My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 120

Although I admit that there is nothing wrong with this sentence, but it also feels like a coincidence?Isshiki and I are next to each other. The acquaintance between Xiaomushu and me, um, is also a coincidence. If you don’t be hidden by the gods for a long time-it is said that the second-year teacher who is still very close to Higiya has been irresponsibly thrown to the ministry. If so, I would not know Xuexia.

——So, all this is a coincidence!

"However, I won't admit defeat." Xiaochun didn't care about my twitching face, but continued to speak seriously.

I don’t try to explain anything anymore. When Sugiura Koharu has made up her mind about what to do, no one has ever stopped her. Maybe I have proved that her judgment was wrong, but that was also in her own practice. After that, seeing her like this, I knew that all explanations were futile.

——But, to be honest, this Sugiura Koharu is the girl I still miss in my memory!

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In the twisted eyes of the returning Vice President Sonoda, I left the student union office of Qingquan Middle School. Although there were many accidents in the process, in terms of the results, I at least completed the scheduled task. Things that make people easy.

Although, when I left, in front of other people in the student union, Xiaochun’s expression turned into a mimicking expression that made people look a little irritable—I remember I had the idea to persuade her to change , But because of the previous accident, this idea was also forgotten, and didn't remember it again until I left.And the culprit that caused this accident, Vice President Sonoda, seemed to accept President Kimura’s later reprimands a little, and everyone told me that Vice President Sonoda is a very good and reliable girl, so I hope she can learn some lessons after this incident-it would be best if her attitude towards me can be changed a little bit.

After all, Vice President Sonoda is also a beautiful girl. For beautiful girls, boys like face-controlling creatures will always have some preferential treatment.

However, my good mood was immediately ruined by an email.

"Xiaohe, if you finish talking about things, you can go home directly! Xiaoxue said she needs to add some tea cups to the club, so I took her out to go shopping. It is very rare to take Xiaoxue out to go shopping! Our side It will be disbanded ahead of time. I wish you all the best."

Now, Yui sister, did you just leave your lovely brother to work with such peace of mind, and then do what you like best?Why didn't I see you being so comfortable with other people?Obviously, Xuexia sometimes arranges to do a little more than that guy in Qigu. You have to express some guilt to me when you come back.

Okay, although I'm sorry mom, but I have to go back later today-can I find a place to vent when I am unhappy?

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"Using part-time jobs to send you the so-called'depressed' that was thrown away by your sister, your way of venting is also very strange!" It seems that because today was unexpectedly a little leisurely, so she always only shook my face at Aunt Inoue Actually joked with me.

"You know, Senior Inoue, money is a good thing. Although I am different from another guy who does not work, but still stresses the importance of money seriously, and then uses a semi-fraudulent way to defraud parents of pocket money, but I don't deny his view. Thinking of making money, that depressed mood can be cut in half."

"Yuhihama, although I don’t know who the person you are talking about is, I must remind you that if you came to work today, you don’t have money. Don’t think that this place is like a restaurant. Disadvantage, look at the current situation, one more person is just a waste of money. Moreover, you run over inexplicably like this, shouting something like'Let me help!' How much affects you on the schedule do you know?"

Ah ah ah, it started again. I just said that Aunt Inoue seems to have an extra day of humor today, and the routine preaching mode of middle-aged women has started again.

"But! Actually you want to come over today, I understand it! After all, it should be time for the kid Xuecai to come over." Senior Inoue nodded, showing a clear expression.

"Senior, are you kidding me? Am I the kind of person who will do a day's work just for one person?"

"Eh, aren't you such a person?"

——Okay, take back the previous sentence. Today's Obasan Inoue's taunting skills are more than one level higher than usual. It is obviously only said by the middle-aged woman who only talks about the old things.

"However, Yubihama, can you be sure that Xuecai is here today? Although I almost know when Xuecai appeared, I can only roughly estimate a period of about three days. From today to the day after tomorrow, she may appear. The day, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you have schedules—"

"——Even if the senior is senior, I have to interrupt you. What did you tell me from my performance that I came here to meet senior Xiao Muzhen? I have a call from senior Xiao Muzhen, and then, we two in school You can also meet. Why do you want to meet in karaoke? By the way, if I really chat with seniors, wouldn’t you blame me for negligence?"

"Well, ah, that's it? That, Yubihama, Yukina is here!"

"Senior, don't change the subject--" I said subconsciously, but when I was about to say this sentence, I suddenly realized that countless of my seniors were embarrassed because of their self-righteousness at this time. Situational.

So, I turned my head altogether, and then, fortunately, my judgment was not wrong, Senior Xiao Muzhen, indeed stood right behind me.

However, it is different from the smiled or energetic look of the previous predecessors, and it does not even have the routine "licking" when she met me at karaoke. Senior Xiao Mu Shu, just stood a little distracted. In front of the counter.And when I turned around, she raised her head as if she had first awakened from a dream: "Ah, Heya? Do you have a schedule today? I remembered your schedule wrong!"

This is the first time I have seen Senior Xiao Muzhen, who has a real irritable expression. I have seen her angry and worried, but this is the first time I have seen her like this.

"I didn't have a shift today, I just appeared to be okay to come over and do some work for nothing."

"--Well, it seems that I remembered it correctly, so it's the same as usual? First two hours—no, four hours first?" The senior answered my question absently, which also made me I feel more worried.

At this time, I am extremely grateful for accommodating my unreasonable processing request. At this time, Senior Inoue who said these words: "Yuhihama, there is a problem with the equipment in the room Yukina goes to most often, so let's change it to number 14. , Please adjust it."

"Well, it will be troublesome." If it is usual, Senior Xiao Muzhen will say something like "I am a veteran, I can handle debugging equipment and other things by myself" and declined my help, but, This time, she just followed me to Room 14 honestly.

Today’s senior Xiao Muzhen definitely has a problem, so, is this problem related to Miss Chief Wu Gao’s decision to participate in the election?

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Chapter: Chapter Eight and Five

Chapter: Nosy people may have unexpected luck

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In the classroom of Group E in 3 years, Kitahara Haruki weakly collapsed on his desk.He has never been so fortunate for the arrival of the get out of class bell.

Two consecutive classes were ordered by two teachers, and they were unable to answer the questions. This is an extremely rare thing for Chunxi who is a top student. What can prove this is that the class usually ends either in a daze or sleep. His neighbor is now looking at him suspiciously.

If it was normal, Chunxi who was able to get the unexpected attention of Dongma and Sa would be absolutely ecstatic, but now he doesn’t even care about the abnormal phenomenon of his neighbor, because he feels that recently this For a while, it seems that all the unfortunate tangled things have been entangled together.

The first is the delay in the list of Miss Chief Military High elections. Chunxi knows that the key reason is that the A group’s Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, the winner of Miss Chief Military High for two consecutive terms, has an unprecedented creation this year. He hesitated at the critical moment, and there were even rumors that she wanted to reject it at the beginning, but she felt that she was a little bit sorry for the student union and delayed it for a while.

If it is true as the rumors say, Xiao Muzhu's absence is about to become a foregone conclusion, then the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao will inevitably be a lot of color.

Of course, if it were just this matter, Chunxi would not feel so entangled. Because of the chain reaction caused by this incident, the school festival performance plan of the light music club that Chunxi participated in will also be ruined. In fact, the whole light music club As a result, the club is facing a crisis of understanding—something that sounds good is a crisis. If you say something bad, it can be considered disintegrated if only the minister and himself are left in a club.

Although he can shift part of the responsibility to Wu Ye, thinking that his good friend did not heed his warning against Liu Yuan Peng, and finally caused the situation to be beyond his control, Chun Xi absolutely cannot deny that he needs this matter. Responsibility, after all, when Wu Ye asked him to pay attention to this issue, Chunxi also readily agreed. At the time, he did not consider that Liu Yuan Peng's destructive power was really so great, nor did he consider it because of Xiao Mu Shu Yanagihara's simple withdrawal caused by his absence should have been a situation that he should not have taken into consideration when he was well-planned.Therefore, Chunxi is also very self-blame about this matter.

"Ahhhh, why do all the things have to be piled up to the present to solve them together, I am not the kind of person who likes to rush things to the end!" If there is no one in the classroom, Chunxi is in the mood now, he It is estimated that these words will be shouted out directly, but think about it, if it continues to be abnormal today, it will not be the solution of the problem that is waiting for me, but the invitation of concern to the health room. This way, the gain will not be worth the loss.

"So, I still have to see if there is any other solution." Tucking up her somewhat messy hair, Chun Xi wrote a few words on the paper: "Solution"

In fact, Chunxi was thinking about these things when she was distracted in class. He also found the core point of the matter very early, and that was Xiaomu Xiaoxuecai.

If you can persuade Xiaomushu, then the first problem can be solved directly, and the second problem can also be used to persuade her to return to the team by taking advantage of Liu Yuanpeng’s competitive psychology against Xiaomushu. Although Chunxi hates that girl, she is like Wu. Thinking about finding other idol singers and talented performers, he still felt that it would be better to try to unite a small group with Yanagahara as the center to achieve the performance goal of the school festival.

"Speaking of which, Wu Ye, where did the time for club activities go recently? Obviously, I was crying and crying before that the problem could not be solved. This enthusiasm dissipated too quickly, right?" Knocked on her head, Chunxi complained and thought about what she should say to Xiao Muzhen, "I have spoken to Xiao Muzhen before. Although the answer she gave me is no different from that of the student union, she feels that she should not be offended. If you can know some other news, that would be great-damn it, there are not enough sources of information!"

For the first time, Chunxi, who is good at information collection and analysis, feels that she is so lacking in sufficient information. In fact, there seems to be some interesting news from Yihueiyu of the Student Union. However, Chunxi also has no good feelings about Isshi and thinks she It was just a small, less arrogant Liu Yuan, so if possible, Chun Xi avoided contact with Isshiki.

"Okay, it's so decided. If this discussion with Xiao Muzhen fails, then I will have to look for Yishi next time." Chunxi said to herself, and then stood up, "——I Remember, Xiao Muyan was in Group A, right?"

Then, when Chunxi stood up, his arm was pulled.

"Tongma, is there something? I'm sorry I have other things to solve now."

"Are you an idiot?" The long-haired girl said with a sad expression, "The bell just rang!"

"Huh?" Chun Xi looked up, only to find that the whole class including the teacher was looking at him in shock.

"That, Kitahara-san, is there anything wrong?"