My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 118

However, this is the case. It is because of the separation that I can think about many things from a later perspective. Many of my own problems that I did not notice at the time, including the other party's problems.

However, my constant silence was exchanged for Sonoda’s further arrogance. Obviously, she had left the new accountant next to him who almost wanted to hide in the corner—after all, that accountant was just like that. She is a typical girl who has just entered school and doesn’t understand anything. She doesn’t have the cutting-edge and flaws like Xiaochun and Sonoda. During my two years as the head of the football department, I encountered two accountants who turned out to be these two. It's unlucky.

"Although I admit that Yuhihama-senpai’s talent in football is indeed outstanding, and you have indeed led our football department to create miracles, so I can forgive you for a bit of abusing your relationship in these matters, but only because After losing the finals, what happened to the breakup with Senpa Sugiura? Before the game, the entire student union knew how much Senpai had paid for you. If she was only a member of the student union, she didn’t have to do it. So many, do you know? After you graduated, the instructor of the football club said when he mentioned Senior Sugiura-"Sugura-san completed the intelligence gathering work of his opponent like a professional club", so , How do you endure—"

"—That's it! That incident was my fault, I admit it."

"Yeah, everyone thinks it's your fault, right? Senior Sugiura is not wrong. Now that she knows your situation, she is also working hard to fit your situation! So I said—"

"——So, do you want me to get back together with her?" I looked at Sonoda's excited face and said in a deep voice.

"Although I don’t know how good you are, I don’t want to look at the senior who is not like me. Although the seniors are serious and responsible, they are also very friendly to people. However, the previous time and After you met, the smiles of the predecessors became less and less, saying something inexplicable such as "I already know the idea of ​​Heya". The atmosphere of the whole person has changed and he has become like a person who can't make mistakes. It’s the same as your machine—this is not Sugiura-senpai! If Yuihama-senpai asked her to do this, you would have made a big mistake again!"

I did know that Xiaochun was learning and imitating Yukino, but I never expected that she would learn to this degree. If it was really like the description of Vice President Sonoda, it would not be imitating Yukino under Yukino. , But imitating, she thought she should be an image of Yukino under Xuexia.

The first confrontation between the two, Xuexia's kind of exhaustive, calm and wise image impressed Xiaochun too much, right?However, even if Yukoshita's character is like this, Yukoshita is actually not a person of this kind!That guy, although he always looks arrogant, it is annoying, but when he treats certain people, he will still show a gentle side and relax himself. Yukino Yukino is not a machine. !

Even if she is a machine, you shouldn't put yourself into the side of the machine!The so-called emphasizing rationality and finally being dominated by personal feelings while thinking that he is rational is the most typical example. I believe that Xiaochun himself will feel that his actions are a kind of rational choice behavior, but actually Above, this is not reason, but a self-determination after being deceived.

Unfreedom, this is unfreedom bound by impulse.I could correct her point of view, but at that time, because of the principle of "absolute neutrality", I gave up.

So, at that time, did I do something wrong again?

"Really? It turns out that Xiaochun is like this now!" I murmured from my mouth a word that seemed like an answer but also like talking to myself.

"So, as long as we get back together, for Senior Sugiura, all problems can be solved, right?" Vice President Sonoda looked at me with expectant eyes.

"Sorry, but that kind of thing is impossible."

That’s right, it’s impossible. I don’t know if I should tell Xiaochun to stop this self-righteous and clumsy imitation, but what I know is that it’s impossible to solve this problem with compound behavior, because For us, the cracks at that time did not appear suddenly, but were the result of long-term accumulation. Even if we choose to temporarily relieve the pain because of sympathy and help, the same tragedy will happen in the future.

"Why? Why? I have made it very clear, right? Because Yubihama-san, Sugiura-san is not like Sugiura-san now! As long as you make a very simple decision, Sugiura-san will know what you did. Once the effect is achieved, it won't continue to be that way, right?"

"I know, I have made a lot of mistakes." I didn't dare to look into Sonoda's eyes as I did at the beginning. "The breakup with her is also my fault, but I don't think the breakup itself is a mistake. It means that the reason for the breakup is my fault. Also, although I am not very clear, I did not discourage Xiaochun before she became like this. This may also be my fault. However, something went wrong and needs to be saved. However, if you just use self-righteous means to save it without authorization, you may encounter more serious consequences."

Yes, although the absolute neutrality is questionable, it is also wrong to abuse your talents and make the seemingly optimal solution without rational analysis without knowing the actual situation.

"So, in the final analysis, escape?" Vice President Sonoda looked at me with a disgusted expression, "I said that there were other ways to solve the problem, but in the end, there was no way, so I said , I don’t like boys. You won’t play any role in anything except being brazen!"

"Perhaps? I don't think about many problems clearly now, but after I think about it clearly, maybe I will come up with a meaningful solution? But, I'm sure, your sloppy plan , Definitely not the optimal solution."

"Oh oh, then you continue to think about your philosophy of life? I feel that there are always some high school students who don't understand the principles of high school students? Obviously you were only a middle school student half a year ago, and half a year is enough for you Did this change happen?"

"To be honest, change this kind of thing, when it happens, one week is enough!" I smiled and said helplessly.

In fact, from the current point of view, Vice President Sonoda is just a younger generation who cares about his predecessors. It is probably because the two people’s serious and responsible attitude in handling their work and the more serious attitudes that exist in their personalities have made Sonoda have a relationship with Xiaochun. A special sense of identity, right?Coupled with the kind of character that must persist to the end, her words are so intense.

Of course, I have always known this, so I have always endured some indirect provocations by Sonoda in his words.

However, some of Sonoda’s words today seem to be too intense. Did something happen?

"Yes, change this kind of thing, when it happens, one week is enough?" Sonoda said with a somewhat ironic smile, "Do you guys' feelings always change quickly?"

"The quarrel between Xiaochun and I was just an outbreak after the accumulation of contradictions, not a sudden change?" I reluctantly defended.

"I know, I know, I didn’t talk about you and Sugiura-senpai, but Yuihama-senpai, I have heard of the Kyudo Club’s senior who is preparing to enroll in Sou Takeo! You have a famous one. Senior, right? It’s said that she has monopolized the top of the school’s popular election for two consecutive years? Many boys and girls are looking forward to her. That, um, is called Senior Xiaomu Shu Xuecai?"

An ominous premonition suddenly emerged in my heart.

"Senior Xiao Muyan is usually very arrogant and doesn't pay much attention to other people, but recently he lost his attitude twice because of a first-year student—"

"—Sonoda!" I felt it necessary to stop Vice Chairman Sonoda from speaking.

"I actually guessed that Yubihama-senpai is unwilling to reconcile with Sugura-senpai." Sonoda's expression was dark and uncertain.

"We're back, and—well, why did Yubihama-senpai come here?"

"--So, senior Yubihama, and that senior Xiaomu Yu Xueca, what is the relationship between you?"

On the one hand, it was Xiaochun's somewhat surprised voice, on the other hand, it was a straight ball thrown by Vice Chairman Sonoda without hesitation.

The two voices are mixed together, but each one can be heard particularly clearly.

Then, I saw-Xiaochun's hand, a paper bag that was accidentally not held securely, and pieces of paper flying all over the sky like snowflakes.

A piece of paper fell on the piece of paper, and the words "Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai-Miss Chief Wu Gao is sure to participate in the election" came into my eyes ironically.

The same thing that caught my eyes was Xiaochun's unbelievable look when his eyes grew, and the bewildered expression of Vice President Sonoda.

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This is the result of just filling up Junwang and reopening the WA2 game by the way. I feel that Haiye’s writing in the first half of this chapter subconsciously imitates Xiaochun in CC, and the second half forcibly imitates Xiaoqian in Junwang’s animation. ——Is it inevitable for Nima to add Haiye’s stomach medicine line?Decided to write the plot seriously and not very much to self-talk, how could I write it like this....


Chapter 7: Announcement of the Declaration of War that Appeared on Its Own

I'm not a fool who doesn't know how to look at his face, nor is I the routine dull male protagonist in the light novel. What Xiaochun's expression shows, I still know it better.A girl who single-mindedly wanted to change herself in order to adapt to each other again, when she found that she had been preempted by others, and all the actions were futile, she was naturally lost, and even at a loss.

However, Xiaoharu Sugiura is no longer the former Xiaoharu Sugiura after all. Even in the aspect of learning under the snow, she is just purely imitating the appearance under the snow, but this is enough for her to adjust her emotions after a brief gaffe.

So, just like the slow motion in the animation, the eyes of everyone in the student union classroom, although they are erratic, but they are all staring at Xiaochun, but as the center of her sight, she just slowly bends down, The paper scattered on the ground was neatly folded one by one, and then stood up and said as if nothing had happened: "Sorry, my hand slipped a little earlier."

"Senior Sugiura," said Vice President Sonoda, who had realized that he had caused a disaster, said in a trembling tone, "I'm not sure about that. I just heard about it, a rumor, because I think it's weird. That’s why I wanted to ask Yubihama-senpai, so I said—"

"-- Hai Wei, although the student union office is indeed not too serious, I hope you can still pay attention to matters that are too personal. It is better to inquire in private. I think Yuihama-senpai thinks so too. "However, the words of Vice Chairman Sonoda were interrupted by Xiaochun.

It is Yukino Yukino’s principle to maintain grace and calmness and impeccably correct response at all times. It’s a pity that although her words seem so calm and calm, her hands are still slightly trembling and pale. Her face betrayed her true thoughts.

"By the way, Haiwei, Jingzi, I still have some things for you to help. Can you come over with me? If you have anything to do with Yuihama-senpai, please talk to Xiaochun first. It should be okay?" President Kimura’s words at this time were obviously intentional, but even if everyone present was aware of this, they would not have any opinions because of her intentional actions. Everyone knew that. It would be better to leave the two to us separately.

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The atmosphere in the classroom of the student union is a very strange atmosphere. It reminds me of the beautifully decorated cafe in early January. For middle school girls who have begun to love fashion, it is already a relatively romantic date. Place.Of course, in the field of love, I myself can only be regarded as a relatively dull person. When you are used to dominating your subordinates under any circumstances, you will find that even if you really want to be equal to a person When you get along, you will also feel that you have various unnaturalness.

Fortunately, at least in this regard, Xiaochun taught me a lot—of course, this did not change our frequent quarrels and the last formal conversation in that cafe.

Of course, no matter in terms of color or atmosphere, there is nothing similar between the coffee shop and the student union office. What I am referring to is the similarity between the two scenes in the dialogue atmosphere of specific characters.I know what I want to say, but I don't know exactly how I should start to say these things.

After the other three people in the student union left, Xiaochun didn’t have the vigorous vigor that he had before. He just lowered her head and stared at her toes in a daze. The ponytail curled up behind her in a somewhat disobedient manner, shaking, showing In a lively state different from her master.Because the head is so low, I can even see her white nape from my perspective.

"Anyway, let me talk about the purpose of my coming first?" Finally, I decided to finish the "public business" first. After all, if I finish talking about the "private business" first, then the atmosphere will probably not allow me to continue. Discuss "official business" with her.

"Say it!"

"Of course, what came here has nothing to do with the cooperation of the student union, it has something to do with myself, or a more private commission, can it?"

"It's okay, if it's a matter of no big deal, it should be fine to help Senior Yubihama." Xiaochun still lowered his head and said dullly.