My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 107

Chapter forty-two: Yubihama and Kazuya can't understand Oguki Sauna

"What are you talking about, I know that you have a good relationship with that senior Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, but that is Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai! What about that Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai that is like a flower of the mountain, if it weren't for the senior before the last game. I just came to the classroom to look for you. I wouldn’t believe that she would pay extra attention to a first-year student!" In short, ignoring my advice, Isshiki treated me like a typical villain before he was finished. The words mean scoffing.

To be honest, it’s very happy to look at Isseki, who plays with other people between applause most of the time, and never gets crushed by other people. There is always an inexplicable sense of comedy in the blink of anxious eyes and the appearance of not intending to look back at all.

Of course, at this time, Senior Xiao Muzhen was already standing behind Yishi, and she probably heard what I said just now, and her somewhat dissatisfied expression at the beginning brought a trace of hesitation, and she looked uncertainly. .

At this time, Isshiki finally realized that something was wrong. After all, Senior Xiao Muzhu who came to the first-grade classroom always had his own discussion effect. Although the previous generation had come to me once, it was caused by the second time. The voice of the discussion seemed to be no weaker than the first time.It's no wonder that once may be accidental, if twice, the students' YY space may become larger.

"Uh, Heya?" Yishi tilted his head.

"Now, I reminded you from the beginning!"

"Ah, this!" At the moment when I turned his head, Yi Huyu shook his hands very rarely in front of me, quickly wiped the sweat from his head, and then said very uneasyly, "Well, I'm sorry. I didn't pay attention to seniors before."

"Well, it's okay," Senior Xiao Muzhen waved his hand very casually, and then asked, "Is it a student Yi Hueiyu? I have heard and mentioned you before!"

"Well, me too, but because of the popularity of Senior Xiao Muzhen, I am afraid that the classmates of this school should have heard of you when they did not enter the school?" Isshiki quickly converted into a compliment to seniors. I still admire the ability to adjust the mentality as quickly as possible even though I just made a mistake.

"Well, is that so? At least I knew someone who had no impression of me before I enrolled in school. If possible, that guy might not know me after enrolling, so my popularity is not as good as Ishiki's classmates thought. High!" Senior glanced at me slyly, and then said calmly.

Hey, I know you are hinting at me, but to be honest, I don’t know you are so bad?Also, I think it is because I don't know you that you can be so open to me at that time, right?How come this has become the same thing as my guilt now?

"Well, there will be people like this. Shouldn't this kind of person be too dazzling in high school?" Isshiki didn't look at me, so I don't know if she even heard Xiao Muxiao. Senior’s suggestion, but if she said it deliberately after she heard it, what expression should I use to accept it?

"Well, is it dazzling or not?" Senior’s voice stretched very long, um, Senior Xiao Muzhen, although I don’t know what you are looking for today, I would rather you point out the problem with a serious face. I don’t want you to hang me in this way!

Of course, from the perspective of Senior Xiao Muzhen, her ability to grasp the scale of the topic no longer needs me to emphasize it. Soon, she ended the topic by herself and asked Isshiki: "But, so Say, what was the question Kazuya let Isshiki asked me by himself?"

"Well, that question." Just as I was preparing to gloat for Isshiki's impending nervousness, Ishiki calmly and solemnly asked the question he had just now, "I just wanted to ask. The question is, will seniors participate in this election of Miss Chief Wu Gao?"

Er, is it possible that in this short conversation of tens of seconds, Isshiki has obtained enough buffer time to find a good reason for his problem?

"Why do you want to ask this question?" Senior Xiao Muzhen narrowed his eyes, looking at Isshi, and said seriously.

However, I don't know if it is my illusion. Although Senior's eyes have been staring at the same color, I still feel that her eyes quickly glanced over me.

"Well, it's mainly because I'm a member of the Student Union!" Isshishi scratched her head shyly - by the way, I'm 100% sure that her "scratching head shyly" action must be pretended , I don’t believe that she is a person who feels embarrassed because of this kind of thing. "When I looked at the list of elections for this year’s Miss Zou Wu Gao’s list, I have never seen the name of Xiao Muzhen’s predecessor. There were many rumors before It is said that seniors may not participate, so I am somewhat curious!"

"Indeed, the other members of the student union have been inquiring about my situation all the time." Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded, seeming to accept this explanation, but soon, she changed her conversation and asked, "There are others. The reason?"

"No more!" Isshiki's hand shook slightly, and then replied seriously.

This is natural, if Isshiki wants to tell the real reason, then it will only make Senior Xiao Muzhen in front of her feel a little ridiculous!This is something I never want to see for a color feather who has been trying to create a good image in front of everyone.

However, thinking of this, Isshiki never seems to care about whether he can show a good image in front of me. I can't give up on myself just because I see through your state. How much should I show basic respect for me? , You guy.

In addition, it was a bit similar to the situation when I noticed the state of Senior Xiao Muzhen, and felt that the moment Yishi answered Senior's words, her eyes seemed to swept across my body quickly.

But this should be an illusion, right?

"Well, if there is any, is it inconvenient to tell me the reason?" Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled lightly. Senior has this ability. He noticed the other party's embarrassment, and then actively gave in, and finally let the other party. I was able to retreat. I don’t know if this is a kind of talented style of senior, or a special reaction when she deliberately pays attention to everyone’s opinions. At least, I have never found that senior makes anyone feel Really embarrassed.

Isshiki clearly felt this too, and she lowered her head somewhat awkwardly.

"However, as far as Isshiki's thoughts are concerned, do you think it is better for me to participate or not to participate?" It is a little surprising that Senior Xiao Muzhen took the initiative to solicit Isshiki's opinion.

"Uh, my opinion?" I finally saw Isshiki's somewhat dazed and bewildered expression, she pointed her finger at herself, and then replied uncertainly, "From the perspective of a student council member, it must be I hope it will be better for the seniors to participate. After all, if the seniors participate, it is possible to complete the unprecedented three consecutive championships in the history of Zou Wugao!"

"Ah, that's it! But sometimes I think, even if I do participate, is this three consecutive championships really worthy of the name?"

"Um, I don't really understand what seniors mean!"

"Because, in fact, apart from me, many of the players who are very capable of fighting for this position have not actually participated in it! For example, the second-year Xuexia classmates are actually very popular, right?" Back I’m pretty sure, when Senior Xiao Muzhen said these things, her eyes must have glanced at me quickly, so of course, it’s okay for Senior to mention Xuexia. This is your own freedom. However, what's the matter with your expression of Yukinoshita's non-participation because of me?

"Well, what Senior Yukoshita said was because of her own reasons!" Isshiki smiled reluctantly. Now she must be annoyed by why she has to smile and respond to those words of Senior Omushu, but In this atmosphere, she seems to have no other choice, she can only continue to say, "Moreover, I personally have contact with Senior Xuexia. I think Senior Xiaomuzhen is more competitive than Senior Xuexia. This It's not a compliment, it's a sincere word!"

"Thank you Yishi classmate," Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled and nodded. However, her expression was still unpredictable, "However, what you may not know is that I was in the first year of Zong Wu Gao. At that time, the position of Miss Chief Military High was obtained entirely by luck!"

There was a complicated expression on Senior’s face, which seemed to be ridiculous, and also seemed to be overpowering. Although I knew that Senior’s participation in Miss Chief Military High’s election was because of the encouragement of friends, not because of my truth. Thoughts, even I know that seniors don’t take the title of Miss Chief Wu Gao very seriously, but this obviously does not mean that seniors think that they are not capable of achieving this position. However, the seniors at this time obviously show a kind of disagreement. Feeling confident.

"Ah, speaking of this, I don’t know if the senior Xuexia is related to the second-year student Xuexia! You can ask the president of Chengyou, the first grade I got the honor of Miss Chief Wu Gao , It feels like Senior Xuexia had let it out!" Senior Xiao Muzhen shook his head, seeming to be thinking about the past.

And this kind of nostalgic reaction made Isshiki and I didn't know how to answer the conversation.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I mainly came to see Heya for something! But because of the incident mentioned by Isshiki-san, I fell into a situation where I missed the past. As expected, it became the Showa period as Kaya said. The old woman is here!" But soon, Senior Xiao Muzhen returned to his normal state, not at all the heavy state of mentioning the past two years ago.

"But no matter how the first senior won the championship, it is a fact that senior has become Miss Chief Wu Gao for two consecutive years," Isshiki cleared his throat, and said in a somewhat conclusive way, "If senior is unwilling, it will naturally be There is no way, but I think that for many people in the school, the Miss Chief Wu Gao in their hearts is probably only Senior Xiao Muzhen. Senior Xiao Muzhen’s three consecutive championships, this kind of miraculous situation may be many instead. The state that people most hope to achieve is not necessarily! So, this—"

"—I know, but—"

——You still won't participate, will you?At this time, you should also pick out your own ideas and the student union, right?I asked Isshiki to take the initiative to ask Mr. Xiao Muzhen’s intentions just now. There are some things, if you make up your mind, predecessors, then you should finish them earlier, right?

However, the words added after the word "but" by Mr. Xiao Muzhen really surprised me.

Senior squeezed the hair in front of his head and said, "But, let me think about it?"

So, is it "think about it" rather than "reject"?

I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhu in surprise, but I don't know if it was intentional or unintentional. Since I answered this question, Senior has never looked at me.

I don’t know what Senior Xiao Muzhen is thinking, but she has changed her mind somewhat unexpectedly. At least until yesterday, I’m sure that Senior’s attitude towards the Miss Chief Military High election has not changed. So why is this?Is it just because of Isshiki's persuasion?But Isshiki's persuasion, I think other student council members, including Senior Kitahara, must have said it more than once, right?

Or, what kind of antagonistic emotion does the person Yi Huishu have caused Senior?

Or, the mysterious "Senior Xuexia" in the mouth of the mysterious Senior Xiao Muzhu.

But this is enough to ask Xuezhi about the situation, such as whether she has a sister who has ever been to Zongwu Gao.

"Hey, it's like this. Isn't it too early for the election list to be announced? I am also a candidate this year, and there are many things to be busy, so I may not be able to determine it, so I will be a little late and I will reply to you when I come back from summer vacation. "Senior Xiao Muyan explained anxiously.

So, are you just ashamed to reject them immediately?But this is quite in line with Senior Xiao Muzhen's unwillingness to embarrass others.So the thought just now is that I was too nervous, right?

Probably so!

"Well, so, next, classmate Isshi, can you hand over the peace to me, right?" When the current generation said this, all the states that she showed when she talked with Isshi disappeared, still It was looking at me with a very serious expression.

"Well, I don't have any problem with Senior Xiao Muzhen, if you snatched He and also!" Yishi was taken aback for a while, and replied somewhat surprised.

"Then Kazuya, go to the hallway with me, I have a question to ask you carefully!" As if to get some permission, the senior pulled me up aggressively again.

It seems that even if I find Yishi as a shield, I can't escape it!


Chapter 43: The veto and cognition of self-righteous emotions

In my impression, this should not be the first time that Senior Xiao Muzhen came to me in a somewhat unwilling manner to look at me. I don’t know how the previous commotion was subdued, but if you come once a month, Senior With such routine "cross-examination", your image in school will collapse. I am not talking nonsense!