My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 105

Most of them are Sogo Takeo’s traditional superior clubs, such as the tea ceremony club and the Noh club. Of course, the performances of the football club prepared by Yeshan seem to have been recognized. Has the reputation of Hayama Hayato passed to Qingquan?

However, there seems to be something missing from this list, not something missing without being noticed by Chairman Kimura.It is something that does not appear on this list at all.

That's right, the light music clubs that vowed to show their success are still missing on this list.


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Chapter 40: The establishment of the judgment should not be a superstition to humans

At the moment I discovered this situation, I can think of many things, such as Mr. Iizuka's vowed promise at the time, such as the confident expression of Kitahara-senpai, such as when Yui sister had been trying to help. That kind of jumping up and down, even Senior Xiao Muzhu gently twisted his hair, expressing that he could replace the somewhat hesitant expression of Liu Yuan Peng.

If you care about it or not, for me, the importance of the Light Music Club is far behind the Ministry of Service. Therefore, can the Light Music Club’s program be on the stage of the Academy Festival? It’s not a very important thing for me. As I said before, even if I really have regrets about the light music club, I still want to take care of me. I regret the failure of Mr. Iizuka's plan for a grand farewell in the final year of high school.

However, the problem lies in the reflection of my principles of doing things in the light music club.Even an insensitive person like Yui sister can notice that light music fans are in crisis, so she proposed to me the idea of ​​helping, but I refused. The reason for my refusal is to believe in people's rational decisions.

First of all, we need to make a clear conclusion, that is, for everyone involved in this matter, their unanimous conclusion is that the light music club can participate in the performance of the school festival, which is the best that our reason hopes to achieve. the result of.Then, different people will definitely have different conclusions on the way to achieve this result, and what leads us to disagree is the different way of achieving this result.

From the perspective of the recklessness in dealing with problems caused by a person’s talents and the principle of absolute neutrality, only those who are placed in the light music club can grasp the situation of the light music club to the greatest extent. And make the final choice based on this situation.And this choice may be contrary to the perception of others.Therefore, as long as Iizuka Takeya and Kitahara Haruki are rational people, then we have reason to believe that everything they do is working hard for the final goal, so it seems to others that it is very The dangerous situation may be the middle step in the best way to accomplish this goal under their rational judgment.Unauthorized interference by other people is likely to cause the bankruptcy of the atmosphere they created and the failure of subsequent plans.

This is also the practical application of the principle of absolute neutrality. Because I believe in the best decision of the other party, I don’t expect too much from the seemingly rational decision I made based on limited materials. If the other party does not ask for help Under the circumstances, watch things go in a neutral way-even if you think things are not going as expected.

If everything is done in an ideal way, then the final result will be the best result-or at least the closest to the best result.However, in the second list submitted by the Minister of the City, there is still no shadow of the light music club. This result can not be regarded as a state close to the best result.

Then, the insistence of absolute neutrality and all the concepts it upholds is meaningless.

Yes, the persistence of an existing logical concept is so fragile. When you believe in the correctness of the results caused by this logic, but find a phenomenon that is difficult to explain based on this logic, you have only two This method is to further improve this logic, or to abandon this logic.But when this logic is a self-consistent model, as long as it cannot be proven, it will collapse on its own.

Regarding the issue of the Light Music Club, there are several assumptions that the internal personnel of the Light Music Club have more information than we do. This premise is certainly not wrong. The final purpose is to allow the Club to participate in the Academy Festival performance. Wrong, for this goal, people will definitely tend to make the best decision. This cannot be proved, but it is certain that even if the best decision is not made, people will tend to make a better decision model.

Therefore, the flaw in this judgment lies in the fact that people themselves, I tend to think that the two subjects in this decision-making process, Takeya Iizuka and Haruki Kitahara, are rational people, or, at least on this issue. The most confident senior Kitahara himself should be a rational person.But if they are not, then the logic is broken.

Therefore, a terrible problem may become a stumbling block to absolute neutral logic, that is, human beings have an irrational side.

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"Uh, Yubihama-senpai? Yubihama-senpai?" A somewhat awkward voice awakened me from thinking, and Director Kimura appeared in front of me with a worried expression on his face.

"Ah, sorry, I was a little distracted just now." So, I really should change this state of distracting as soon as I enter my own meditation mode. This situation has often occurred in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen before, and now I am working. In such a situation, it is really inappropriate.

"So, Senior, do you have any problems?" Chairman Kimura said hesitantly, "You don't look good now! So do you have any questions about this list? Uh, we are getting this After that, the list has never been modified. Except for the programs marked above that we think may be better, we have not actively modified other aspects!"

By the way, for this President Kimura who has been working with Xiaochun before, but I have never paid attention, my perception is getting better and better. As long as it is not embarrassing me for Xiaochun’s affairs, it is still a very understanding and considerate. Other people’s soft girls!

However, after President Kimura reminded me, I noticed that my face is really unsightly now, not only the face is a problem, in fact, I can clearly feel that the school uniform behind my back has been I was soaked with sweat.

Is it just because of the crisis of this principle that makes me feel so nervous?

"Well, thank you for your concern. I was just a little surprised at some of the things on this list just now—"

"——Yuhihama-senpai don’t need to feel that there is something wrong with us. If you think something is abnormal, then it must be the problem you are worried about, not ours." And I Xiaochun's words were interrupted mercilessly.After the last conversation, she knew about the light music club, so what she meant now was obviously that after noticing this, let me confirm this.

However, this guy, now that the negotiation is over, can't he talk to me in a more pleasant way?I have learned Xuexia's way of making decisions and I have no power to change, but don't learn from Xuexia's unflattering way of dealing with people!That will make you friendless, Xiaochunjiang.

"I see, thank Secretary Sugiura for the explanation."

"Well, then Yubihama-senpai has no other questions, right?" Xiaochun added hurriedly.

"Well, there is indeed no problem, but the way you speak is very problematic. What do you mean there is no other problem? At this time, you should politely ask, "Are there any questions?"

"I only asked this question routinely when I knew that the seniors had no problems, so please don't pay too much attention to expressing the problem!"

"Even if it's a routine business, you can't lose the etiquette. If you want to come to the general manager in the future, you still need to pay attention to such details."

"I'll understand it, by-than-Hama-Senior-generation!" Xiaochun gritted his teeth and spit out my name, but this feeling made me a little happy, at least I now feel Xiaochun Sugiura What belonged to her originally belonged to her, not a stiff Yukino's imitating machine.

"Right? That's how you look like this!" I relaxed until the days when the two people were still a couple teasing each other, I smiled softly and said, "Look at the full Yukoshita-style girl, do you really think that kind of girl is very attractive?"

"That's not necessarily true, many boys may just like that type!"

"Well, I'm not anyway, for girls with that personality, I only find it very troublesome!"

"Anyway, I didn't make this picture for you. What do you think the trouble has to do with me?"

After a long absence, Koharu and I had this routine quarrel-like conversation of the past, but when both of us were a little immersed in this atmosphere, President Kimura’s voice came over.

"Uh, two--" President Kimura's expression was very weird, he didn't want to disturb the two of them, but he felt that our approach was somewhat inappropriate.However, even this vague statement was enough to wake up the two of us.

Indeed, the feeling of bickering just now is very nostalgic, but the existence that has disappeared can only be the existence that has disappeared. The reappearance of this kind of situation should not be regarded as a normal phenomenon.

"Uh, I really didn't realize that the relationship between the two is still so good, sorry." Chairman Kimura said helplessly, "But, if you can, I still think this place is not so suitable to say these more personal things. !"

Not only President Kimura, but also Vice President Sonoda, who had always existed as a "Pioneer for Protecting Koharu", also showed a surprised expression. This expression is obviously, "Do those things I did before make seniors hate it?" "Does" look puzzled.

"Sorry, Finami, it was my problem before." Xiaochun's voice recovered from the somewhat irritated state just now, "I shouldn't be provoked by that person."

"Uh, Xiaochun, you don't need to be so serious, if I had known this situation a long time ago—"

"——No, Fenami, it's not what you think," Xiaochun said with a complicated and sad look on his face, "At least your understanding of this aspect was correct at the beginning. Me and him, It doesn't matter anymore."

I don’t know what kind of mentality Sugiura Koharu said in front of everyone. Even when I was still there, I just couldn’t understand why she hurried to prove these words, even if not. So care about my feelings, but it's not exaggerated to such an extent, right?

"Uh, if you look like this—" Chairman Kimura glanced at me with a worried look, and then at Xiaochun.

"——And, I also believe that only now I have asked Yubihama’s influence to make further changes and become the kind of person I want to become." Xiaochun interrupted the Kimura meeting. Long words, said firmly.

Be the person you want to be?Does it mean to exclude my influence and become a person like Xuexia?

However, don't deceive yourself, as long as you think carefully about your chance of becoming a person like Xuexia, then you will find how weak your words are.

But I couldn’t say this, because I could see the stubbornness in her eyes, the stubbornness, exactly the same as her unwilling expression when I first saw her. It was an expression desperately trying to prove something.With this expression, I knew that even though it seemed to have changed a lot, Sugiura Koharu was the same Sugiura Koharu when I first met.

Therefore, I looked at President Kimura and echoed Koharu's words: "Yes, President Kimura, Koharu is right. At least for the two of us, we should let go. Of course I also understand you and Sonoda very well. The vice chairman was unfriendly to me before, but for us, it may be better to look forward to everything."

"Uh, if it's what Yubihama-san said--" Chairman Kimura nodded blankly, obviously she still didn't know the current situation.

However, for me, this is already irrelevant. I just turned my head and walked outside the student union room.

Actually, I'm looking forward to it too, student Xiaoharu Sugiura, if you really think that what you did is your true thoughts, then you can do it and prove it to me!

If absolute neutrality will go bankrupt because of human irrationality, then you can prove to me that the choice made by sensibility is the possibility of its success!


Chapter 41: A color feather always hopes to seize the opportunity

Of course, I am not the kind of person who panics to find the source of the problem as soon as I find it.My trust in the light music club, and the actual results of the light music club, are actually my self-care observation and analysis without the other party’s knowledge.Therefore, under this observation, there is a problem with my logic, which can only prove that the concepts I have upheld before are not self-consistent and need to be corrected.