My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 104

What made me feel a little frightened was that even with this smile, I felt a more obvious imitation of Yukoshita Yukino.

"Yuhihama-senpai, if I can do the same as Yukoshita-senpai, then our previous problems can be avoided, right?"

Somewhat cursing, I remembered the words in the letter I was given to Xiaoharu before. There is no doubt that Xiaoharu Sugiura has put his ideas into practice.

However, I really don't like this path, and I don't want the other party to follow this path.

However, I could not interfere. The other party would not want me to try to interfere with her, and when she first made this determination, I also kept absolutely non-interference because of my clear neutral attitude.

Therefore, under the guidance of absolute neutralism, I saw the current Sugiura Koharu, who imitated Yukino to the greatest extent and became the person I didn't want to be.

The sad thing is that I should know that she is taking a wrong path, but I can't stop it. This is also because I believe in the so-called rationality of human beings.

However, can the so-called rationality of human beings really reach a state where all judgments are correct?

I used to think so. My reason was that, for each individual, only the individual has the most elemental cognition of the cognition around him. Therefore, in this kind of sufficient information After analysis and sorting, the rational judgment made by the individual is the most reasonable judgment for himself.

However, I was a little scared to find that the answer to this question does not seem to be that simple.


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Chapter 39: List that still does not exist

I don’t want to see a Xiaochun who is a bit similar to Yuukixia, but I have to admit that as long as it is a girl of Yuukixia Yukino’s type, it is effortless to discuss work with her. , Because she always uses the most efficient way to solve problems, you don’t have to worry about how her own personal emotions will affect your work.

The model of Xiaochun who imitated Xuexia is basically like this. Although she was not as organized as Xuexia when she told the problem, she still did the basic principles that Xuexia adhered to.

"When we were in contact with the two schools before, we basically kept working in sync. This is also the reason why the predecessors can see from me the list of primary selections for the school festival of Sobu Gao," Xiaochun looked at his hand. In the portfolio, said, "In fact, before the last handover of work, I also received the list of Soutake High School Festival given by the chairman of the city."

"However, our current thinking is that the goal of this initial simultaneous work is based on our organization of a complete joint school festival, and now this kind of school festival that operates independently of each other on a joint basis The model requires a higher degree of freedom for both of us, and there is no need to exchange opinions on each job as in the past. What do you think of Yuihama?” Kimura Minami, who cooperated with Koharu tacitly, followed Spoke.

To be honest, I don’t know much about this student who entered the student union at the same time as Xiaochun. After all, when I was the head of the football department, it was the accountant of the student union at the time that conflicted with me, or I and the club Long direct contact, I don't care about ordinary and unremarkable student council members like Kimura.However, this unremarkable person has now become the president of the student union of Qingquan Middle School. This can only be understood as I still underestimated her, right?

But to be honest, the combination of the president and the secretary is quite interesting. The two cooperate with each other in the student union. From the first grade to the third grade, this kind of tacit understanding is already very familiar. It can be said that it is in any At that time, both sides know when to make up the right words.The President Kimura just now demonstrated this, and the conversation between the two is still so seamless this time.

"The previous cooperation model is too much work for both parties. I personally think it is feasible. But on the other hand, I think one direction to worry about is that the work experience of President Kimura on your side is actually still Some people are missing. If you increase the degree of freedom, will there be a problem?” Of course, I personally agree with the other party’s proposal, but no matter what angle, if you unconditionally accept the other party’s proposal , Then you are unqualified as a negotiator.

"About this, I don't think Yubihama-senpai should worry about it," Koharu said right after me. "After all, if the organization of the school festival is independent of each other, then there is not much difference from the normal school festival mode. Yes, I think although our experience is still relatively lacking, we still can’t make mistakes in this regard! Moreover, the cooperation and liaison between the two sides are still maintained. In routine liaison meetings, they report to each other and point out each other. Inadequate, seniors, you help guide, isn't it also a very efficient thing?"

Well, this is really the style of Xuexia that is rushing forward. It anticipates the opponent’s coping style, and then immediately proposes his own corresponding solutions when the opponent does this, making the opponent nowhere to be seen. Looking at Xiaochun with a serious expression and pursing her mouth, I feel a little helpless.

"Okay! I personally don’t have any opinions, but the direction of this change is still a bit important, so I should go back and report to the president before I can make the final judgment, but the president has already put the basic decision-making power Leave it to us, these things should still pass."

And when I made this somewhat helpless reply, I could clearly see that the corners of Xiaochun’s tightly pressed mouth quietly rose up a small arc, and at the same time, her hands were also instantly She wanted to lift it up, although in the end it should have been stopped by her reason, but the tightly held fists and the flushed face proved her own excitement.

Obviously, she was still very happy when she suppressed me in this conversation through such a way under the snow?

However, this is definitely not a further way!

-------------------------split line-----------------------

All in all, the handover process went much smoother than I expected.Obviously, after learning the news of the work handover, the Qingquan Middle School Student Union was well prepared.Even if it was the inconsistent Vice President Sonoda who fired at me at the beginning, she was able to tell me such a tricky question, which just proved the sufficient degree of her previous preparation.Therefore, the basic situation of the talks is that the question I want to ask will soon be provided with a correct answer, and correspondingly, the other party will put forward various opinions.

I began to wonder how the student union of the General Wugao in the previous cooperation opposed the middle school students of Qingquan Middle School. Whether it is the good old city president or Isshiki, it seems that they are not very good at dealing with them. People.

Of course, it is also possible that it is just because it is troublesome to deal with it that it is the right thing to throw the problem to the ministry that is also accustomed to this system.

Of course, I think that even if it is not me who is here to participate in the discussion, but Xuexia, it is probably not so easy to handle in the face of the other party's sufficient preparation, right?

It can be seen that at least compared to the student union of Zong Wu Gao, which seems a little less reliable, the student union of Qingquan Middle School here is doing things more seriously!

——Sure enough, can the style of the president or secretary determine the style of a school’s student union?

"So, according to the previous president's statement, can we make a regular contact on Wednesdays every week?" Compared to the other two third-grade students who have adjusted their emotions after entering work, Sonoda The vice-chairman’s horrible expression on my face turned from beginning to end, and it was difficult for her to show a serious and serious attitude when she looked at her chairman, and then switched to this gloomy coldness when she looked at me. His gaze is gone.

"The regular contact on Wednesday each week is the result of preliminary discussions, not the determined result-although I estimate that the result I got is the final result, we still don't want to say anything until everything is settled. It's too dead!" I explained to Sonoda patiently, but obviously the other party didn't take my words to heart.

"Well, well, I know you can say these things. Anyway, I just came up with a plan, and I don't have to be responsible for what I turn into, because I don't have the ability to make the final decision, right?"

Uh, Sonoda-san, although your words are correct, it would be a good thing for both parties if you can change a more beautiful way of expression?

"OK, Umi, Yuihama-san should come over to discuss cooperation plans! Moreover, if you can enter Sou Wu Gao in the future, Yuihama-san will still be your senior for one year!" President Kimura, it seems that President Kimura himself has no prejudice against me. The previous attitude of dissatisfaction with me is still a bit preconceived and unfair to Xiaochun. Now I have not seen Xiaochun's unfriendly attitude towards me. , She also put away her initial emotions.

But to be honest, I really don’t understand what Sonoda’s great resentment towards me is. Although I have a certain conflict with her, it is definitely not exaggerated to such a degree of tension. In fact, it is resolved through Xiaochun’s relationship. After the budget issue, the then President Sonoda treated me very politely.She remained polite when I had the most direct conflict with her, but now she is not so sensible. To be honest, Sonoda’s thoughts, I really can’t figure it out.

Well, if we consider this issue from a more malicious perspective, could it be that Sonoda has an excessive admiration for Koharu — well, Lily's delusion should be forbidden.

——But it is indeed very possible. This is the only reason I can think of Sonoda's attitude toward me so badly now!

However, after being rounded out and hinted by his own chairman, Sonoda did not take any further actions against me.

Therefore, more or less routinely, she also continued to the meeting minutes in her hands: "The specific content of the contact includes the progress of the preparations for the school festival of the two parties and the aspects that require mutual cooperation. Now it is a short time. The main problem is the insufficient budget of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union-the plan we put forward is to hope that the Chief Wu Gao will bear part of the budget."

"no problem."

"Then it is the specific work of the two parties that have been agreed upon. Both parties are still independently choosing their own academy festival program-of course it has to do with the theme of "change." The predecessors of Sou Takeshi also need to pay attention to it. Which programs are more suitable for performances at the school festival performance of Qingquan Middle School."

"That's basically it."

"Of course, if possible, after the seniors have decided to participate in the club for Qingquan Middle School's performance, we also hope to be able to comment. After all, the seniors may not have a good understanding of the attraction of middle school students. Join us in this regard. better."

I have to say that Sonoda’s work on the minutes of this meeting is still very good, although the somewhat great tone makes people feel a bit sad — obviously a girl with a nice voice — but in summary It was still very clear.

"Thank you very much for the summary of Vice President Sonoda. I hope that we will be happier next time when we work together!" Looking at the atmosphere of Vice President Sonoda from the beginning to the now somewhat cold and arrogant expression, I Can not help but have an urge to tease the other party.

"Next time I will be happier if it comes from other seniors mentioned by Senior Bihama."

"Hey, tut, what a not-so-comprehensive kid!" I smiled softly, stood up, and saw Xiaochun's somewhat complicated eyes that didn't know how to evaluate it.

The calmness and wisdom that seemed to be disguised just now have disappeared. Even though she has been working hard, it is still very difficult for her to imitate the image of Xuexia.After all, unlike the seriousness on the outside, this girl is actually an extremely emotional girl in her heart!

"Alright, alright," Chairman Kimura, who has been the atmosphere adjuster during the second half of today, stood up again at this time and said, "According to our previous discussions, we send out every time we meet. It’s a two-to-two negotiation method, which can improve efficiency. If Haiwei, you really don’t want to meet Yubihama-senpai, then when Hihama-senpai is in charge of the discussion, we will be in charge of the other people. Right?"

"Hey, I didn't mean that either, President," Sonoda raised his head in panic, "I didn't mean to reject contact with Yuhihama-senpai, uh, I was wrong, I shouldn't invest too much in this. Personal feelings."

What? It turned out to be a serious girl who was unexpectedly principled, but why didn't she show this seriousness earlier?If you restrain your emotions a little bit in front of me, you will not cause your president to misunderstand, right?

However, how Sonoda apologized to her chairman afterwards is not part of my focus. What I need to do now is to leave during the non-awkward time when the chairman Kimura intervenes.

"So, President Kimura, and you guys, I will go back and explain the specific situation first, and then I will meet at the next Wednesday contact time."

"En, there is no problem." President Kimura nodded, glanced at Koharu, glanced at Sonoda, then pulled out a piece of paper from his portfolio, and said, "This is what the former President Chengyou gave us. For the most recent schedule of the Sobu High School Festival’s program, we have selected a few club performances from the perspective of junior high school students that may attract students from our school. If possible, I hope Sobu High will be studying this issue. Pay more attention to some of the programs we have listed when you come!"

"OK, I understand." I took the form and looked through the list of programs on the paper and the key points drawn by President Kimura.