My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 116

Chapter 4: It is the responsibility of the younger brother to maintain the safety of the older sister

"But, to be honest, you said that you gave Liu Yuan enough persuasion conditions. If I could think of it, I would have done this a long time ago, but it is because of the lack of this capital that the CFLD has fallen to this point. After all, it was Yanu Yuan who asked to join the club at the beginning, and she was the one who offered to leave in the end. I have no say in this matter!" This was the next day he reappeared in the classroom of the Ministry of Service. Director Iizuka's helpless answer to us.

"So, why did classmate Liu Yuan say to leave at the time! According to your statement, the group of people who opposed her were either tendered by her, or quit because they could not understand her style?" Xuexia should be psychologically prepared for this kind of answer, so she asked patiently.

"The reason cited is the usual reason. For example, I thought it was interesting to join in, but the level of this club was not enough, the exposure was not enough, and it did not cooperate with her behavior. In short, if she wants to quit, she will There are many reasons, right?" Director Iizuka said grimly.

"Of course, if a person has determined that he is dissatisfied with the community, then basically any small detail will be magnified by him and become a huge mistake." I don't know if it was intentional or not, Xuexia was saying this. When I looked at me.

——Uh, the conscience of heaven and earth, I have never had any dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Service — well, I did have a few times at the beginning, but you don’t need to hold such a grudge!Moreover, it was precisely because of my dissatisfaction at the beginning and then the activity that I did not find that sister Yui came to give Biqigu chocolate cookies, which has made me realize the heavy price of despising the Ministry of Service. !

Of course, it may be true that the way Yukoshita looked at me was my own misunderstanding, because she didn’t seem to mean looking at me after that: “However, women are basically face-conscious creatures, especially classmate Liuyuan. Such a girl who pays attention to her own image, that is to say, even if she wants to quit from the heart, but when looking for a reason to quit, she will definitely not say,'I just don’t do it because I don’t want to do it. If you give up like this, she will definitely find some objective factors that will make her unable to persist."

"Well, so, what does Minister Yukoshita mean?" Minister Iizuka nodded thoughtfully.

"——So, as long as we correct all the shortcomings of the light music club pointed out by the student Liu Yuan, it is enough. Although those problems may not be the reason for the other party's withdrawal, these problems that the other party casually said are correct. May become the existence that binds her--" Biqigu interrupted.

"——Student Biqigu, I don’t remember when I allowed you to explain this question."

"Hmm--" Biqigu shook his head noncommittal. By the way, recently this guy has dared to fight against Xuexia more and more. It's really impressive. The previous one faced Xuezhi. Next time, evasionism is the best policy of Biqigu's change.

"But, well," Yukoshita continued after reprimanding Higiya, seemingly to confirm the supremacy of his minister. "His statement is basically okay, especially for Yanagahara. For those who took the initiative to join and quit, she must pay special attention to her own problems because of the need to maintain her own image. If we solve all the problems, she will use various excuses to avoid If so, it can only show that she is making trouble unreasonably. And this image is an image that she would never want to leave to other people. This kind of difficult situation of classmate Liu Yuan is our opportunity."

"Ah, is this approach a bit mean?" Director Iizuka asked hesitantly.

But let me make a point first, classmate Minister, the methods you used when chasing your girlfriends, I think it should be more sharp, right?Isn't it ironic if you say despicable at this moment?

"I think Xiaoxue's plan is okay!" my sister interrupted, "and, why do you think that student Liu Yuan just appeared and left without permission? Maybe she really left because she felt that the environment of the light music club was not good enough Yes! If we can solve the problem of light music clubs, then maybe student Liuyuan will really come back!"

"Yuhihama, you think of this world too beautifully!" Just after my sister had said these words, Biqigu's complaints came as expected.

"But, but what!" My sister's face flushed red, anxiously trying to prove her point of view, "But, you should still show kindness to others, they may all have their own difficulties. ."

"How can anyone in this world act regardless of their own interests?" Biqigu glanced at his sister and muttered, "Well, maybe there are, but there won't be more."

"And that classmate Yanagihara, according to the narrative of the former Minister Iizuka, regrets that he is a person who does everything possible to achieve his goals. It is better not to underestimate her! Yubihama." Xia also looked at her sister and said in agreement.

"I see, Xiaoxue and the small enterprise knew at this time to unite to bully me!"

"Ahem, this, um, this Yubihama-student, although I think it is possible for you to say that, don't you think that if you say this, it will make us look bad with light music? After all, I insisted. A three-year club, so if you can—" Director Iizuka touched his nose in embarrassment and said.

"——Ah, is that so? Well, sorry, Iizuka-senior, what I just said is just my own thoughts. Well, maybe the standard of classmate Yanagahara is relatively high. If you can’t meet it, it doesn’t mean that light music will be very good. It’s awful, ah, I’m not saying that light music enthusiasts will have low self-demand, er, in a word, it’s really not offensive!" My sister said in a panic, her hands kept reaching her head, restlessly Stroking two dumplings, this is her normal behavior when she is emotional.

"It's okay, Yubihama-san, is it? Excuse me, your relationship with Kaya is, uh, just ask, because you two have similar red hair?"

(Here the author emphasizes the change of the setting again. The red hair is already born by the Bihama family, don’t forget it)

"Well, Xiaohe is my brother!"

"Oh, both of your brothers and sisters can join General Wu Gao! It's really hard work!"

"Ah, that's it," said my sister, blushing, "Shang Zong Wu Gao, Xiaohe has no problems, but I am a little worse. The grades are always the tail end of the car. Before each exam, I rely on classmates and Xiaohe to make up lessons I can barely say anything."

"Well, if this is the case, although my grades are quite average, I have a good friend who has excellent grades. If you have any questions, you can come to us. After all, our grade is one year higher than you. Level, we will encounter and solve many of the problems you have encountered." Minister Iizuka looked very enthusiastic, but this enthusiastic state gave me a sense of disobedience.

"Eh? Is that true?" Faced with the words of Senior Iizuka, my sister was obviously at a loss, "Well, I don't think it is necessary. Now there is Koyuki helping me, um, although Hayato is busy, But if you just ask a few questions, it shouldn’t matter, so say, so say—"

"——Minister Yukoshita’s grades in the second grade are very good, right? But Minister Xuexia’s thoughts may only be those of the second-year classmates. If we guide in the third grade, it may be from a more macro level. Help, it may be even more helpful for your systematic knowledge!" Minister Iizuka began to speak sharply and attractively-so this situation is a bit wrong.

"Well, if this is the case, but you are also candidates, will you have some time to worry if you want to trouble you?" Hey, idiot sister, how do you feel that you are convinced by him like this!

"--Well, there is absolutely no problem, there is always no shortage of services for beautiful school girls--"

"——That, Iizuka-senpai?" I finally understood the source of my previous sense of disharmony. He has been in contact with men more often. After entering the ministry classroom, he was also hit by Xuezhi for the first time. Relentlessly refused, which made me ignore one of the other's essence.

"Well, Heya, what's the matter?"

"——A commission is a commission. Please don't discuss other things in the club classroom. Minister Yukoshita will be angry!"

"Ah, that's it, sorry, I just used to be a little--"

"Also," I grinned my teeth and looked at Minister Iizuka, who seemed to be unconscious, stood up, stood in front of my dazed sister, and said, "I want to attack my sister, you are still ten early. Ten thousand years!"

That's right, what Iizuka has done just now, if given a clear purpose, it is - to strike up a conversation with girls.

How could I forget his nasty setting!Takeya Iizuka, in the legend of the Light Music Club, is a super dude who wants to attack a girl in every class except the music department in the school!Although Yui sister is good at observing the atmosphere, she is still a bit awkward in some aspects, and the girl with high appearance is the perfect target for him!

----------------------------split line-------------------- --------

Stopping Mr. Iizuka from extending his magic claws to Sister Yui ended in success.Minister Iizuka, as a dandy who has experienced many battles, seemed to have judged that the situation was not good for him in a short time, so he simply chose to retreat.

Well, although Minister Iizuka did take good care of me when I was in the club, this made me feel a little guilty towards him when I became a member of the ghost club.But this does not mean that I have to pick up Yui sister because of my guilt.Let Yui sister be seduce by such a playboy or something-er, no, it should be said that let Yui sister be seduced by other boys is absolutely not allowed.

Poor Yui sister probably still doesn't know the crisis she just faced, right?But it’s okay, your brother has been guarding you without you knowing it!

However, when Iizuka-senpai and Yui sister were talking just now, Yukoshita and Higiya had no intention of interrupting. This also made me feel very dissatisfied. You are obviously partners in the same club. Doesn't it mean to protect your partner from being robbed by others?

"Well, all in all, let's return to the topic just now!" Xuexia coughed, as if nothing happened just now, and continued.

"Well, yes, let's continue the topic just now!" Biqigu said in agreement.

However, maybe I feel too sensitive today. Before saying these words, the two people squinted and smiled at me.

Hello, so were you two watching the show on purpose?

"So, talking nonsense, Iizuka-senpai, can you repeat the reason for leaving the ministry that Yanagihara and you mentioned earlier?"

"I don't remember it very clearly!" Director Iizuka frowned and said, "But it should be the ones mentioned before? The level of the members is not enough, the reputation of the society is not big enough, and then they just don't cooperate with these three points. "

"So, as long as we solve these three problems, then there is the capital to persuade Liu Yuan to come back?" My sister carefully wrote down these three things in the notebook and asked.

"Yes, but of course we have to consider specific persuasion methods, but first we must let her excuses disappear." Xuexia nodded and replied.

"But if you just consider these three issues, it is actually very difficult to solve! At the beginning, the level of the members is insufficient, and it is definitely not a short-term improvement. As for the popularity of the club, I remember that Iizuka-senpai mentioned the original It's up to the great success of the school festival to advertise, right? The last problem is even more difficult to solve. In the end, the members who opposed Yanagahara have already retired. How do we ask everyone to cooperate with her?"

"You talked about the problem, but you made a mistake in analyzing the difficulty of the problem, Yubihama," Xuexia said routinely with a confident smile, "These three questions, Except for the first point which is a problem, the other two points are not problems. In other words, these two problems can be solved only by our own subtle intervention."


Chapter 5: The necessary condition for hype is resources

"Sure enough, Minister Xuexia is a very talented person like the rumored person!" Iizuka-senpai took the opportunity to send a sincere blessing to Xuexia, but I don't know if it was because of what he had to his sister just now. The gesture of accosting is too obvious. I always feel that the current Iizuka-senpai is a little uneasy and kind when saying this.

Of course, Yukino Yukino didn’t think so. She just continued calmly: “The first point is not mentioned. It is true that the level of members is not so easy to improve, but the second question is the so-called The issue of increasing the reputation of the community, this has a lot of room for us to operate, right?"

"Indeed, increasing the reputation of the community is ultimately a matter of hype, and hype is actually not that difficult as long as you have a certain amount of resources and make the best use of these resources."

On this point, I agree with Xuexia's view, and I have to say why, because I have done this myself.That's right, hype the popularity, then let the club form a topic, and finally use this topic effect to further expand the club. This approach is what I did when I ran the football club of Qingquan Middle School.