My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 117

After all, football is a sport where eleven people on the field work hard together. No matter how strong my personal talent is, it would not be possible to hit the top honors without the cooperation of good teammates. Therefore, in my first year, We can only take advantage of other middle school competitors' unfamiliarity with us to bring the team to the county qualifiers, and it will be more difficult to go further in the national competition.Regarding this kind of problem, I chose to make the football club of Qingquan Middle School become the center of the topic at the time. In elementary school football clubs, I further amplify the legendary color of the football club of Qingquan Middle School to attract all kinds of newcomers to join. team.

This approach is absolutely successful. Although there are some newcomers who did not obey the discipline and were eventually expelled from the ministry by me, the vast majority of them still obeyed my instructions, and it was precisely because of the supplements of these newcomers. We have also become an opponent that cannot be ignored in the national competition.

——Of course, this all stopped abruptly after the fiasco that winter.

Of course, what I want to emphasize is not this. What I want to emphasize is that it is possible to simply rely on hype to increase the visibility of a society.

However, the problem is that you must have achieved certain results and have a certain foundation before you can hype, so that the light music club, which has basically no results before, can gain huge prestige in a short time. Competition for powerful resources.

After all, even in my first year in the football club of Qingquan Middle School, I couldn't rely on this method to recruit outstanding members. I only qualified in the second year through the miracle in the county assembly in the first year. The local football community and football club promoted a "tragic and vigorous" atmosphere, which made the somewhat passionate juniors who had just graduated from elementary school feel that they could join in and save this legendary team-to attract a large number of outstanding teams. Member of the football team.

Moreover, the premise of this is that Chiba itself does not have a well-known football school to recruit talents. I just let the group of potential students whose main orientation is football have a clear goal.

Therefore, what needs to be done for hype, first, is to target a specific group of people. A society or a person can never attract everyone to be fascinated by it, but as long as it can attract a part of the diehard crowd, it can be To gain a relatively large reputation within a certain range, this effect can basically be achieved-from this perspective, the goals of propaganda are basically similar. This is the same as party elections. Maybe you think there is a party’s election program that is right You are scornful, but in fact the goal of the program he put forward is not against you.

Second, speculation requires sufficient capital. This kind of capital is not necessarily the capital of your previous strength, but it can also be any other capital that can make up for the lack of strength, or it is related to personal connections or funds. .In the case of the football department of Qingquan Middle School, I used the capital that I had accumulated in the previous year, but I am not very clear about the capital of the light music club that Xuexia currently thinks.

"School Yubihama, if you can always agree with my point of view like you do now, then I think your life can be much easier!" Yukoshita gave a rare expression of approval for me, but her mouth What I said in it didn't make people feel happy to be praised by the other party.

"If it is to build momentum, you can really trouble Chunxi to say--"

"——Please don’t mention that person, Director Iizuka. Now you are seeking help from the Ministry of Service. If you think you can choose among many options and have alternative options, then we don’t mind at all. A little sloppy in terms of entrusting," Yukoshita frowned and interrupted Senior Iizuka in a rare, more intense tone, uh, so did Haruaki Kitahara contact her recently and offend her?

"Ah, but Haruki, um--" Minister Iizuka looked at Yukoshita's cold eyes, and finally took back many words that seemed to be about to say, "Well, Minister Yukoshita, you continue to say Right!"

"——Of course, considering that I don’t let the Kitahara-senior create a trend, I also have my own ideas," Yukoshita eased his attitude and continued, "If it is controlled by him, then as long as there are people with a heart If you want to track it down, the possibility of discovering that this is a self-entertaining and self-hyped scam by the Light Music Club will greatly increase. Therefore, I mainly consider this point to reject your simple idea. of."

"Well, then Minister Xuexia's consideration is indeed right!"

——No, this is not the case. The purpose of the hype is to make the originally unknown association the core of the topic. Even if the association has some accidents when it becomes the center of the topic, then as long as these accidents are beneficial to the topic itself, even if it is Accidents can also be used.In other words, even if the hype of the topic is considered a self-directed and self-acted trick of the Light Music Club, as long as it becomes the focus, the goal can be considered achieved.

Although the explanation of Xuexia's remarks seemed very powerful, there is no doubt that she just found a good reason for the excuse, and did not really reveal the reason.

——Sure enough, the real reason should be Haruki Kitahara!Without my knowledge, what did that great senior Kitahara do?

"So, it would be better for the hype itself to be organized by our Ministry of Service." After receiving Iizuka-senpai's understanding, Yukoshita continued.

"But, if you follow the kind of thinking you just now, if someone traces the root of the hype and finds that the root is in this ministry dedicated to helping others solve problems, then there will still be problems? After all, just think about Iizuka. The possibility of seniors coming to us is fine." Biqigu interrupted.

"Ah, sorry, student Biqigu, what I said just now was not very accurate," Xuexia smiled lightly and said, "This matter is indeed guided by the Ministry of Service, but it is the most direct implementation. It’s not the Ministry of Service."

Subconsciously, I saw Xuexia's eyes glance at me.

Well, what does it have to do with me?

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When I stood outside the classroom of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union again, I almost broke down.That’s right, why can’t I guess? That guy is Yukino Yukino underneath. Among the people I know, her mastery of things can be the top two-the reason why she is the top two , That's because there are also senior Beiyuan, the reason why it is the top second instead of second, is because the senior Beiyuan lost a little bit on the issue of the light music club.

However, this still cannot change Xuexia is the existence that can accurately calculate all problems.

Using the Qingquan Middle School Student Association to help, this is Xuexia's plan.It's simple and effective.If it is the "unintentional" disclosure of the student union of the partner school, it will cause more effective discussions within a certain range. After all, the joint school festival is a well-known thing, and one's own potential Younger brothers and sisters, which club of Zong Wu Gao are interested in, and why they chose Zong Wu Gao will definitely become a topic of constant diffusion.

In other words, as long as Qingquan Middle School reveals a vague news that "Eh, I was looking forward to the performance of the Light Music Club before, why is it so sad without it", then there will definitely be good people to grasp this. The ins and outs of all things.Of course, it is certainly not possible to reveal the role of the more villain Liu Yuan played, but as long as a kind of "the program prepared by this club is really excellent, it has attracted the attention of Qingquan Middle School before the performance, but it is a pity. It’s because of the differences within the community that the show may not be possible in the end," and so on, then it can be successful.

Moreover, for persuading Liu Yuanpeng, the rendering of this atmosphere can also make her an existence such as "the savior of the community". For Liu Yuanpeng who always pays attention to his own evaluation, this is a way to improve his own evaluation value and popularity value. This is a good opportunity to say that you can brush a wave of popularity before the election of the school festival, and you can brush a wave of popularity after the performance. This is a good opportunity.

Of course, the problem with this proposal is how it should end if the programs prepared by Light Music Clubs after this are not satisfactory-but this is not the content of the commission, Xuexia is only selected within the scope of the commission Come up with a best and most reliable solution, nothing more.

Of course, a very important issue here is to persuade Qingquan Middle School students to help.Although this matter is not good for the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, it does not have any negative effects on them. In the final analysis, they only need to throw out a specious news-the big deal is to deny that they have mentioned it. Kind of ideas.

Therefore, whether Qingquan Middle School accepts this proposal or not may depend on the other side's student president's thoughts-this is also the reason why Yoshihama Kazuya was sent over. As for the reason, anyone is very clear.

However, the more embarrassing situation now is that in the student union room, Xiaochun can't help but is not there, and the other President Kimura who has a bigger say is also not there. The only thing left is the girl with blue and black hair, who said nothing. Staring at me-or worse, staring at me would be better.

"Uh, Vice President Sonoda, we have communicated so many times. Could you please don't always show such a terrible expression when you see me? I will be sad too!"

"Well, so what? Senior Yubihama, what do you do when you come to the student union when it is not a routine discussion day? I haven't notified us in advance. You know, seniors are very busy, unlike you. I entered Sou Takega and felt that peace of mind would only be the same as a person who lives leisurely." To be honest, I always think that Vice President Sonoda is a beautiful girl, and she is also one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Existed, but she seemed to have this ferocious expression only when she faced me, which really frustrated me.

"Well, this time I came here for a private matter - well, it's not a private matter, but it really has nothing to do with work. If President Kimura and Xiaochun don't come back, then I will wait here for a while." I shook my head, but I can talk to the guy Isshiki about this point. I said before that some popular girls in the school have something to do with me. I think if the Vice President Sonoda enters Sou Wu Gao I definitely don't want to get involved with me.

"This office can't let outsiders come in and out casually! I don't know when the seniors will come back, so at this time, I still have the trouble to come back by the next time I inform you?" Sonoda adjusted his emotions slightly, and looked like Just now, he calmed down in the state of being frantic when he saw me, and said.

"Well, Vice President Sonoda, don't be so serious! Your main job now is the school festival, so what can I do if I look at your work progress here? This is also part of the cooperation!" However, I was called over today. It is better for me to finish the work as soon as possible. Otherwise, let me run again next time. Well, I am actually very embarrassed myself!

"You guy! Don't think that you can do it recklessly if you have a special identity!"

"Well, I think I still have basic principles in doing things!"

"Yeah, I know you are very principled. You have excessive principles. People will know that you have problems but can't catch your loopholes." Vice President Sonoda's expression became uncomfortable. "Last year in the football club. The same is true. Now, you are no longer in this school, and so is it! So, the way you look like this really makes me annoying!"

Hey, don't change your face, don't turn red if you change!Look at the obedient accounting classmate next to him, he is already shocked!What if she goes out to chew on the base of her tongue again, and you and I have a scandal?

Big news-the complicated four-corner relationship between the student union trio of Kiyizumi Middle School and the former head of the football department Yubihama Kazuya is terrible!

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Well, on my side, it was Hai Ye’s birthday. I drew my fourth UR sea in the first 11th consecutive year. I think for a person like me who has controlled krypton gold, UR sea is good for me. My preference and high frequency can change me from being a bird chef to a sea chef, so I will add an unexpected scene to Hai Ye.


Chapter 6: Reality can never go out of the routine of light comedy

Vice President Sonoda is a serious person, and serious people tend to be particularly scary when they are more serious. Therefore, when she stands up with red eyes, holding the table with her hands, and staring at me, I I feel that things are a bit difficult.

"Senior Kimura and Senior Sugiura are not here today, so, Yubihama-senpai, I will finish all the things I have always wanted to say to you. Also, if you think you are that kind of despicable person, What I said, you can also tell Senior Sugiura and the others!" Vice President Sonoda raised his voice, combed the hair on his forehead a little, and said with a decisive tone.

"Hey, classmate vice president, I didn’t come here to fight with you. If you are dissatisfied with me, you can talk to me in private. It’s not a good thing to say these things in your student union office now, right? ?"

In order to prevent more terrible situations from happening, I still chose to calm down, but, undoubtedly, the other party did not want to give me this opportunity.

"Poor!" This was a cold reply from Vice President Sonoda.

Hey, only the second-year junior high school girls who have suffered from the second-year illness of excessive self-consciousness should not yell in front of high school students!Did the Yamato Nadeshiko education you received teach you how to provoke people?Don't you think I am really a good-tempered person!

"Whenever I dare not respond to the problem positively, whenever I throw the problem to the girl to solve it, and then throw her away when the girl can't help you solve the problem? Such a bad boy, I really don’t know that Senior Sugiura is How can I tolerate being with you for a year and a half? If it were me, seeing my boyfriend look like this, I would never want to accept him!" Vice President Sonoda continued emotionally.

Is this why your attitude towards me has not been so friendly?

"Oh, then, what exactly is my situation that you have learned?" I think I need to teach this little girl a lesson, self-righteous secondary disease, self-righteous preaching to others, it seems Sonoda You are indeed a very good junior of Xiaochun, or you have learned some obvious characteristics of her!

"In the third grade, when applying for the budget to the student union as the head of the football department, I did not consider the feelings of the members of the student union at all. I used the unreasonable sentence,'I have achieved results last year, and you guys have seen the results', and then continue lightly. Raise the budget of your club, and when I want to confront you, you throw all the problems to Senior Sugiura as your girlfriend-this is really what a reliable senior did. Performance!"

That's because I don't want to have a student union accountant come to my football department undercover every year-if you accountants can be more flexible and flexible, I won't have to try to explain these things to you.You also know that it was my third grade, the last year of my football club. I went for the championship, so I don't want to waste time taking care of you girls with over-consciousness!Is it wrong to overwhelm you with power and make you shut up?

"I can't believe it. Sugiura-san, who is so serious, was vague about your affairs, saying something like "Kaya's words are absolutely okay" to cover up my doubts about your organization. ——That's Senior Sugiura, if it wasn't because she liked you so much, how could she do such a thing for personal and abolishing business."

Well, although to be honest, according to what I know about Xiaochun, she is really a person who is not decisive in dealing with emotional issues, and even abandons public affairs for personal reasons. This is not to say that she perceives feelings more than rational More importantly, on the contrary, she will always emphasize the importance of her own reason. However, her constant emphasis on reason will eventually become a burden on her heart, which will eventually lead to indecision and even indecision when considering issues. unwise.In other words, the more you emphasize your own rational side, the easier it is to be overwhelmed by the irrational elements in your actual emotions-this is Sugiura Koharu.

——If you let me tell you this evaluation of your predecessors, then you will definitely think that I am worse, right?After breaking up, he continued to crack down on the image of his ex-girlfriend. This is simply the most typical case in which a scumbag excuses himself from responsibility.