My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 112

"But since the baseball club of So Takeshi has been eliminated, there is no way, right? Excuse me, but it seems a bit impolite to call you the host before. You just said that you are called Yubihama. Right? I'll call you and Ye from now on. "Senior Shen Xia patted my shoulder boldly.

This feeling is like a conversation between two seniors and younger generations who have been active in the club for a long time. However, we all know that Shiina and Shiina are the first day we met—exactly. In other words, this is the first hour of acquaintance!

"Uh, anyway, I will continue to introduce the school to the two seniors." I glanced at Shiina Sakura with a smile on his face, and Shiina Matsuya who was still hiding behind her without saying a word. I really felt the character of these two sisters. It’s fine if you change it. Although it feels like the seniors in the deep summer seem to be very familiar with yourself, no matter how you become familiar with yourself, by the time Isseki takes up the position of the student union next year, you will have already graduated and there is no way to help anymore. what!But then again, based on the character of Shiina Masuu-sen, how she joined the student union, although I know that such a high-value sick and weak girl may be unexpectedly popular-but the student union election is not a popular election, eh , It should not be.

Next to the baseball field is the tennis court. I can see the head of the Tennis Department Ayaka Totsuka, who had come to ask for help before, waving his racket hard, but now is not the time for club activities!This Minister Totsuka is really working hard too!

"Well, as the predecessors saw it," I looked at the curious eyes of the predecessors in Shen Xia, and replied with some embarrassment. "The tennis department of our school now only depends on the minister and a few people to support it. Although I am a little embarrassed, I must admit that some of the sports clubs of Zong Wu Gao are not so eye-catching, so if seniors want to find a little honor in the sports club, it may be more difficult."

"Well, so the tennis club has no chance to enter the country, right? But I see that the classmate on the tennis court practiced very seriously. She still has the opportunity to improve. Some of the moves are very solid, but they are too steady and steady. , I think I can play a game with her and help her improve. What do you think? He Ye?" Shen Xia Senior seems to have gradually realized the current situation, but it is somewhat contrary to what I expected. , She still said with some interest.

However, from the way she spoke just now, I can see that Shiina-senpai also made a mistake. She made the same mistake as mine.

"Um, Senior Deep Xia, please correct me a little here—"

"--In fact, it makes sense. The tennis club supported by the unknown minister, and then because of my guidance, the minister's strength suddenly improved, and then in the final year, he recruited excellent first-year members, and finally entered the country in one fell swoop. It's also the king's way, ah, ah, I'm going to be on fire too, go, heya, let us guide her!"

"Uh, senior deep summer, would you please listen to me?"

"However, Kazuya," Shen Xia senior shook his ponytail with a very personal touch. "Are there any other boys in the tennis club? Why is the minister a girl?"

"This, Senior in Summer, this is what I have always wanted to explain to you," I shook my head helplessly-to be honest, if it weren't for Isshiki's tasks and requirements, I really don't want to be too energized with this one. The exuberant Shiina Shenxia Senpai went on talking-I looked at Shenxia Senpai with a face of reluctance, took a deep breath, and said, "Although it is easy to misunderstand, but, but, this, that tennis club Minister, white-haired classmate, he is a boy!"

"What! There are still boys in the tennis club? Uh-you said the minister is a boy?" Senior Shen Xia opened his eyes in surprise. This is the first time I saw her with an uncertain expression today.

"Ah, yes, although it is easy to cause misunderstanding--"

"--Uh-huh!" Shiina-san, who had not spoken all the time, nodded suddenly, which made me scared.

"——Senior Shiina?" Obviously, Ms. Shiina's sudden words were not only unprepared for me, but also Sena-senpai beside him was not prepared.

"Ah, that, I'm sorry, I have nothing to do," Shiina Shiina quickly avoided the sight of me looking at her, but in the end, she seemed to be unable to bear the temptation, her long blond hair was a little weird. The earth was trembling, and finally, she tremblingly stuck her head out from behind her sister, her face flushed, and she asked in a hesitant manner, "Well, that, host classmate, I can ask that one Is the name of the head of the tennis department?"

Wait a minute, what's the situation? Is this love at first sight for Totsuka?Although I know that Totsuka-senpai's appearance is enough to use the word "cute" to describe it, it is precisely because of this kind of "cute" that Totsuka-senpai is generally regarded as a younger sister or girlfriend in front of girls, and really likes Ueto I really haven't seen the girl of Matsuka-senpai.

However, this Shiina-senpai, Shiina-san, does she accidentally have a favorable impression of this kind of neutral- or feminine boys?

Well, think about it for granted, right?After all, Shina-senpai has so-called male phobia. If it is a boy who is more neutral with his appearance, then the male phobia of Shiina-senpai will be relatively weakened, right?

But this is an opportunity to introduce Totsuka-senpai and Shiina-san. If the other person is very grateful to me, it will also have a good effect on the next relationship. If it is not, you can also ask Totsuka-senpai to convince Shiina. Matsumoto, after all, Totsuka-senpai's personality is still very good, considering that the Ministry of Service has helped him before, he should be willing to agree to this request!

Then, act!

"Senior Shiina, do you want to meet the head of the tennis department?"

"Yeah!" Shiina Matsumoto didn't speak, but his face was flushed, and he nodded heavily.

Doesn't that look seem shy?It seems, uh, more like feeling excited?

——I hope I made a mistake.

However, it should be unquestionable that she likes Senior Totsuka. Next, I think the biggest difficulty may be to let the sister of Shen Xia Senior, who has a little sister-controlled attribute, not to interfere too much.

"I know the head of the tennis department. His name is Saika Totsuka." I took a deep breath and paid a little attention to the expression of the senior Shen Xia aside, and found that her performance had not changed much. Then he said, "He is in Class F of the second year. If Shiina-senpai feels the need, I can introduce you to him! He is a very good person!"

"Well, Totsuka—Sayaka?" Shiina Miyako-senpai gave a satisfied smile.

"Well, Senior Totsuka Saika, do you need us to say hello to him? Just now Senior Midsummer also said that you can teach him tennis skills or something."

"No need! Totsuka Ayaka, Totsuka Ayaka, I remember the name." However, to my surprise, Shiina-senpai just repeated Totsuka-senpai's name with a blushing face, and then right I would like to further introduce the idea of ​​their two acquaintances on deaf ears.

"Uh, Shiina-senpai?"

"Well, thank you! Host classmate," Shiina Masuu nodded at me excitedly, as if he had overcome male phobia for a short time. Then, a little embarrassed, but seriously said, "Just now I'm very embarrassed that I haven't spoken to you, but you can still call my name, Zhendong. I can also call you Xiaoheya, right?"

"Uh, okay, Senior True Winter?"

——But what the hell is Xiaohe?Among so many people I know, only my sister calls me Xiaohe. This is because of my family's nickname. However, the name "Xiaoheya" always feels like a primary school student!

"Well, that, Okazuya," Ma Dong-sen's figure completely appeared from behind her sister. She slowly approached me with some enthusiasm, and then said seriously, "I can ask Do you have a question?"

"Yes, Senior True Winter, I am your leading member, and you can ask questions at will!"

Although I said that, I felt a breath of danger coming.

"You just said you met Totsuka-san? So how is your relationship?"

"Uh, I can't say okay! That is the basic understanding?"

"Then do you know anyone who has a good relationship with Totsuka-san?"

"It seems that there is." It is said that Totsuka and Higiya have a very good relationship, and Higiya often looks at Totsuka-senpai in a daze. Does this mean their relationship is good?

"Ah, is that the case?" Mafong-sen said embarrassedly, lowered his head and said to me, "Well, the classmate who has a good relationship with Totsuka-senpai, is he a boy?"

"Yes." I replied subconsciously, and then, I suddenly had a somewhat unknown hunch, this kind of breath, I felt in a person, a girl in the circle of my sister before, and The emotion exuded by the current Ma Dong-senpai is the same emotion.

If I am not mistaken, the emotion is--

"--Well, Okazuya, if you can," Shiina Masuyo, who seemed to have completely overcome his male phobia, walked up to me and said solemnly, "Can you take that person Classmate Tsuka, tell me the name of a boy who has a good relationship with me?"

That's right, I'm sure, that kind of aura, that kind of aura that seems to be the same as that of the girl who seems to be Eilaoming in the circle of her older sister.That is the breath of a rotten girl!

Sure enough, the sisters of Shiina's family are not normal people!

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Chapter 0: High Interrupt Chapter-Part Three

A large part of the bankruptcy of absolute neutrality comes from the lack of reason in the human heart.Of course, many people may sneer at my over-emphasis on reason. People can think that even if we forget reason occasionally, we can still have a good life. If we relax the strictness of facts at certain times If we turn our judgment into obedience to our own perceptual knowledge, then we may be able to live a more relaxed and comfortable life.

This statement is certainly not wrong. As I emphasized, I do not deny the existence of human sensibility. However, when human beings make decisions and choices, if they are kidnapped by sensibility, it is your negligence as a human being. .At this time, the existence of reason is necessary.

At this time, what we need to pay attention to is not only independent choice and decision-making power, but a higher-level concept, that is, the concept of freedom.

In the final analysis, whether it is to think that talent is a sin or to uphold an absolutely neutral attitude, what I want to emphasize is that I, as an individual, must prevent interference with other people’s freedom.If there is something deliberately called universal value in this world, then I think the value of freedom can undoubtedly be on the list.

——After all, I believe that no one in the world would want to lose his freedom, the right to choose and make decisions.

So, what is freedom?

In my concept, freedom should first be a state of not being interfered by other people.This state is generally associated with pluralism, which is a state that allows multiple values ​​to appear.Under the theocratic model of the Middle Ages, you have the so-called "freedom" of "not believing in God", but if you don't believe in God, then you will become a heresy of society and be excluded, and it does not seem to have any concrete behavior. The body interferes with you, but this also leaves no freedom of expression.Under the totalitarian model, you also have the so-called freedom to "express opinions." However, in this model, your dissent will be persuaded by others, that is, your dissent. Although you can publish freely, you cannot spread it freely. This is also a manifestation of the loss of freedom.

Therefore, the state of freedom that is not interfered by people is not only not being interfered by individual or collective actors, but also not being excluded by the so-called social environment.