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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 102

I admit, this chapter is too watery.The style of this book is a bit lighter than the novel, there are many dialogues, and the plot advances slowly between chapters. It might be okay if you read a whole volume, but it’s a bit awkward to read one chapter two days a day. When I finished reading it, I realized that I finished a volume without reading anything.


Chapter 36: Discuss the accident before

Although there have been various strange connections with the private high school affiliated to Qingquan University before, Qingquan Middle School itself is a public school. Yes, it is a good deviation value, plus relatively low tuition, Qingquan Middle School The appeal to people is still very high.

Of course, the problem faced by public schools is always the problem of shortage of funds. The total budget that the student union can provide to all clubs is limited. Therefore, in fact, looking back at the situation when I was the head of the football department, even if the student union president was right I was helpless, but Xiaochun, an accountant of the Student Union, was hostile to the saboteurs of this budget system allocation.

However, these things are all things in the past. I have nothing to do with the football department of Qingquan Middle School. Although some people have heard that the football department did face various problems after I left. After the biggest failure I had to bear as a minister, I was not qualified to make arrangements for the football department.Of course, as the manager of the football department, Xiaochun will resign as the manager two months earlier than me. Now as the secretary of the student union, she should not pay too much attention to the budget arrangements of the student union as she did when she was an accountant, but will take a more macro view. Look at the problem from a perspective, right?

Everything is a little different!

This is how I feel when I step into the gate of Qingquan Middle School and look at the familiar teaching building and familiar playground.

Wearing Sou Takega’s school uniform and being obviously taller than most middle school students, I still attracted the attention of many students, but no one seemed to recognize me as the one who was notorious in school before" "Tyrant", really for students, are the people on campus always changing?A person who was on the cusp of the storm six months ago has now been forgotten!

I am absolutely no stranger to the Office of the Student Union. After all, when I was the Minister of the Football Department, in addition to the playground, I also spent a lot of time arguing with the members of the Student Union. At the beginning, it was Xiaochun. Xiaochun resigned from the Student Union. After my accountant, I had a long quarrel with the new accountant. That guy with the surname Sonoda—in short, is also a girl with an overly serious personality. It looks terrible when angry. The specific name is me. I can't remember, it was given to Xiaochun to persuade.

So, when I stood outside the office of the student union, I was a little bit emotional. It seems that I personally and the Qingquan Middle School Student Union definitely have hatred. During the three years of Qingquan Middle School, I was in the football club for two and a half years. During the term of the minister, I worked with the student union of Qingquan Middle School, and now, after I enter high school, I have to hold various discussions on behalf of the student union of Souwu High School and the student union of Qingquan Middle School.

However, it is not the right time for me to come visually, because I heard some disputes in the student union classroom.

"The budget cut of the Football Department is really too big, right? Not even one-third of last year's budget. This way, the budget level of the Football Department is lower than that of other sports clubs, isn't it? It's just because that person left. , Do you treat the football department like this?" Well, this should be the new minister of the football department talking, but to me, this voice seems to be only a little familiar. He should not be my previous member, so Is it a freshman in the first grade?No, I have heard his voice, so it should be the person who was eliminated by me in the previous selection?Although the football club I left behind is dangerous, it is not bad enough for a newcomer to organize the event, right?

"Director Asada, I understand what you think." This is Koharu's voice. "But the budget of the football department this semester is determined based on the performance of the football department this semester. In the previous two years, under the leadership of Minister Yuhihama Not only did the Football Department break through the county qualifiers for the first time in the history of Qingquan Middle School, it also came to the end in the national league. This is an achievement that no other sports club can achieve. So although his request is somewhat unreasonable, After seeing his results, he provided a higher budget to the Football Department. The higher budget has resulted in a significant improvement in the performance of the Football Department. Although this is a bit utilitarian, it is for our Qingquan Middle School Student Association. , This is a good way to take advantage of a limited budget."

"Yuhihama, Yuhihama again, now Yuhihama has left. That guy left such a mess for the football club and then left. He left such a laughing stock for the whole school and then left. Secretary Sugiura, you are still there. Praise Yubihama Kazuya for his achievements?"

"Please pay attention to your words, Minister Asada," Xiaochun raised his voice and said, "I know Kazuya--en, the huge mistake Yuhihama made in last year's national league, but this can't hide his ultimate The fact that we led the football team of Qingquan Middle School to the national final for the first time, we don’t want to go back to that final, but it is not advisable to simply remember his defeat in the final and forget his previous achievements. What's more, what we are discussing is the budget of the current football department. I am just using the example of the football department of Yoshihama to explain the budget cut of the football department this year."

"But there is no way, right? That guy from Hihama turned the football club into this look and left! Secretary Sugiura, you know, the defending champion of the prefecture preliminaries last year, if there is no my organization, then I won't participate anymore! This year's football department has already made a lot of effort to be able to participate in the game!" The football department director named Asada exclaimed dissatisfiedly.

"So, as the student union, we are very grateful to Minister Asada for being able to call the members of the originally fragmented football club a team that can play in just one month, but what you have achieved in the prefectural qualifiers The results and the near-out of the group stage did not meet the expectations of this team. In contrast, the baseball team has reached the county qualifier finals and the basketball team has entered the semifinals. So at this time, the budget is biased. Isn’t it a more normal thing to ask them?"

"Isn't there another game!" Asada's angry voice made me heard very clearly outside the door. "As long as we win more than two opponents in the next game, we can qualify, and the next game The ball is after the summer vacation and the opponent is not strong. As long as we strengthen training during the summer vacation and find out how to play when Yubihama is away, then we can qualify."

"Then you can also apply for additional funds when you qualify?"

"Summer training is very hard! I need to ensure that my players have sufficient water and energy. If possible, I would like to play warm-up matches with other teams to continue to adapt the lineup. These all require budget. You How can this kind of student union understand the pressure I am facing now?"

"You said I didn't know, did you?" Xiaochun's voice became cold. Although Xiaochun is usually a stubborn type, it was the first time I heard the chilling voice.

"Oh, do you know?"

"I have to remind you, Minister Asada, I am also a person who has been the manager of your football department for two years. I am very clear about these things, but it is because I am very clear that I think it is for you. The budget is enough, at least before you prepare for the next game. You must win the next game, right? Then you are desperate. Don't use the budget to find a reason, even if it is the first one. Senior Yubihama in the year, he also led the team to the county semi-finals under the condition of a shortage of budget, and began to speak out. I admit your integration of the football department, but based on your current results, you want to compete The same budget as Yubihama-senpai? Do you think you are qualified?"

"Football manager," Asada laughed mockingly, "Oh, I remember, it is true that Secretary Sugiura was the former manager of Yuhihama's football department! The manager and the director became lovers or something, I should say this Is it a good story? But I remember that you guys broke up? On the second day of the final in January, the manager or something is nothing more than a vase, right? Yubihama kind of person, kind of ruthless person, how? Maybe I have a heart for you, I guess I just thought it would be more fun to be with the manager at the time, right—"

Well, even an idiot can tell that Asada really has a deep resentment for me. Sure enough, should he be the one who was disqualified by me in the selection of the football club?But if it's just because of this incident, his hatred is a bit too great, right?

"——Enough, Minister Asada, please pay attention to your words. I don’t want to discuss my relationship with Yubihama-senpai with you. However, even if you say so much, the arrangements for the football club will not change. You didn’t come up with enough convincing budget plans. You just shouted a slogan that I can succeed and then asked the student union for a budget. This approach will only put you to shame!” I can’t imagine what Xiaochun used. To be honest, if it were me before, then I would definitely break into the door and beat up the guy who didn't know the heights.

However, I now abandon the football department, which led to their collapse. Faced with the minister named Asada who reintegrated it, I have lost my initiative.

"Well, Minister Asada, I think Secretary Sugiura has made it clear why the football department has cut the budget. No matter how you vent, you have not been able to come up with enough results and plans to convince us." This should belong to the Student Union. The voice of the president, the previous argument, it has always been Xiaochun and Asada who sang the opposite drama. The student president has been silent until this time, which makes me somewhat strange.

"Okay! The student union is such a guy! Can you succumb to the unreasonable attitude of the guy Yubihama, because I don't have enough capital now? Then wait until autumn to come back and see!" Asada said arrogantly.

Although I have not been able to blame Asada’s capital, to be honest, even when I faced the student union, although I was not inferior, I still maintained the basic respect for the other party. The attitude towards Xiaochun was also because she became The manager of the football department became relatively high-pressure afterwards. At that time, the principle I followed was that for those who did not accept my leadership, I would not use any high-pressure methods to force each other.

Asada, this guy seems to have learned my tyrant attitude, but he still hasn't mastered more things!

The door of the student union’s classroom was also opened at this time. I also saw Asada for the first time. There was an obvious proud but angry look on his face. The two bundles on his forehead were obviously highlighted rather than natural. The blonde hair was a little messy, and the neckline of the school uniform was slightly pulled apart. It was obvious that there was a big mood swing.Asada didn't see me waiting outside the classroom, but walked towards the stairs angrily.But this is fine, I don't want to cause any trouble because he sees that I lose control of my emotions.

"Koharu, are you okay? I have always known that Minister Asada's grievances about the previous football club and the current football club's hopes are great. Although you are well prepared, you still feel a little bit too pressured to be a guy like a man. Isn’t it big?” This is the voice of the president of the Student Union who cares about Xiaochun. Last year’s student had two second-year members. If Xiaochun were the secretary, then the remaining second-year member should be another second-year member, Mi Kimura. Nami, right?

"Yes, that person even directly said those things about Senior Sugiura. This is too much." This voice seems to be the accountant of the student union last year. She should be the vice chairman now, right?By the way, this girl who doesn't seem to be able to cope very well is still in the student union.

"It's okay, Minami, Haiwei, I took the initiative to deal with him, he and Kazuya, I know the grievances of Senior Enyubihama best, if you join, it will easily make my thinking confused. That's it, but he didn't mention when he was expelled from the club by Yuihama-senpai at that time. This means that although he was dissatisfied with Yuihama-senpai, at least he was somewhat wrong about the situation at the time, right?"

"Actually, from the current point of view, Asada shouldn't expect to get some more budget from the beginning," said President Kimura. "With that person's personality, it's more like coming over to give vent, but if you are here, Xiaochun, you have some Add fuel to the fire!"

"There is no way. If you can resolve that guy's dissatisfaction with a fire at me, then so be it. After all, our current focus is on the joint school festival with Sobu Gao."

"The president did not mean that the president of the city over there seems to have said that today he will send other people to contact us mainly!" said the girl named Sonoda.

Hearing this, I felt that I was a bit too much to listen to the conversations of these people outside. Although it was somewhat embarrassing that I was one of the topics they were talking about, I still pushed the door and walked into the classroom of the student union of Qingquan Middle School. .


Today’s update, happy new year everyone!In addition, this chapter is written, I don’t know how to evaluate it. I filled in a hole and dug another hole, and it changed the convention that I have always emphasized that characters in more than three works cannot appear in a fan. Uh, in fact, it's just a bit of chaos, a bit of chaos, and everyone understands the author's evil taste.


Chapter 37: Failure Caused by Mistakes in Intelligence Collection

It's hard to explain the expressions of the student union members when I walked into the student union department. Except for the first-year accountant that I hadn't seen, the other three girls in the student union showed an incredible expression.

By the way, it seems that since I started at Qingquan Middle School, the members of the student union have always been women. This has always made me wonder how bad the boys are in this school. Of course, the new accountant of the current student union is also a girl. It means that the tradition of female dominance in the student union of Qingquan Middle School has not changed.

However, whether it is President Kimura or Vice President Sonoda, their understanding of me is limited to the tyrant of the football club in the past, and they are now ex-boyfriends of the secretary classmates. They don’t know that I changed in Sou Takeo. How much, if Xiaochun did not take the initiative to mention it, they should not know what happened between Xiaochun and me.This can be seen from the eyes that the two people cast to Xiaochun immediately after being surprised.It was a subconsciously overwhelmed and worried look.

However, it is only a junior high school student, this kind of sentiment will be exposed without reservation. Sure enough, the difference between junior high school and high school is only one year, can a person's mentality change so much?

Of course, the minister who had just sent away the current annoying football department immediately ushered in the former head of the football department who had suffered them in the past. This slight sense of disobedience and dissatisfaction is still very real. Obvious?

To be honest, although I am not opposed to meeting Xiaochun, I still hate this situation. When meeting Xiaochun alone, all I need to take care of is her own mood, but when there is something to know about The situation is completely different when onlookers who are not very clear about the specific content create an atmosphere of great pressure.

——For the specific situation, refer to the time when my normal conversation with Xiaochun was interrupted by Sister Yui. Sister Yui perfectly played the role of a spoiler onlookers. That kind of experience is really annoying. And now, looking at the expressions of Chairman Kimura and Vice Chairman Sonoda, I think this situation is happening again.

After I walked in the door and showed a different expression for a while, Xiaochun's head stayed low. Even if she felt the concern of her two student union colleagues, she did not raise her head. The student union classroom should look like this. The unconventional atmosphere made the remaining first-year new accountant a little dizzy. Sure enough, for the first-year junior high school students, this kind of atmosphere in the Shura field allows her to experience the reality of society. The first step?

This silence was finally broken by me. After all, I took the initiative to take charge of liaison affairs.

Therefore, although President Kimura is still in a somewhat down state, I can't control so much. The most important thing to express my intentions is to watch the mountains directly: "Hello, President Kimura, I’m So Takeshi Yuhihama Kazuya, this time he came here, on behalf of our school’s student union, is responsible for the task of contacting and coordinating with the Qingquan Middle School student union."

"Ah, um, I have heard from President Shirui before that several people outside of the student union will help and assist the work of the student union, eh, so Yuihama-senpai is in charge of the contact, isn't it?" The long response looks a bit bad, although my appearance may indeed surprise you, but at this time you should have a certain basic work literacy, right?

However, at this time, as long as the other party answers, then the conversation can go on. Moreover, if the overall atmosphere of the first conversation is led by me, then I will be able to control the whole process of communication. Has a very important role.

"Yes, besides me, there are three senior seniors who are responsible for assisting the student union together. Because I am a graduate of Qingquan Middle School and I am somewhat familiar with this place, so I volunteered to discuss specific contact matters. Up."

"Well, I know, I've heard a lot about Yubihama-senpai's deeds!" President Kimura said with a complicated expression. Obviously, what she knew about me was not a good deed. No one in the football club, abducted the young and ignorant Vice President Sugiura and then broke up with him. This image is definitely a superb impression of a scumbag!

If President Kimura can restrain her emotions and maintain a basic courtesy to me, then the vice-chairman Sonoda on her right has shown his disgust towards me without reservation, that kind of coldness. The feeling of keeping away from me is like an archer staring at her prey and trying to kill me. It is said that Vice President Sonoda is also active in the archery department while working in the student union. If it weren’t for this If the country is still a society under the rule of law, I am very worried that she will shoot me through the road in order to fight against the injustices of my respected senior Sugiura.

But this state of her is understandable. In her first year as an accountant, she suffered the same inhuman ignorance and treatment as Xiaochun at that time.When I was suffocated and wanted to argue with me, I was persuaded by Xiaochun who was my girlfriend at the time-I didn't have so much time to let the accountants from the student union come to the football department as manager internships to let them I understand how fair my budget request is, but the price for letting Xiaochun use the admired senior status to solve the problem seems to be that from Hihama Kazuya Sonoda Umi’s heart becomes a scum that can only hide behind the girls. , Now this scum dared to break up with his girlfriend who has been defending him. From the other side's point of view, Yuihama Kazuya's whole person is full of scum!

——By the way, although President Kimura knows more about this aspect than Vice President Sonoda, I feel that her perception of me will basically be the same.