My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 119

"The main thing is to bother spreading a fake news? Or half-truth and half-false news--" I continued, "The general meaning is that the Qingquan Middle School Student Union is very optimistic about the programs of Zong Wu Gao’s Light Music Club, but unfortunately they did not I know why I withdrew from the school festival performance."

"Is that the club that Yubihama-senpai has been following before?"

"Yes, the minister has found the Ministry of Service and asked for help, so in order to increase the reputation of the community, we need to make a little hype. That's probably what I meant." I nodded and replied.

"Just like two years ago you came to Qingquan's football club in order to attract promising students. The vague but interesting news?"

"Well, it's almost the same, but this time I consider that if I ask you, it will probably cause you unnecessary trouble, so you can be a little vague when you release the news, so that people think it is the idea of ​​the student union, but You have never made an official statement. I think you can be sure of this level?"

"No problem." Xiaochun raised her head, adjusted her hair on the front of her forehead, and said, "As long as it does not affect the specific activities and reputation of the Student Union, I can help. What other things does Yubihama-senpai have? ?"

"No, but you just agreed?"

"What's wrong, do you think I won't agree?"

"No, it's not."

——The key is to promise too simple, right?

"If I make any request, it's as if I'm taking advantage of the danger, and if I don't agree, you should have other alternatives? Then, it's better to simply agree to it, although this is It's free, but I always helped seniors once. It would be more convenient if you ask seniors later, wouldn't it?" Xiaochun answered naturally.

To be honest, this way of thinking is quite Xuexia's style.

Then, the atmosphere fell into a strange silence.

"To be honest," this time, it was Xiaochun who broke the deadlock. "I have been thinking about how she would deal with all this if Yukoshita was in this situation, except that she didn't care at the beginning. The appearance of is predictable, and I really can’t imagine the way to deal with it later, so in the end it turned into an embarrassing situation of not dare to ask openly and don’t know what better way to do it. It's embarrassing to be silent, right?"

Xiaochun showed a self-deprecating expression and continued: "In fact, I also realized that this kind of imitation is a very poor imitation. However, the predecessors cannot deny that the first step in learning is often imitating. Maybe now Does the clumsy imitation bring unexpected success?"

"Xiaochun, I don't like Xuexia, or I don't like Xuexia's way of handling things. You need to understand this." I looked at Xiaochun who was stubborn to the end with a headache, although the so-called way of doing things has changed a lot. , But this character has not changed.

"However, you are very convinced of Xuexia-senior, otherwise, based on your personality, why should you stay in such a society that can't show yourself."

——In the beginning, it was because I was against Xuexia, and I wanted to prove that Xuexia's idea was wrong.However, slowly, I have adapted to this environment and developed a habit. Especially recently, I discovered that my own ideas have loopholes, which made me a little bit at a loss. Therefore, now I may be staying. The Ministry of Service conducts its own thinking-from the perspective of evaluating Xuexia, from the perspective of evaluating Biqigu, so from this result, I am indeed a little convinced of Xuexia.

"So, if we in the past had disputes because we couldn't persuade each other, then there is always nothing wrong with the standard that can bring you closer?"

Xiaochun had never told me her true thoughts before, but when she made her point clear, she still had this straight-forward and unabashed attitude.

She has always been a very hard girl. In the past, she tried hard to keep up with my thoughts, and now, she tries hard to exceed my thoughts.

I haven't spoken, and Xiaochun didn't seem to care about this, but continued to talk to herself.

"So, I don't know exactly how Yukoshita-senpai will deal with this issue. This is a bit troublesome!" As the conversation continued, Xiaochun's expression became more and more serious. Naturally, after all these thoughts in my heart were said, I felt a little relaxed, right?

"That guy, I think, that kind of person's way of dealing with emotional issues must be very evasive and erratic. After all, it is the impulse of feelings that defeats reason, and it will be in line with her own plain way of doing things. Contradictory, right? In order not to contradict, then always hide your feelings and restrain your own feelings." I smiled bitterly and replied subconsciously. This answer is actually my own answer to some extent. When I implemented it some time ago The answer to the rational principle, although Xuexia and I disagree on all aspects, we still have similarities in these fundamental ways of solving things.Therefore, I think the problems I encountered can also be referred to Xuexia.

"Is that so? Although I don't know if this seemingly not ideal way of dealing with problems is correct," Xiaochun shook his head and said, "But, at least at this point, I should not be able to learn Xuezhi Senior, at least, in this regard, I think I might be a bit more aggressive than Senior Xuexia."

"Then, Senior Yubihama," Xiaochun stared straight into my eyes without concealment, and asked, "I know who the senior Xiaomushu is, so you can tell me what Haiwei said is true. Is it?"

"If you are talking about her coming to me, then I can only admit it is true."

"Then what do you think is the relationship between Yubihama-senior and that Okisuke-senpai?"

"Well, my friend, the elder sister and the younger brother who have a better relationship? In fact, I think the two of us are a little bit like a sibling. The seniors basically regard me as a younger brother."

"Hmm." Xiaochun nodded noncommittal.

"So, how should I put it, although I know that Vice President Sonoda still cares about you, but at the same time you care, don't believe in some chaotic things, that's best."

"Yeah, I will tell Hai Wei that she has indeed been too sensitive on some things recently." Xiaochun smiled, and then casually raised a question, "But what I want to know is, Yuihama-senpai, What do you think of that senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"How do you think it is a good senior?" Although I didn't want to admit it, at the moment when I said something, I knew that my eyes were wandering.

Whether it’s senior or older sister, these can explain my attitude towards senior Xiaomuzhen, but it’s not enough just for senior and older sister. When I know that I know many facts about seniors that are unclear at school The excitement, the kind of inexplicable excitement when the senior came to care about me because of my problems, because I found that I didn't know Senior Xiao Muzhen so well when I regret and frustrated.To say that these emotions are just in the perception of the younger generations towards the elders, I would not believe it.

If in front of other people, I still have the confidence to cover up the past with an indifferent attitude, but for the way of expressing my emotions, Koharu surpasses the existence of Yui sister, so there is no such lie in front of her. use.

"So, I can see the senior Xiao Muzhu?" So, what I said just now was only a chuckle from her, "During the school festival."

"Miss Chief Wu Gao's election is generally the final highlight. Now that the predecessor has already decided to run for the election, I think it is possible for you to see her."

"I mean, if you can meet and talk to her, that's fine. If you just watch it from a distance, what is the difference from reading the introduction for yourself?"

Suddenly, I am a little confused about the situation. If my understanding is correct, is Xiaochun's remarks, declaring war on Senior Xiaomuzhen?

This is really, quite her style?

Only at this time can I feel that the girl in front of me is her own aura, the kind that belongs to Koharu Sugiura, stubborn, but unwilling to accept her own defeat, even a little bit of self. The breath of ism.


Chapter 8: Normal descendants and abnormal seniors

"So, at that time, I'll be bothered by Mr. Bihama to introduce me to Mr. Ogisao!" Xiaochun said rhythmically, shaking the ponytail behind his head.

"Hmm, eh." I can only nodded helplessly at what she said. It is Xiaochun's own problem to start the war with a self-righteousness. However, even if this situation is really encountered, if it is the calm senior Xiaomu Xiao, it should be Wouldn't you be as knowledgeable as junior high school students?

"Speaking of this, even I have heard that the most favorable competitor of Miss Chief Takeshi, Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai, may withdraw from this popular election. Therefore, when I and Finamei today When I got the news, I was still very surprised! After all, Yuihama-senpai, you did not inform us of this news in advance. Although the Miss Chief Takeshi election has nothing to do with us, but for this popular election, etc. Everyone is more or less gossip about things, right?” It seems to be because I have fully expressed my thoughts, and probably because I feel that my other practices are just botched and meaningless imitations in front of me. Now Xiaochun’s The way of speaking is a lot more natural, which even brings me back to our original mode of equal communication.

However, I’m too late to be pleased with this state of communication. Xiaochun’s somewhat unintentional remark reminded me-that is, why, I am not sure about the fact that Senior Xiao Mu Shu is elected to be elected as Miss Chief Wu Gao. Unaware.Even if Senior didn't need to report everything to me, I didn't get any information from the president of the city or from Isshiji who was very concerned about this matter.

Especially Yi Hue Yu, who started to compete with others in the dark, if she learns the news that will have a great impact on her popular election results, she should share it with me soon.

However, this is not the case. I got the news after Xiaochun. There are only two possible situations. One is that the news was just decided today, which means that even Yishi didn’t have time to inquire about the news, or In addition to contacting me with President Koharu and President Kimura, they also have some special channels to reach Sou Wu Gao.

Even if the latter is possible, it is impossible to get such in-depth news. Then, the only reason is the former, and even if it was suddenly decided today, this matter is very strange. As far as I know, there should be no student council members recently. Discuss this matter with senior. After Yise got an uncertain and vague answer from senior, the student union seems to have reached a consensus. Don't force her to make a decision when senior is hesitant, otherwise it may not be Satisfactory results will be achieved.

So, it must be at some point today that someone else has played a role in influencing the decision-making of the predecessors, and the influence of this person can reach the student union.

Now I don’t want to try to figure out anyone in a purely profit-oriented way, but on this issue, there are people who can play such a role, and there are people who can persuade the predecessors of Xiao Muzhen. In any case, I only Can think of one.

——I hope I was wrong, right?Maybe Xiao Muzhen's predecessor has changed his thoughts a long time ago, and now he expresses his thoughts in advance because of some simple opportunity.

"Even if it's me, I shouldn't know everything, right? Besides, as you said, President Cheng Ye must feel that this matter has nothing to do with your Qingquan Middle School. Generally speaking, our club will only be told to us. What needs to be told, many internal decisions of the Student Union, I still don't know."

"Senior Isshiki wouldn't tell you?" Xiaochun blinked and asked.

"Don't look at Yishi who looks very jumpy, but that guy is unambiguous at work." To be honest, the way Xiaochun blinked just now reminds me of the original young and energetic woman. Although the style is different, the simple and puzzled expression is still the same.

Although we have grown a lot in the past two years, the so-called growth does not seem to be a good memory for people-making mistakes is necessary and a prerequisite for correction, but we are making ourselves "right" After that, I seemed to have lost a lot of interesting things-Xiaochun did the same.

In fact, very synchronously, both of us are reforming ourselves in the right way we think, but this way of reforming ourselves has made the gap between us bigger and bigger.Just as Xiaochun thinks that one day her changes will let me understand that it is an adaptation to me, I have always insisted that what she did in this way is to always lose her ability to control herself and become based on others. A puppet under the idolatry of people.

Therefore, it is still possible to have such a normal conversation at this time, and to see her behavior in front of me that is no different from the past. I think this is already a rare thing.

"Really?" Xiaochun fell silent, and then said something that made me feel very embarrassed, "I always feel that Yuihama-senpai now has a lot of outstanding girls!"

Uh, I seem to have heard something similar to this sentence somewhere-certainly not in reality, but is this familiar feeling in another world line?