My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 111


"On the side of the light music club, the tour sister is worried that they will not be able to catch up with the school festival, so she wants to send an observer to observe their preparations. If their preparations are not satisfactory, then cancel their show. She wants me to recommend it. An observer candidate!"

"Yoshiki!" I stood up, holding Yihuiyu's hand.

"En?" Isshiki's eyes were already narrowed.

——However, this condition is too tempting, I have to make people jump down!

"It doesn't matter what she is in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the new transfer students, just wrap me! I will definitely let them agree to join the student union under your leadership!" I patted my chest and said loudly.

"Then, the transaction is established!"

"Well, the transaction is established!"

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"So, I was sent by the Student Union to lead two classmates who are familiar with the school. My name is Yubihama Kazuya. One year in Group F. It can be said that both of them are my seniors!"

Standing in front of the two new transfer students, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed. On the one hand, it was because the other party was older than me and she was a senior figure of mine. On the other hand, the task was too anxious. Almost as soon as I agreed to come down, Yishi dragged me to the door of the student union and stopped Sister Shiina who just wanted to leave.

"Uh, if you are familiar with the school, isn't it usually your classmates who are in charge? It's easier to connect, isn't it?" asked the girl with brown-black hair. She seemed to habitually protect the other girl behind her. , Probably the older sister between the two sisters, right?

——Uh, although there should be a situation where the younger sister takes care of the older sister in turn, it shouldn’t be possible, right?

In addition, this student complained to the point!How can there be a school that takes care of transfer students? The student association is responsible for it?With so many transfer students every year, if the student union takes care of them one by one, then the student union members will not be exhausted!

——Well, it’s no wonder Isshiki pulled me over in such anxiousness at the time. He was obviously worried that if the other party was not in a hurry, he would have no way to act after returning to the class!

However, I have no way to complain about Isshiki’s somewhat nonsense commission, for the sake of Senior Xiao Muzhen--ah, no, the position of the observer of the Light Music Club, here, they must be stopped, it seems that they both The teacher of the class did not show up, so if we take them away, we still have a chance.

"Well, this is the tradition of General Wu Gao. The Student Union always arranges special classmates to receive newly transferred students. This is because they are worried that new transfer students will not adapt to the life of the school and will be affected by other students in the class. The appearance of isolation and other situations." I tried to make a gentle smile, saying that I also felt that it was a far-fetched explanation.

"Don't worry, I can find friends wherever I go! Haha, even if I can't find them for a while, don't I still have my previous friends to contact?" The brown-black haired girl said with a smile, obviously, her The character is still very hearty.

However, if you say that, I can't do it!I can’t say that you are definitely unpopular, so let me be your only friend in this school—Isshiki this bastard, now I remember why she didn’t take the initiative to win over these two girls, obviously Because of this situation, I can’t do it and then give this job to me, right?She was completely fooled, this time.

Besides, even if I became an observer, I couldn't report indiscriminately. The relationship between Senior Kitahara and the Student Union is closer than me. If you try to make trouble without authorization, the entire observer position will be lost.

——It feels like this is a big trap from beginning to end!A color feather, go back to make you look good.

But it feels like I can't just go back!The students who came to the reception ran away without authorization. Uh, this approach is really too jerk, right?

"However, I am a little worried about Zhendong's situation! This child is really not very good at dealing with strangers." The hearty female voice came again, and the girl with brown-black hair seemed to be her sister said, "If uh, welcome It would be great if my classmates can help Zhendong."

Thank God, um, Shiina-senpai-thebigger, ten praises for your understanding!

"Oh, by the way, introduce myself, my name is Shiina Shinsuma," the girl with brown hair stretched out her hand, "I am interested in hot-blooded comics, hot-blood movies, hot-blood sports--"

"—Eh eh eh wait a minute, what's the blood?" Uh, Shiina-senpai—thebigger, I know you have a very hearty personality, but what you mentioned does not feel right?

"Yes, do the host classmates like it too? Oh, yes, I think boys should like this kind of stuff, right? Sure enough, I should tell the guy to Jian, haha, um, yes, which comic do you like? , It really is jo——"

"--Well, Shiina-senpai, are we introducing ourselves now?" This person is terrible. Although he was very hearty before, I feel like talking about this kind of thing and I have changed someone!

"Oh, sorry, then the host classmate, I have a chance to tell you these things again!" Shiina-senpai-thebigger patted her head, smiled, and said.

——Uh, even though Ichishiki says he wants to have a good relationship with you, but through this way to do a good relationship——please, I am not looking at the girl I like, in order to get a closer look at Senior Xiaomushu, don’t let seniors The chance to get into trouble and then deliberately read hot-blooded comics to have a good relationship with another girl?Do the steps need to be so complicated?

"Yeah, by the way, this is my sister, Matsumoto, Matsumoto Shiina." Shiina-senpai-thebigger pointed to a petite girl with beautiful blond hair behind her. This girl looked completely like her sister. It is two directions, and it is especially weak under the full set of sister's vitality.

Is it true winter Shiina?It seems that this should be the main object of my relationship. After all, Isshiki's student council is targeting her in the second grade. The third grade is already out-age is so cruel to girls!

"Oh, yes, host classmate, Zhendong has male phobia, so I said, uh—"

"Well, Shiina-senpai, just now you said you wanted me to be your sister's friend—"

"--Aha, is that right? I'm sorry, I just forgot about it."

Hey, can this matter be forgotten?

Also, so the girl I want to have a good relationship with is someone who hates boys?So I want to approach a weak girl who looks completely inaccessible?Also, when I look at Shiina-senpai-thesmaller, what's the look in that sister's eyes? Is she a sister-in-law?

Isshiki, I won't do this job, you can take it yourself!

As for Senior Xiao Muzhen, apply for a leave of absence from Xuexia, who has been too busy to manage the club during the recent period, right?Go find a classroom near the first music room and stare at it every day, right?

Well, that's it!

This pair of sisters exudes an extremely strange aura from their bodies, I think so.


Special extra: Yubihama Kazuya's opinion


Chapter 2: Transfer students in a special period are really not normal people

Sister Shiina is definitely not a normal person-this is the conclusion I came to after taking them around the campus.

It stands to reason that it is usually a routine matter to introduce campuses to transfer students. While saying something like "Well, this is the stadium and this is the office building", the other side responds normally: "Okay, I see. Thank you classmates." In the end, both sides seemed to be serious and actually said casually, "So what's the problem?", "No, I have troubled you all the time", and then in just a few minutes Settled the matter within.

Although compared with the normal transfer students, I also took on the task of wooing Shiina sisters, but I did not consider spending too much time in introducing the campus. After all, I am also a freshman in this school, in many facilities. Not very familiar either.

Communicate steadily with each other, build a good relationship with each other steadily, and then arouse the other’s interest in student union activities. This is what I plan to do-after all, there are still about three months before the general election of the student union, from the perspective of time The above is relatively sufficient. In comparison, it is more reliable to advance a little welfare from Isse.

Yes, that's what I planned—provided that Sister Shiina is a normal person.Let’s not talk about whether the Shiina Shinasu is a normal person, at least I’m sure that Shiina Shinsumatsu, who was a little active before, must be an abnormal person.

Because I believe that no normal person will inquire about the clubs in the school on the first day.

"Receptionist classmates, can you tell me more about the baseball club of Zou Wu Gao? How about, is there a chance for this year's national competition? Uh-both men's and women's."

"En, sorry, Shiina-senpai——"

"——Just call me late summer."

"Okay, Sister-in-law, late summer, but I'm sorry I don't know the situation of the baseball team very well. In my impression, this year's baseball team didn't seem to be able to enter the final four finals of the county qualifier."

"Really, that's really a pity! I'm still thinking that if I enter the final semifinals, then I can help or something, if not, then forget it." Shen Xia senior sister shook her head regretfully. .

"Uh, that, Senior Sister Shen Xia, I'm very embarrassed, but you seem to have made a mistake. Our school does not have a women's baseball club-so even if you want to help, it seems a little difficult, right?"

"It's okay, it's okay. I said that both men and women are fine. I think there are no competition rules that restrict girls from participating in men's competitions, right?"

"This, I don't think it should be." I think I can't keep up with the thinking of this Shiina-senpai. If I am not mistaken, does she want to participate in the men's competition as a woman?Even if her technical level and tactical ability are no less than that of male members, the physical gap is inevitable, right?

Uh, I think I should probably participate as a coach-although it is rare, there have indeed been women coaches leading men's teams in amateur games. Well, it should be like this.