My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 114

One advantage of talking to Yukoshita is that when discussing a serious issue, you don’t have to consider that the other party will not understand the issue and want to change the topic. If it is Yui sister at this time, it will definitely be unclear. So he blinked, and then said, "What, Xiaohe, what do you want to do with such a serious topic, or do you want to talk about other things?" Then, the topic was taken away by her.

"Therefore, we recognize the premise that a free society is not equal to the freedom of everyone. The way I just said affects people's freedom is a relatively obvious problem of rough interference. However, if there is no such rough interference, We can be sure that we are free?"

"You don't want to say it, right?" Yukoshita's reaction was quick. "Because some interference is not something you can obviously feel, but a kind of potential social normative thing-but Yubihama, There is a big problem with your idea."

"what is the problem?"

"According to your logic, the so-called natural state of mankind (Note) is the most free state. If you ask my opinion on the issue of human freedom, you should think that human freedom is actually not guaranteed. But, if it is derived under the premise that everyone can be completely autonomous and the ideal natural state, then this kind of freedom is the most difficult to guarantee, isn’t it, because everyone’s behavior is unlimited, unlimited, just It may interfere with the behavior of other people, so this so-called most free state is the most restricted and least free state for everyone-because everyone except you can follow their own Thoughts to interfere with you."

"In fact, it is not so extreme! What I emphasize is that within the scope of modern law, under the premise that other people do not actively or deliberately interfere with you, can you completely enjoy full freedom, because as The kind of subtlety you are talking about, humans sometimes add to themselves a first-come-first cognition, for example, they feel that they have taken on a so-called responsibility, for example, because they blindly follow and believe in others People are not clear about their direction, which hinders their free choice. I think so."

Uh, I feel that the topic can't go on anymore, so quickly throw out my conclusions?It's just a relatively immature idea recently.

However, when I finished speaking, Xuexia didn't immediately give me a clear rebuttal as before. She was just a little dazed, and even a trace of her face was worn. Surprised, and a trace, scared?

I've never seen this expression on Yuukishita--no, once, once, this disgusting, escaping expression once.

That was the expression when I asked Xuexia how to learn about the plight of Qingquan Middle School.

So, is there any dangerous place under the snow in the remarks just now?

"I'm sure." After a long time, Yukoshita looked up and asked, "Yuhihama, you should just be too bored now, so you just asked me a question, right?"

"Uh, it's like this!"

"All right!" Xuexia raised his head calmly and said, "If you feel that you are blocked by someone else, just ask me. For a lost child like you, although I don't How interested, but you are more or less a member of my department. If necessary, I can give you some tips."

"Hey, you have to know that from the beginning I hated your appearance of this almighty prophet! Yukino Yukino!"

"You must treat the minister with respect, and treat your seniors with respect. This is the basic etiquette, do you understand?"

"Then the troublesome seniors also show basic humility in front of the younger generations?"

Note: Hobbes’ state of nature refers to human beings in the state of nature before the establishment of the country, everyone has equal rights and equal freedom, but because of the nature of human beings, the state of nature is full of wars, so Human beings transfer part of their rights to the state and form a contract to allow the state to protect itself.

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Chapter 2: Some commissions are determined as long as the characters appear

The atmosphere of my conversation with Yukoshita always seems to be not very friendly. I don’t know why this is because, according to my observation, even Biqigu failed to deal with the relationship with Yukoshita. The minister's attitude towards him has also eased a lot.Out of consideration that I still need to live in peace with Xuexia for a period of time, I think I should learn from Biqigu the experience of getting better with Xuexia.

Although I think that guy’s answer should be “just don’t offend her” — to be honest, I’ve never done anything deliberately offending Xuexia, okay? Just like just now, it’s clearly that she mentioned that I sent it to the country north of the peninsula.

"We are back. Xiaohe and Xiaoxue get along well—" the voice of my sister pushing the door came. I knew she was going to routinely ask about the process of getting along with Xuexia, but, obviously, when After she saw the situation of me and Xuexia who were sitting across a table and blowing their noses and staring at each other, she realized what happened.

My sister quickly changed her words, looked at me, and said angrily: "——Really, why did Xiaohe and Xiaoxue quarrel again! Xiaohe, respect your seniors, and respect them, even if you show what you have to me. One-tenth of his good temper, and he won't fight with Xiaoxue, right?"

——So, elder sister, you also know that I was facing you. You don’t want to think that my patience when facing you is twenty times as much as usual, so even if I take one tenth With a good temper, he is still dissatisfied with Xuexia!

Of course, this set of theories doesn’t make sense with Yui sister, or even if she explains it, she will definitely add the sentence "Then you will use the one-twentieth good temper to me and restraint "It's fine to live" and so on, and put a full stop to the whole topic.

Therefore, the best way to face my sister at this time is to turn her head and say nothing, so that she feels that I am angry, but since I am angry, she will not continue to teach me.

"What, Xiaohe, don't play a kid's temper anymore, don't you always say that the relationship between us is the other way around? It doesn't look like this now!" The dumpling on Sister Yui's head followed The movement of her words kept shaking—well, I really wanted to catch it—but my face that looked like a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water made her turn her head in the end.

Nice-Job!Successfully cheated Yui sister!

Although I can clearly see Biqigu's eyes crooked, it doesn't matter if he sees it, and he won't tell the truth anyway-this kind of thing is very boring for him, right?

"Ah, that, Yubihama, I think you can talk to your sister if you have any ideas." However, Higiya's slow voice came.

Hey, what the hell are you doing, I finally let Yui sister let go of me and throw the problem to the side of Yukinoshita, okay?

However, Higiya’s eyes and mouth shape seemed to tell me, "I also have a younger sister, so if Komachi doesn’t tell me the truth, I’ll be sad. I understand Yuihama’s thoughts. She is sad now!"

So as the older children in the family, you two should not be so moved at this time!

"Xiaohe, do you have any questions about what I just said?" However, it is useless to complain. Under Biqigu's "care", the head of the sister who had already been hopeless to convince me was turned back. "If it’s Xiaoxue’s problem, then tell me, I will help you and Xiaoxue explain! Although Xiaoxue usually speaks a little mercilessly, but she is still a very good person, you see Xiaoxue helped us before At that time, you understood these conditions too, right — now, is that right? Xiaoxue?"

"If your brother considers someone with a bad personality, I don't think there is any problem, or rather, I can only breathe a sigh of relief because he can be considered someone like this. In fact, it is estimated to be developing in a bad direction--"

"--Xiaoxue!" My sister's heavy voice interrupted Xuexia's routine poisonous tongue, "If Xiaoxue and Xiaohe always talk like this, then if I were Xiaohe, I would be angry too!"

"Didn't you say it, Yubihama-student, I don't care what your brother thinks--"

"——Koyuki! I want to be angry too! Koyuki must tell the truth!" When Yui sister interrupted Yukoshita for the second time, the world dared to interrupt Yukoshita’s conversation so much, she didn’t worry. She is probably the only person who was hit back by the other party!

Even, to a certain extent, it is surprising that, despite having done this kind of offense to Xuexia, Xuexia finally blushed a little, and finally said softly: "Uh, actually not deliberately. It's okay for Yubihama student!"

"Hey, you fellow, did you say it? You targeted me or something! I heard you didn't, Yui sister! Just now the minister said he was targeting me deliberately! So I am not wrong!"

As soon as I said the words, a sense of shame arose spontaneously. I complained to my sister, and then watched my sister stick in her waist to teach someone who bullied herself. I felt that I was quarreling with my classmates about the pronunciation of Chinese characters when I was in elementary school. It feels the same as if I stand up, and then pull sister Yui to support me.

I will never forget what my sister had with her hands on hips at that time. Looking back now, I was actually very panicked, very uncertain but forced to calmly look at the boy next to me when she said: "Yes, I was in the second grade My identity tells you that there is nothing wrong with Xiaohe’s pronunciation, but you are yourself. Think about why you missed such a simple word, right?"

——Of course, the later fact is that the boy who quarreled with me moved out of our teacher and told me that I was wrong. Of course, by the way, he was already in the second grade but did not master the Chinese characters that should be learned in the first grade. Sister Yui was also laughed at by the boys.

However, even at that time, Sister Yui did not forget to give me a heads up: "That is I was wrong, I taught Xiaohe wrong before, and it has nothing to do with Xiaohe himself, and you are not qualified to laugh at Xiaohe. , If your sister taught me wrong as I did, then it is you who is being laughed at now!"

However, think about the composure expression of Yui sister at that time, and the embarrassed look when I was educated by my classmates who were one level below me. That should be the last time I turned to her for help-because, afterwards I understand that instead of letting myself be laughed at by others, when I am embarrassed, my sister who is also clumsy will help me, and I will blame it. It is better to let me defeat all the opponents from the beginning.

Although after high school, my somewhat ridiculous thoughts came to an end, but I always feel that relying on Yui sister like this is like a little brother who has not grown up to complain to Yui sister, this familiarity The feeling is really nostalgic!

Of course, in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, I may also make some dependent measures, but, after all, Senior is still Senior, it is impossible to achieve the true kind of dependence like relatives, not to mention, recently, I also found that When facing senior Xiao Muzhen, I still have a boyish restless mood, which makes me feel even more embarrassed to rely on senior Xiao Muzhen.

"Well, I heard it too!" My sister raised her head and looked at Xuexia earnestly, and said, "Xiaoxue, you also said that you deliberately targeted Xiaohe. I always thought Xiaohe was angry with you, but If Xiaoxue did something wrong first, then it was Xiaoxue's problem! I originally thought Xiaoxue would definitely not do such a thing."

It really looks like it!The current elder sister, and the elder sister in the second grade, it's just that at that time she reluctantly managed to do her best without knowing what happened, and now she is earnestly insisting on understanding what happened.It's just that, head up, chest up, akimbo, serious expression, these movements are exactly the same as before.Is it strange to say that Yuihama Yui has not changed after 9 years, or is it better to say that after 9 years, my sister can still maintain the original heart?

"Well, that, Yubihama? Let's put this matter down for the time being?" Xuexia showed an embarrassed expression, so is the sister Yukoshita's nemesis?Although she is not very reasonable in this matter, if facing me and Biqigu, Xuexia would probably find out the reasons for us in a serious manner and then turn us into the army?But now, facing this kind of question from Yui sister, she hesitated a little, and even started to want to avoid and change the subject.

"Xiaoxue--" Sister continued to ask nonchalantly, and I could even see the helpless expression on Xuexia's face.Hmm, come on, stick to it, you will be softened immediately under the snow!

However, at this moment, the sound of knocking on the door rang.

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"Excuse me, this should be the Ministry of Service, right? Uh-Heya?" A handsome face came in first, and then this handsome face made a surprised voice.

"Ah, Director Iizuka, good afternoon!" I sighed softly, already understanding the other party's intention.

"Ah, it's like this. Indeed, the club you mentioned seems to be similar to this Ministry of Service, but I didn't associate this club with the name of the Ministry of Service. To be honest, even the name of the Ministry of Service is before I occasionally mentioned it when I went to the student union to find Chunxi, er, so I said," Director Iizuka seemed to be a little surprised, but said a little excitedly, "Well, all in all, it would be great if you were there. I I should have thought of it a long time ago, but if you are there, you should know why I came here, right?"

"En, this student Iizuka——" Obviously, although Director Iizuka's knocking on the door saved Yuukixia's life, Yuukixia is not someone who appreciates what the other party does inadvertently. On the contrary, she had already taken this opportunity to adjust her state, removed the embarrassment and panic on her face just now, and said to Minister Iizuka who was talking to me with a smile on her face, "Although I know You should understand the function of this society, but can you trouble you not to say something irrelevant in other organizations?"

"Ah, sorry, sorry, uh-" Minister Iizuka cast his eyes under the snow, and then he was visibly stunned.