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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 113

Of course, fortunately, we are in such a society now.

Secondly, freedom should be a mutual state, that is, my freedom cannot interfere with the freedom of other people.I can have my own values, even if my values ​​are deviant, as long as I am in a society that accepts multiple values, my values ​​can be accepted by others.However, no one can use the "absolute correctness" of a value as a reason to force others to accept his value.

Those who are skeptical of this view will think that the existence of too diverse values ​​will cause society to lose cohesion, lead to divisions in the social field, and not conducive to unity.However, when you criticize the occurrence of this kind of situation, the skeptical person first upholds a kind of collectivist value-adding unity, society, this collective gain to the individual, this view itself does not stand. From the logical standpoint of pluralist values, it is not qualified to deny pluralism.

Human freedom requires respect for pluralism.However, pluralist values ​​are only a necessary condition for freedom.

Another prerequisite for freedom is rationality.

When society fully respects the facts and no other people interfere, are the choices made by human beings truly free choices?Not so.

Freedom without reason is still not freedom.

If a person commits a crime because he is drunk, is he free when he commits the crime?Of course not. He was just an animal dominated by alcohol at that time. I am not laundering this accidental crime. I am just emphasizing that it is possible for humans to make non-free decisions without the intervention of other people. .

Simple physiological impulses may be the cause of non-rational behaviors. Of course, a deeper habit, cultural, and social concept may also make your usual so-called rational behaviors contain non-rational factors.

For example, Minister Iizuka's misjudgment of the situation of light music clubs because of his blind trust in Kitahara predecessors is a reason why freedom is affected by habit.

Therefore, in our society, freedom seems to be something that can be easily obtained, but in fact, the real freedom we can get is much more precious than we think.

After all, each of us has not been able to achieve the so-called self-control as we imagined.

——Yuhihama Kazuya "High Interrupt Chapter"

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Volume Three: Self-Domination


Chapter 1: Social Freedom and Individual Unfreedom

"So, Minister, what do you think about human freedom?"

Don't ask me why I want to ask Xuexia this question that seems to be such a second grade. The reason is simple, because the atmosphere of being alone in the same classroom with this guy is too difficult.

It stands to reason that I am not a person who likes to mix with other people's things too much. Xuexia is also a very quiet person when nothing happens. So if two quiet people are together, then quietly do their own things. Things are fine.

However, this unusually quiet atmosphere seemed a bit weird to me, especially when the Minister today prepared a teacup for me when I walked in and poured tea naturally.

——You know, although I know that Yukoshita’s tea is delicious, but before, Yui sister looked at me pitifully and couldn’t bear to share her share with me. At first This approach will still be complained by Xuexia, of course, slowly, she will let it go.

However, this time, taking the initiative to pour me tea, this situation is really weird, right?I deeply feel that she has prepared other "surprise" gift packages for me.

Do you think that if Yui sister comes late today, the tea will be wasted if the tea is cold?

Or is it that I am sorry for my hard work during this period of time, so my conscience finds it?

By the way, the current Yui sister and Biqigu should stay in their class to do the cleaning work-God knows how these two people got together to do the cleaning, it is probably Yui sister's old friend and someone who is unwilling Have you changed positions with the girl who partnered with Biqigu?

Although I am willing to believe in Biqigu’s integrity, I still feel uncomfortable to let the two of them stay together, especially when Biqigu still doesn’t know that the dog he rescued is Sabre. Sister Yi always owes him a favor, okay?

So, probably this is one of the reasons why I am in a very strange mood now, and I am eager to break the deadlock in talking with Yukoshita-if I were to sit alone and think about it, I guess I could not help but run to it now. In the second year, Group F went to drag Biqigu out. As for what to do after dragging it out, let's talk about it.

So please, Minister, respond to me!

Then Xuexia responded.

It’s a pity that the sun set in mid-June was much later than two months ago, so when you raised your head under the snow, there was no such golden background that was shrouded by sunlight shining diagonally into the window. Let her snow-white skin, which is the same as her name, appear more obvious. In other words, the use of snow-white here is a commendatory term. If we say too much, we can also understand it as a little sickly pale!

So if a girl like Xuexia adds a sickly attribute, will she change her current image?

"If you want to experience the preciousness of human freedom, Yukihama-san," Yukoshita raised his head and glanced at me blankly, "I can figure out how to move you to the north of the peninsula next door."

Woo, it's terrible, is it really a figure from a political family?It’s an understatement to move me to the north side next door. If I remember correctly, your dad is just a county councilor, or is it that his construction company has already penetrated in the unknown. Inside that magical country-and then can I pretend to be steel and cement and be transported there?

"Well, how about it, do you want to think about it? Of course, I personally recommend that you don't do it much." Xuexia paused for a while, but found that I didn't speak, so he continued, "After all, you have worked like this , Yubihama-um, referring to your sister, it will be sad. At that time, I had to find a way to get you back. This is also very troublesome."

"——Thanks, of course there is no need to consider this issue."

Of course it is!Why should you seriously think that I really have such a stupid idea?

"That's it, so take a good breath of the air around you! This is free air-by the way, don't breathe like a puppy panting, it will make me think you want to smell The smell on me feels disgusting."

"So, why do you have to brainstorm all kinds of strange thoughts and wonderful performances of mine? My initial problem is a very simple question of freedom!"

"Because Yubihama, your question is actually not simple. If you want to answer this question seriously, Kant, Muller, Hegel, Constant, Berlin, Hayek, uh, sorry I just remembered it for the time being. Many, in short, many people have discussed this point of view, but these people’s ideas may be too difficult for you to understand, so I don’t know how to explain it to you better, so think about it maybe let you experience it yourself The situation of non-freedom will help you understand this vocabulary to a certain extent—" Xuexia showed an embarrassed expression—but I dare to use my personality to guarantee that this is definitely not a real embarrassment, but a kind of evil. Interesting behavior of shaking S.

"——I'm asking about your personal opinion! Besides, have you read the books of foreigners who babble? Can you understand?"

"have not seen."

"Don't pretend if you haven't seen it-uh, haven't seen it?"

It's quite honest at this time, Xuexia?

"Yes, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the books of these people, because most people don’t think about this kind of problem. Those who think about this kind of problem are not those who really think about philosophy, or those who are self-righteous. Patients in the late stage of the disease, of course, I have never seen the first type of person so far. If you want to consider the behavior of ordinary people, reading these books will make you daunted because of their strange opinions. ?" Xuexia replied as if it were a matter of course.

"Can't you tell that you are also a pragmatist-but that's not right. You were a black me just now? You haven't seen a philosophical thinking person. Then I have this kind of problem and I am a patient in the late stage of secondary disease. ?"

"Of course, many Secondary Two people will think that they are thinking about the truth and truth of the world, so they are doing philosophical thinking, so I think it is not impossible for you to be the first type of person. La!" Xuexia finally closed the library book she was holding, and the cover should be a Western classical novel.This seems to mean that this kind of conversation with me is more interesting for her?

"Your comfort is the same as no comfort! Or if you are comforted, you slap your face even more!"

"But I didn't want to comfort you before. What gave you the idea that I was comforting you?"

Well, I was wrong, classmate Yukoshita, I know that you are very good at hitting others with words, and I also know that you enjoy this process, but really, I never thought of provoking a topic and getting caught You used all kinds of languages ​​to strike at it—after all, when did you develop the habit of striking me at you!

Reasoning seems to be your own pot, and since the first day I met her, I sang a complete antithetical drama.

"Ahem, in short, what I want to emphasize is not this." I re-adjusted my state. Although the question asked was a casual question, I always feel that if the so-called rhythm is completely mastered by Yukoshita, it is also very annoying. Yes, "Well, I think so. Of course I know how bad the place on the north side of the peninsula is. What I want to say is, like you said, we are breathing free air now, but is this Does it mean we are free?"

"What do you mean?" Xuexia stopped, as if thinking about something, and then looked at me seriously.

"Freedom is actually very difficult to define, right? To give a very simple example, if my parents did not give me full freedom of choice as they do now, but set every step of my life, Tell me what I must and cannot do, so even if I am in this free country, I am not free, am I?"

"Yes, you are right." Xuexia seldom nodded in agreement with my idea, but she quickly retorted, "However, to give you the so-called complete right of choice, this is for you It may not be the best result, right? After all, the parents’ life experience will be richer—"

"——We are only discussing from the perspective of pure freedom! Recently I have also realized that people may not always make the best choice for themselves, because of deceit and knowledge restrictions, but at least one thing is certain Yes, in a free society, humans may still not be free. Isn’t that okay?"

"All right? You have no problem with understanding this way."