My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 106

It is Yoshihama Kazuya's point of view that needs to be corrected, not through my possible intervention in the light music club to change the results of the other party to adapt to my logic-this is just self-deception.

So, after that, I occasionally pass by the classroom door of the second music room and notice that there is no sound of other musical instruments except the occasional sound of less skilled guitar practice—even Even Tomo Yanagihara’s loud complaints can’t be heard. Sometimes when I go to the third grade classroom to find the chairman of the city, I meet the director Iizuka who doesn’t seem so energetic, and occasionally in the student union. In my classroom, I saw Senior Kitahara, who seemed to continue to talk with the president about the performance arrangements of the Academy Festival, all of which proved that the performance arrangements of the Light Music Club have been eliminated from the Academy Festival’s. List.

However, I didn’t try to do anything that could change the result that made me feel terrified. Even Xiao Muzhen didn’t know where he heard the news, and then asked me if I needed her help. The same is true at the time.

Although both Isseki, Biqigu, and even Xiaomushu's predecessors have pointed out the mistakes in my way of thinking, their methods are limited to theoretical points, and they have not cited facts to prove it.But the current situation, the way of operation of this logic belonging to me, was proved to be wrong for the first time by facts, that is to say, even if I further believe that my logic is self-consistent, and set aside the problems pointed out by others. , Nor can it change the fact that the logic itself has loopholes.

"Although I don't understand what you've been muttering, but from what I heard, can I congratulate Yubihama Kazuya, you finally graduated from secondary illness?" Isshiki's voice reached me Ears.

Uh, did I say what I was thinking about?

"Well, I said it, including the sentence you said just now! I feel that you seem to be very depressed in your heart, but you feel that you shouldn't tell other people about it, but in the end There is another way of unconsciously wanting others to hear his own thoughts, so he unconsciously said what he was thinking." Isshiki nodded and said, Isn't it time for class?Why doesn't this guy stay with the people in her small circle?——Well, I’m sure I didn’t utter this sentence.

"Um, don't look at me with that kind of eyes! Can't I have a time when I am not with other people?" But unfortunately, my eyes are probably too obvious, so Isshiki immediately showed a very hurt expression.

"Unfortunately, that's what I think."

"Eh, you think so," Yishi looked at me with a tilted head, and then said suddenly, "Ah, I understand, I'm sorry I know you want to use this kind of maverick against me. Attitudes show the inconsistency between the way you see me and the way others see me and you want to attract my attention, but unfortunately—"

"--But I am sorry that Yi Huishu asked you not to become too self-conscious in front of me. I am not interested in playing this game with you for a long time."

"This reaction is really boring, you should show that kind of shy reaction, but this has never happened before--" Isshiki curled his lips and said, "Okay, you're right, I am right now It’s a matter of looking for you. Senior Ye Shan asked me to ask you. Next week, there will be a friendly match between the Football Department of General Wu Gao and the High School of Qingquan University. If you want, Senior’s team will reserve a place for you at any time."

"I think he should have known my answer long ago?"

"No, I guess Senior Ye Shan doesn't know, or even if he knows the answer, he will pretend not to know," Yishi smiled and said, "And I see that your monologue just now, you are not Have you awakened from your secondary state? It feels like you still have some opportunities!"

"I don't know how much you have listened, but please forget what you heard. Now there are indeed some problems, adjustment period, reintegration period and so on, but you have to let me answer your question. In terms of questions, my answer will not change."

"Is it true? As far as I know, everyone in the football department is still very convinced of you! Especially those substitute players who have played with you, every time they play against the main lineup You will be mentioned when you lose in the practice match. Even Ye Shan-senpai himself cannot stop this kind of thing. Although your person is not in the club, you still have this kind of mythical rumors. So, if you want to join As far as the team is concerned, I believe anyone will be willing to reserve a main position for you."

"This is where I need to apologize. Because of me, Ye Shan's control over the team has declined? But isn't this also a good opportunity to test his integration ability? A team doesn't need two. The existence of the leader and my joining will definitely cause confusion in the overall atmosphere of the team, so I am still insensitive, right?"

"OK! Then I'll go back and report to Senior Ye Shan." Yishi nodded and replied simply.

Uh, just accept it?

"Well, just accept it! I also said that Senior Ye Shan can know your reaction, but he just pretended not to know and asked me to ask you again. If there is a miracle, it is not a thing. Is it a great thing?" Isshiki showed a sly expression, and then continued, "And, if you look at it from my perspective, this time I really can't say that it is no gain!"

Although I know Isshiki is the kind of person who is very good at catching each other's speech loopholes-in fact, she is good at this kind of subtle operation-but my simple rejection has made her discover what happened.

"Heya, you rejected me this time, using a reason I can understand!" Yishi shook his head and explained.

"What is the reason you can understand?"

"Before and when I was rejecting Senior Ye Shan, didn’t I always use the words of non-intervention, the danger of talent, etc.? Comparing middle two? There is a long logic in the middle to prove that if you kick If you get the ball, it will have unpredictable consequences. But this time, the reason you rejected me is because you think that if you join the team, it will cause chaos in the leadership group of the team. This is very simple. It is also a very acceptable reason, which shows that you at least get rid of the previously incommunicable state!"

I have to say that Isshiki is very accurate in my judgment. Now I, because of the troubles caused by the previous light music hobby events, I am doubting the way I judge the problem. This also makes me accustomed to rejecting Isshiki. Sexually avoid using the previous logic, and this point has also been clearly grasped by Isshiki.

"So, after I go back, I only need to report to my senior and worry about the unity of the team, and then if the senior solves this problem, then I can see you playing, right?"

"Hey, I didn't say that. What I just mentioned is just the most obvious reason. As for other things—"

"——Then solve them one by one at that time! Heya, you are a proud performance!"

Yishi interrupted me mercilessly. Damn it, doesn’t this woman know how to respect others — oh no, she is the kind of person who respects others especially, but only if she feels that respecting others is necessary, also It means that she interrupted me now deliberately.

"Hey, there is one more thing, Kazuya, President Chengyou asked me to ask."

"I will report the situation to the chairman regularly. Why should the chairman want you to convey it?"

"No way, this question feels more personal, so the president feels that she is not good at raising it to you, so I have to ask me to ask you." Isshiki's expression became very strange, and he wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh. Looks like, this gave me a bad feeling in my heart.

"The president asked me to ask you, what is the relationship between you and President Kimura of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union?"

"What's the matter, you know, Xiaochun and I are, uh-President Kimura?"

Wait a minute, what's the matter with President Kimura?

"Yes, the president asked not Secretary Sugiura, but President Kimura!" Isshiki finally couldn't help but smiled, "That means, President Kimura contacted sister inspector privately and asked her to choose your location. Is there any special reason why the club came to help? Sister Xun just said that this was Mr. Hiratsuka’s suggestion, and then Chairman Kimura spoke in a more embarrassing tone. Well, this is the way of expressing Sister Xun who relayed it. The double narration of President Kimura’s recounted by Sister Patron will definitely be a little different, but you can feel it for yourself: "Chairman Shiro, although, um, Yuihama-senpai has done a very good job, but for us, Uh, when facing seniors, I still feel a little restrained and can't let go. This might be a little difficult to handle.'"

This is very similar to President Kimura’s style. Before she can figure out the relationship between me and Xiaochun, the best way is to eliminate this unstable time bomb factor. However, her way of expression , It’s no wonder that President Shiro feels like I have some ulterior ties with President Kimura.

"Then you can just tell the chairman directly? The main problem is not with Kimura and me, but with Xiaochun!"

"But I can’t be sure. I don’t know why you broke up with Secretary Sugiura at that time. You think, if it’s because of empathy that you fell in love with President Kimura, who is also a member of the Student Union, then-uh ,I know."

I believe the intimidation of my eyes has had enough effect, and the YY of a color feather will end here.

"Just tell Chairman Cheng Ye, I and Xiaochun are fine, and the extra worry of others is unnecessary. Of course, if she can persuade other people in the ministry to take over the part of my work completely. , I am also very happy."

"Understand!" Isshi nodded, but her eyes were still fixed on me, and she didn't mean to leave.

"Uh, so your business should be over? Is there anything else to look at me?"

"The other people at work have asked me to ask you the question. The next thing should be my own business, right?"

"Your own business?"

"Yes, I think you should have seen the performance list of the Academy Festival, right? You had a light music club that you followed before, not on that one!"

"So, what do you want to express?" I believe Isshiki said this sentence definitely not because she thought of an idea with me, but she was still a little awkward when she mentioned it.

"So, Senior Yanagahara in the second grade should go straight to the Miss Chief Takeshi election without performing, right?"

I seem to have some bad premonitions, but the fellow Yi Huishu mentioned that he wanted to participate in the election of Miss Chief Military High. This seems serious!

"Can student council members really participate in this kind of election? I thought what you said earlier was just a casual mention—"

"Of course, there are schools in Hokkaido where the student council voted according to popularity. If the student council members of Sotake High can't even participate in this kind of election, wouldn't it be boring?"

"That's true! So, do you think Liu Yuanpeng has no light music club performances, so will his popularity decline?"

"That's what it meant," Isshiki smiled embarrassedly, and said, "You know, even if you only look at the second-year seniors, Yanagahara's popularity is not very stable in the second year, whether it is Yui. Senpai, Yukoshita-senpai, and Miura-senpai, in fact, they are more popular than Yanagina-senpai, but Yui-senpai and Yukoshita-senpai are not interested in this kind of activity. Miura-senpai feels no need for it. This kind of activity proves his own strength, and that's why Yanagihara-senpai fisherman has benefited. Therefore, this time, I feel that while Yanagahara's popularity has not greatly increased--"

"——You still have a chance, right?"

To be honest, I don’t understand why Isshiki is so obsessed with this election. Like Ryu Yuan Peng, is it just for an honor?You must know that Senior Xiao Muzhen is-uh, who is at the door of the classroom, is Senior Xiao Muzhen?She, came directly to me?

"But you also know that if you are going to compete with Miss Chief Wu Gao, then you will never escape." With her back to the door, facing my Isshiki, she obviously didn't know the situation behind her, she continued. Said, "That's Senior Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai! Although many people have rumored that she doesn't seem to want to participate in the election that much, but I'm still not sure. Therefore, you and Xiao Mu Xiao are relatively familiar with each other, so Say--"

"Uh, Yishi!" I lowered my head and looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen, who walked in front of me with an anxious expression.

"Well, so, Heya, can you help me inquire about it?"

"I think it would be better for you to directly ask the predecessors about this matter!" I reluctantly pointed to the predecessor Xiao Muzhen behind Yishi, and said.

Classmate Isshi, I feel that the look on my face looking at me is not very friendly, so please block a shot for me first!