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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 103

"Ah, too! I still had a lot of contact with President Kimura before," I nodded. At this time, I don't have to worry about the past. Now I appear as the contact person of the Sobu High Student Union. Yes, the other party clearly understands this, so he slowly showed a business attitude, "Now that President Kimura knows my character, let's start! Actually, there are not many things today, I I just want to come over and confirm the extent of the previous connection between the two parties—"

Although the current dialogue is not a negotiation, it has a negotiating effect. If the current method of communication and negotiation is mainly determined by me, then the discussion and disagreement on specific cooperation will be very important. It is possible to adopt my content, because I am used to making the most optimal decision for the other party, and the other party will have a habitual sense of dependence in his heart. This sense of dependence will eventually be called the most important thing for us to influence each other’s actions. Important method.

Unfortunately, as soon as I spoke, I was interrupted. It has been very smooth just now, and Chairman Kimura has entered my rhythm. However, the opening of Xiaoharu at this time has made my approach fall short. .

Although I don’t know if it should be said that I have adjusted my emotions and are not so concerned about my appearance, or because I have a record of negotiating with me before, Xiaochun directly interrupted me with an unreasonable attitude: " ——Sorry, Yubihama-senior, before we talk about these issues, can I confirm the specific other contacts of Sou Takeo? You mentioned that there are three senior seniors, we are not very clear Keep some."

If someone else mentioned this point, I will answer it, but if you asked this question, I would never believe that you don’t know who these three people are. The other three in the Ministry of Service will leave it for you. The impression is also very deep!

Therefore, Xiaochun deliberately used this kind of question, although I knew she knew it, but I had to answer questions that other members of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union did not know, to forcibly disrupt my rhythm. The experience of fighting with Yukoshita before, so at all times, are you full of guard against malice from high school students?

It seems that the previous defeat in the face of Xuexia gave her many lessons!

"Afterwards, I should encounter them in the specific contact process. Now they are not here, and it is more difficult to introduce them—"

"--Can you tell us the name first? Because Yuihama-senpai also mentioned that you are not a member of the student union. You are helping the student union in your personal capacity. Although we have confirmed with the president of the city, we cannot confirm it. Are you really entrusted by the Soubu High School Student Union, so I still hope that Senior Yubihama can tell us your list, and then we will check with the President of the City."

Ah, the atmosphere of the dialogue is completely controlled by Xiaochun, and, President Chengyou, are you naturally staying in this aspect?Changed the contact person, and did not tell the other party the new contact person list. If it were not for me to be somewhat "notorious" in the hearts of these people in the student union, then I, who did not wear the Qingquan middle school uniform, would have to when I entered the student union classroom Accept the long-term cross-examination of these people?

"Well, including me, we are a member of a club, and the second-year Yukino Yukoshita, Yui Yui Yui, and Hachitani Hachiman in the second grade, you can ask the castle if the specific information is correct or not. Go ahead and ask." But at this time, I can only follow the other party's words.

"Sure enough, is there Xuexia Xuena?" Xiaochun muttered softly. It seems that her resentment towards Xuexia is really great.

"Well, then I’m going to trouble Senior Yubihama," Chairman Kimura also added Koharu’s words at this time. The two have been cooperating since they first entered the student union in the first grade, and they’ve been cooperating well. Said that when Xiaochun interrupted me for the first time, she was always ready to pick up the conversation, "Then let's discuss the handover of specific contacts?"

Although the specific issue to be discussed is the same issue, it is a completely different concept between the other person’s mouth and the one’s own mouth. Therefore, from now on, although I am very unwilling, the leadership of the conversation has been taken from me. Here is switched to the student union of Qingquan Middle School.

And all of this was given by Sugiura Koharu. She with a serious expression, now pursing her lips without saying a word, seems to be thinking about something. This state makes it impossible to even imagine this guy using it just now. A powerful speech interrupted my words and then changed the dominance of the discourse.

"As Yoshihama-senpai knows, the theme of the joint school festival between the two schools is'change.' The planning and arrangements of our school's clubs are basically arranged in this respect." Chairman Kimura looked at himself. The document in hand, said.

"Ah, well, go ahead!"

I continue to report my deep resentment to the chairman of the city, who is far away from the Supreme Commander. When you explained the information to us, you did not tell us that the theme of the school festival has been determined, although I myself have certain Mistakes, I came here without making complete preparations, but the student council president should take the initiative to reveal such important things as the theme of the school festival!

"En?" President Kimura was obviously surprised at my somewhat indifferent response, but she continued, "Although we don't know how to change the main theme of the school festival. There are too many restrictions, but our Qingquan Middle School Student Union hopes to cooperate with Zongwu High School in the promotion of higher education, so we will adopt a hint that we hope that students will no longer use Qingquan University Affiliated High School as the main school when choosing a school To highlight the advantages of Sotake High School, our initial idea is that on the second day of Sotake High’s Academy Festival, the best programs voted by the seniors of So Take High School will come to Qingquan Middle School. School festival performance——"

"——So the dates of the school festivals of our two schools are not the same day, but two consecutive days, right?"

Okay, it's another piece of information that I haven't figured out clearly, and I feel that it is a bit of a mistake to come over so arbitrarily.

——Uh, Xuexia and Biqigu, shouldn't they send me over foreseeing this situation?

"Yes. At the beginning, it was planned to carry out a joint plan for the two schools to hold the school festival on the same day. The performance of the cultural festival is also a joint venture between the two schools. Each club will perform once at Sobu High School and Kiyizumi Middle School. Zhou, Chairman Cheng Ye said that she felt that the plan put too much pressure on the club members, and there were some arrangements in time. Considering that this cultural festival was mainly to attract students from Qingquan Middle School to apply for the Zongwu Gao, so let Zongwu Gao's predecessors as the focus of performance may be more conducive to the progress of the plan."

"We consider that Qingquan Middle School is a junior high school after all. Neither the number of clubs nor the activities of the clubs are as perfect as Zong Wu Gao. Therefore, the joint performances may form too much difference, which is not conducive to shaping the overall atmosphere. Our excellent programs will have a good effect as a few highlights on our side, so I agreed to it.” The vice president Sonoda added angrily, and she still told me in the student union. With obvious hostility, isn't Hei Changzhi supposed to be a relatively stable person? How do you feel that Sonoda's image is a bit collapsed?

However, at this point, I suddenly had a very bad hunch. So far, I have too little information. In this way, even if the initial dialogue is led by me, it will gradually change. I went in pairs to explain the problem.

It feels a bit difficult!


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Chapter 38: Sugiura Koharu follows the example of Yukino Yukoshita

The most important thing in negotiation is always the comparison of intelligence, and the second is the superiority of negotiation skills. Please refer to the previous negotiation between the Ministry of Service and the Student Union of Qingquan Middle School. When we don’t know the demands of Qingquan Middle School, even Xuezhi People like this are only able to grasp the overall situation and cannot suppress their opponents. After we learned about the pressure of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, the next situation became a completely crushing game. Up.

Engagement is naturally different from negotiation, but the need for intelligence will not be reduced. Moreover, when you are facing a lack of intelligence and your opponent has an aggressive momentum that is unfair to your peers, So it is only natural that the scene has become a situation where I am passively beaten.

That's right, I was referring to the black long straight contestant who treated me with a variety of fierce words and jumped out first when neither of the two seniors responded.

"However, if the programs of Sou Takega’s predecessors are interspersed with our academy festival, many problems will arise. First of all, there is the problem of budget. The budget itself is not complicated. The students will uniformly arrange the budget, and then the class will also If there is apportionment, clubs will also have their own budgets, but the budget required by the senior Wu Gao’s programs is not the case. It must not be shared among classes and clubs, but our Qingquan Middle School is a public school after all. The student union’s funding itself is relatively tight, so I don’t know how seniors view this issue."

Deliberately, this guy must be deliberate. This kind of specific budget problem should generally be a topic that was brought up by the presidents of the student unions of the two sides during the formal discussion. It is definitely not a topic that is not even dealt with in most cases. The topic of the contact person is clear and simple. Although Sonoda’s expression is serious, I think her heart still wants to see my jokes, right?

After all, this kind of specific budget problem, whether raised by the accountant or by the chairman or secretary, is more appropriate than she pointed out as the vice chairman.

However, even though Sonoda made this seemingly over-riding behavior, it did not cause anyone's dissatisfaction. It is understandable that the little girl who works as an accountant as a junior student did not speak. On the other side, the Kimura Club Chang just lowered his head and looked at the documents in his hand in a casual manner. Obviously, while Sonoda said this, the members of the student union of Qingquan Middle School reached a tacit agreement that they wanted to give me a smash.

This is not only to give a warning to the newly replaced negotiators, but also to vent their dissatisfaction with the "betrayed" of their friends and well-connected seniors!

This is really the boring eye of the middle school girls.

"Sorry, regarding this part of the situation, I did not get the approval of the chairman of the city, and I came here today mainly to hand over some simple contact matters, including how far the cooperation between the two parties has reached before, and our What channel will be used for the regular contact afterwards, so on the budget issue, of course I will convey to the president of Qingquan Middle School about the difficulties in this respect, but we may be too early to discuss this issue."

"But now this problem is the biggest problem facing Qingquan Middle School. If this problem is not solved, our plan will not be able to continue."

"I understand this situation, so I will convey this message as soon as possible, but now let us--"

"——When did Yubihama-senpai become such a shy person about this kind of thing? I remember your unscrupulous manner in the budget requirements of the club before!"

"That is not called unscrupulous, it is just a reasonable request made within the scope of my ability and within the tolerance of the student union. Sonoda-san, the duties and powers that I assume now are completely different. I am in a strict sense. On the other hand, it’s just a megaphone. Another point is that if you always use your previous inherent impression to evaluate a person, then you will definitely suffer a lot!"

Of course, there is one more thing I didn’t tell the aggressive Sonoda-san, if you said that the kind of cotton needles you just mentioned would get your chairperson’s support, then this kind of fierce rhetoric toward the partner will not get another It is supported by President Kimura at the first end. Although your president still can't get rid of the moody aspect of junior high school girls, there is still no problem in taking care of the overall situation!

President Kimura also made a decisive move, and Sonoda’s unsatisfied retort was stopped by her gestures. Afterwards, President Kimura accepted the question and said: “Senior Yubihama, I’m sorry that Umi Excited, she is still a very calm child. Today, probably because of some special reasons, she couldn't adjust her emotions for a while. I'm really sorry."

President, your words are not so kind. A very calm child can't adjust his emotions because of some special reasons. This is not an obvious imply that the people here are very disgusted with me!

But from this perspective, Xiaochun unexpectedly gets along well with the members of the student union!Vice Chairman Sonoda simply regarded her as an indestructible senior, and Chairman Kimura has been venting her anger.From my current point of view, the small team core model that Xiaochun used to get along with classmates before is not a model that is easy to accept for a long time.It should be said that Xiaochun in the student union did not try to become the opinion leader in the natural team, so did she let her over-exposed side a little less?

"I can also understand Vice President Sonoda's actions now. I also know that I should have left her with some not so good memories before, but President Kimura, as I said before, I still don’t want to be alone. It’s better to always apply his inherent impression of other people to that person for a long time. Is that right? Now when the two schools are cooperating, what we need to do is to unite as much as possible to sacrifice the academy It’s a good thing, right? If you change the situation of the whole meeting because of your personal attitude towards me, this must be something you don’t want to see, right?"

If the target of this sentence is a sufficiently rational person, then I think the persuasive power should have been achieved. I think Chairman Kimura should be such a person, but, to my surprise, the first to respond to me is Xiaochun.

To be honest, I am more or less certain about the mentality of the other members of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. They will naturally not have a large-scale conflict with me as a liaison, but it can be seen that their thinking is As long as they can show some dissatisfaction with me, they will fully show this kind of dissatisfaction within a reasonable range. As I said before, it is a kind of subtle self-righteous maturity of middle school girls. Appears very immature performance.

But Koharu Sugiura is not like this at all. She has spoken twice since I entered her classroom, but these two words were spoken without me preparing, and from her In her words, I couldn't see that she had any personal emotions towards me. Her language style that occasionally revealed when she spoke, looked like a person.

That’s right, that’s Yukino under Xuexia, although the wonderful mixture of rationality and pride under Xuexia should be a unique way of speaking, although Xiaochun also has his own words when speaking. Style, but her statement of accurately grasping the key points of the problem at the critical moment and then inserting the dialogue, as well as some way of explaining the purpose of achieving one's own goals to the greatest extent when dealing with problems, all have obvious snow. The shadow under.

The previous interruption of my conversation can reveal her change, and her current statement can even more reflect this factor.

"I agree with Yubihama-senpai’s opinion. After all, both Kiyizumi Middle School and Soutake High School have great expectations for this joint school festival. Of course, because neither of us has experience in cooperation, so There have been many detours in this regard, so I don’t think that the liaison work performed by Hihama-senpai is just the kind of messenger work you mentioned, but a very important way to enhance the exchanges and mutual trust between us. Therefore, we should work harder to improve our understanding, right?"

"That's it." Although I answered verbally, at that moment, I was somewhat panicked. What Xiaochun said was so beautiful, so beautiful that I couldn't find any exploitable loopholes. .

Of course, President Kimura and Vice President Sonoda were even more surprised by what she said. The two of them should have always thought that when they saw me, Xiaochun and them should be in the same dissatisfaction with me. It seems that the white robbery also proves this, so at this time, it seems to be on my side to make a lot of words prepared by them to do a lot of useless work, which is estimated to have made them a little surprised.

"Well, Senior Sugura--" Sonoda's eyes widened and looked at Koharu in confusion, but her words were quickly interrupted by the smile of the person she was looking at.

"I think Umi and Finami should think so? For us, the most important thing now is the cooperation with Yuihama-senpai, isn't it? At least we and Yuihama-senpai still have experience in contact with each other. This saves us from the process of running-in. If someone else we are not familiar with is responsible for the contact work, the previous contact is too restrictive. This shouldn't be beneficial to our future work, right?"

"Ah, um, I agree with this point of view." Chairman Kimura took a deep look at Koharu, then sighed and nodded, expressing his approval.

"So, let me explain the next level of our previous contact work!" For the first time since I walked into the classroom, Xiaochun showed me an expression that needs to move the corner of his mouth, squeezing He smiled slightly and said.