My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 108

However, this kind of "special treatment" approach still makes me a little bit proud. Although the situation is different from what most people think, it can make the emotions of Xiao Muzhen's predecessor so weird, and the entire general Wu Gao I'm the only one, right?

Of course, if possible, I hope that when the emotions of the seniors become different, the direction of thinking can be slightly positive.

After all, it is definitely a lie to say that boys like Xiao Mu Xiao-sen do not have such a trace of longing in their hearts?Some people say that when boys are naive, they will always make various mischievous behaviors in front of their favorite girls to attract the attention of the other party. Of course, people will always sneer at this practice, thinking these stupid little boys The way they do will only have the opposite effect on the girls they like. Of course, I must have passed that somewhat ridiculous age, and I will definitely not deliberately use this awkward way to attract the attention of predecessors.However, one thing people must admit is that it is better to be able to attract the other party's attention with that lame method than to be indifferent to them.

Therefore, although I am not deliberately trying to attract the attention of the other person by dissatisfied with the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, my current and somewhat strange self-satisfaction must be related to the little boy who has attracted the attention of the girl I like. It's the same-of course, if you can, it would be better to change the way.

Ah no, it's awful, and I habitually fall into a self-contemplation mode when chatting with Senior Xiao Muzhen.

When I raised my head somewhat awkwardly, Senior's eyes did not stare at me as usual. She just leaned against the escalator and looked at the corridor of the first-grade classroom somewhat in a dream.Senpai’s beautiful long brown hair draped casually on his shoulders, and then dragged it to the handrail of the stairs. I have to admit that even if it’s a little carelessly leaning against the image, it still doesn’t exist for Senpai Xiaomu. Any discomfort, or perhaps, for me, or other people, who have adapted to the image of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen who was formal and serious in school, this somewhat casual predecessor’s image has made her more vivid. stand up.

"Uh, that, Senior Xiao Muzhen?" This time I reminded Senior Xiao Muzhen that I had lost his mind, and I felt a little uncomfortable!

"Ah, Kazuya, are you in a daze?" Senior turned his head and looked at me with a smile. However, although the smile of Senior should be displayed in front of me, it is more or less creepy What is the feeling of ah!

"Well, it's over in a daze." I thought about what I would use to ridicule the predecessor. However, feeling the smile of the predecessor, I think it is better to be cautious. After all, until now, I I still don't know what I did wrong.

After all, I haven't done anything that is as easy to attract people's attention as the challenge with Yeshan last time.

I am ready to withstand the torrential and rainy cross-examination of seniors, but what surprised me a little bit is that, when Senior Xiao Muzhen was obviously prepared for me, Senior himself, But he flinched slightly.

"Well, Kazuya Chief Wu Gao has been staying for a semester too! I feel that although you seem to want to behave low-key, a lot of things have happened to you! Compared to mine In the first semester, the beginning of your high school life was quite colorful!"

"Uh, because there are always all kinds of accidents! Most of the things I didn't take the initiative to do, but inexplicably it came to the door." Although I don't know what the reason is for Senior It started to be nonsense, but in this case, it should be correct to follow her words?

"But it is undeniable that I still had a wonderful time," the senior continued. "At least, compared to my senior who is about to graduate, my life is a lot richer."

"But seniors should be people who are more satisfied with this relatively flat life? Don't you like being called to do all kinds of activities?"

"Is that so?" In the face of this somewhat ridiculous sentence of mine, Senior Xiao Muzhen asked immediately and seriously.

This makes me a little uncertain. In my cognition, Senior Xiao Muzhen is a person who is very good at understanding the hearts of others. This is also the reason why she participated in Miss Zong Wu Gao's election with some reluctance. , However, since you are unwilling to participate in activities like Miss Zong Wu Gao that can show yourself, seniors should be the kind of people who prefer a plain life, right?

I always think so.

However, when I said this judgment, Senior Xiao Muzhen was just specious and did not give a definite answer.

Could it be said that in the heart of Senior Xiao Muzhen, there is actually a desire to show himself?

I suddenly thought of the senior's answer to Isshiki on the Miss Chief Wu Gao's election. The conclusion I got before was that seniors only considered Isshiki and the student union's mood and were not willing to refuse immediately. However, now I am a little unwilling. Determined.

However, the matter that Senior did not want to continue to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, Senior himself told me-what is the problem here.

"Well, if you can't figure it out, don't think about it? Maybe your answer at the beginning is correct? Look at your nervous look." Maybe my somewhat uncertain expression is too serious. The serious-faced-senior Xiao Muzhen herself laughed softly first, and then she lightly exposed the topic in a tone of "this matter is not a big deal", and said, "Besides, I'll come to you, mainly It's for your business."

To be honest, in recent times, the more I interact with seniors, the less I understand what seniors think. I used to think that compared with other people in school, I am closer to understanding the true side of Xiaomushu. People, but now I feel more and more that the so-called "the truth of Xiaomuxue Xuecai" is just my self-righteous delusion.

For example, Senior’s serious rhetorical question when faced with my not-so-serious answer just now, or Senior Xiao Muzhen’s initiative to say that this question is actually not worth mentioning. These two states are obviously opposite states, but I don’t know. Which kind of thought is the real thoughts of the predecessors, or perhaps neither of these two thoughts are real thoughts.

People tend to conceal something because they are afraid, and they are often unwilling to be honest with others because they are worried. I used to think that I was the one who can open up my heart, but now it seems like Not so!

Really, in this way, I still feel a little awkward!

Isn't it just a self-righteous lie that was slowly punctured?But Yubihama Kazuya, why are you feeling so sad?

Hey, what are you doing?Don't tell me that you have lost your love for yourself!

——I'm not selfishly disappointed in love!Going back to the mood before, the little boy shows off in front of the girl he likes and makes fun of each other to get attention. Can that really be called a "love" mood?It's just a kid, it can't be called a favorite feeling that should be expressed seriously!The same is true for me now. It’s just that the previous feeling of being one step ahead of me was proved to be useless. If you understand this simple emotion as superficial love, it can only prove that Yubihama Kazuya classmates Your previous relationship was a vain experience.

The most important point is that I must not regard the kind of admiration, appreciation, and even sister-like reliance that I cherish for Xiao Muzhen's predecessors as love emotions!

In the usual situation, when I was about to talk, I would be distracted for so long again, and I would definitely be blinded by my predecessors, but today’s situation seems to be the off-line press conference of the predecessors. The predecessors have repeatedly appeared to me. The distracted behavior did not care at all.

And just when I was distracted, the senior seemed to be working hard to adjust his state of questioning me.

So, basically when I reacted from the distraction, the question from the senior also followed: "Heya, although this question is a bit awkward to ask you, this time is also a bit wrong, but I still have some Curious, what kind of person were you when you were in middle school?"

"Why do you want to ask this question?" I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen, and I really didn't understand Senior's state.

"Well, how do you say? I don't want to inquire about your privacy! It's just that today I happened to hear some uncertain words from my friend, plus some things I have already learned before. ——"

I feel that I kind of understand what seniors mean.If I can say that Isshiki's ridiculous misunderstanding can still be used as a joke, then Senior Xiao Muzhen seems to really take that rumor seriously!

"Forget it, then I will ask directly," However, before I was ready to explain this matter to Senior, Senior seemed to be determined and said generally, "You and the one you mentioned before Student Sugiura, what was the reason for breaking up in middle school?"

Ahhhhh, it is true. President Chengyou is in the third grade. If she has this kind of misunderstanding, except for people in the student union, the first thing to know about it is that the president's third grade relationship is good. Girls?Of course, I believe that the president will definitely not talk nonsense. I guess it’s just a complaint like "The entrusted first-year boy actually had a leg with the other’s president". Most people who don’t know the truth will not say this People connect with me, but Senior Xiao Muzhen is different. If she learns this information, she can basically determine the identity of this "commissioned first-year boy".

In other words, the situation is a bit similar to that of Ye Shan. Although the specific identity of the person did not appear in the rumors, because my degree of conformity in this respect is too high, it is easy for Senior Xiao Mu Xiao Recognize me.

"Um, senior, I know what you are going to say, but don't worry too much--" I reluctantly defended.

However, after piercing the hesitant layer of paper, Senior Xiao Muzhen became serious instead, took a deep breath, she interrupted my explanation, and continued: "——Heya, although this sentence is I'm here to tell you that it's not so appropriate. I may have overplayed the role of your sister, but I must tell you how sad it is to hurt two girls at the same time in a relationship. Especially if you are not conscious, don't think that your own way of handling is the most correct. If you deal with these relationships in an irresponsible manner, it may lead to a collective collapse, understand?"

Senior was extremely excited when she said these words. This kind of reaction felt like she was not teaching me, but teaching herself.

Sure enough, I still don’t understand many things about Senior Xiao Muzhen!

However, at least for this matter of mine, it is not difficult for the seniors to explain clearly.

"Um, senior, can you listen to me first?" I raised my hand with a wry smile and gestured to Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"En? Ah, sorry, I was a little excited just now." The senior nodded, showing a rare embarrassment expression, blushing.

"That, Xiaochun and President Kimura of Qingquan Middle School, they have a very good relationship!"

"Yeah, there is a problem with the relationship, so you need to- eh?" Senior Xiao Muzhen looked up depressed.

"——So let’s say, the President Kimura and I have nothing to do with each other. It’s just that the relationship between the two of them is so good, so President Kimura worried that I was discussing issues with Koharu. Will there be any problems when meeting? You know, sometimes girls always think too much, and then they are nosy."

——Well, just like you are the current senior Xiao Mu Xiao!I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen, whose face became even redder, thinking like this.


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Chapter 44: Successful results are not equivalent to any practice

"Well, that's why, that rumor?" After patted his face a little, Senior Xiao Muzhen patted the blush on his face to the extent that it was a little purple, and then confirmed to me that it seemed to make her feel Some unexpected news.

"Of course, Isshiki mentioned this to me before. As the president of the student union, he was too cautious in this regard? I'm also working for the student union more or less. Ah, how can you talk nonsense about this kind of thing before it's confirmed--even if it's confirmed to protect my reputation, can't you talk nonsense?" I complained to some degree--this is of course, if not Because the senior was so shocked by this incident, she came to ask me directly. If she feels embarrassed about this incident, she will silently hide this prejudice against me in her heart and affect her evaluation of me. If so, then I really suffer a lot!

"Uh, that, I didn't count as getting this news from the chairman!" Senior shook his head in embarrassment, and explained in a panic, "It's just that, um, the executive committee member of the student union regarding the school festival. Classmate-ah, no, it seems that when the assistant of the executive committee came to me, he mentioned the importance of the joint school festival between the two schools. After I refused his invitation to participate in the election of Miss Zou Wu Gao, He seemed to murmur anxiously, "It’s a bit unsuccessful. The relationship between the boy sent by the Student Union to contact Qingquan Middle School and the president over there is a bit strange." I think this description is more or less the same. The task you mentioned before was a bit similar to me, so I just asked a girl who has a better relationship with the president to inquire about the situation—"

"——So Senior Xiao Muzhen, did you find the source of this rumor based on such information that is not even a clue?" I have to admire Senior’s, uh, perseverance, "So what should I be? Thank you Senior for your caring about me, or do you think you have played my sister's role too much, Senior?"

"Hey, I just said this. You can't blame me for the excessive role-playing of your sister!" The senior shook the whip behind him dissatisfiedly, "Besides, you don't seem to enjoy it. Is this true? You who have always taken on the role of taking care of your sister Yui, now that you have a sister to take care of you, you should be laughing secretly!"

"Hey, even Yui sister, uh-" I want to use Yui sister's example of strong support for me to refute Ogisao-senpai. However, thinking of Yui sister's smiling "Owa, I I will give you support!" With the face of "Xiaohe, I'm sorry!" at other times, I suddenly found that my voice was immediately weakened.