly cautious and caring attitude towards the cooperation and entrustment of the student union. Although she is not a person who will accept all the entrustment made by the student union, after accepting it, her fighting spirit And the level of caution will be greatly improved.

From this perspective, Xuexiaxuena is a very collective person. I always felt that she should be more individualistic?

Hmm, wait a minute, why is everyone looking at me?

"Well, Xiaohe, I know you will be a little embarrassed when you hear this news!" My sister looked at me with a sympathetic expression, "But, there is no problem! If it's just the cooperation of the student union, then As long as business is done by business."

"That's right! Yubihama, although I know that you have some difficulties in handling the relationship between men and women after all, we also need to consider other aspects, so the general conclusion is that."

"If I were to go, then the students of Qingquan Middle School would definitely be scared by such a terrible senior! Considering that your image should be more positive and positive than me, so you should solve this kind of thing? "

Looking at the expressions of these people, I already understand that they should push me out as the contact person, right?However, this approach is understandable. Although it’s not throwing me out, I don’t care about it, but among these people, it seems that the most suitable person to contact each other is me. Seniors who graduated from Qingquan Middle School also have a greater advantage in gaining the trust and friendliness of each other.

Although my sister can also be responsible for these things, it seems that Yukoshita and Higiya still trust me more in terms of the degree of trust. Of course, Yui sister should not have noticed this. Judging from the way she seriously worried about me, She seems completely unaware of the malice behind this choice!

"Well, leave it to me!"

"Somewhat unexpectedly and decisively!" Xuexia was obviously taken aback.

"There is no way, even if I refuse, you will try to convince me in various ways, right?"

"A very wise judgment!"

"Also, when did you guys form the impression that Yubihama is not willing to meet Sugiura Koharu."

"Stare—" What followed was the slightly reluctant gaze of the other three people in the ministry.

Okay, I know that my emotions at the time were indeed a bit strange, but I never showed an overly excited reaction in front of you, okay, worry, also worry about Xiaochun, the previous quarrel with Xuexia, Then after losing to Xuexia, the so-called "If I can become a person like Yuukixia" and so on, she made a self-conscious declaration of Xuexia as her goal. It was obviously her who had the big problem. Over there.

"Ah, yes, yes, when Xiaohe met Xiaochunjiang before, the two had a very lively chat. Although Xiaochunjiang ran away because of me, but depending on the situation at that time, Xiaohe was indeed There is no problem." As if feeling the breath of my Cannian, my sister's eyes turned quickly, trying very hard to help me speak.

——Although the result can only make other people feel that I am pitiful.

If you are a normal person, if you encounter the younger brother’s desperate self-compression and the older sister desperately maintaining the younger brother’s hard work, you will definitely be moved by this kind of sister and brother’s love, and then say a few words to comfort them, and finally achieve A relatively complete ending, however, the two people we face are two abnormal people.

Biqigu simply turned his head and did not speak. Although it is common for Biqigu not to speak, but the expression of not speaking at this time is probably the kind of feeling that you want to complain and feel that it will be disgusted by people at this time. ?

——If I were to complain, then Biqigu, who cares about other people's feelings, has made great progress!

Yukoshita took a serious look at me: "Yuhihama, you don’t need to pretend like that, but it’s actually a better way. Self-suggestion, self-hypnosis, tell yourself that there’s no problem, and you can face it. Keep calm when facing the other party. Although this is a more common and effective method, it is still a little too early for you, who only have a freshman year in high school, to use this method to help me become paralyzed."

Hmm, Minister Yukoshita, thank you for expressing your concern for me for the first time since I joined the department for so long, but you did it on purpose?The irony of your concern must be very high, right?

Yubihama also needs a certain amount of trust!

"Hey, I said, you told me to contact each other and explain that we will be responsible for the liaison with Qingquan Middle School. Then, after I confidently agreed, I expressed various concerns. I’m sorry, what is your purpose for choosing me? If you feel uneasy, then do it yourself. I don’t have any problems."

"Xiaohe, Xiaoxue is caring about you—"

"--Well, I'm just trying to increase the success rate of the task completion as much as possible, but there is nothing wrong with what Yoshihama student said," Yukoshita interrupted her sister's routine reconciliation. "You can By agreeing, it has proved that you have a certain degree of confidence. At this time, although it is necessary to eliminate the necessary risks, it will not work if it reaches such a level that the gains outweigh the losses."

"Then, tomorrow afternoon, I will take a leave of absence for my ministry activities. I will contact Xiaochun, and tomorrow I will go to Qingquan Middle School to discuss specific matters."

"Eh, isn't it as long as Xiaohe tells them that the work of the student union is left to us?"

By the way, this kind of no-brained words seems to be my sister’s patent. Sometimes, I even think that Yui sister is the silly seller in this club. In fact, she is also a girl who is very good at detecting and adjusting the atmosphere. Before the exam The ability to hold the Buddha's feet temporarily can also prove that she is definitely not a real fool, but why does she always say strange things at this time?

It can only be understood that she is unwilling to think about these issues!

"So Yui sister, are you stupid? If you just tell us that we are in charge of the liaison work, and the other party will not further confirm the degree of previous cooperation, and the way and plan for the next contact, it will be very troublesome, right? Xiaochun is not alone in this matter. She is only the secretary after all, and the other party also has the president and other members of the student union!"

"Well, Xiaohe, I actually thought of it right away."

"Then don't ask questions without thinking before thinking about it, hello!"