My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 109

"Right? I'm speechless, right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen showed a proud expression.

Damn, there is really no way to refute it.

At this time, what I can do is to forcefully divert my attention from Dafa. After all, the other party is senior Xiao Muzhen. Even if she sees my somewhat awkward and awkward performance, she will stop it in time. Will your hands match me?

"Well, by the way, senior, what is the executive committee member you just mentioned-assistant classmate, what's the matter?"

"Ah, admit that I still like the feeling of being taken care of by a sister, right?"

"That's not the case." If I have an image that is more suitable for selling cuteness, I think I will open my eyes now and begging to be predecessor Xiao Muyan, seniors, you must play cards according to common sense, "I just think, The assistant to the executive committee is very suspicious. The executive committee is ready for the executive committee. Why is there such a person as an assistant? And why does that person want you to hear this news from me? Damn it!"

Well, I believe that poor assistant classmate has absolutely no malice, but in order to divert the attention of seniors, let you be a villain-I will apologize to you if I have a chance to see you later.

"No? The assistant classmate doesn't know your situation. It's not right for you to speculate about other people's ideas like this. Besides, what's the point of him doing this?"

"Of course it doesn't make sense!" I murmured in my heart, but I can't say these things to seniors. The topic that I changed myself must be held to the end, come on, Yubihama Kazuya!

"Well, maybe it's an admirer of senior, and then misunderstood the relationship between me and senior, and then wanted me to leave a bad impression with senior? Probably that?"

——En, sorry, assistant classmate, I will describe you more and more darkly, but I will really apologize. If the senior believes this kind of nonsense, I will definitely clarify like her later.

"Hey, Kazuya, you overestimated my attractiveness, or overestimated your own attractiveness," It seems that this time the explanation has finally succeeded in achieving the goal, and Senior Xiao Muzhen can't help but feel a little helpless. He smiled, "You think that your senior Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai can attract every boy around him——"

——Well, I think so.

"——Or Yubihama and the younger brothers think that your sister-senior Xiao Mushou might be- uh"

The words of the predecessor stopped abruptly, and she covered her mouth with some surprise.

I know what the predecessors Xiao Muzhen meant, and I also know what the words of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen subconsciously wanted to say as a joke and then found that it was a bit wrong to say it, so he gave up embarrassingly. of.

How could Senior Xiao Muyun like your sister have an ambiguous relationship with you?

Well, this is as it should be!After all, it was Xiao Mu Shou-sen who replaced the role of Yui sister!

"There is nothing to say, I also know that Senpai is joking! Although it is a bit strange, but if it is a joke, Senpai shouldn't care about these? Or Senpai still thinks you like Yubihama He is also a student?" At this time, I should reply back in the same way as a joke, is it the best?

"Ah, this, it's not-er, it doesn't mean that! In short," But, facing my joke-like round field, Senior Xiaomushu did not reply back as usual, she was still somewhat panicked. I replied with some anxious words, "Um, I definitely didn't want to say anything and I didn't have a chance or anything, but I didn't mean that I liked you or something, um, that, you can understand what I mean, right?"

Um, senior, don't look at me with this kind of eyes, I can understand what you mean, eh, should I understand?

"By the way, let's not talk about this. Your evaluation of the assistant classmate is very rude, do you know? There is no way to say that in front of me. You can't talk nonsense in front of other people!"

Well, look at what is called forcibly diverting attention. Dafa is good. This is called forcibly diverting the topic-and it is the indisputable diversion of the topic, because the eyes of the predecessors are staring at me, I believe if my reaction is not If it meets her expectations, it will be a complete tragedy, right?

But I really don’t want to get entangled in this somewhat strange topic. Although it’s in the corner of the stairs, Senior Xiao Muzhen’s reputation is still too high. Senior’s face flushed from the beginning to the panic now. If these states are seen in the eyes of those with a heart, it will have a very bad effect!

It’s said that in the year before I enrolled, there were some bad rumors in Senior Xiao Muzhen. Although I don’t know why it was resolved for what reason, if there is a recurrence of this kind of "Zou Wu Gao’s academy idols were first graders Rumors such as "bad boy threats" would really take some time to quell this kind of thing!

"I didn't really say that the assistant classmate was not good! Senior, you should know what I meant?" So, I chose the safest method and made a little bit of my previous behavior. make up.

"Yes, that assistant classmate, he seems to be a hardworking person, at least I saw some bandages on his fingers, it should be the kind of wound left by practicing a musical instrument--" Senior continued, but , The point she mentioned reminded me of a certain person.

The weird position of "Assistant to the Executive Committee of the Academy Festival", the ardent expectation of Xiao Mu Shou's participation in the Miss Soubu High elections, the responsible boy still has a bandage on his hand that was injured by practicing a musical instrument.

Ah, that guy!

"Although I am a little embarrassed, Senior, do you know the name of that assistant classmate? Well, I'm just curious. I think it might be similar to a senior I know."

"He didn't tell me his name! The senior you know? Do you know other seniors in third grade?"

"Well, after all, I know a few seniors in the light music club. I think the assistant's senior is probably Kitahara Haruhiro!" There is actually no problem telling the news to Senior Xiaomu, that is, one of my little ones. It's just a small doubt, this shouldn't be an important thing.

"Well, Kitahara Haruno? Indeed, you mentioned it before, and there are also some famous students in the third grade. Is he the assistant classmate?" The senior nodded and said, "However, I seem to remember You don’t think highly of him! I think he is a very serious and responsible person!"

"Uh, it's not that you have a bad evaluation of him. Just like Senior Xiao Muzhen said, Senior Kitahara is really a serious and responsible senior. But in him, I always feel a kind of There is some inexplicable urgency, and the same is true in the light music club. Everyone can leave things to him with peace of mind, and even everyone must leave things to him in the end, although he finally beautifully Completed the task assigned to him, but there is always an uncomfortable feeling."

"Oh, is that true? Heya, you don't have a deep resentment just because you met a senior who doesn't conform to your principles of dealing with things? Isn't that wrong?" Senior Xiaomushu's impression of Senior Kitahara seemed pretty good. , Has been trying to help him speak.

"Well, maybe this is also a natural prejudice?" I responded with a wry smile.

"However, sometimes Kazunari’s feelings still make sense! If there is a chance to meet Kitahara-san later, I should pay more attention to it." I don’t know if it’s to comfort me, the senior said. .

However, she seemed to think of something, and she continued to add with a chuckle: "But I don’t think that student Beiyuan can solve anything! Look at the problem of your light music club, didn’t he not solve it? Are he good friends with the president of the club? The president asked him, but he still hasn't been able to put the light music club on the stage of the school festival, right?"

Uh, it seems to be the case. Although I have known this fact a long time ago, this is a point that I have not noticed and overlooked the predecessor Kitahara. I have been wondering why the predecessor Kitahara did not change this situation with confidence, but I didn't realize that the result itself seemed to shatter my evaluation of him.

"Is that so? So your kind of discourse like the magic stick of classmate Kitahara is untenable, right?" Senior looked at me with a smile.

"Well, it should be true."

"However, now that we have come up with this issue, Heya," Senior Xiao Muzhen's expression suddenly became serious. "Although I remember your answer was negative before, people's judgments and choices about things at different times The judgment of the result is different, so now, have you ever felt guilty about the situation of the light music club?"

"Senior, what do you mean?"

"Listen well, Kazuya, the previous time, my expression was a bit vague, but this time, I will also convey my thoughts clearly to you, that is-if it is yours If you request, I will be willing to take the place of Liu Yuan who left to participate in the light music club's performance, as long as you feel that you will owe something to this fan, and then hope to make up for it, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai will stand no matter what. On your side!"

I still remember that the last time Senior said this, she was indeed a little vague, but this time, I don't know why, Senior's confident voice clearly reached my ears.

Is this an opportunity to change the light music club?

It must be true. With the call of idols and singers like the predecessors, the members of the light music club that have left will also gather again, right?

But is my request really needed?

Because of my request, the light music enthusiasts will change, and the life state of the next semester of Xiao Muzhen will also change. Can all this be determined by my sentence?

I once believed that absolute neutrality would allow others to make choices with the best results, but my conception was proved to be wrong, but this does not mean that interference is the right choice with the best results. It is the result of failure even after adopting the best method, rational choice and final success cannot be equated.In the same way, there is no necessary connection between the pretentious intervention of others when seeing the results and the final success.

So, my answer now is obvious, I don't want to change the previous answer:

"No need, Senior Xiao Muzhen, I don't think I should repay any guilt for the status quo of the light music club."


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Chapter Final

I don’t know when, the word "neutral" was given a color that makes people feel not so beautiful.This is probably related to international relations in history?Many countries, under the call of "neutrality", tolerate the trampling of weaker countries by powerful countries. This gives the word "neutrality" itself a hidden and biased meaning.

In other words, the so-called neutrality is ultimately a preference for the strong, because the strong inherently have an advantage over the weak under the same level of interference or no interference.

Of course, my approach does not consider the derogatory meaning of neutrality in the social context. Any word has the connotation corresponding to its original sign and meaning, and it is also endowed by the context of the social meaning. For the new connotation, what I am discussing here is only the correspondence between the neutral initial sign and the meaning.

The neutrality discussed here is a practical mode of operation, that is to say, it is a policy to practice this concept guided by a specific concept, and this concept is to believe in human reason.