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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 110

Of course, we all know that humans are not an absolutely rational creature. When they are emotional, they will use more perceptual ways. People who always maintain rationality are a kind of freak in life, forcing themselves to be Staying rational at all times, it often manifests itself as a restraint to human nature.

However, even so, I still believe in the rationality of human beings, because this is the most important thing that distinguishes humans from ordinary beasts. At the critical moment of making a decision, humans should not be restrained by their emotions by sensibility, thus Make decisions that are not conducive to the results you are looking for, but just to satisfy your temporary emotional needs.

In other words, the premise of absolute neutrality is rational decision-making.

So, what kind of decision is a rational decision?First of all, it is certain that this is a decision that is expected to make one's goals possible to the greatest extent possible.The goal here is not always the maximization of one's own interests, but the approach that best meets one's own expectations. That is to say, sometimes, some people will partly give up the benefits they may obtain for some special reasons. If the decision is made with this goal, it is also rational.

So, the next question is, must a rational decision be a successful decision?This is not the case. A rational decision is a decision made on the basis of measuring the information that oneself possesses to achieve one's own goals as much as possible, because the information is incomplete, and the temporary possibility of human beings when they achieve their goals. All kinds of accidents are beyond the reach of rational prediction. Therefore, a rational decision is only a decision with the greatest probability of success, not a decision that is sure to succeed.

Then, when it is found that the decision of the other party is not necessarily successful, does it mean that the neutral behavior has lost its value?This is not the case, because as an individual like the decision-maker himself, the information you have won’t be more than the decision-maker himself, and even the information you have is a kind of interference for the decision-maker. After the other party has been rigorously screened and analyzed, selected the most effective and credible information for yourself and made a decision, the information you have that has not been screened is just adding invalid information to the other party. Therefore, No matter when, neutrality is necessary.

However, an important premise of this approach is, can human beings really be rational in making all decisions?

I used to think so, and this is also the premise of how I judge everyone.However, recently, I discovered that this is not the case. All humans are more susceptible to emotional judgments than I thought, and even such emotional judgments and irrational practices cannot be realized by humans themselves.

The most recent example is Director Iizuka. At one time, I thought that both Director Iizuka and Kitahara-senpai were rational in dealing with the issue of light music clubs.Of course, from the results, it seems that Senior Kitahara has indeed managed to fight for the light music club to the greatest extent, but his best efforts did not succeed.However, what we want to discuss is that Minister Takeya Iizuka made a mistake in his judgment during this decision-making process.

From a post-engagement perspective, Minister Iizuka’s trust in Kitahara-senpai is simply abnormal, that is to say, he unconditionally trusts Kitahara-senpai to resolve this incident. However, the fact is that Kitahara-senpai did not resolve the incident.In the whole process of the settlement of the incident by the predecessors of Kitahara, although the minister’s approach cannot be said to be ignored, it is absolutely worthy of the word "negative". The only thing he did was to work with the Friends of Yanagihara and the Light Music Club. When the conflicts between the other members could not be reconciled, they temporarily suspended their quarrel, did not appease any party, and did not win over any party, and completely passively waited for the results of Kitahara-senior.

If we imagine a situation where Haruki Kitahara does not exist, then Minister Iizuka’s approach will definitely not be so negative. He will definitely take a more proactive approach to stop everyone’s behavior and try to resolve contradictions-but he He didn't do this. It wasn't because the information he had was not enough to make him make such a move, but because the blind trust in the predecessors of Kitahara led to his hasty conservative actions.

This is an irrational approach-of course people can interpret this approach as a rational approach to make a decision after considering the abilities of Kitahara-san, but the fact is that Minister Iizuka has not considered the consequences of Kitahara-san's failure, so Obviously, in this case, they have no alternatives.

In other words, human rationality does not depend on whether you know whether you want to be rational or not. In many cases, social concepts and social habits will cause humans to make unreasonable choices.

Secondly, it is the applicability of the principle of neutrality to family members under the premise of rationality.Just as I would unconditionally care about Yui's affairs in many cases, Yui would also express unlimited intervention in my situation.From my point of view, is this kind of intervention certain?

In the face of other people, the conclusion is undoubtedly negative, but, as I said, family members are always an exception.The existence of family members, of course, some people also belong to the category of mutual use, but more often, the so-called family members are people who do not care about rational judgments in value judgment-the same situation may also apply to some love Lovers in China, but the proportion of the latter is smaller than the former.

Therefore, in the case of facing the family, because the premise of rational thinking is abolished, then the role of absolute neutrality is naturally impossible to talk about.

Moreover, as Biqigu and I have said, losing the principle of absolute neutrality in front of my family, for me, of course, can be explained by the other party’s not in line with my logical framework, but more, even if I am myself Unwilling to admit it is actually a kind of relaxation under the logical view of self-pressure.In other words, if there is a so-called nature, human nature should be inclined to social intervention-I am no exception, but now I am forcing myself to make a neutral choice.

However, if neutrality is really the best choice, why human beings as a rational actor, or me as a rational actor, show a repressive attitude toward this approach?

There are only two possible explanations: one is that neutrality is not the best choice, and I as a rational actor does not accept this approach; the other is that I cannot reach the level of rationality, so I cannot achieve the minimum required by reason. Good neutrality.

The results of these two explanations are in fact the same-absolute neutrality, and logically there are self-contradictions that cannot be reconciled.

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Chapter 1: A color feather pit arrives at Yubihama Kazuya

Note: The timeline outside this episode is probably the beginning of the fourth volume of the text, which means that the text has not yet reached that place.The timeline of the student union is one semester after the end of the animation. At this time, Deep Summer and True Winter have naturally been attacked by Mr. Key. I am not sure whether they can forcefully brush off their favorability for Mr. Key. Let's see.In addition, I’m not sure if this episode will be linked to the main text. I will ask you to vote for your opinions after the third volume. However, I don’t think it will be linked. There are too many heroines, and the text cannot be held. , Look again at that time.

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"So, classmate Yi Hueiyu, give me a reason for me to help you do this thankless thing, okay? Although I want to change the previous one that ignores everything. Attitude, but if I can, I still don’t want to get involved in such troublesome things!"

In all fairness, it is a very lethal thing when the appearance of the cute Yi Hueiyu classmate is cute and pleading in front of you. If it is another boy, it is estimated that he will raise his hand and surrender at this time. .

Well, it's a pity that I am an exception!

——Uh, as long as you provide a reason that is convincing enough, plus a condition that I can't refuse, this requirement is still quite loose, right?Huh?

"Well, Kazuya, do you know that too? After the school festival is over, the patrol sister has to consider the transfer of the student union work!" Said to me with a flattering expression.

"Very good. With your results in the student union this year, being a vice president is more than enough? Then you will be promoted to the president in third grade and reach the pinnacle of life. Isn't this what you always thought of?"

"Um, the second-year senior in this year's student union, Um, doesn't seem to want to stay." Isshiki twisted his hair and said embarrassedly.


I understand what this guy wants to do. Should she praise her for her courage or her tone of voice. When the student council president is in the first grade, this guy really dares to think about it!

"Hey, I don’t mean that, but other members of the student union think I can try it. Then you know, there will definitely be other powerful competitors appearing anyway, so I say, that, I That is to try it, it doesn’t matter if you try it anyway, haha?"

"Well, having said that, the current executive chairman of Yukoshita's Academy Festival should be a decent look-I think if she is going to participate in the election, you will definitely be out of play."

"Yeah, yes, if Yuukishita-senpai were my opponent, I would have given up early. Whether it is popularity or ability, I can't match her, haha!" Isshiki used that kind of rare He scratched his head in an unattractive way and said, "But, Yukoshita-senpai hasn't decided to participate in the election of the student council yet! So, so say—"

"——Then you go to participate? Doesn't you need to ask for my opinion?"

"So, and you agree to my request?"

"Huh? What do you mean, when did I agree to your request?"

"If you let me participate in the election of the student union, doesn't it mean you have agreed to my request?"

"—Wait a minute, I don’t understand the situation. Why did I ask you to participate in the election of the president, which is equivalent to agreeing to your request? You asked me to host two strange flowers this semester before transferring. Classmates, is there any connection?"

"Heye doesn't seem to know the details of these two new classmates!" Yishi revealed a mysterious expression.

"Nonsense, of course I don't know. If you don't tell me, how can I pay attention to the two transfer students who appeared at this time? Recently, I was so worried about my own affairs!"

"Yeah, so let me explain! Shiina Midsummer and Shiina Matsuyama. These are the names of the two newly transferred classmates. They are in the third and second grades."

"Well, it seems that they are two sisters? In summer and winter, the names of their parents are really full of malice!"

"Before transferring to Sou Takega, they studied at Otonokizaka Academy, but they only studied there for half a year-ahem, this is not the point -"

"—No, this is the point, okay? Especially that sister, who is already in the third grade and still transfers, isn't she afraid of affecting her progress?"

"I transferred because I was worried about the impact on my grades!" Isshiki said with a thorough knowledge of everything. "You also know what the declining birthrate affects. In recent years, the number of students enrolled has decreased. Even schools like Sotake High School have to cooperate with Kiyizumi Middle School to grab students. Otonogizaka Academy seems to be a very ordinary elementary school. The number of students enrolled in recent years is even more terrible, so their school board budget As a result, it has dropped significantly, and it can't attract excellent teachers. Then the parent of the deep summer classmate was worried that the low quality of teaching would affect her advancement, so she decided to transfer again."

"Well, I still think this is a trivial thing-and we seem to have digressed? What we are going to discuss is why the transfer of these two students is related to your student council election."

"So I said that their two experiences in Otonogizaka are not important, don't interrupt me," Isshiki said with a slight complaint, "I want to talk about their previous experiences in Hokkaido. The vice-chairman of the Student Union of Yoyo Middle School, Shiina Masuya, and the accountant of the Student Union of Biyo Middle School, do you understand what I mean?

"Aren't you going to drag the transfer student who just transferred to the student club to help you? Others will not be convinced!"

"Don't worry," Isshiki said confidently, "These two are beautiful girls, even I think they will definitely be very popular! As long as they are beautiful girls, just pull them out and introduce them. Everyone will have no complaints when they meet them! That elder sister named Shenxia has only been half a year old, but the younger sister named Zhendong has experience in accounting in the first-year student union. If you can join the student union It definitely helps the student union’s popularity and experience!"

"So, this is the reason why you asked me to receive two transfer students and have a good relationship with them?" I slanted my eyes and looked at Yishi. "How can I give you a way to make a relationship with them easily? Impressive?"

"Of course, because I know all the top-level beautiful girls of Sou Wu Gao, I know you, Yukoshita-senior, Okisaki-senior, um, actually Yui-senior is also a beautiful girl with good looks. Next year, President Sugiura of Kiyizumi Middle School should apply for the entrance examination of Chief Wu Gao? By the way, you met the music subject during the summer vacation—that, who is it?"

"——Ahem, accident, it was an accident, okay? Don't mention that girl, just think about it and get angry. If it wasn't for her, how could Senior Xiao Muzhen get involved in that troublesome thing again?"

"Ah, when you talked about it, I remembered it. If you ask you to help, I will pay you a certain amount. It has something to do with this thing!" Isshiki narrowed his eyes and showed a weird smile.