My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 115

"Please don't look at me with that look. Although you are the client, I can also choose to invite you out before you submit the request." Yukoshita frowned and said.

"Well, I'm really sorry." The Minister adjusted his state, showing a charming smile that made people look a little hot, stretched out his right hand, ready to shake Yukoshita, and then said. "Excuse me, what is the name of the minister classmate?"

Ah, oh, I seem to remember. In the gossip incident of the Light Music Club, there seemed to be rumors about Minister Iizuka. Although it was rumored that the minister had a girl who had a good relationship with the middle school, she still showed mercy everywhere. , Since high school, the girls who have been with each other are definitely not countable with two hands.Of course, it is rumored that the minister is very cautious when choosing girls and will never choose girls whom he can't get.

Well, so the rumors are only rumors after all. Xuexia's popularity in the school is indeed very high, but only popular, but no one has seen her true face is also normal, but this is a tough temperament that is difficult to deal with. Beauty, Minister Iizuka, are you sure you are within your hunting range?

You know, this is the character who choked off the predecessor Kitahara who was good at communicating with others!

Yukoshita frowned again, I think she must have suppressed her expression of disgust forcibly.Of course, considering the boys who came to the Ministry of Service for entrustment, one is the arrogant and arrogant person from the middle and second illness of Zamuza, the other is Saika Totsuka who is known as a boy, and the other is Hayama who seems to have known Yukoshita since childhood. Hayato, from this point of view, Yukoshita really hadn't encountered it before, normal, and the appearance of Minister Iizuka, who was not familiar with her, could be regarded as rich experience for her!

In the end, Yukoshita ignored the hand that Minister Iizuka had reached out in a graceful manner, and simply replied, "Yukihina Yukino!"

Under normal circumstances, I think Xuexia would take a more harsh answer. Of course, the current answer is probably a compromise answer that my sister had just complained about being too harsh.

"Well, is it Minister Yukoshita? I just introduced it to Kazuya, but let me introduce it again, Takeya Iizuka—Uh, Yukoshita Yukino?" Minister Iizuka reacted at this time, repeatedly. He took a sigh of relief, showing a somewhat weeping expression.

Well, Minister Iizuka, the sorrows have changed smoothly.

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Chapter 3: Solving problems should start from the person who caused the problem

It made people feel lucky, or at least made the director Iizuka on the opposite side feel fortunate, that Yukoshita at least regarded him as a serious client.Otherwise, things like "hearing my name is like stepping on a landmine, do you think your dirty mentality is uncomfortable to be pierced in person", Iizuka Minister will be ruthlessly hit Up.

Although based on Iizuka's experience, I think this kind of blow is not too serious, but at least for a period of time, it will still be very uncomfortable!

"Well, Minister Yukoshita, I have heard and mentioned it before. Well, he said that his new minister is a very capable person! If it is a famous student at school, then I Sure enough, it is understandable, haha, haha!" Director Iizuka immediately grabbed my arm, pulled me to his side, patted my shoulder heavily, and said.

This is absolutely nonsense, I have never said this before!If possible, I would definitely call it out at this time, but looking at Iizuka-senpai who was like a ghost as soon as I saw Xuexia, I suddenly couldn't bear it. After all, Xuexia left him. What a terrible impression, after all, although the image among girls is not good, but according to the general reaction, at least in the range of boys who know Xuexia, she still has a goddess aura, right?

"But this, um, did you mention Iizuka-senpai earlier? Look at the way you look now, it seems that Yuihama-student didn't say anything good about me in front of you!" Yukoshita's eyes became Sharpened up, and looked at me at the same time.

But it’s very wrong. Hey, although I always appear weak in front of you, Yuihama Kazuya has always maintained a high-cold image in the unsure of the truth, Mr. Iizuka and Senior Kitahara, including in the light music club. Oh!

Mention of you is limited to "Oh, it's okay, Minister, my new minister's guitar level is also very good, enough to point me to" things like that!

"Well, how Yuihama commented on me was his personal opinion. Judging from his attitude towards me all the time, I can basically understand the final situation-but what I am curious about is what Yubihama mentioned When the new minister is so'terrible', how did Iizuka-senpai think of coming to the Ministry of Service?" Yukoshita lightly revealed the topic, it seemed to me that Yukoshita secretly gave I said, "It's working time now, this one will pass in advance, and I will settle accounts with you later".

"Well, before I came to the Ministry of Service, I didn't realize that this club is a new club that Kazuya joined!" Minister Iizuka nodded, but then, he also put away his slightly frivolous expression at the beginning. Said solemnly, "However, this Ministry of Service can accept student consultation and entrustment, right?"

"Well, it's okay!" My sister said first with some excitement, "Well, in fact, we still have a certain understanding of the situation before. After all, Xiaohe also cares very much-well, Xiaohe, don't push me!"

It seems to be the same before. Regarding the situation of light music clubs, it is my sister who most wants to intervene in helping out. However, although Iizuka-senior people can basically be sure of his requirements when they meet, don’t reveal them immediately. This kind of expression of "we all understand, leave it to us"!

"Ah, is that true? Well, He has already left, and I am really embarrassed to care about my club so much! I told you before that the problem will be solved--" Senior Iizuka was surprised. And a guilty expression.

"——Sorry, Iizuka-senior, I think it’s better to tell us in person if the client really has a request, and ignore Yuhihama’s arbitrarily judgment ("It's too much, Koyuki!" My sister blinked like that. Complaining with your eyes.) Moreover, the Ministry of Service is not a house of everything. If you feel that the commission is beyond our ability, or if it is a commission that you can complete independently, we will not accept it."

"Well, I actually know about this." Realizing that Yukoshita is the main deciding person on this topic, Minister Iizuka also nodded solemnly and said, "After all, Haruxi hasn't solved it before, so I I come to you now with the idea of ​​giving it a try. If you can't do it, it's normal! Sorry, Minister Yukoshita."

"Then, put your request slowly!"

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Of course, in fact, the situation Iizuka narrated is roughly the same as what I learned through various accidents before-mainly Isshiki and Koharu. The confident light music club is strong and strong. Ambitiously wanted to show off on the stage of the Academy Festival, but the most important singer in the club, Tomori Yanagihara’s arbitrariness led to conflicts between her and some members of the club, so the club formed the "Strong Yanagahara Sect" and "Down" In the endless quarrels, members of the "Riuyuan School" continued to withdraw. In the end, the singer himself withdrew, and the club was also torn apart. Senior Kitahara's struggle for the student union also ended in failure.In fact, the current society has no way to continue.

"So, what is your purpose?" Yukinoshita looked at Minister Iizuka and said, "Is you wanting to reintegrate your broken community, or to satisfy your desire to perform on stage."

"If you can, of course both can be achieved—"

"——Director Iizuka, please tell the truth."

"Uh, if you can, it's okay to let me go on stage, or even if it's not me, at least it would be best if the Light Music Club can get the chance to perform at the Academy Festival in the name of a club. "Under the persecution of Yukoshita, Minister Iizuka finally said this in embarrassment.

"Well, if the goal is clear, it is still possible." Xuexia took out a small notebook from somewhere, wrote a few pens on it seriously, then nodded and said, "However, One thing Iizuka-senpai must know is that even in the Ministry of Service, it is impossible to determine the solution to something. We still need to discuss the specific method of operation. Please come again tomorrow afternoon, okay?"

"So, did Minister Yukoshita accept my entrustment?"

"I think it should be like this."

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"Since the final result is the same, why did Koyuki stop me from accepting that Minister Iizuka in the first place?" After Iizuka-senpai left, my sister first raised the question.

"That guy is probably leaving a way for himself! After all, things that can't be solved are still very embarrassing!" Biqigu interrupted, of course, he dared to interrupt at this time, the exchange must be Xuexia's ruthlessness To refute it—even though there is someone else who can take on the task of complaining about the behavior under the snow for me at this time, I am still very satisfied.

"——Of course, this commission is different from the previous commission. It was not an act to stop me from the root cause when the incident happened, but an act that made me remedy the situation when the problem has become hopeless. To be honest, I am not very optimistic about the success of this commission." Xuexia did not deny Biqigu's words. Of course, I think this kind of speech that admits this fact without psychological pressure will make me want to have a mocking effect. Biqigu's words became completely powerless.

"However, Xuexia also has a time to be soft! This is surprising!"

"Of course," Yukoshita glanced at me with some disdain, and said, "It is precisely because I can realize when I can play a role and when I am powerless that I can always maintain the correct posture. In other words, I can accurately assess the completion and possibility of the event at all times. Of course, this is incomprehensible for people like Yubihama who know that there are problems before but who will still rush upwards. Right?"

Hmm, there is no way to refute it!hateful!

"But, is it really so difficult? Even from my perspective, there should be several solutions to this matter, let alone Xiaoxue you are smarter than me!" Yui sister seemed to be paying attention to the incident itself.

"No, this matter is much more difficult than you think." Xuexia shook his head and said.

"But, I don't think it's difficult." My sister tilted her head. "If the Minister Iizuka really wants to perform on stage, then we can join him? Koyuki and Kowa can both play the guitar. I think I sing. It’s still okay. Then, if Xiaoxue finds a few people he knows to take on bass and piano tasks, it should be fine?"

"Although it makes me sad that you ignore me directly, but then again, do you think our casual team like this can meet the expectations of Iizuka-senpai?" Biqigu sighed and said, "According to According to his previous statement, he wants to have a gorgeous third-grade curtain call! Our current level is compared with last year's Miss Zong Wu Gao, and the light music that has been practiced for a long time. The gap is too big. Now, Iizuka-senpai won’t accept these? Although his idea is to take the stage, he is definitely not an ordinary one, right?"

"And if the quality of the program is not up to standard, you won't be able to be on the stage of the school festival, right? Although Kitahara-senpai has the ability, the key here is to see his own ability, right?" I added.

"Moreover, now that classmate Liu Yuan has left, can't the classmates who had conflicts with her be invited back? Then the band or something will be resolved, and the next step is to find a reliable singer-um, that , Xiaohe," my sister looked at me, "I remember seeing the little Mu Xiao who had a good relationship with you last time in Karaoke--"

"--Don't pay attention to seniors, sister Yui." Really, why does senior Xiao Muzhen himself or sister, always think senior is a suitable target?Although for those who know that Senior likes karaoke, Senior is really an indisputable object, but please don't let Senior get involved in this unrelated matter?

"Let's not talk about your singer problem," my sister shook her head and continued, "The part of the people who left because of Tomomi Yanagihara actually left because they were dissatisfied with Senior Iizuka's connivance with classmate Yanagahara! In Yanagihara At the moment when your classmates are also leaving, if it were you, would you be nervous again for someone who didn't dare to face your request before, but turned to you for help when desperate, and might not even be able to play What about the band’s practice?"

"Well, if it's me, if the other party really needs help, it's actually not impossible—" My sister smiled awkwardly, "But I know, it shouldn't be possible? So there are others. What method? Koyuki, at least you agreed to Iizuka-senpai? This shows that you still have some ideas."

"So, in fact, the method before us is very simple." Yukoshita finally said as a summary, "Actually, this method is similar to the one you thought of before, but it's just another way. Up."

"Do you mean to start with the Yanagihara classmate himself?" Biqigu frowned. "That was her refusal! According to Minister Iizuka, it was because the stage of the light music club was still too small. Can't prove her strength?"

——Actually, I think it’s because I heard about the reason why Xiao Muzheng gave up the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao.

"I know, but it's easier to persuade a person to go back than to persuade a bunch of people to go back?" Yukoshita said, "Of course, as I said before, this problem is difficult to solve, but, If you can successfully persuade the classmate Yanagihara, those members who retired with her would have a high chance of coming back. After all, there is no conflict between them and Director Iizuka himself. Of course, this matter must be completed before the summer vacation. If after the summer vacation, the school festival will begin soon, there will be too little practice time, and they will hesitate."

Use one person to drive a group of people?The plan under Xuexia is indeed a very efficient plan!

"However, the problem this time is different from all the previous persuasion problems. The other party does not have a clear appeal. Therefore, we must make her feel enough interest to let her withdraw her thoughts, that is, How to make her feel enough benefits, this is what we need to consider and negotiate with Minister Iizuka." Yukoshita folded his hands on his chest, and looked at other people as the commander looked at his subordinates, solemnly Said the matter.